MLW Fusion Results – 7/20/18






MLW Fusion – 7/20/18
Orlando, Florida
GILT Nightclub
beIN Sports
Broadcast Team: Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini

Episode 14: Swerve vs The Professional

Video package for tonight’s Title match between Strickland & Ki

Kiki Roberts vs Kahuna Khan:

Match never happens as the lights go red and the Kodokushi (literally translates to Lonely Death) Death Squad comprised of Su Yung & Zeda Zhang surround them as they beat the hell out of them Su canes the shit out of them while Zeda grounds & pounds, The Kudokushi stands over the bodies of the prospects

The Dirty Blondes fire up Mike Parrow when they run into Fred Yehi, The Blondes make fun of his mask & asks if he’s looking for trouble when Team Filthy comes in & run off The Stud Stable. Tom Lawlor tells Yehi that they have his back & Gotch says they have something for him and Tom says it’s time they form a united front, offering Yehi a Team Filthy jacket which he accepts, Gotch asks if he could have Yehi’s mask, Fred laughs then gives to him as Gotch says he got to take Yehi’s face off. Fred Yehi joins Team Filthy

Video package on the Lawlor/Havoc feud


This is a grudge match so there’s no dq, Havoc with a Tope Suicida, then throws a chair in the ring, Havoc grabs a cheese grater, but Lawlor with a Back Suplex on the apron the shreds Jimmy’s head as a ‘you sick f*ck’ chant breaks out, Tom with a Kimura in a chair, but Havoc gouges the eyes, Jimmy grabs a staple gun, but Lawlor turns it around & puts a stable into Havoc’ head, but Jimmy pulls it out with his bare hands, Havoc’s face is a crimson mask & Lawlor staples a piece of paper to Havoc’s head, he puts to stable into it & Tony says he’s digging this hardcore action, HAVOC SHREDS LAWLOR’S NUTS WITH THE CHEESEGRATER! Acid Rainmaker blocked & Lawlor with a Straightjacket German Suplex on the chairs for a 2 count, Tom sets up a wooden board in the corner, Acid Rainmaker ducked, Lawlor looks for the Rear Naked Choke, but Havoc grabs the finger & the paper that was stapled to his forehead & gives Tom a paper-cut, Snap Suplex on the chairs for a 2 count, now gives Lawlor a paper-cut in between his fingers, now Havoc grabs a lemon (this is going to hurt like a motherf*cker) F*CK! ACIDIC LEMON JUICE INTO THE OPEN WOUNDS OF THOSE PAPER-CUTS! (More you sick f*ck chants break out & yeah it’s hard to argue that one) He looks for a Juji-Gatame but Lawlor blocks & Havoc bites his fingers, JIMMY HAS A PIZZA CUTTER! TOM GRABS IT AND SLICES HAVOC’S BICEP, there’s a chair setting on it’s side, Lawlor goes for a Rear Naked Choke, but Havoc fights out, Lawlor with a SIDEWALK SLAM ONTO THE SIDE OF THAT CHAIR! THAT MAY HAVE SNAPPED HIS SPINE! Havoc with a Rolling Elbow then hits The Acid Rainmaker for the win


Ref tries to wrap up Jimmy’s sliced bicep

Sami Callihan says someone in MLW has a dirty little secret. Who attacked Shane Strickland? It was him! Callihan says he was one of the first people to ever see anything in Strickland, he took him from a garbage company in Pennsylvania (referecing CZW I’m guessing) and he took Strickland under his wing & made him who he is today. Sami’s responsible for Shane Strickland. So why would he stab one of his best friends, one of his proteges in the back? For the money. Callihan’s done being the guy that gets friends, he wants some money now. Over the past 4 years Shane has changed, he’s not the same Shane Strickland that Callihan created. He’s let the fans get in his head and make him believe he’s a bigger star than he is. He’s not on Sami’s level & he will never be on Sami’s level because Callihan is going to end Strickland before he reaches his maximum potential. Sami loved Shane like a little brother, but this is far past that. This is far past family. This is about Sami ending Strickland. Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down.

Kotto Brazil says everytime & he’s tired of this, Barrington Hughes is trying to tell him to calm down. They’re almost at each other’s throats when The Champ comes in & says he knows how they’re going to take care of The Death Machines. Kotto says let’s see and tells Barrington to lets go. Hughes says to excuse them

Next week is the Battle Riot & will be a 2 hour special edition of Fusion

Ki is shown warming up, Salina de la Renta says she has 60,000 ways of reminding him of his goal tonight & says good luck. Ki asks if she realize why they call him The Professional, it’s because he gets the job done 10 out of 10 times

Havoc is on his way to the hospital for medical attention

MLW World Championship

Salina is shown setting at ringside

Strickland looks for The Key to Swerve City, but Ki goes to the rope, Ki with a Scoop Slam for a 1 count, Ki with Shoot Kicks, Dragon Clutch in the rope, Tidal Wave connects, Strickland goes for The JML Driver, but Ki rolls through & hits a Standing Ghetto Stomp for a near fall, Shane with a Handstand into a Hurricanrana on the floor, he sends Ki back in, he rips open Ki’s dress shirt & takes the tie off, Shane with a Half & Half for a 2 count, Shane with a Powerbomb then Catapults Ki, but he lands on the second rope & hits an Imploding Ghetto Stomp for a 2 count, Ki Krusher blocked, Shane with a Barrel Roll, but Ki blocks the Ace Crusher, he hits it the second time for a near fall, up top, Ki avoids The Swerve Stomp, then hits The Switchblade Kick to win the MLW Title


Salina hands Ki the title & the briefcase with $60,000.00 The new Champ leaves with his title, money & Salina as the show ends