Impact Provincial Wrestling Federation Results – 11/26/19








Impact Provincial Wrestling Federation Results – 11/26/19
Mississsauga, Ontario, Canada
Don Kolov Arena
Commentary Team: Giuseppe Scovelli Jr & Sexton Hardcastle


It didn’t feel right putting this with the normal Impact discussion & who knows they may be doing more of these in the future, so I thought I’d give it it’s own thread

Giuseppe Scovelli Jr. (Josh Matthews) and Sexton Hardcastle (Don Callis, also Sexton Hardcastle was the name Edge used on the indies before he was signed by WWF) welcomed us to the broadcast

GSJ sends it down to ring announcer Doug Stevens, he runs down the backstage crew and the refs


(Rayzor is Ace Austin, Pete is Rich Swann)

Rip digs at the eyes, Body Slam for a 2 count, Pete fights out of a Rear Chinlock, Pete with a Dropkick, Bodyslam, he dials it up and hits The Special Delivery Splash (Twisting Splash) for the win


GSJ sends it backstage to Iceman for an interview

Ice brings out International Commonwealth TV champ Julian Cumberbun (Ethan Page) and manager Sonny Sanders (Sami Callihan). Sanders had a tennis racket in honor of Callihan’s favorite manager. They talked about the Loser Leaves Town title match later. When Cumberbun wins, they will be getting cheeseburgers with extra pickles. This town would be nothing without the champ. No Money, no women, no pay window open for all the boys in the back. Instead of booing, everyone should be thanking him.

Enter Downtown Daddy Brown (Willie Mack). Cumberbun can stick his riches where the sun don’t shine. Words got heated. Sanders ducked out, because he didn’t want violence. Sanders immediately sucker struck Brown from behind with the tennis racket. Brown fought back and stripped Cumberbun of his fancy clothes

Ice is backstage with Excessive Force (a Road Warriors/Demolition/Powers of Pain hybrid)

Ice said the working men want to challenge Excessive Force. Plunder (Fallah Bahh) said Tick Tock a few time and said the hard worker’s time is winding down and they’re about to breathe their last breath. He said a bit of a promo and slapped Brown on the chest and said “Tell em Pummel”, like the Road Warriors. Pummel (D’Lo Brown) yelled his promo. He yelled about hard work is not having shoes, hard work is not having boats, but when the big storm comes they’ll get in their boats and sail away because here comes the Pummel and here comes the Plunder and they are Excessive Force


(Hard Workers are The Deaners)

Double headbutt, Brain Chop, Plunder with a barrage of Headbutts to Oats, GSJ notes that Excessive Force will be featured in the IPWF Atari Game set to release in a couple of weeks, Pummel with a Nerve Claw on Oats, Oats slides through Pummel’s legs and tags in Hall, Hall takes both men down, Body Slam on Pummel, Oats with a blind tag, while Pummel is busy with Hall, Oats leaps in & pins Pummel with a Sunset Flip for the win


Excessive Force isn’t done though & Crunch Hall, Plunder with a Running Splash through 2 top hats on Hall & Hall looks to be convulsing

Vignette for a new team The New Wave coming in (The Crists doing a surfer gimmick)


GSJ says IPWF got some VHS footage of Swinger

Swinger rakes the eyes across the ropes then chokes him on the rope, Swinger dumps Gunderson out of the corners then finishes him with The Swinger Neckbreaker


GSJ says they’ve got some new tech, he understands they’re calling it instant replay and shows the finish again

Vignette was for Southpaw Regional Wrestling wrestler Frank the Butcher (Rhino) jumping ship to IPWF. Frank talked about how much he likes to chop his competition and beating them. Frank also asked Butcher Doug (Seth Rollins) to leave the “minor leagues” and join him in IPWF and they’ll be the new Tag Team Champions. Chop Chop, beat meat.

Ice introduces The Rough Riders – Blanch Ardmore (Tessa Blanchard), Georgia Cobb (Jordynne Grace), Mildred Moore (Alexia Nicole) & Ladybird Johnston (Jessicka Havok)

Blanch says they are The Rough Riders and they’re going to come on you like no one’s ever come on you before. They’re taking over this town, they’re taking over this territory. They are as dirty as it gets and as clean as they come, daddy. Cobb says they just stepped off the private jet this morning just to find out they’re booked in this tom-foolery tonight, but she can’t imagine 4 men would want to step in the ring with them, she can’t imagine that 8 men would want to step in the ring with them, she can’t imagine that anyone in their right mind would want to step in the ring with them. Mildred says there’s nothing bigger than when the four of them get together. There’s no holiday bigger, no event bigger, they have the Tag Champs in Blanche & Cobb while she & Ladybird are the Enforcers. Pound for pound they are the best damn wrestlers in the fed. Ladybird says it doesn’t matter who steps in the ring with them, they are going to ride over you and it will be rough and when they’re done here they’re all going back to the Marriott baby and we may as well call her the leader of the brigade because the tunnel of love is open all night long, daddy


(Jazzy is Madison Rayne, Agnes is Alicia Edwards)

Sebastian Baker, The Hitmaker (Jimmy Jacobs) comes out as he trying to get Jazzy to sign with him

Jazzy has spotted The Hitmaker, Agnes with a Snap Suplex for a 2 count, Sexton calls it a Su-play (channeling Gordon Solie) Jazzy fights out of a Sleeper, Jazzy with a Squatting Firewoman Drop, up to the second rope & hits a Splash for the win


The Hitmaker entered the ring to cut a promo with the match winner. he talked about how Jazzy’s moves are what caused him to follow Jazzy’s career for 6 months. Baker talked about how Jazzy has been avoiding him and no one avoids Baker. Baker presented Jazzy with a contract to join his stable. The Hitmaker even threw in a threat that Jazzy might be less successful if she doesn’t sign. Jazzy took the contract and did squats. Jazzy signed the contracted and gave it to Baker. Just as Baker was about to celebrate, Jazzy gave Baker kick in the nuts & ripped the contract up

The $300,000 Man (RD Evans) last week he offered 2K to anyone that could Body Slam his monster Kongo Kong, this week he’s upping the ante


(The heels could be billed as the sons of Disco Inferno. Burr is Josh Alexander, Nasium is Dezmond Xavier, Ding is Trey Miguel & Strack is Zachary Wentz)

Blache blasts Ding with a Superkick, Strack wants to go fast, he tries a Sunset Flip, but Cobb rolls through, Strack with a rollup for a 2 count, Nasium takes Mildred’s legs out and does push ups, Mildred with a Head Scissors then a Dropkick, Burr tries to run through Ladybird, but she catches him in a Bearhug, he bites her, Ax Handle, Double Ax Handle knocks her down for a 2 count, Mildred with an Electric Chair, but her legs buckle, Strack is in with a barrage of Superkicks, Avalanches, Penalty Kick on Blanch for a near fall, up top, Blanch avoids it, Riders take the rest of the heel off the apron, Blanche finishes Strack with a Hammerlock DDT for the win. Sexton doesn’t know what to call it, he says that’s dangerous dropping him on his head, like eating DDT or something, GSJ says maybe that’s what we call it


Body Slam Challenge:

300K Man said he’s upping the ante to $3,000 this week. Mr. Atlantis took up the challenge.

Atlantis has a weight lifting belt, Kong doesn’t even let him try for the slam, and beats him down and throws him out of the ring when Muscles McGhee (Brian Cage wearing Petey Williams old Team Canada tracksuit) comes down

300K Man says the Challenge is over and money is no longer on the table, Muscles doesn’t care about the money, he’s here for the people, he sends 300K Man to the floor, Muscles Body Slams Kong and rips off his jacket then grabs the duffel bag of money and waves the maple leaf high

Tommy Dreamer (as himself, but channeling 80s Terry Funk complete with Ribera jacket) said in 2 weeks the greatest IPWF Champion returns to claim what is rightfully his. Boxing Night last year when that son of a bitch Jack Tunny stripped him of the title for using a pile driver on Tunney’s piece of crap chosen champion. He was banned so he went north and broke Bruno Sammartino’s neck in front of Vince McMahon and he slapped his little son Vince Jr. Because he’s Tommy Dreamer & he does whatever the hell he wants to do. So in 2 weeks he doesn’t care if it’s Rhodes, Race, Bockwinkel, Backlund, Brisco, Funk he’s coming back to take what’s his you bunch of egg sucking dogs

Video from last week, Captain Joystick (Joey Ryan) throws a chair and falls down, DJ 2 Large (Moose) puts the chair around his own neck and falls down so the ref didn’t know how to call it, move to the end DJ hit a Spinning Lariat called The Platinum Discuss for the win

We go to an interview segment called The Cockpit hosted by Captain Joystick & Miss Milehigh (Kiera Hogan) and his guest was DJ 2 Large. DJ got hip hop background music. Joystick asked him a few questions and kept cutting him off before he could speak. Milehigh seemed smitten with DJ. Cockpit started bad mouthing rap music, because DJe is a rapper gimmick. DJ did a rap and said he was taking Milehigh “on a round trip”. Joystick got mad and hit DJ in the head with Milehigh’s server tray. The blue screen disingaged. Joystick said this flight has landed

One month ago. Gama Singh & Dada Singh (Raj Singh with a dyed grey beard) throws a fireball in the face of Cowboy Colt McCoy (Eddie Edwards)

Colt was cutting a promo in the locker room with both eyes covered in bandages. Retina, Cornea & Iris damage stemming from the fire ball shot. Eddie ended his promo by saying he’s coming for Gama Singh. Colt said he’s farm strong and farm strong can’t be stopped

Blindfold Match

Dada tries to confuse Colt, Dada distracts the ref so Gama can peek and decks Colt with a right hand, Dada gives Gama some instructions, Colt takes a shot and knocks Dada off the apron, then manages to get a hold of Gama and hits an Ace Crusher for the win


Ice is out to interview Colt. Colt says that’s Farm Strong baby. He does it for the people, he does it for the working man when The Soviets (Michael Elgin & Madman Fulton) attack Colt

They strangle Colt with a Russian chain, Giuseppe Scovelli Sr (Scott D’Amore) put the bad mouth on him, The Soviets deck him, they bury Colt under a Russian flag

GSS cut a promo about how he put every penny his family made and put it behind this promotion. He talked about how the Soviets are disrespecting Canadian culture while also attacking a nice guy like Colt. GSS said he’s going to lace the boots to team up with Colt to fight the Soviets next week and beat them back to where they came from. He told the crowd that hot dogs and pop corn were now half off at concessions for the rest of the night

Loser Leaves Town IPWF International Commonwealth Television Championship

Sonny looked to take a shot with his racket as Julian hides in the crowd, but Downtown finds him & sends him back into the ring, Julian with a distraction, Sonny strikes with the racket, but Julian only gets a 2 count, Julian feigns an ankle injury while Sonny puts the boots to Downtown then throws him back in, Julian with a pair of stomps, Figure 4, Sonny adds some extra leverage for Julian, Downtown rolls it over & Julian makes it to the rope, Downtown with a Sunset Flip, Sonny gives his man more leverage, but the ref breaks his grip, and Julian gets flipped over, but Downtown only gets a 2 count, Downtown avoids a Splash, Bionic Elbow, Jumping Elbow Drop, but Sonny puts Julian’s foot on the rope, Sonny up on the apron, Julian with the racket to the ribs, but only gets a near fall, Sonny holds Downtown, but he ducks & Julian hits Sonny, Downtown rolls up Julian to win the belt & send Julian packing


The IPWF roster come down to celebrate with Downtown as the show ends