NWA Powerrr Results – 11/5/19








NWA Powerrr Results – 11/5/19
Atlanta, Georgia
Hard Rock Cafe
Commentary Team: Joe Galli & Jim Cornette

Colt says last week he secured a victory representing Team Aldis over Team Storm that means he gets a shot at the National Championship against James Storm, he’s doing it tonight in the main event, he wants back the belt he feels he never lost

Aron Stevens wants to address the Ricky Starks situation he says everyone knows it’s a fluke, he hadn’t been in the ring in a little while, it was a fluke, he’s better than Starks, he has the track record and pedigree to prove it. He’s petitioned the NWA for a match that’s more appropriate for NWA, he’s not sure what that is and also says he’s the great, great, great grandson of William Shakespeare and uses a quote from The Immortal Bard ‘A man may die but once’ and Stevens has just coined a quote that a man may fall but a thousand times, he tells the NWA to hurry up because he has a script fro Hollywood and if they don’t make good on their promises he’ll leave wrestling and go back to Hollywood


Dawsons with a Double Stalling Release Suplex on Kingsley, Dawsons with a Big Boot then The Sidwealk Slam/Elbow Drop combo, but Zane picks Kingsley up, not done beating the dog shit out of him yet, Dave with a Dropkick on Mims then they finish Mims with a Double Back Suplex into a Double Powerbomb for the win


Dave says they’ve already beaten the #1 Contenders so they need a Tat Title Shot, every team they’ve been in there with they’ve bulldozed through and deserve a title shot that brings Outlaw Inc, Kingston isn’t here to bitch and moan The Dawsons won, but if they want a title shot then why not wrestle them one more time because Outlaw Inc still have a title shot & will put that shot on the line to get another piece of The Dawsons, Dave says they beat them already, but they’ll think about it

Tim Storm says part of being at the top of the mountain is realizing you can’t be there forever, he thought he could get back there, but he doesn’t regret anything and says Aldis is an incredible Champion, he’s not sure what’s next for him, he’d be honored to hold any of the NWA belts, but he’s not sure if those are right for him, Galli asks if he maybe management could reconsider the stipulation, Storm doesn’t really want to do that when Aldis comes in and takes him over to the side to speak with him, he says none of this happens without him and Tim, they built this and don’t let someone like Eli Drake get in his ear and tells him anything is possible, he says Tim’s great and he knows who he is


Rosa with a Football Kick for a 2 count, Body Scissors, Vox goes From Dusk till Dawn into The Reel Catch (a La Christo/Crossface Chickenwing combo), but Rosa fights out, Rosa with a Running Dropkick then finishes Vox with a Double Stomp to the back for the win


Rosa isn’t done and continues beating the hell out of Vox, but Marti Bell makes the save, Rosa leaves Vox down and backs away from Bell

Marti says she doesn’t know Thunder Rosa, but she does know Allysin Kay, she’s her best friend and for her to tell Marti that she’s not ready, she has fought for so long, Allysin Kay comes out and says Bell could have come to her instead of venting to the people, Rosa blindsides Kay and posts Allysin, she continues the beating when Marti gets in the ring & Bell with a straight kick to Kay, leaving her former friend laying

Aron calls Starks an insolent nave and says there’s no way he can beat him in a 2 out of 3 falls match


Aron charges, but Starks evades as Aron goes into the corner & Starks rolls up Aron to take the first fall in 3 seconds

Starks with a rollup for a near fall, Dropkick for a 2 count, Aron with a poke to the eye then goes after the arm for a 2 count, Snap Suplex for a 2 count, Starks with a Tornado DDT for a near fall, up to the second, Missile Dropkick, but Aron deflects it, Aron says Starks is the loser now and bows, but Starks grabs him into a Victory Roll to take the 2nd fall and wins it with 2 straight falls


NWA National Championship

Colt with a Double Wrist-Clutch into a slam for a 2 count, up to the second, but Storm with an Elevated DDT, Colt rolls to the floor, Storm goes out after him and sends him back in, goes to work on Colt’s leg, Elbow Drop for a 2 count, up to the second, Colt gets his foot up, Storm stops himself, but Colt kicks him with the other foot, Colt with a Tilt-a-Whirl Headscssors, Flying Asshole then an Arm Wringer out of the corner for a near fall, Sunset Fli out of the corner for a near fall, Storm with a TKO on the ropes, then a Baseball Slide knocks Colt to the floor, back in, Storm up top with a Diving Elbow Drop for a near fall, he sets Colt up top, Colt with a Bionic Elbow then leaps down, Storm rolls out of the way, Colt lands on his feet & hits a Jumping Splash for a near fall, Bionic Elbow, Storm counters a Lariat and hits a Lungblower for a near fall, Eye of the Storm for a near fall, Drake is up on the apron, but Anderson takes him off, Storm measures Colt, while on the floor Kamille blasts Drake in the back & Anderson lays him out which distracts Storm, Kamille has a staredown with Anderson, Storm turns around and gets kicked down by Colt then Colt finishes Storm with The Superman Press to win the National Title


Storm says Colt was a beaten man and that he’ll see Colt again real soon, he has words with Anderson on his way out

The Dawsons are back out

Dave says they’re not waiting for anybody & calls out Outlaw Inc they offered them a match and they want it right now


Dawsons crush Kingston, Dave with a cover for a 1 count then blasts Homicide, Kingston takes Dave down with a Lariat, Zane takes Homicide off the apron, Dawsons with their Double Team Release Suplex, but Homicide makes the save, Homicide sends Dave to the apron and a Dropkick sends him into The Wildcards who have come to ringside, back in the ring, he goes up top, but The Wildcards grab his leg, The Rock n Roll Express fight off The Wildcards, Zane with a Sidewalk Slam on Homicide for a near fall, they go for the kill, but Homicide avoids the crusher then Outlaw Inc finish Dave with a Backfist From the Future into an Ace Crusher for the win


Rock n Roll Express raise Outlaw Inc’s hands as the show ends