NWA Powerrr Results – 2/11/20








NWA Powerrr Results – 2/11/20
Atlanta, Georgia
GPB Studios
Commentary Team: Joe Galli & Stu Bennett


Milonas & Zane trade chops, then Hip Drops in the corner, Bruiser with a Running Knee, he gnaws on Zane’s face, ref gets after him for biting, but Bruiser can’t bite, he doesn’t have any teeth, Zane with a Running Dropkick for a 2 count, Dave with a Back Elbow for a 2 count, Bruiser takes both of the Dawsons down, Milonas with an Avalanche, Butt-Butt, Running Crossbody, up to the second, but Dave cuts him off, Dawsons take him down with a Double Powerbomb, but Bruiers makes the save, Bruiser posts Dave, The Bouncers hit their version of Power & Glory’s Powerplex, in ROH they call it The Last Call, here since that’s the name for Storm’s Superkick they’re apparently calling it The Blackout, for the win


The Champs & The Bouncers all pour beer in the Crockett Cup and drink out of it, with Eli Drake just taking a little taste

Joe Galli interviewed Thom Latimer, who was accompanied by Kamille. Latimer said tonight he gets to kick the crap out of that old fart Storm. Galli mentioned the possibility that Latimer could put himself in line for an NWA Title shot if he beat Tim Storm. Latimer said Galli was very sneaky, but he saw what he was doing. He said Aldis was his best mate. He said he and Royce Isaacs are focused on regaining the NWA World Tag Titles. Latimer said Storm & Drake are not a real team, they’re rubbish, next. Latimer spoke briefly about the Rock & Roll Express facing Aldis and Royce Isaacs later in the show. Aldis & Royce are going to take out the Rock & Roll just like he’s going to take out Storm & Strictly Business will rule forever. Galli asked Kamille if she wanted to share her thoughts on anything. She teased hitting him before smiling


Latimer with a Chop to the throat then a Spear for a 2 count, MMA Elbows, Jumping Elbow Drop, Short-Arm Lariat for near fall, more MMA Elbows for a 2 count, Storm with a Mafia Kick followed by an Inverted Neckbreaker, Latimer says time to die, Velvet Noise blocked, Storm sends him into the corner, Latimer avoids the charge & hits The Brighter Side of Suffering for the win


The guy who claims to be Mama Storm comes do ringside to taunt him

Dave Marquez interviewed Trevor Murdoch. Murdoch said he’s never seen anyone run as much as Aron Stevens. Stevens ran from Steiner, he ran from him, when won the belt he was hiding behind a Christmas Tree. HHe said the NWA National Championship deserves a fighting champion and he wants a rematch. Murdoch said that he was trained by the late Harley Race, and added that Race would be ashamed if he were alive to see Stevens and Question Mark.

The Question Mark joined Marquez and Murdoch on the interview set. Murdoch says he swears to God he’s had enough. Question Mark performed the Mongrovian National Anthem. The crowd cheered. “Me, you, karate,” Question Mark told Murdoch

Sean Mooney checked in and suggested that fans hit the “like” option if they enjoyed the show.spoke about the Aldis vs. Scurll feud and set up footage from ROH Free Enterprise of Scurll telling Aldis that if he beats him then he wins the title, Aldis says the belt is worth half a million to him, so if Aldis beats him then he will write him a personal check for $500,000.

Footage aired of Aldis delivering a promo in a staircase. Aldis said he had to hand it to Scurll, it was a good move. “I accept your half a million dollars,”

Mooney closed the segment by hyping the debut of NWA Circle Squared in this time slot next week. Mooney said he has the privilege of being the host of the show. He noted that NWA Powerrr will be on hiatus for a week. Mooney also touted new programming including Circle Squared, a face to face discussion show called NWA Powerrr Surge, and the end of the season special called Super Powerrr

NWA TV Championship

Cross goes after the arm, Starks takes down Cross & follows with a Basement Dropkick, Monkey Flip, but Cross lands on his feet, Cross with a Stalling Backbreaker for a 2 count, Handspring Back Elbow for a 2 count, Pump Kick for a 2 count, they both try for the Suplex with Starks getting it, Tornado DDT gets a near fall, Starks sends him into the ropes, but Cross bounces back with the Open Road Cutter, he takes too much time to go up as time expires


After the match, Zicky Dice joined Marquez and said the NWA TV Title match was a yawn fest. Dice realizes he forgot a button on his shirt then said Starks couldn’t get the job done. Dice said the difference between him and Starks is that he finishes every time. Outlandish

Kyle Davis interviewed Marti Belle. Marti says everything that Melina has come true, she lost her title, her prestige & her best friend. Davis said it seemed like Melina had some type of control over Belle, who then got upset and defended Melina for believing in her. Belle said Melina saw someone that was lost & needed direction that Kay only cares about herself. She said Kay doesn’t care about the fans just like she never cared about her.

Davis called out Allysin Kay, who joined him and Belle. Kay said she puts her body on the line every night for the fans and Belle has no right to claim she doesn’t care about them. Kay said Melina has brainwashed Belle. She said Thunder Rosa is the champion, but Melina is controlling it. She compared Melina to Jim Jones and told Belle that she is drinking the Kool-Aid. Kay said Marti is better than this, she can’t force her to be her friend, but she cares about Belle and will always be there for her. Belle storm away


Steelz offers a handshake, but Melina slaps it away, Melina with a Snapmare Driver, Running Knee Strike, Extreme Makeover then follows with a ground and pound, Steelz with a Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Melina Suplex into an Implant DDT for a near fall, Melina blocks an Ace Crusher attempt, Melina with a Running Lariat then hits her old Sunset Split finisher, now dubbed The Primal Scream for the win


After the match, Melina was interviewed by Dave Marquez. Melina vented about having to prove herself repeatedly, calling herslef THE Living Legend & proves herself just by walking into an arena, and stepping into the ring and doing it again during the match. Melina said she would challenge Thunder Rosa for the NWA Women’s Championship next week. Marquez asked who approved the match if it was sanctioned by the NWA. Melina said she approved it and the match was sanctioned by her

Sal Rinauro & May Valentine are coming down the steps to their seats in the crowd


Isaacs is distracted by Valentine, Gibson with a rollup for a 2 count, R n R Make a Wish, Double Leg Snap, Double Punch to Isaacs then to Aldis, Isaacs digs into the eyes then makes the tag to the Champ, Morton with a Hurricanrana on Aldis, Isaacs begs off as Aldis lures Morton into a Lariat on the floor, Isaacs sends him back in, Aldis with a Knee Strike in front of the ref, Isaacs into a cover for a 2 count, Back Suplex for a 2 count, Aldis with a Stinger Splash, but Aldis avoids it, Gibson with a plethora of punches for a 2 count, Small Package for a 2 count, Aldis up top, but Gibson throws him off, Backslide on Isaacs, but Aldis makes the save, Isaacs stacks up Gibson & uses the ropes for leverage for the win


Valentine runs over to Isaacs and hugs him Isaacs has words with Our Pal Sal who remains in his seat

Video package on the Scurll/Aldis feud closes the show