AEW Dynamite Results – 7/29/20







AEW Dynamite Results – 7/29/20
Jacksonville, Florida
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Commentary Team: Jim Ross, Taz & Tony Schiavone

Taz is setting in for Excalibur, not sure if this has anything to do with the recent accusations or not


Sloth Kicks, but Hager just tosses him into the turnbuckle, he picks up Orange, but Orange with the bell clap, Chuck with a Tope con Hilo, Trent? follows with a Quebrada, Saurus signals for Stunt & tosses him, but Hager catches him & tosses him back to Saurus, Saurus with Stunt on his back with a Splash onto the pile, Orange with the shades on, ultra hug, Sammy goes for a Dropkick, but they avoid him and crush Gueavara in the corner, but Hager shuts them down, Jericho with a Football Kick to Trent? PnP with a DDT/German Suplex combo on the floor, Circle clubberin Trent? PnP with a Double Suplex then Santana with a Moonsault off Ortiz’s back for a 2 count, Sammy with a squatting Samoan Drop, but with a cocky cover Trent? turns it into a Crucifix for a near fall, Ever-Lasting Gobstopper, Codebreaker, Lungblower to Jericho, Running Knee into Feast Your Eyes on Boy, Jericho has the bat, but Orange takes him down, Guevara looks for the kill, but Matt Hardy shoves him off into a Chokeslam then Saurus finishes Guevara with a Basement Tail Whip for the win


Promo from Jon Moxley.

He says he has a rule— leave him alone, he’ll leave you alone, and if you don’t, he won’t. He castigates Brian Cage for beating up Darby Allin and calls Ricky Starks a punk bitch and says he wants to see how he acts when the odds are even. He doesn’t always start fights, but he always finishes them.

AEW TNT Championship

Cody with a Sunset Flip, but Warhorse rolls through into a folding pin for a 2 count, Warhorse with a Lariat for a 2 count, Cody tries a Figure 4, but Warhorse turns it around, Warhorse with a John Woo Dropkick, pair of Lariats, he slides through Cody’s legs, pair of Forearms, You’re Going to Get Your Fucking Head Kicked In Stomps, up top, but Cody to the floor, Warhorse with a Running Double Stomp to the back, back in, Diving Elbow Drop gets a near fall, Sunset Flip, but Cody jumps into a Jackknife pin for a near fall, Figure 4 countered into a Small Package for a near fall, Sunset Flip, but Warhorse with the Bulldog counter gets a near fall, Cody with a Dropkick to the knee, Figure 4, Warhorse blocks it, but Cody kicks his hand away & gets it fully on & Warhorse taps out


Cody goes to shake Warhorse’s hand, but The Beaver Boys are here, Warhorse shoves Cody out of the way, they beat up Warhorse & target Cody when Matt Cardona (the former Zack Ryder, you knew this was coming, he & Cody’s been real good friends for years) makes the save, he’s been in the gym as he looks ripped, he levels the Beaver Boys with a pair of Rough Ryders then throws up the L I for Long Island

ony Schiavone is in the ring to hype up All Out on September 5.

Enter Chris Jericho, flanked by the other members of the Inner Circle.

He says they’re furious about what’s been happening with them the last few weeks and they’re gonna draw some lines in the sand. Sammy Guevara calls Matt Hardy out and calls him a son of a bitch, or in Spanish, a son of el bitch. Jericho says on August 12 there’ll be a rematch of one of the greatest matches in AEW history, him vs. Orange Cassidy.

When he beats Orange again, he’s gonna make him give him $7000 for ruining his jacket with that demon orange juice. And on top of that, next week, he’s challenging Cassidy to a debate with a special guest moderator that will blow peoples’ minds. He asks Santana if he still smells like orange juice, and he gives him a sniff and says he smells like cat piss.

We go to a board room where FTR have invited Arn Anderson to take a look at their contract and make sure they’re taken care of as regards a tag team of their caliber. He gives it the okay and they double check that they’ve got the tag team appreciation night they wanted on August 12, they get it and they sign.

“Hangman” Adam Page rolls up with drinks to celebrate, pouring himself a lot more whiskey than he pours them. Arn abstains, they cheers, and that’s the segment

AEW World Tag Team Championship

Kotaro Krusher into a Standing Shooting Star Press for a 2 count, Page takes Uno & Stu to the floor with Lariats, Uno sends page into the barricade, Order with Chasing the Dragon and Uno into a cover for a 2 count, Omega with You Can’t Escape for a 2 count, V-Trigger to Stu then a Pop-Up German Suplex on Uno, Pop-Up, but Stu counters the Powerbomb into a Hurricanrana then avoids the V-Trigger, Uno with a Yakuza Kick, Senton Atomico gets a near fall, Electric Chair Sit-Out Powerbomb, but Page makes the save, Get Over HEre! into Page, Cannonball/450 combo connects for a near fall, they look for the kill, but Omega stops Fatality, Dragon Rush on Uno, Lariat to Stu, Pop-Up Powerbomb into a V-Trigger gets a near fall, Chmps finish Uno with The Last Call to retain, Stu couldn’t make the save


Mr Brodie ushers Colt Cabana and Anna Jay to the back before stalking towards Uno and Stu. He yells at them and smacks Uno in the face with a sheaf of papers before getting on the mic. He asks Hangman if he thinks it’s funny before saying the Dark Order has strength in numbers and Page has pissed him off for the last time because now he pays.

The Young Bucks are also in the ring now as the Dark Order surrounds the ring… AND FTR BLINDSIDES MR BRODIE WITH A COOLER! FTR and the Elite manage to run the Dark Order goons off, but Brodie laughs and laughs about it.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD has something to say about Big Swole.

She knows her suspension isn’t gonna last forever and says Swole is obsessed with her. After some careful thinking, she’s gonna give her a match… but only if she beats an opponent of her choice.

Video package on Diamante


Shida with a Draping Three Count on the floor, back in with a Missile Dropkick for a 2 count, Diamante blocks the Falcon Arrow, Diamante hangs Shida in the rope, Kobashi-style Machinegun Chops, Wheelbarrow Stunner, Yoshi Tonic blocked, Superkick to the knee, Yoshi Tonic connects, but Shida’s feet are on the ropes, Shida with a Stalling Falcon Arrow gets a near fall, Tamashii no Three Count finishes Diamante for the win


The Deadly Draw Rules:

The tournament is a random pairing

Everyone must draw colors

Matching colors will be paired up

All pairings are final and can’t be changed for any reason

Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero are interviewed backstage.

Vickie says it doesn’t matter who her partner is, they’re going to take the tag trophy home. They’re drawing colors for their tag partners, and Nyla has drawn purple… which turns out to be Ariane “Cameron” Andrews!

MJF cuts a promo from a podium in the ring.

He says he’s here to force feed us with knowledge, and when a lady with a clipboard tells him to just read the text he tells her to smile, like a real creepo. He gives us some hashtags to use and says it’s time for a change in leadership around here. At the beginning of this company called for a paradigm shift, and a guy who comes from the place of the titans isn’t new, that’s old hat, brother.

This revolution has turned into a dictatorship, and that’s why Jon Moxley is not his champion. He says it’s high time as a society to have a conversation about the negative effects of the Moxley reign. Where’s the wrestling? All he sees is a bunch of great wrestlers doing gymnastics to attempt to make the viewer at home think they’re good at their job.

But we’ve been brainwashed into thinking that’s what good pro wrestling is, and that’s why a world champion is supposed to lead by example. He runs Mox for cosplaying Stone Cold and says he’s undefeated as the first and last MJF, but he’s not a media analyst. Everybody wants to talk about ratings, and that’s why they treat dictator Jon so well.

Where would the numbers lie without him, right? Wrong. On average, minute-for-minute, Friedman claims he draws better numbers than Mox. AEW is meant to be the land of opportunity and Moxley has squandered that. The earth is dying and so are our morals, and his talent outweighs your tenure. He’s the guy that’s gonna be leading this company for the next twenty-five years, so do the math.

He promises us he won’t stop until he transforms this brand into the pinnacle of professional wrestling. He’s challenging Mox to a title match at All Out!

Jon Moxley makes his entrance and Taz and his boys appear on the stage to taunt him about Allin not showing up. He puts Cage’s physique over and gives the mic to Starks, who puts himself over as young and different and hungry before mocking Moxley for dressing like Pig Pen and wrestling like a crash test dummy


Darby with a Coffin Drop from the entrance stage, he goes after Starks while Mox goes for Cage, Slingshot, but Cage catches Darby, Mox with a Tope Suicida takes down Cage, Mox goes for the plunder, Cage with a Release German Suplex on Darby & Starks into a pin for a 2 count, flying chair by Mox, Standing Diamond Dust on Cage, Spear breaks Darby in half, Lariat on Starks, Tornado Claw on Mox, Mox counters the Drill Claw & ducks the Tornado Claw, Mox with a Piledriver for a 2 count, Juji-Gatame, but Starks makes the save, Cage tosses a trash can to Starks, Double Team Concrete Slam on the trash can, but Darby breaks the pin, BUckle Bomb on Darby, but Mox saves him, Coffin Drop/Paradigm Shift combo, but only gets a near fall, Darby with a trash can to the bicep of Cage, he pulls out a skateboard with thumbtacks, Mox has Cage neutralized with a Juji-Gatme and Darby Double Stomps the tack skateboard into Starks back, he covers Starks for the win


They announce a title match next week between Mox & Darby