AEW Dynamite Results – 8/22/20







AEW Dynamite Results – 8/22/20
Jacksonville, Florida
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Commentary Team: Jim Ross, Taz & Tony Schiavone


Party with a Camel Clutch/Double Stomp combo, into a cover on Dax for a 2 count, FTR with a Sunset Flip/Lariat combo, but Kassidy makes the save, Kassidy with a Springboard Blockbuster on Dax for a near fall, Kassidy blocks the Slingshot Suplex, Quen with a Springboard Crossbody for a near fall, Quen with a Prawn Hold for a 2 count, Small Package for a near fall, he jumps into a Jackknife pin for a 2 count, Dax with a Backslide for a 2 count, Cash plants Quen with a Spinebuster for a near fall, Kassidy goes for a Plancha, but Tully pulls Dax out of the way & Cash posts Quen then FTR finish Quen with The Goodnight Express for the win


A promo from Jon Moxley aired from “earlier today.” He talked about MJF’s campaign being entertaining TV but people who feel the need to talk about themselves all the time rub him the wrong way. Usually the tough guys don’t have to say much and MJF talks a lot.

“Which makes me wonder … what exactly are you hiding?”

Moxley admits the man is talented, sickly so, and hopefully he helps the company succeed for the next 25 years as he claims he will. Mox feels like trash in the morning and may not have another year left in him, but hopefully MJF can be the guy one day.

But that day won’t be Sept. 5.

Instead, Moxley is going to beat him up. “I’m going to try to split your skull with my skull,” Moxley told him.

When it gets down to it, and the fight is on, Moxley will be in his own heaven but MJF will be looking for a way out and that’s when we’ll find out what he’s been hiding

MJF is shown talking about Ghenghis Khan, Castro & Napoleon being homicidal maniacs but how they all pale in comparison to Moxley. He brings up Mox, who he keeps calling Jon, attacking him from behind because he’s too gutless to take him on from the front.

He asks Moxley to look at him. He wants to have kids someday and wants to be able to play with those kids. But he may not be able to because of Moxley. The Paradigm Shift is not a move, he says, but an abomination.

His lawyer takes over from there and says they believe the Paradigm Shift is a possibly deadly move that very well may have ended MJF’s career, the jury is still out on that. “Think about your loved ones,” the lawyer says. They put up a petition online calling for the move to be banned recently and got 5 MILLION signatures.

So they drew up a contract that specifically states the move is banned in the Moxley vs. MJF match, and all Moxley has to do is sign it. They taunt him with it, saying Moxley is a badass so why would he need it? But if he doesn’t want to sign, they’ll just sue him into oblivion.

“Sign it, Jon.”


Bros with Stereo Tope con Hilos, B&B with a an Avalanche/Lariat combo on QT, Full Death blocked, heels triple team Dustin and send him back in to Blade, Boy with a Tope con Hilo, Tail Whip then a Chokeslam and a Standing Moonsault on Pentagon for a near fall, Butcher with a Shining Wizard on Saurus, QT with a Diamond Cutter, Pentagon with a Slingblade, Boy with a Springboard Tornado DDT, Dustin with a Destroyer on Fenix, Pentagon looked for The Fear Factor, but miscommunication between Pentagon & Blade, & Boy rolls up Blade for the win


Eddie Kingston came out and grabbed a microphone, he says they suffered on the indies for years & now they’re on TNT, they know drama, why do they have to have drama between them. “They only beat you guys when you’re divided. No more!”

He put over everyone in the ring talking about how good they are and yet they’re losing because they can’t get along. “Come walk with me, and everything we want will be ours.” They all made up and hugged in the ring. While they were hugging, Kingston smiled and winked at the camera

A video from earlier aired with Dr. Britt Baker getting upset at Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian. She started yelling at Ford and Sabian about the dangers of the saliva they’ve been exchanging related to cavities. But don’t worry, she can help. She’ll do so in exchange for some help with Big Swole.

She wants to make their upcoming encounter a handicap match, and Ford and Sabian team up with them. They were hesitant at first until Baker offered free makeup from Rebel for an entire year. Ford jumped all over that offer.

Orange Cassidy out for an interview in the ring with Tony Schiavone. He was joined by Best Friends.

Schiavone talked about the big win over Chris Jericho last week and before he could say anything, the man himself showed up to the party.

Jericho talks about only being pinned three times since he came to AEW and one of those times was last week to Orange, “the guy who puts his hands in his pockets.” He said he’s embarrassed but deep down inside he’s proud of Orange because he proved that he’s learning from Jericho and he proved he has heart, desire, courage, and what it takes to be a main event star in AEW.

“For that, I applaud you.”

He said he wanted to offer him a toast but there’s something sticking in his craw. They both have one win over the other and where he comes from that means they need one more match to find out who the better man really is. They can have the rubber match in the ring but they’ve done that twice already so why not take things to a different level?

He wants to do something special, so he has an idea based on them. Cassidy is all about the orange juice and Jericho is all about the bubbly so it makes sense to do what he calls a Mimosa Mayhem match.

A video package plays to help explain what that is. The idea, apparently, is to mix up in a Mimosa Mayhem Match and the winner is whoever pins, submits, or throws the other into an a giant vat that’s mixed with 80 gallons of orange juice and 500 cases of bubbly.

Jericho wants it on Sept. 5 at ALL OUT.

Cassidy accepts with a very lazy thumbs up.

Jericho calls out the Inner Circle from there for a toast, and they attack Cassidy and Best Friends, overwhelming them. Orange is then held upside down while the Inner Circle pour bubbly all over his face. (This kind of goes back to how the Orange Cassidy gimmick originally started, as the whole purpose was he was an alcoholic that was always hung over hence the lethargy he shows, of course they’ve never actually explained any of this at all) Then they stood over him and flipped everyone off


Omega with You Can’t Escape, Order blocks the Moonsault, ref’s distracted by the Bucks while Order uses a knee to drive a chair into Omega’s head, Tope Suicida, Nick with a Springboard Double Stomp then a Draping Lungblower, Beaver Boys with a Jawbreaker/German Suplex combo gets a near fall, Dragon Rush for both of them, V-Trigger, Meltzer Driver stopped, Beaver Boys with Stereo Tombstones, Angels with a Double Stomp, but Omega makes the save, Matt with Superkicks for the Beaver Boys, Angels with a Turnaround Moonsault but they avoid it, Elite with an Assisted IndyTaker then pass him to Omega & Omega finishes it with The One-Winged Angel for the win


After the match, Omega, pissed off, put a chair in the ring and went to powerbomb one of the Dark Order guys on it. Nick moved it out of the way at the last second. Then the Bucks talked to him to try to calm him down. Cooler heads seemed to prevail and they walked out celebrating.

Alex Marvez tells us there will be a Gauntlet tag match next week to determine who will wrestle for the AEW tag titles at ALL OUT. FTR will be in that match and he wants to know their thoughts while also knowing what their relationship with Tully Blanchard is.

Wheeler said they just want to be the best, and they’ll learn to be that with Tully. He got on and said they’re destined to be the best. They’ll win the Gauntlet match and go on to ALL OUT to win the titles.

Hangman Page came in yelling. He’s empty, so he cracks another cold one. FTR said they did what they had to do with The Elite because they came after them and that’s all that was. Hardwood says he had to see if he could trust those guys and if he could trust Page and only Page was there when he hurt his knee.

FTR started trying to sow some seeds of dissension within The Elite, bringing up The Bucks maybe winning and then maybe beating him for the titles. So, in the end, good luck to FTR.


Darby with a Tope Suicida, Diving Crossboby, Hobbs catches him, Fallaway Slam, but Darby lands on his feet, Hobbs with a Slingshot Powerbomb for a 2 count, Spinebuster for a 2 count, Powerslam countered into Diamond Dust, Headbutt then Darby finishes it with The Coffin Drop for the win


Taz said something about having a surprise for Darby on commentary. He put his headset down and grabbed a mic, saying Team Taz is flourishing. He announced a new member, saying his name is also Darby but he’s bigger and better looking. Ricky Starks came out dressed up like Allin.

Naturally, Brian Cage attacked from behind and Starks got in Allin’s face while he was laid out and called him a joke. He doesn’t need face paint to be somebody, and Darby is a joke. He hit him with a skateboard and then did the Coffin Drop from the second rope.

Sammy Guevara was out next.

He was doing the flashcard promo thing.

He said he was sorry to Matt Hardy for putting him out. I’m sorry you can’t catch chairs, it said. Then, the words turned red and said “I’m sorry Sammy is an idiot. Sammy is about to be BROKEN. Consider him DELETED.” Sammy saw the change and acted surprised. That’s when he was attacked from behind with a chair by Hardy.

They did all of this, by the way, picture-in-picture while commercials were playing audio. Then they took a proper commercial break.

When they came back, Hardy was still hitting Sammy with a chair. Commentary was concerned Matt was going too far. That’s when he threw Sammy off the stage and through a table. He grabbed a chair from under the ring, just like the chair Sammy threw at him, but before he could throw it at him referees showed up and stopped it.

NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa cut a promo.

She said the fans have been calling for it, in fact everyone has been calling for it, but AEW women haven’t. She’s here, though, and she’s coming for championship at ALL OUT. She wants to win the title and nothing else.

Finals of the Women’s Tag Team Tournament

Brandi with a Crucifix Pin for a 2 count, she poses very cockily, Ivelisse & Diamante with a Double Hiptoss for a 2 count, Ivelisse with a Complete Shot then a STO on Brandi for a near fall, Brandi with the Bionic Spear then Allie follows with Down the Rabbit Hole, but Ivelisse makes the save, Allie Valley Bomb blocked, QT is up on the apron, but Ivelisse takes him out, Brandi goes for a Pedigree, but Diamante backdrops her to the floor, Wheelbarrow Stunner then Ivelisse finishes Allie with The Recoil for the win


They were presented with the trophy for winning the Deadly Draw tournament and basically ignored it in favor of pulling out their respective country’s flags and waving those while celebrating together.

AEW TNT Championship

Cody charges right at Brodie, but Brodie with a Dropkick then Body Slams Cody out of the ring to the floor then sends him into the barricade, Big Boot From the Big Rig, he sends Cody back in, Half & Half Suplex, Cody looks out of it, Release German Suplex, Cody blocks the Powerbomb and walks into a Superkick & another one gets a near fall, Release Brodie Bomb, a second one, then takes Cody’s head off with a Rolling Lariat to win the TNT Title


Big, Bad, Brodie annihilated him, Cody just got completely squashed

Cody was holding his arms out like a man does when he’s knocked cold while Arn Anderson called to the back for assistance. Meanwhile, the Dark Order hit the ring to celebrate with Brodie.

“Nobody thought we could do this,” Lee said. “Nobody believed in Brodie Lee. People like you, Tony, you created this monster. Now I’m a problem for AEW.”

He is the champion and now Dark Order has even more power.

“Executives like you created me. You held me down. You never gave me a chance. But when I had the chance, what did I do? I knocked it out of the damn park. Tell everyone I’m the champion, Tony. Tell ‘em!”

All the while, Cody was being put in a neck brace and carried out on a stretcher. He gave a thumbs up in the traditional sign that he’s not completely done in.

Dark Order then went ahead and attacked Arn Anderson. They wouldn’t let medics take Cody away, instead wheeling him back in and knocking him off the stretcher. Officials tried like hell to get Dark Order out of there but Brodie ended up blasting Cody over the head with a black bag.

Then they brought out Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall, the entire Nightmare Family, and posed over them. Brandi ran out and threw herself over her husband while Brodie laughed at her and then signaled to Anna Jay. She proceeded to attack, choking Brandi out.

Brodie then emptied the bag he hit Cody with, and it was the broken pieces of the old TNT title. Mr Brodie says he told Cody that he’d return it, and told him the pieces are Cody’s. Then he walked off with the new one while Cody was laid out flat next to his wife, who was still out. They still held each other’s hands as the show ends