NXT UK Results – 2/13/20






NXT UK Results – 2/13/20
York, England
York Barbican
Commentary Team: Tom Phillips & Aiden English


(Valkyrie no relation to Taya comes from Pro Wrestling EVE while Amale is from Germany’s wXw)

Aoife with a Sunset Flip for a 2 count, Victory Roll for a 2 count, Back Elbow off the second rope gets a near fall, Amale ducks the Spinkick of Doom, but Aoife sweeps the legs then hits a Standing Moonsault for a near fall, Aoife with a cavalcade of kicks then a Pele, she stalks Amale and strikes with a Spinkick of Doom, up top, Split Guillotine Legdrop to the back of the neck finishes it for the win


Travis Banks was interviewed by Radzi, where he reminded Travis that although he lost at World’s Collide, it must have been one hell of an experience. Banks started to talk about tomorrow was a new day until Alexander Wolfe interrupted and said people are not talking about his failure they are talking about Imperium’s dominance, not how Banks let down the brand. Travis asked Wolfe what it was like to ride on Walter’s coat tails. Wolfe warned him to watch where he steps


Mastiff Chops Saxon out of the air, another Chop, Stalling Suplex, MMA Elbows, Mastiff with a Running Senton, he shouts out WALTER’s name then hits an Earthquake splash, Release German Suplex, The Bomber has him set up & now it’s time to go Into the Void for the win


The roaming interviewer tried to get a word with Toni Storm. He said we heard Kay Lee Ray issue a challenge for an I Quit Match but we didn’t get your response. She said funny you should ask, as she was knocking on Johnny Saint’s door. Toni said you’ve seen the challenge and she said “let’s do it”. Sid Scala tried to tell Toni that an I Quit match was dangerous but Toni wouldn’t budge. Both Sid and Johnny went into their room and came back out some seconds later with a contract. They said Kay Lee Ray’s already signed it, Sid tells Toni if she does indeed say the words ‘I Quit’ then she won’t be able to challenge, Toni doesn’t event let him finish & snatched the contract and signed it. Saint said there we go, it’s official now

The Grizzled Young Veterans came out for a promo. Once in the ring, and with the fans holding up their shoes, Zack Gibson grabbed the microphone. The crowd chanted “who are ya?” Zack said who am I? I am Liverpool’s number one Zack Gibson. This man is James Drake and together we are Grizzled Young Veterans and soon to be recognized as the world’s #1. He said their mission since day one is to be recognized as the best tag team of their generation.

He waits out a ‘if you hate Gibson take your shoes off’ chant

At NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool, they made history when they were the first NXT UK Tag Team Champions. He said they lined up every team domestically and abroad. That was until Johnny Saint decided to be entertaining and stuck them in a 3 team match at NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff and they lost. They said their next opportunity was at Blackpool II where in a four teams Ladder Match. At this rate, he said the next opportunity will be with five, six, seven teams in a circus rules match with special referee the ringmaster Johnny Saint himself.

Gibson continued by saying, unless you’ve been living under a rock then you’ve seen the impact they’ve made in NXT where they have a real general manager in William Regal. He said that he recognizes talents. He says it’s got nothing to do with the Forgotten Sons, sexy policeman or Undisputed ERA.

He claimed that Regal recognizes them as the soon to become the worlds number one tag team. Regal can related to them because he’s from Blackpool the town that gave them James Drake & he’s from Liverpool the town that gave them The Beetles, The Champions of Europe, The Champions of the World, Liverpool Football Club & himself. He said now here we are in York, which is famous for absolutely nothing.

The crowd started chanting Yorkshire and Gibson told Drake to ignore them. Tell me something special about York. James thought about it and shrugged. He said geographically, you are to the UK what The Hunt are to tag team wrestling. You are here, but if you wasn’t here no one would notice. He said that he’s looking at the crowd and they can see a lot of angry faces because they are in their suits not wrestling gear and they are disappointed. They know their value, and the whole world is starting to recognize their value. He said get your camera’s out as they have conquered Europe and soon to be the best tag team in the world.

Radzi was backstage promoting live shows and showed off the program booklet when Joseph Conners interrupted and asked where he was in the program?! He saw Trent, he saw Tyler. He got in Radzi’s face and asked what happened when he faced Tyler’s prodigy A-Kid. He said he won and he will do the same against Bate next week, he’s going to show everyone that makes the decision around here just how capable he is


Coffey with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex, Face Eraser for a 2 count, Jordan with a Headscissors Drvier, that just seemed to piss Coffey off, Jordan with a Diving Crossbody, Coffey rolls to the floor, Jordan with a Tope Suicida, back in, up top, Senton Atomico, but Coffey gets the knees up, Glasgow Sendoff then finishes Jordan with All’s Best for the Bells for the win


Coffey addressed Draganov and said he ain’t seen you kicking about here since World’s Collide & he’s about to get his world smashed up. He said Ilja owes him a debt and payment is due friend. He said he should be squared with the Gallus firm but he’s not. He turned his attention to his partners and said that Mark Coffey and Wolfgang will take care of Danny Birch and Oney Lorcan in the main event because Gallus boys on top.


Mark goes after Burch’s arm, but he fights out, Brawlers with a Double Inverted Atomic Drop then Make a Wish, Lorcan with a Barrage of European Uppercuts, but Wolfie cuts him off before he could really get going, Wolfie with a Running Senton for a 2 count, Full Nelson, Loran throws him off, Lorcan lights up Wolfie with Wasteland then a second rope Moonsault, but Lorcan evades, Burch with German Suplex, Ripcord Headbutt, they look for the kill, but Wolfie blocks it, Mark & Lorcan trade Chops, Lorcan with a Running Blockbuster, Mark dumps Loran to the floor, Slingshot Samoan Drop countered into a Crossface & Lorcan into a Sasori-Gatame, but Wolfie kicks him off into Burch, Mark with a Full Nelson Slam, Gallus with an Enzugiri/Powerslam combo finish Burch for the win


Ilja Dragunov comes down to stare down Gallus, he goes to work on Joe, but Coffey with All’s the Best for the Bells, Slingshot Samoan Drop, Gallus stand over a fallen Dragunov as the show ends