NXT Results – 1/15/20








NXT Results – 1/15/20
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo and Beth Phoenix

We get an ‘In Memory’ graphic for Rocky Johnson before going to highlights from last week & Undisputed ERA’s assault of Imperium in Blackpool

Mauro Ranallo & Beth Phoenix welcome us to Full Sail (Nigel has the week off & will be back next week) . We start with the new number one contender to the North American title.

Keith Lee makes his way to the ring as we’re reminded he’s challenging Roderick Strong next Wednesday. He’s got a mic, but basks in a “Oh, Bask in his glory” chant. Lee talks about the achievement he unlocked last week, and puts over how great Undisputed ERA was in 2019. They had the best year of anyone, “except for maybe me”. The difference is TUE has reached their limit, while he is Limitless. He’ll prove it next week when… here comes the ERA.

Adam Cole has a mic as the group marches their way to the ring. Hasn’t Keith seen what they did to the likes of Tommaso Ciampa and Velveteen Dream? It’s what they’re gonna do to him. Lee fights them off for a while, but THE NUMBERS GAME gets to him. They hold him down while a chair is wrapped around his ankle and Roddy Pillmanizes Lee. Ciampa makes the save, but the damage is done.

Tegan Nox will be in the battle royal tonight. Faceless interviewer catches up with her outside and she talks about how she’s looking forward to getting her hands on Dakota Kai in the match. Before she can say much more, though, Candice LeRae runs in and hugs her

Dusty Classic

Dunne with an X Plex on Flash, Riddle into a cover for a 2 count, Andrews with a Double Pele, Leaping Enzugiri, Barrel Roll Tornado DDT, Subculture with stereo Tope con Hilos, Assited 450 Splash, Flash into a cover for a near fall, Springboard, but Dunne blasts Flash out of the air with a right hand, Release German Suplex, Double Stomp to the hands, X Plex/Final Flash/Buzzsaw Kick Combo, but Flash makes the save, Riddle with a Deadlift German Suplex for a near fall, Rain Trigger, but Andrews gets his hand on the rope, Bro-Ton, Dunne with a Surfboard Stomp then an Ankle Lock, Andrews kicks him off, Northern Lights Suplex into a Double Stomp, Flash with Somersault Senton to the floor, back in the ring, Bro 2 Sleep, countered into a Poisoned Frankensteiner, Andrews into a cover for a near fall, Flash goes for a 630, Riddle evades, Flash rolls through, Spear for Flash, and one for Andrews, Jackhammer countered into a Small Package for a near fall, Penalty Kick, Bro 2 Sleep/Enzugiri combo on Flash for a near fall, Powerbomb countered into a Hurricanrana, Dunne sends Andrews to break the pin, Bitter Ending blocked, X Plex countered into Stundog Millionaire, Flash goes for a Tope Suicida, but Riddle catches him with Bro-Derek on floor, Andrews up top, Fall to Pieces, but Dunne blasts him out of the sky, Bitter End/Bro 2 Sleep Combo finishes Andrews for the win, Bro-Serweights will face Imperium in Round 2


Cathy Kelley is backstage, and she tells us doctors rushed to check on Keith Lee. It’s unclear if he’ll be able to go next week, but Cathy will get us an update asap

Daddy’s home. Ciampa is all business as he hits the ring with mic in hand. He says it’s clear TUE has a hit list. Well so does he. Adam Cole took his life when he took Goldy, and there will be no more waiting, no more distractions. He’s taking his life back.

Here comes Undisputed. He lasts a little longer than Keith did, but ends up getting stomped in the corner… but here’s Johnny! Gargano fights off the ERA. Ciampa with Willow’s Bell to Cole! Superkick to Bobby Fish! He’s down in the middle of the ring, DIY look at each other and Meet In The Middle! They look each other over before Johnny starts to celebrate

Moustache Mountain send a tweet and challenge DIY for a match at World’s Collide

Dusty Classic

Splitters with stereo Slingshot Planchas, KUSHIDA with a Running Kick then goes after the arm of Gibson, Double Running Suplex, Shelley into a cover for a 2 count, Shelley with a rollup on Drake for a 2 count, Veterans with a Slingshot Demolition Decapitation on the floor on Shelley, Back Suplex on Shelley for a 2 count, KUSHIDA with a Fastball Special, Juji-Gatame, but Drake turns it into a pin for a 2 count, Veterans with a Superkick/Hangman Neckbreaker Combo for a near fall, Ticket to Mayhem blocked, Splitters with a Diving Splash/Moonsault Combo, but Gibson makes the save, they set up Outatime, but Gibson shoves KUSHIDA to the floor, Drake blocks Shiranui and Veterans finish Shelley with A Ticket to Mayhem for the win, Veterans will face reDRagon in Round 2


Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA offer their hands afterwards. Grizzled Young Veterans bail, and Gibson gets a mic. They didn’t travel all this way to shake hands while the Full Sail hipsters pretend to know who Alex is. He puts over Time Splitters as a great team – of the past. They’re a great team of the present and future. And they’re gonna win the Dusty Classic

We see Robert Stone and Chelsea Green walking outside “earlier today”. He’s not gonna let the hottest former free agent share the spotlight in the battle royal, so they’re leaving. She’s out of the #1 contender match

We get a promo for Worlds Collide’s Prince Devitt/Ilja Dragunov match. Then Cruiserweight champion Angel Garza joins commentary for the match which will determine one of his challengers on that show


Breeze with a Pendulum Backbreaker on Rush for a 1 count, Rush blocks the JML Driver, Rush levels Breeze with a Tope Suicida, Swerve follows with a dive of his own, back in the ring, Rush catches Swerve with Rush Hour for a near fall, Breeze with a Pop-Up Supermodel Kick on Rush, Cheeky Nandos Kick on Swerve for a near fall, Rush sends Breeze to the floor, Poisoned Frankensteiner on Swerve, the a Tope Suicida on Breeze, back up top, Final Hour connects on Swerve, but Breeze makes the save, Supermodel Kick on Swerve, Spinning Heel Kick on Breeze, Final Hour, Come Up on Rush, Breeze with a cover on Rush for a near fall, Unprettier blocked, Beauty Shot connects on Rush, but Swerve with The House Call then grabs Breeze, he’s going for it, Half-Nelson Wheelbarrow Driver (they’re definitely not as strict as they once were on moves as never in a million years did I ever think we’d see a Storm Cradle Driver/Muscular Bomb on WWE tv), he calls it The JML Driver gets Swerve the win & a title shot against Garza at World’s Collide


Kelley catches up with Rhea Ripley. She vows to go right through Toni Stom at Worlds Collide, and then through whoever wins the battle royal. This is her division now, and the Nightmare is just beginning

Cathy catches up to Johnny Gargano outside. She asks how the #DIY reunion came to be, and here come Ciampa. They agree to answer Moustache Mountain’s challenge for old time’s sake. Here comes Undisputed ERA. Security is keeping them apart, and before that can change, here comes Keith Lee! Someone gets Pounced through a hedge! Someone gets thrown off a car! Someone else bounces off a table! Next week, the prophecy ends with Keith Lee!

#1 Contender Women’s Battle Royal:

Baszler eliminates MJ Jenkins

Belair sends Jesse Kamea out with a Double Chickenwing

Shayna throws Catalina out

Shayna blasts Kayden Carter out

Indi Hartwell is eliminated during the break

Shayna kicks out Santana Garrett

Protect Ya Neck sends Vanessa Borne out then Yim kicks her legs out for the elimination

Shotzi Backdrops Deonna Purrazzo out then Purrazzo drags out Shotzi from under the rope

Shayna dumps out Xia Li

Io Dropkicks Kacy Catanzaro

Belair posts Candice LeRae for the elimination

Mercedes Suplexes Mia Yim from the ring to the floor

Ode to Takayama by Mercedes & Shayna, Mercedes goes for the elimination, but Shayna holds on and eliminates Mercedes Martinez

Tegan takes down the heels, Running Sentons, Lady Kane on Io on top of Shayna, Shiniest Wizard on Belair, Dakota Kai pulls her down and throws the knee brace in her face after screwing Nox out of the battle royal

Shayna has the Kirifuda Clutch on Io over the ropes, but Shotzi is back in & the Ballsy Badass dumps out Shayna for the elimination

Bianca dumps out Shotzi Blackheart

Io with a Tiger Feint Kick, Diving Crossbody, but Belair catches her with a Fallaway Slam, Double Chickenwing, but Io with a Casadora into the turnbuckle, they battle on the apron, Belair back in, but Io steps on her hair, Belair takes her legs out, Io blocks the KOD and hits a Release German Suplex, Shinkanesen Attack, Butterfly Backbreaker blocked, Belair with the KOD over the top rope to the floor for the win she gets the title shot in Portland