AEW Dynamite Results – 9/16/20







AEW Dynamite Results – 9/16/20
Jacksonville, Florida
Daily’s Place
Commentary Team: Jim Ross, Excalibur & Tony Schiavone

Jurassic Express in the ring for a tag match against FTR when the Young Bucks come down and lay the referee out with a Superkick Party!

Refs swarm the ring and help their fallen comrade out while the Bucks walk off together. They go backstage and throw a stack of money at Tony Khan, intending to pay the fine they certainly just earned themselves. This is very much the PWG Bucks that made a name for themselves by just being complete assholes.


Saurus catches Dax with a Powerslam for a 2 count, Boy with an Assited Senton Atomico off of Saurus’ shoulders for s 2 count, Double Hurricanrana on FTR, Cash catches Boy with a Powerslam for a 2 count, Bow & Arrow, Dax with a Snap Suplex thena Legdrop for a 2 count, FTR with an Assisted Gutbuster for a 2 count, FTR with an Assisted Gourdbuster for a near fall, Saurus throws Cash into Dax then a Chokeslam followed by a Standing Moonsault for a near fall, Tailwhip/Basement Northern Lariat combo on Dax gets a near fall, Boy with a Crossbody for a 2 count, Cash goes for the Powerslam, but Boy counters into a Small Package for a near fall, Jumping Knee then aCrucifix Pin on Dax for a near fall, Victory Roll gets a near fall, Diving Crossbody, but Dax rolls through and grabs the tights, but only gets a near fall, Boy with a rollup for a near fall, Boy counters a Backslide into a Small Package for a near fall, Saurus misses a dive and ends up in the crowd, Boy with a Tope Suicida on Cash, Boy with a Sunset Flip, but Dax reverses & Cash & Tully grab Dax’s arm for the extra leverage to get the win


Alex Marvez is backstage where Matt Hardy is screaming agony on the floor, clutching his knee. Private Party are there and offer comment, saying they were talking strategy and then he got attacked out of nowhere. Chris Jericho and Jake Hager roll up to mock Hardy saying they might have to amputate Matt’s leg and threaten Private Party


Kaz with a Sunset Flip for a 2 count, Cravat Knees followed by a Cravatplex, Page with a Springboard Lariat then takes Kaz down with a Slingshot Plancha, Kaz goes for a Crossbody, but Page catches him with a Fallaway Slam then follows with a Standing Shoot Star Press for a near fall, Kaz with a Slingshot DDT for a near fall, Tomikaze blocked, but Kaz with a Backslide for a near fall, Page tries one of his own, but Kaz counters into The Tomikaze, but only gets a near fall, Page with a Sliding Lariat followed by a Wrist-Clutch Death Valley Bomb for a near fall, Kaz with a Slingshot Ace Crusher gets a near fall, Springboard, but Page counters into a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a 2 count, Page looks to set up for the kill, Kaz slides to the floor, Page with a Lariat on the floor, Kaz blocks THe Buckshot, Page blocks the Slingshot & hits The Buckshot Lariat for the win


Page chills in the ring seemingly hoping Kenny Omega will join him, but Omega does not, and Hangman has a beer


MJF with a thumb to the eye then locks in The Salt of the Earth for a submission win in about 2 seconds if it even took that long


MJF gets on commentary and talks about how honest he is and how Jon Moxley cheated. From here on out, since he should be undefeated and he should be world champ, he wants to be referred to as the undefeated, undisputed, uncrowned world champion of All Elite Wrestling. He makes Justin Roberts say it and say it with gusto.

He says he’s a lone wolf but maybe it’s time to join himself a wolf pack (well he was part of The Dynasty in MLW, maybe he’s going to bring those guys in), but no matter what he does, at the end of the day, he’s still better than us and we know it.

Taz gets a video package breaking Ricky Starks’ trademark maneuvers down.

Eddie Kingston is in the ring with his stablemates and he gets on the mic and says he’s got three points to make.

Number one, he never lost the battle royal. Look up the rules, folks, he should be getting something.

Number two, they are a family, they’re not a stable or a faction, they’re a family, and when families fight, most of the time they go out to dinner, have a little therapy, but not them. They’re a family of violence, so they get violent, and they are agents of chaos.

He signals Butcher and Blade to pull folks out of the crowd and beat them down, throwing some poor schmuck in the ring to get The Double Whammy from the Lucha Bros then pink shirt gets wiped out by Butcher & Blade’s Full Death and then they just dump out green hair.

That was way to get his family ready, you see.

Number three, he tells Blade it’s time to get his house in order (assuming that means he’s going to have to bring Allie back into the fold)


Party with a Double Suplex on Hager for a 2 count, Kassidy with a Quebrada gets a near fall on Jericho, Jericho distracts the ref as Hager hits Kassidy in the leg with a bat, Party hit The Silly String on Hager, Quen with a pair of Dropkicks then a Tope con Hilo on Hager, Springboard Crossbody on Jericho gets a near fall, Poetry in Motion, Neckbreaker/Double Stomp combo gets a near fall, Kassidy ducks The Judas Effect and gets a rollup for a near fall, Springboard Ace Crusher, he doesn’t go for a cover & goes up top, but Jericho avoids the Senton Atomico & unsheathes The Judas Effect for the win


Jericho puts the Walls of Jericho on Kassidy! Quen comes in and hits a Pele Kick on him, laying him out!

NWA Women Championship

Rosa with a Facewash for a 2 count, Gory Special, Ivelisse slides out and hits a Jumping Knee for a 2 count, Shoot Kicks, Rosa counters the Buzzsaw into a Dragon Screw, Slingshot Meteora, Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Ivelisse with a Tiger Driver for a 2 count, Rosa blocks The Recoil, Russian Legsweep and floats into a Crossface, but Ivelisse makes it to the rope, Rosa with a Death Valley Bomb gets a near fall, Ivelisse hits The Recoil, but only gets a near fall, Fire Thunder Driver blocked, but Rosa hits The Tombstone to retain


Diamante attacks Rosa from behidn and kicks her to the floor! Ivelisse grabs the title belt and holds it high but Hikaru Shida hits the ring and makes the save! Shida grabs the NWA title and gives it back to Rosa before taking her leave

Miro lifting weights while Kip Sabian talks him up. Miro gets up, eager to get in the ring and fight, and Kip reminds him that something else comes first. Miro says he’s going to throw the best bachelor party, they fist bump each other and Penelope Ford

Lance Archer makes his entrance and pulls some poor schmuck out of the crowd and throws him into the ring before dropping him with a chokeslam.

Jake “the Snake” Roberts gets on the mic.

He asks if you’d trade your heroes for ghosts, hot ashes for a cool breeze, and continues to riff on Wish You Were Here for a bit longer. Sometimes in wrestling, movies, and politics, you find yourself in bed with somebody you might now usual to go bed with, and that’s what they find themselves doing right now.

Sometimes you need information, or money or a way out, and for them, they need tag team partners. Two men for a trios match, and if he’s going to lay in bed with the devil, he’d just as soon lay in bed with a tasmanian devil.

Enter Taz.

He says Team Taz is extremely excited and happy to do business with them, and it’s all business. Like they discussed, the trio of Ricky Starks, Brian Cage, and Lance Archer is a deadly trio and a great deal. And they have a deal, where when Archer destroys Jon Moxley and takes the title, that Lance will give Brian Cage the first shot at the title.

Lance says Taz and his boys are enemies of his enemy, and that makes them friendly, but come October 14, after he puts that punk-ass Jon Moxley down, AEW’s gonna have a killer new champion, and he doesn’t care about Eddie Kingston’s whining and crying, the Monster and the Machine are gonna go Godzilla on Daily’s Place.

Jon Moxley’s music hits and we see him standing at the edge of the crowd, mic in hand.

He goes to start talking but a fan attacks him— it’s Ricky Starks! Brian Cage joins the beatdown! Security tries and fails to the make the save! Team Taz beat him down and throw him through a road case! AEW’s newest signing, a protege of Mike Modest & Donovan Morgan, Will Hobbs makes the save with a steel chair! Team Taz run away!

Mox gets on the mic and says it’s a hell of a team Archer’s put together, but he’s got a team of his own put together, and it starts with Will Hobbs! But they’re gonna need a third, so he’s gonna call Taz’s favorite wrestler, Darby Allin! He knows he’s watching at home and he had better get his ass to Jacksonville next week because they’re going to war!

Commentary hypes next week’s show up, including Orange Cassidy getting a shot at Mr. Brodie Lee’s TNT Championship


PnP are painted up tonight, Santana lights up Chuck while Trent? pounds on Ortiz on a car, they slam the hood down on him repeatedly, Chuck with a Senton Atomico then Trent? with a Senton Bomb driving the hood down on Ortiz, they unload the plunder from a truck, Santana grabs the baton from the tire of a car and slams it into Trent?’s back, Decavitator on the bed of the truck and Santana is busted open, Ortiz launches a sledgehammer, Chuck avoids as it goes through the windshield, Ortiz with the Suplex on the roof of a car then Santana with a Frog Splash from the truck to the roof of the car for a near fall, Trent? Spears Ortiz through a wooden door, Dudebuster DDT blocked, Ortiz slams a dust pan into Trent?’s head, Chuck sets up a guardrail against a car, Snap Suplex through the guardrail, Santana breaks a wooden board over Trent?’s back, Ortiz with an Uppercut to the nuts then a Release Powerbomb on the roof of a car, Double Powerbomb sends Trent? into the windshield, Chuck chokes out Santana with a bat then breaks a wooden board on Ortiz, Santana with a Backdrop on a plastic trash can, there’s blood all over the concrete & Trent?’s back, Santana says this was the biggest mistake Best Friends ever made in their fucking life, he grabs a lead pipe, Orance Cassidy pops out of the trunk with a steel chain on his fist, Orange Punch knocks out Santana, Chuck with a Piledriver on the hood of the car then Trent? finishes Ortiz with Crunchy! through a plywood board in the bed of a truck for the win


Trent?’s mom has the van back, Best Friends & Orange pile into the van, Trent’s mom flips off PnP as the show ends