NXT UK Results – 12/13/18






NXT UK Results – 12/13/18
Plymouth, Devon, England
Plymouth Pavilions
Commentary Team: Vic Joseph & Nigel McGuinness


Wolfie with a stomp to Ligero for a 1 count, Gallus grinds Ligero down with Bearhugs, but he fights out, Smith with a Springboard Imploding Elbow for a 2 count, then a Jumping Crescent Kick, but Wolfie makes the save, O’Connor Roll on Mark for a near fall, Mark with a Polish Hammer then a Leaping Enzugiri for the win


We go backstage with Johnny Saint & Sid Scala: They thank Rhea Ripley & Isla Dawn for coming & make it official that Ripley will defend her title for the first time against Dawn next week

Ripley says she’ll see Dawn next week as Isla just licks her lips

Radzi standing by with Gallus: They say if that’s not enough to impress the GM then what is? They’re tired of hearing about Moustache Mountain & The Grizzled Young Veterans, they just set the standard out there & are the team to beat. Joe says there’s one name that he’s concerned with & that’s Pete Dunne, they don’t win, they take & when he sees Dunne walking around with the UK Title hanging from his mouth he’s not going to take, he’s going to rip it from his mouth, but first he’s going to squash Travis Banks like a bug. No Mercy that’s Gallus.


Conners rips at Starz ear, Baseball Slide drives Starz into the post, Mushroom Stomp out of the corner, Sunset Flip Bucklebomb then finishes Starz with Don’t Look Down for the win


Radzi standing by with Xia Brookside: Right now she’s feeling pretty confident, she may not be the most experienced, however every chance she gets to take in that ring is an opportunity & tells Jinny to Get Ready to Fly with Brookside. Jinny is standing behind her & stares Xia down

Tyson T-Bone says when he thinks of words to describe himself: Violent. Destructive. and finally he thinks he’s found something almost as twisted, almost as sinister, almost as brutal as himself & that’s Saxon Huxley. Huxley says a long time ago he realized that his shadows roots extend all the way down to the depths of hell & he’s been burning off the deadwood ever since & the divine beast emerges and aligns himself with another. T-Bone says he believes they can do this, they’re going to climb to the top of that mountain & are going to be the first ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions


Jinny kicks away the handshake attempt, she locks on a Headscissors, but Xia handstands out of it, Jinny twists away at the arm & scratches with her manicured nails, Xia with a Diving Crossbody for a 2 count, Jinny with Complete Shot into the turnbuckle she calls The Fashion Disaster for a near fall, barrage of stomps, Ax Kick for a 2 count, Surfboard, but Xia fights out of it, Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors then a Running Meteora to the back for a near fall, she looks for The Rockinghorse, but her back gives out, Jinny with a Drop Toehold into the rope then snaps it back & finishes Xia with the Ripcord Rolling Koppu Kick she calls A Touch of Couture for the win


The Grizzled Young Veterans make their way to the ring:

Gibson grabs the mic to massive boos. The fans saw a glimpse, a tiny little bit of what they can do when they made short work of Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan & together they will soon be recognized as the first NXT UK Tag Team Champions

Next week Rhea Ripley defends the NXT UK Women’s Championship against Isla Dawn


Mastiff with MMA Elbows, Running Crossbody, he looks for the Running Senton, but Dennis evades & hits a Running Basement Big Boot sending Mastiff to the floor, gets back in & Dennis with a Yakuza Kick, Mastiff tries to get back in, Deniis does it again, but it just pisses off Mastiff, Dennis takes the fight to Mastiff, Cravat, Mastiff breaks the hold, Dennis avoids the Avalanche, multiple elbows then back to the Cravat, Mastiff fights out & hits a Headbutt for a near fall, Dennis goes to the 2nd rope, but Mastiff meets him & hits a Superplex, Mastiff catches Dennis with a Finlay Roll then a Running Senton for a 2 count, Bridging German Suplex for a near fall, he was going for the kill, but Dennis catches him with a Catatonic for a 2 count, Mastiff counters the Seven Bridge with a Backdrop, he looks for a second Superplex, but Dennis slides out and had him in the Crucifix, but Mastiff slips out, Dennis with a Lariat for a near fall, Mastiff blocks a Neck-Stop Driver attempt then follows with a Headbutt then a Release German Suplex followed by the Cannonball that he’s calling Into the Void for the win