MLW Fusion Results – 5/18/18

MLW Fusion – 5/18/18
Orlando, Florida
beIN Sports
Broadcast Team: Tony Schiavone & Rich Bocchini
Interviewer: Andrea Ocampo
Ring Announcer: Tim Barr

We start with a video recap showing how this week’s main event came to fruition. Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini welcome us to the show and update us on the condition of Swerve, which includes seeing eyes specialists at John Hopkins University.


Miguel has been dubbed ‘The Fresh-Prince of Mid-Air’ Kotto with a flash pin for a 1 count, Jack-knife cover for a 2 count, they trade flash pins, Miguel with a Tope con Hilo, back in the ring for a 2 count, up top, but Kotto catches him with a Shotei then looks for an Ace Crusher, instead looks more like a modified Avalanche Snapmare, Slingshot Double Stomp for a near fall, Kotto with a version of Deadly Nightshade then a German Suplex, he goes for a dive, but Miguel catches him with a Sambo Suplex into a Knee Strike, Kotto with a Running Shiranui for a near fall, Miguel has Kotto in a Package on the rope, possibly looking for a Cheeky Nandos Kick? No instead a Tiger Feint Kick then finishes Kotto with a Diving Meteora for the win.


They play a tape of an interview that Rich Bocchini had earlier in the week with Salina de la Renta from her palatial estate. She’s very arrogant talking about how she’s leading the way in all entertainment and currently putting together a deal with Telemundo The interview ends when she pushes Bocchini in the pool when she doesn’t like the material of the clothes he’s wearing.

That interview is immediately followed by another one backstage with de la Renta. This time the person holding the mic is Andrea Ocampo. De la Renta announces that she’s signed both Pentagon and Fenix, meaning that she’s guaranteed to get the MLW World Title in her faction.

We get a recap of last week’s main event between Jimmy Havoc and Joey Janela and the post-match beat down outside the arena by Team Filthy on Havoc. A camera walks up to a jacuzzi occupied by Tom Lawlor and Simon Gotch. They say that Havoc deserved a beating and aren’t worried about the repercussions at least not while the sunlight is out.

Col Parker mentions MLW offered the Stud Stable a 2 for 1 deal tonight, where his team will get 2 victories in this elimination match and introduces Mike Patrick & Leo Brien.


Yuta with a Basement Dropkick on Brien for a 1 count, Manji-Gatame on Patrick, but he breaks out, Sunset Flip for a 2 count, Cade wipes out the Blondes with a Fosbury Flop, back in the ring, Yuta goes for a Diving Crossbody, but Patrick rolls through and grabs the tights for the elimination.

Brien with a La Magistral for a 2 count, Cade with a Superkick to Patrick ties him in the rope then he finishes Patrick with The Black Magic (Backslide Driver) to eliminate Patrick.

Brien with a Standing Elbow Drop for a near fall, Cade looks for Black Magic, but Col Parker trips him, Yuta has words with the Colonel, while the ref is distracted Patrick comes back in the ring and The Blondes hit a Double Waterwheel Slam, Patrick back to the floor & Brien covers to win it for The Dirty Blondes.

Winners: The Dirty Blondes

After the match, Cade pushes Yuta away from him

Cade & Yuta argue backstage. Ocampo interviews them. Yuta says they’re going to win the Tag Title tournament


Swerve is interviewed by Ocampo. She asks how he’s recovering from the red mist attack. He says he doesn’t believe that Pentagon has zero fear. Furthermore, Pentagon can take his arms, his legs, or even his head; Pentagon still can’t take his heart and if Pentagon can’t take his heart then he can’t take the MLW Championship


Chest Slap battle then Pentagon with a Superkick, Pop-Up, but Fenix counters into a Hurricanrana, Fenix with a Springboard Double Stomp to the back for a 2 count, Imploding Senton, but Pentagon counters into a Dropkick to the back, Pentagon asks for silence as he puts his handprint on his brother’s chest, Slingblade for a near fall, Fenix with a Barrel Roll into an Ace Crusher, he charges, but Pentagon catches him with a Powerbomb Backbreaker for a near fall, Sambo Suplex, but Fenix counters into a flash pin for a near fall, Fenix with a Double Stomp to the arm, Senton Atomico for a near fall, Pentagon has Fenix hooked in the Package Piledriver, (he’s dubbed it: The Fear Factor) on the apron, back in the ring for a near fall, he wants The Sacrifice and breaks his brother’s arm, Pentagon Driver (A Half-Nelson Pumphandle Driver) for a near fall and The Fear Factor finishes it.

Winner: PENTAGON .Jr

Tony & Rich hype next week’s show when Pentagon will challenge Shane Strickland for the title as the show ends