NXT UK Results – 11/29/18






NXT UK Results – 11/29/18
Birmingham, England
Insomnia Gaming Festival
Commentary Team: Vic Joseph & Nigel McGuinness

We get a recap of the entire NXT UK Women’s Championship Tournament leading to the finals tonight and a Champion will be crowned

Joe sends his brother Mark & Wolfie to the back, Sid comes out wearing a suit & says he knows Joe expected to face him in the ring, but he hasn’t been medically cleared to compete, however Johnny Saint has given him the opportunity to introduce Scala’s replacement & Coffey’s opponent & it’s Tyler Bate


Bate with a Tope Suicida, Tyler with a Diving European Uppercut off the steps, but Mark & Wolfie comes out for a distraction, Joe blocks an Airplane Spin & hits a Battering Ram, Butterfly Giant Swing then a Butterfly Suplex for a 2 count, Japanese Strangle Hold, Tyler fights out & reverses into one of his own, but Joe drives him into the corner & hits an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex for a 2 count, Bop & Bang countered, Tyler ducks All the Best for the Bells, he tries an Exploder but his back gives out, Tyler Sweeps the legs then hits a Running Shooting Star Press for a 2 count, he looks for The Tyler Driver ’97, but Mark with a distaction & Joe counters into a Pop-Up Wrath of the Gods for a near fall, Trent Seven is making his way down to try and even the odds, Tyler tries the Airplane Spin, but Joe fights out with MMA Elbows, Coffey tries a Leaping Crossbody, but Bate evades, Tyler ducks All the Best for the Bells & hits a a Rebound Lariat then follows with an Airplane Spin From Hell, Rolling Kopu Kick, he looks for The Tyler Driver ’97, but Mark & Wolfie slide in & attack Tyler to cause a dq


Seven is in as well coming to Bate’s aid, Pete Dunne is out & British Strong-Style is at full force against The Coffeys & Wolfie. The Scots retreat from the Brits


Ligero with a Jumping Calf Kick, but not even a 1 count, 2nd Rope Hurricanrana for a 2 count, Moloney with a Spinebuster for a 1 count, Ligero with a Step-Up Enzugiri then a Slingshot Shiranui for a near fall, he sends Moloney to the floor then follows with a Tope con Hilo, back in the ring & finishes Moloney with a Springboard Tornado DDT for the win



Williams with an O’Connor Roll on Drake for a 1 count, Springboard Back Elbow for a 1 count, Jordan with a Dropkick for a 2 count, Gibson with a X Strike to the throat, Cobra Clutch, Drake with the Grit Your Teeth Forearm for a 2 count, Gibson Slams Drake on top of Jordan for a 2 count, Gibson with a Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Trapped Arm Suplex for a near fall then back to the Cobra Clutch, Drake looked for the Grit Your Teeth Dropkick, but Jordan evades, Williams looks for the Tilt-a-Whirl DDT, but Gibosn blocks, Kenny with a Wheelbarrow Face Eraser for a near fall, Williams wipes both of the Veterans out with a Wrecking Ball Dropkick then Williams & Jordan with Stereo Tope Suicidas, back in the ring, Veterans finish Williams with a Tombstone Toss into A Ticket to Ride for the win


Johnny Saint is out with NXT UK Women’s Title to present it to the winner of the next match

NXT UK Women’s Championship

Storm with a Running Butt-Butt & Ripley rolls to the floor, Toni follows with a Tope Suicida, he looks for a Butt-Butt against the guardrail, but Rhea evades she slams Toni back first & Ripley delivers a kick to the back (if memory serves this is where the injury happened, I know Storm had to pull out of Progress bookings though the 8 weeks between this & Evolution gave her enough time to heal for the MYC Final) Toni goes for Storm Zero on the apron, but Ripley backdrops her & Toni hits hard (RIGHT THERE, that was the spot that caused the injury) Rhea sends Toni hard into the turnbuckle, Body Scissors, Storm breaks with Forearms, Ripley with a Kneebreaker then into The Kondo Clutch, but Toni makes it to the rope, Rhea with a kick to the left wrist, Toni tries the German Suplex, but Ripley blocks, Storm counters a Suplex & hits a pair of Snap German Suplexes then a Straight Headbutt, a 3rd Snap German Suplex into a bridge for a near fall, Shining Wizard, Running Butt-Butt then a Running Meteora for a near fall, Ripley with a Dropkick for a near fall, Toni with a Rolling Prawn Hold for a near fall, Storm Zero attempt, but Toni’s back gives out & Rhea Backdrops her over the rope & Storm’s back hits the apron on the way down, Rhea throws her back first into the guardrails then back in the ring for a near fall, Wrist-Clutch, but Riptide blocked, Storm Zero, but Toni’s back gives out again, Rhea with the Wrist-Clutch & hits The Riptide for the win


Trips & Johnny Saint are in to congratulate Ripley & present her with the title