MLW Fusion Results – 4/20/18

MLW Fusion Results – 4/20/18
Orlando, Florida
beIN Sports
Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Rich Bocchini
Ring Announcer: Tim Barr

Tony Schivaone opens with a welcoming to the viewers. The debut broadcast of MLW Fusion also marks Schiavone’s return to calling television wrestling after a 17 year absence.

ACH vs. Austin Aries:

Aries with a Crucifix Pin for a 2 count, he tries to float over into the Last Chancery, but ACH rolls to the floor, ACH with a Dropkick for a 1 count, Kneedrop for a 1 count, Aries with a Slingshot Senton Atomico for a 2 count, Diving Rolling Elbow for a near fall, Cross-Legged Stump Puller turned into a flash pin for a 2 count, ACH with a Slingshot Ace Crusher for a near fall, Aries blocks The Spirit Bomb and counters into a Shin Breaker/Face Plant combo then follows with a Power-Drive Elbow for a near fall, ACH with a Frog Splash for a near fall, Electric Chair countered, Aries takes the elbow pad off, ACH counters the Discuss Five-Arm with a Lariat for a near fall, Midnight Star, but Aries gets the knees up, Small Package for a near fall, Horns of Aries, but ACH makes it to the rope, Spirit Bomb countered again, Aries with the Discuss Five-Arm followed by the IED then finishes ACH with the Brainbuster for the win

Winner: Austin Aries

Jimmy Havoc talks about fans in Florida paying to see Abdullah the Butcher brutalize Dusty Rhodes and paying to see Steve Corino wear a crimson mask. He promises to bring violence to MLW

Barrington Hughes vs. Chico Adams:

(Best way I can describe Hughes is that he is a fusion between someone the size of Yokozuna and Mark Henry’s Sexual Chocolate gimmick). Chico rushes but Barrington drops him with Bottom Out (Sambo Suplex) for the win in 10 seconds

Barrington shouts to bring him competition and to bring him a challenge

Winner: Barrington Hughes

A match for the following week is advertised between MLW Champion, Shane Strickland and Jimmy Havoc

Pentagon Jr. vs. Ray Fenix:

Pentagon is accompanied by Salina de la Renta. Fenix and Pentagon Jr, trade flash pins for 2 counts, Fenix with a Springboard Missile Dropkick for a 2 count, Pentagon with a Lungblower for a near fall, pair of Slingblades for a 2 count, Fenix with a Crucifix pin for a 2 count, Fenix with an Ace Crusher for a near fall, Fenix with a Springboard Spanish Fly for a near fall, Running Hurricanrana, but Pentagon counters into a Powerbomb Backbreaker for a near fall, Pentagon leaps off the top and catches Fenix with Destructor de Mexicano for a near fall, Pop-Up Powerbomb for a near fall, he looks for The Sacrifice and breaks Fenix’s arm, then finishes him with The Pentagon Driver for the win

Winner: Pentagon Jr.

Pentagon Jr and Fenix hug afterwards. Tony Schiavone mentions Pentagon Jr is now the number one contender for the MLW Championship held by Shane Strickland