AEW Dynamite Results – 9/2/20







AEW Dynamite Results – 9/2/20
Jacksonville, Florida
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Commentary Team: Jim Ross, Excalibur & Tony Schiavone

Excalibur is back on commentary tonight


Friends jumps PnP during hte entrance, Trent? with a Flying Crossbody off the stage, Friends set up the steel steps, but Santana cuts him off while Ortiz chokes out Trent?, Chuck brings out 8 chairs and builds a structure with them, Santana launches a chair at Chuck, Santana was looking for an Alley-Oop, but Chuck blocks, he looks to send Santana through the chair tower, but Santana reverses and sends Chuck through it, Trent? is in the ring with PnP and the match officially begins

Santana with a Draping Gourdbuster, PnP with a Double Suplex for a 2 count, Trent? with a Dudebuster DDT on Ortiz then a Tope Suicida, he tries another, but Santana leapfrogs over Trent? & he hits the guardrail, Chuck with a Tope con Hilo wipes out both PnP, back in the ring, Sole Food on Ortiz then a Falcon Arrow gets a near fall, Sunset Flip on Santana gets a near fall, Trent? with The Ever-Lasting Gobstopper, he charges, but Santana avoids and he knocks Trent? to the steps, PnP look for The Street Sweeper, but Trent? counters into Crunchy!, but Santana puts Ortiz hand on the rope, Ortiz distracts the ref, Santana slams a steel baton into Trent?’s back and then PnP finish him with The Street Sweeper for the win


MJF is backstage when one of his entourage tells him that his lawyer, “Smart” Mark Sterling, has locked himself in his locker room. He says he’s found a way out of this, and Wardlow kicks his door down and pulls him out. MJF gets in Sterling’s face and says he’s done whatever it takes his entire life to become a champion, and he knows he’s afraid of Jon Moxley, but there’s nothing scarier than being in a position to get in the way of his gold.

When men get in the way of his gold, bad things happen to them. Option one, you get in the ring, option two, you get in a fucking wood chipper. So the choice is his, which one does he want to deal with tonight?


Kaz with an Oklahoma Roll on Boy for a 2 count, Matt takes a ‘Hangman drink my beer sign’ rips it up then pours the beer over the guy’s head, Bucks with a Backbreaker/Swinging Neckbreaker combo on Daniels for a 2 count, Kaz with a Slingshot Ace Crusher on Nick, Daniels wipes out the Bucks with an Arabian Press, Kaz with a Springboard Legdrop for a 2 count, Party with a Flapjack/Bulldog combo on Boy for a near fall, Daniels with a Vertical Suplex for a 2 count, Saurus with a Double Lariat then a Moonsault off the apron wipes out SCU, Double goozle, Double Chokeslam, Stereo Risky Business from both the Bucks & Express, Kassidy blocks the Superkick, Boy takes his head off with a Lariat, SCU with a Powerbomb/Neckbreaker combo, Kassidy up top with a Senton Atomico, but only gets a near fall, Daniels with a Samob Suplex then a the Best Moonsault Ever, Quen follows with the Shooting Star Press, but Saurus breaks the pin, Express with a Back Suplex/Sit-Out Powerbomb combo, but Kaz makes the save, Boy with a Tope Suicida takes out Kassidy & Kaz, Tail Whip to Daniels then the Bucks finish Quen with The BTE Trigger for the win


Backstage with Jake Hager as he walks into Orange Cassidy’s dressing room and sits down next to him. They stare at each other for a beat and Hager informs Orange that Chris Jericho wants him ringside for his match tonight. Cassidy puts a foot up on Jake’s leg, Hager swats it away and tells him he’d be smart to be there, and walks out.

Orange Cassidy roots around in his backpack

Backstage with Tully Blanchard and FTR.

Tully tells them Saturday is their chance, and they talk about how important this match is to them and on Saturday night, you will fear the revelation— top guys, out.

Tony Schiavone introduces Kenny Omega for an interview on the stage.

Kenny says everyone makes mistakes, and this is something “Hangman” Adam Page is going to have to live with for the rest of his life, and FTR have the title shot on Saturday. Page got taken by them and fooled, these things happen, we learn and we move on, but like every other tag team before them, they’ll defeat them.

He hopes FTR bring their A game, because he knows he and Adam will bring theirs.

Enter FTR and Tully, carrying a cooler.

FTR say the tag champs have had a great, impressive run as two singles guys becoming tag champs, and they’ve never had a problem with him. In fact, at All Out, they’re looking forward to having a great contest and blowing everybody’s expectations. So he wants to toast to that, and they have a chocolate milk for Omega.

Kenny says they’ve known each other three months and they know he can’t turn down a delicious chocolate milk, but he can turn down spending time with dickheads like them. If they came down here to bamboozle him, they might as well get it over with. By his count it’s two vs. one, or three with Tully, and sure he might lose, but he’ll get some good shots in.

But do him a favor, keep the old man away from him because he can smell his Depends from here.

Enter “Hangman” Adam Page.

FTR call him down, calling him the cowboy hero that they’ve been waiting to hear from, and asking him to explain who got into his head and made him turn on his best friends, because it wasn’t them, or anybody, it was Page himself. Kenny’s known Page for four or five years, but FTR have known him his whole career, and they know he’s just an insecure little boy.

So tell ‘em, Page, how you’re so egotistical, admit how big of a piece of shit you are. Kenny holds ‘em back and tries to reassure him as FTR take the tag titles. Hangman demands them back and FTR drop the belts at his feet before leaving the ring. Adam goes to hand Omega his belt, but he’s out of the ring.

Chris Jericho is interviewed backstage.

He asks when the last time the interviewer experienced something for the first time and knew he wouldn’t likely experience it again, and says that’s the Mimosa Mayhem match, the culmination of fourteen weeks between him and Orange Cassidy, and he’s made him a better man and shown every facet of him as a pro wrestler.

On Sunday he’s gonna hit him in the face with Judas Effect, make him tap with the Walls of Jericho, and then dump him in the vat of mimosa and drown his hopes and dreams in a little bit of the bubbly. And god help Joey Janela, because he’s giving him a little taste of that right in front of Orange.

Orange Cassidy comes down to watch from ringside


Janela goes for a Springboard, but Jericho counters with a Code Breaker then puts on the Walls of Jericho & Janela taps out


Jericho takes one of the turnbuckle pads off and smashes Joey face-first into the exposed steel! Hammering the wound with punches, tearing at the bad Boy’s flesh and wiping his blood across the Orange Cassidy shirt he’s wearing! Jericho tears the shirt off and throws it at Cassidy, and that’s enough!

Orange hits the ring, brawling punches, Jake Hager runs in and pulls him away from Jericho, laying knee after knee! SONNY KISS MAKES THE SAVE AND LAYS JERICHO OUT WITH A RIGHT HAND! Hager hits the big high angle spinebuster on Kiss! Cassidy recovers and runs Hager off before DDTing Jericho!

Cassidy reaches into his backpack and pulls out his own bottle of the bubbly! He uncorks it and pours it out with a thumbs down!

Video package on the Sammy Guevara/Matt Hardy feud

Matt Hardy is standing on high and doing “DELETE!” at Sammy Guevara.

Team Taz make their entrance.

Taz gets on the mic and says one of his two boys is winning the Casino Battle Royal. He says Darby Allin is dead meat and asks who Lance Archer ever beat, saying he can’t deal with the Machine.

Jake “the Snake” Roberts makes his entrance with Lance Archer and says tit for tat, you interrupt him and he’ll interrupt you.

Taz and his boys are a bunch of squirrels in search of a nut, and they’re gonna walk out with nothing on Saturday. What he sees here is the best set of losers he’s ever seen.

Eddie Kingston and his boys come out.

Eddie says the show’s live, they’ve gotta hurry up and there’s been enough talking. Lance is big and tough, he ain’t tougher than The Last of a Dying Breed. Taz used to be around killers and now he’s around big for nothing machines, and then you got—

Tully Blanchard and Shawn Spears walk by on the stage.

Kingston says he doesn’t know whether to take Ricky Starks on a date or fight him, which gets Taz to say his boys’ll fight any of ‘em!

Everything breaks down into chaos, Billy Gunn joins the fray, Darby Allin comes out and goes right after Starks! More men enter the fray as the brawl continues, including Santana, Ortiz, and Hager, as well as Best Friends!

Everyone brawls at length

Video package on The Dark Order putting Cody out


Rosa’s first opponent in AEW is The Deebious One

Deeb with a Cut-Throat Neckbreaker then a series of Tequila Sunrise Kneebreakers, Rosa with a Straight-Jacket, but Deeb counters into a Straight-Jacket Lungblower then a Manji-Gatame and turns it into a flash pin for a near fall, Rose with a Leaping Larait then a Slingshot Meteora, Running Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Rosa goes for the La Atlantida, but Deeb tries to go for The Dominator she called The Manicini Code as Mia Mancini, Rosa blocks and hits a Death Valley Bomb but only gets a near fall, Deeb with a Sunset Flip they trade flash pins for 2 counts, Rosa with a Release German Suplex then finishes The Deebious One with The Thunder Driver for the win


Jon Moxley cuts a promo backstage.

He tells MJF he earned his shot and to not sweat the process, because on Saturday night, when the bell rings, all the distractions, his campaign, the lawyers, all that crap goes away and there’s just one question left to answer— are you ready and willing to kill or be killed? You’re going to need to be the most savage MJF ever to take him out.

For his part, this year’s been bad enough without MJF running around with the title, and this is his moment, his trial by fire, kill or be killed. He knows he thinks he’s real hot stuff, but everything he’s done until now has been the easy part.

Big Swole is interviewed at ringside.

She says Britt Baker has been ducking and dodging for the longest time, and this changes this weekend, because at the Buy-In, she’ll have no place to hide, because she’s gonna show up at her job and they’re gonna fight tooth and nail.

Rebel rolls up with a pizza and it’s a fakeout to let a healed Dr. Britt Baker, DMD attack Swole! She puts her into the pizza and puts Lockjaw on!


Mox dodges a punch and slaps Sterling in the face, Sterling rolls to the floor, Wardlow tells him to get back in there, he charges Mox, but Mox just sidesteps and Sterling falls to the floor, Mox stalks him, Sterling goes for a kick, Mox blocks, but Sterling with a poke to the eye, he celebrates until Mox takes his head off with a Lariat, he sends Sterling into the guardrail and piles the chairs and barricades on top of him, he beats the dude with his own shoe, Mox grabs a chair to set down, he offers a handshake, Sterling accepts then Mox pokes him in the eye and hits The Paradigm Shift Mk II for the win


Wardlow attacks Mox, he hits a F-10, MJF comes down ditching the walker and the neckbrace. He rains grounded punches down, gouging at his eyes, choking him, he says that if Mox wants violence he’s got it. (Mox & MJF are both former CZW World Champions & MJF was never beaten for it, he had to relinquish it due to injury) he calls for the ring and Wardlow gives it to him! A PUNCH RIGHT TO THE DOME WITH THE RINGED FINGER! MOX IS BUSTED OPEN AS HE KEEPS RAINING PUNCHES DOWN!