MLW Fusion Results – 11/23/19







MLW Fusion Results – 11/23/19
Orlando, Florida
GILT Nightclub
Commentary Team: AJ Kirsh & Rich Bocchini

Marshall Von Erich is screaming in the locker room, apparently attacked by a masked assailant, Marshall keeps saying his knee & he was hit with a pipe, Tom Lawlor and others are there to check on him as he says he can’t put any weight on it, Lawlor says to go get Sweggler, Marshall says he put weight on it and it popped, he keeps saying a pipe and called the attacker a coward as we go to the opening video

Falls Count Anywhere in Orlando

Mancer attacks Havoc from behind while he’s making his entrance, chair thrown into Havoc’s head, Havoc returns the favor, and another pair of flying chairs, beer can smashed over Havoc’s head, Mancer sent into the Section B post, Havoc looking for plunder and brings out more chairs, Mancer throws another chair at Havoc before filling the ring with more chairs and a wooden board, Havoc with an eye poke, Havoc grabs a bag, Mancer wirh a steel chair to the back, wooden board sent in the corner, chair wedged in the turnbucke, Bionic Eye Poke, Mancer grabs the bat and pours out some thumbtacks, Havoc blocks a DDT and poke Mancer in the eyes then heads to the back, Mancer gives chase, Havoc throws a dude out of his car and steals it, Mancer & the ref hitch a ride with another guy & go after Havoc

Alexander Hammerstone walked up in skimpy shorts for Hogan tan season. Richard Holliday was fully suited. Holliday was excited about the huge gift train from last week. Hammer decided to give it on Thanksgiving

If Holliday guesses, Hammer will tell him. A giant egg? No one would ever do that stupid idea on Thanksgiving. Giant AirPods? Holliday was worried they wouldn’t fit his ears. Mexican pharmaceuticals? Hammer won’t be sharing those. Since Holliday didn’t guess, Hammerstone made him wait. The scene closed by Hammer observing Holliday’s tan was looking more Hogan ‘88 than peak ‘91. Holliday had a fit.


Zeda offers a handshake, but Spider just kicks it away, Spider digs her claws into Zeda’s eyes, Football Kick, Zeda with a Snap Suplex, barrage of strikes, Spider kicsk the inured knee & goes right after it, Half Crab while hammering at the knee, she drives it into the mat, Spider bends the knee in the rope, she breaks at 4, kick to the damaged knee, ref checks on Zeda as Spider antagonizes the crowd, Spider with a Mandible Claw, Zeda in the ropes, but Spider won’t break, ref calls for the bell in a dq & pulls Spider off


Spider takes the mask off & it’s Priscilla Kelly (the wife of AEW’s Darby Allin) Hell’s Favorite Harlot locks the Mandible Claw back on as Zeda is foaming at the mouth, Kelly kicks the ref in the nuts & gives him the lick of death, she leaves Zeda down as Hell’s Favorite Harlot has arrived in MLW

We rejoin Mancer as he’s still going after Havoc, he chases Havoc to his apartment & slams a frying pan into Havoc’s head for a 2 count, he chokes Havoc on a couch, into the bathroom, Havoc gets a swirly, battling back to the main room, Havoc with a barrage of frying pan shots to Mancer for a 2 count on the couch, Mancer with a frying man across the back of Havoc, Havoc with multiple shots from a shoe, Mancer and the ref takes after Havoc, Havoc drives off, as Mancer, the ref & camera man are in hot pursuit once again

Stairwell promo from Priscilla Kelly. Why did she do what she did? Kelly is the queen of doing the unexpected and shocking people to get in their heads. That’s what she came to do in MLW. The women’s division is lacking a mind that is strong enough to get inside every other female on the roster. She’s there to make every single lady question their place and their sanity.

MLW National Openweight Championship

James with a Sunset Flip for a 2 count, rollup for a 2 count, Superkick blocked, but James hits an Ace Crusher for a 2 count, Shoot Kicks, Hammer counters the 3rd into a Capture Suplex, Hammer with a Butterfly Canadian Backbreaker then slams him down, one foot cover only gets a 2 count, Bearhug, but James fights out, James with a Leaping Knee, he charges, but Hammer catches him with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex for a near fall, Hammer calls for the kill, he sends James up top and follows him, Stalling Superplex, but James slips out and hits a Release German Suplex, Running Headbutt for a near fall, he loads up, Hammer blocks a Superkick, but hits it a second time, Running Meteora for a near fall, James up top, but Hammer crotches him and tosses him off, Pump Kick, Snap German Suplex, Sit-Out Powerbomb for a near fall, Argentine Rack into a DDT for a near fall, now Hammer’s angry, James slaps him in the face & Hammer finishes it with The Nightmare Pendulum to retain


Tom Lawlor held a press conference to take questions about re-signing with MLW. The reason he’s still there is that he lost a family member in the MLW world title. Comment of the Von Erich’s success? Yeah, they’re great. What’s next? The world is his oyster. Lawlor will be taking a big swing to knock it out of the park

Mancer has cornered Havoc in the parking lot of Full Sail University, the driver of Mancers car throws some moonshine in Havoc’s face, Mancer takes Havoc down for a 2 count, Havoc bites Mancer on the nose, Mancer throws Havoc in the car and they take off as they continue to fight in the backseat

They head back into the GILT Nightclub, Mancer with a staple gun and puts one in Havoc, he staples some dollar bills to his shoulders and forehead, Havoc returns the favor and puts one on Mancers forehead then rips off and pockets the money, Mancer with Kobashi-Style Machinegun Chops, Havoc sends Mancer into the chair in the corner, Drop Toehoeld in a open chair, Running Death Valley Bomb through a wooden board then another DVB on the thumbtacks, but only gets a near fall, Havoc with with fork to the forehead then the throat, he looks for The Acid Rainmaker, but Mancer counters into a rollup on the entrance ramp for the win


Havoc continues to dig the fork into Mancer’s head, ear & nuts

Contra Unit interrupted the broadcast feed to close the show. Josef Samael told us the fires were going to rise. They eliminated the indestructible Teddy Hart. Contra has something special planned for the Von Erichs. On Thanksgiving, witness the end of a new hope. America, say goodbye to Ross Von Erich. Hail, Contra. Samael throws a fireball at the camera as the show ends