NXT UK Results – 1/23/19






NXT UK Results – 1/23/19
Blackpool, England
Empress Ballroom
Commentary Team: Vic Joseph & Nigel McGuinness

Pete Dunne makes his way out with his title. At TakeOver they made history. It all started in here in Blackpool 2 years ago, since then the whole brand has changed, but since May in 2017 he is still the UK Champion

Gallus come out, Joe says TakeOver didn’t change a thing and this is still very much HIS kingdom, he’s started thinking up new strategies to make sure that title will be his & he tells Dunne to look at the title and take it in, enjoy it, because they all know whose waist it will be around and anyone else can get to the back of the line

Enter WALTER marching to the ring to Symphony No. 9

Gallus backs away wanting no part of the Austrian badass, Wolfie comes back to have his fingers snapped then WALTER drops Mark with a Big Boot, Dunne has his eyes on WALTER, but the Austrian Anomaly has his eyes on both Pete & the UK Title

Sid Scala says NXT UK will be in Phoenix for the Worlds Collide Tournament & be taping 3 episodes there as well, he tries to get a word with The Grizzled Young Veterans, Gibson says since all he wanted to talk about on the weeks leading up to it was Moustache Mountain they’ll address the crowd next week, but for now Scala can move on


Austin with a Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Samuels with a Dropkick in the rope for a 2 count, Rolling Neck Snap for a 2 count, Austin with a Rolling Elbow for a 2 count, Samuels finishes it with The Primadonna (an Ushi-Goroshi) for the win


Tyler Bate says their goal was to be the first ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions, but even when they lose what sets them apart is they get back up, dust themselves off & gets right back into the fight, Moustache Mountain are down, but they’re not out

Toni Storm won the MYC to get the UK Women’s Title opportunity, she could have gone for any title, but she loves the UK brand & the division deserves the best, the MYC changed her, it made her a better a person & now a champion


Dennis throws Ahmed around on the floor, he blocks The Severn Bridge and catches Dennis with a Roundhouse, up top, but Dennis with a Yakuza Kick then a Deadlfit Superplex then finishes Ahmed with The Neck-Stop Driver for the win


Johnny Saint makes Moustache Mountain vs a new team of Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel for next week

WALTER will make his in-ring debut next week


Banks rushes the ring & is still furious from 2 weeks ago, Tope Suicida, then a second, Devlin goes into the crowd, but Banks gives chase & sends Devlin back to ringside with a Shoot Kick, Thesz Press off the barricade, he charges, Devlin evades, but Banks stops from hitting the steps, Devlin with a Chop-Block, Travis avoids the Stomp on the steps and sweeps the legs, Double Stomp off the apron then sends Devlin back into the ring, Barrage of Shoot Kicks then a Basement Superkick, Devlin blocks The Slice of Heaven & hits an Elevated Lungblower before going back to the previously injured knee, Back Suplex Backbreaker for a 2 count, Devlin with a Sambo Suplex then a Standing Moonsault for a 2 count, Devlin shoves Banks back first into the ring post then hits a C-4 off the apron to the floor, both men back in right before the 10 count, Ireland’s Call blocked, C-4, but Banks is right back up with fighting spirit and takes Devlin’s head off with a Lariat then collapses, Banks with a barrage of Forearms then a Jumping Knee, Devlin answers back with a Straight Headbutt then Ripcord Backdrop Driver for a near fall, he looks for the Moonsault, but Banks gets the knees up, Shotgun Dropkick then the Kiwi Krusher, but only a near fall, he looks for The Slice of Heaven, but Devlin collapses, Jordan back up, he looks for The Ireland’s Call, but he can’t stand & they both fall out of the ring & neither man can make it back in & this one ends in a double count out


They’re back up & are continuing the fight, Banks sends Devlin over the barricade and continues fighting, refs try to separate them as they continue to try and tear each other apart as the show ends