NXT UK Results – 12/12/18






NXT UK Results – 12/12/18
Plymouth, Devon, England
Plymouth Pavilions
Commentary Team: Vic Joseph & Nigel McGuinness

As a Kingdom rises

So do it’s Royals:

A King claimed his crown, A Queen took to her throne & now a new reign awaits

Triple H says it’s time to crown Tag Team Champions & to begin to put the teams together

As fleets are drawn to arms

And over the next few weeks their jobs will be to impress GM Johnny Saint

Who will take up the quest to become NXT UK’s first Tag Team Champions?

Mark Andrews tells Flash to be careful against The EVOLVE Champion


Flash kicks away Aichner’s handshake & rolls him up for a 2 count, he goes for a Slingshot Plancha, but Aichner evades & shoves Flash into the steps, Andrews comes to check on Flash, he makes it back in at 9, Aichner with clubbing Forearms & Northern European Uppercut, Nerve Hold, but Flash fights out, Aichner with a hard Irish Whip into the turnbuckle for a 2 count, Back Suplex for a 2 count, back to the Nerve Hold, Flash fights out again, Aichner goes for a Running Knee, but Flash ducks & Aichner tumbles all the way to the floor, Flash with a Trifecta of Dropkicks, Modern Knee for a near fall, Flash pops his neck back into place, Leaping Enzugiri, Rudeboy Block for a near fall, Eaton Rifle countered into Snake Eyes then takes Flash’s head off with a Lariat for a near fall, up top, but Aichenr takes his leg out, Stalling Brainbuster for a near fall, Aichner his toying with Flash & Flash answers back with a Straight Headbutt, and a second, Flash rolls to the apron and goes up top, but Aichner rolls to the floor on the other side of the ring, Aichner trips him & drags him to the floor, send into the barricade, he looks for the Knee Strike against the steps, but Mark Andrews stops him, he sends Flash back in, he taunts Andrews & was looking for Hasta la Vista, but Flash counters into a Jackknife Pin for the win


Radzi standing by with Amir Jordan: He has no reason to not be smiling as he & Kenny Williams are finally on the same page & have an opportunity at revenge against The Grizzled Young Veterans & a chance to get in the running for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships so of course he’s excited & says everyone needs to get excited and starts dancing. Kenny Williams says they talked about this, he likes his dancing, but there’s a time for dancing & time to be serious, but tonight they need to be serious, they need to stay lucky.

Gallus are discussing how Joe is going to crush Trent Seven then squash Travis Banks, Mark says while Joe does that he & Wolfie will focus on the Tag Team Titles


Dawn with a Stepover Toehold and stomps on the thigh, Takedown blocked & Kelly with a Suplex into the corner then a Hesitation Dropkick for a 2 count, Cravat, Dawn kicks at the left knee & then breaks Kelly’s grip, Trifecta of kicks to the left hamstring, then kicks the leg out from Kelly, Backdrop Driver, Jumping Knee Strike then finishes Kelly with The Gutwrench Powerslam she calls it The Call of the Quarters for the win


Radzi is in to ask Dawn what’s next: Her eyes, her desires are set on the NXT UK Women’s Championship

Rhea Ripley comes out to stare Dawn down

Isla says Rhea may be confident, but she steps into the ring with the title on the line Isla vows Rhea will walk out empty-handed

Dave Mastiff meeting with the press: He says the progression for anyone undefeated is Championship gold & right now his eyes are firmly fixed, as we see Eddie Dennis walking up behind him. Dennis heard there was a journalist around to interview the undefeated monster of NXT UK & he figured he missed a call, but it turns out they were talking about Mastiff, but he’s not the only monster or the only guy undefeated in NXT UK. Mastiff says they’ll finish this in the ring & when he gives him a call to answer this one & when he finishes smashing through Dennis there’s only going to be one undefeated streak left in NXT UK


Jordan with a rollup on Drake for a 2 count, Jackknife pin for a 2 count, Williams with a Back Elbow for a 1 count, Stereo Tope Suicidas then Jordan with a Diving Crossbody for a 2 count, Veteran with a Slingshot Cuban Missile Crisis on the floor, as the fans wave their shoes at Gibson, Williams with an O’Connor Roll on Drake for a 2 count, Penalty Kick for a 2 count, Pump Kick to Gibson, Jordan with a Complete Shot for a 2 count, Veterans hurl Jordan to the floor, Williams with a Pump Kick to Drake then sends Gibson to the Floor, Lucky Un Dropkick to Gibson, Tilt-a-Whirl DDT blocked & Drake has him set up & Veterans put Drake away with Tombstone Toss into A Ticket to Ride Combo they call it Ticket to Mayhem for the win


Trent is seen getting ready, Bate says after Seven takes care of Joe Coffey they can focus on winning those NXT UK Tag Team Titles

Next week: Dave Mastiff vs Eddie Dennis


Coffey goes for a Suplex, Seven lands on his feet, but his left knee buckles, Trent with a Knee Strike the a DDT, but can’t get a cover due to the bad knee, Joe sends him to the floor, Gallus swarms, but Tyler is there to protect Trent, Joe with a Stomp off the apron & sends Seven back in, Trent with a Uraken with Joe on the apron sends Coffey back to the floor, all of Gallus is up on the apron, Tyler Bate slides in to even the odds Bate takes down Wolife & Mark then wipes out Wolfie with a Tope Suicida, Tyler brawls with the rest of Gallus up the ramp, Seven with a Tope Suicida on Joe, back in the ring, Kobashi-Style Machinegun Chops, but Joe with a Shoulder to the left knee, Coffey goes right after the injured knee, he goes for a charge, but Trent evades & Joe hits the post, Trent puts him up top & hits a Superplex for a near fall, Seven-Stars Lariat blocked, Trent hits a Snap Dragon Suplex followed by an Emerald Flowsion for a near fall, Figure 4, Joe hammers the injured knee & they roll to the rope, they battle on the apron, Coffey with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex off the apron to the floor, Coffey rolls back in, Seven gets in a half second before the count of 10, Joe tells Seven to just stay down, Powerbomb, holds on & hits a second into a Folding Pin for a near fall, Coffey holds on into a Boston Crab then switches to a Half Crab, but Trent refuses to tap & makes it to the rope, Trent ducks All the Best for the Bells & hits the Snap Dragon Suplex, he tries the Burning Hammer, but his knee collapses, Coffey with a Release German Suplex, Spear into the corner then hits All the Best for the Bells for the win