AEW Dynamite Results – 5/13/20







AEW Dynamite Results – 5/13/20
Jacksonville, Florida
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Commentary Team: Jim Ross, Excalibur & Tony Schiavone

Lance Archer makes his entrance, bringing a young lion of sorts along with him to kick the crap out of in the ring. Jake “the Snake” Roberts follows shortly behind.

Jake gets on the mic and says as soon as Brandi Rhodes kisses his ass, she’ll get an apology, and the ring is their playhouse. As far as he’s concerned, a woman is great at home, cooking, wiping baby’s butts, diapering them, and occasionally, when it’s very cold outside, she can keep him warm. He has a woman that comes and sees him and makes sure he watches Lance’s work because it makes him very excited.

He tells Cody Rhodes the time is about up— he can’t hide behind his brother, no more excuses, it’s time to pay the piper. The sound of an engine revving interrupts Jake and we cut to see Cody behind the wheels of a giant truck. He hits the gas and drives up to a barricade near the stage! Rhodes gets out and Archer meets him!

Cody with an initial advantage, a low blow, raining punches down but he gets distracted heading for Roberts and Lance biels him over some chairs and into a table! Jake calls him free meat but Cody ducks a lariat and hits punches on punches, all aimed square at Archer’s head! He slides a chair in the ring, lands on his feet on the apron off a chokeslam attempt but Lance sweeps his legs out from under him!

Archer poses for the crowd but Rhodes chokes him with his own braid! In the ring, he throws the chair at Archer but the monster shrugs it off and destroys him with a boot! Lance sets him up but he slips out of Blackout! EBD Claw denied, Cody Cutter blocked, Roberts decides discretion is the better part of valor and the heels back out of the ring


Boy with a Victory Roll on Chuck for a 2 count, Saurus with a Basement Tail Whip on Trent? for a 2 count, Friends try a Skyscraper Superplex, but Boy blocks & turns it into a Doomsday Dropkick, Express with an Assisted Leaping Complete Shot, Friends take down Saurus with a Double Suplex, Ever-Lasting Gobstopper to Boy, Question Mark Kick to Trent?, Trent? blocks The Land Before Time, Fenix wipes out Orange, ref is distracted as MJF posts Boy then Chuck finishes Boy with The Awful Waffle for the win


Wardlow annihilates Stunt with a F-10 on the floor, Saurus checks on Stunt as MJF & Wardlow head into the crowd


Baker with a Curb Stomp on Shida, she tries to break Shida’s teeth, but Shida & Kris with a Double Team Backbreaker, , Baker ducks the Enzugiri, Shida blocks Lockjaw, Baker with a Slingblade, Lockjaw, but Kris drags her up by the nose, Firewoman Carry, but Ford with a kick causing Baker to DDT Shida for a 2 count, Baker grinds her boot into Kris, into a cover, but Shida breaks it up, Electric Chair Facebuster on Ford, but Baker makes the save, Tower of Doom, The Three Count drops Kris, Big Bang Theory, but Baker with a Northern Superkick then a Running Meteora, Canadian Destroyer, Ford with a Handspring Ace Crusher, Ford with a Stunner to Shida, Golden Gate Spin to Ford, Ki Krusher for a near fall, Baker with a Superkick to Kris, Ford with a Missile Dropkick to Shida for a near fall, Kip grabs Shida, she ducks & Ford & Kip make out, rollup for a 2 count, Flacon Arrow for a near fall, but Kris makes the save, Ford with a Poisoned Frankensteiner, Baker with a glove & synches in Lockjaw on Kris on the floor, Firewoman Carry Spun into a Backbreaker then Shida finishes Ford with the Tamashii no Three Count for the win


Video package on Suge D


PnP jump Omega before Hardy can make it out, Matt takes a bit out of Santana & calls for pyro, then calls for the deletion of Ortiz, The Broken One takes Santana to the floor while Omega works over Ortiz, Omega with a Double Kotaro Krusher to PnP, Poetry in Motion on Santana, Inverted Side Effect, WONDERFUL Legdrop, Ortiz drags Omega to the floor, Santana with a Boston Crab & Ortiz adds a Camel Clutch, PnP with a Double Northern Lights Suplex, Ortiz holds on for a 2 count, Omega with the Dragon Rush, Matt with the Delete Smashes, Side Effect to Santana for a near fall, Elevated Ricochet for a near fall, Yodel Elbow Drop, he calls for the deletion, Twist of Fate blocked, Ortiz Backdrops Matt to the floor, Santana with a Tope Suicida, Street Sweeper blocked, Omegea with a Pescado, he sends Santana back in, Twist of Fate, but Ortiz makes the save, Barrel Roll Imploding Ace Crusher to Omega, John Woo Dropkick followed by a Cannonball, Santana into a pin, but only gets a near fall, Street Sweeper, but Omega counters mid-move into a Belly to Belly Suplex, Matt with The Ice Pick on Ortiz, Sammy comes down with a chair, Matt kicks it away & hits a Twist of Fate to the injured Guevara, Matt sets up Ortiz, V-Trigger then Broken Matt finishes Ortiz with an Avalanche Twist of Fate for the win


Taz interviews Darby Allin again and tries to give him advice..

This time he stands up and explains that he’s an experienced amateur wrestler and storms off.

Hikaru Shida is interviewed about her title match at Double or Nothing.

She talks about how the best thing she can do is win the title, so she’s gonna beat Nyla.

Enter Nyla Rose.

She congratulates her and says she got her a present… SHE WHIPS A KENDO STICK OUT AND NAILS HER WITH IT


Lee slaps MJF & gets decked for it, ground and pound, apron Powerbomb, he sends Lee back in, Butterfly Shoulderbreaker then locks in The Salt of the Earth & Lee taps out


MJF gets on the mic and apologizes for his peers (who are all booing) not knowing how to react to a professional wrestler. He’s excited for his pay-per-view match against Jungle Boy at Double or Nothing, but he’s got some real ring rust and he feels stiff, isn’t that right, Lee? He walked into the arena this morning and saw that Marko Stunt has an open contract for a match and he signed it.

So he tells Stunt to get ready, because they’re gonna have a lot of fun


D with a flurry of furious fists, he charges, but Jericho unsheathes The Judas Effect for the win


Y2J gets on the mic and says that now that the threat of Pineapple Pete has been vanquished, it’s time to move on to the Inner Circle vs. the Elite. If, indeed, the Elite is even a thing— half their guys haven’t been on TV for two months, with Adam Page out picking berries and the Young Bucks stuck on their couches.

But they’re honorable, and that’s why they’re gonna give the Elite a chance to get their shit together and face the Inner Circle one last time. While the world reacts to COVID-19, the Inner Circle is writing history, and that’s why they’ve created the Stadium Stampede Match. And what is that?

If you thought last week’s street fight was wild and woolly, imagine what could happen in an 80,000 seat football stadium! It’ll be at Double or Nothing, if the Elite accept the challenge! And they’ll wait all night for a response1

Vanguard-1 flies in with his Inner Circle shirt hanging from his undercarriage. Jericho tells the drone he’s got a lot of guts showing up after what he pulled, and he reclaims the shirt. He asks the drone for the Elite’s answer… THEY ACCEPT! Chris asks Vanguard about his decision to join the Inner Circle before rescinding the invitation and introducing the real sixth member of the Inner Circle— the baseball bat he’s holding, Floyd.

And Floyd has a message, which is… JERICHO TAKES THE BAT TO VANGUARD-1! HE SMASHES THE DRONE! THE INNER CIRCLE PUT BOOTS TO HIM AND BROKEN MATT HARDY MAKES THE SAVE! Matt clutches the shattered remains of his valiant friend, bereft.

They make the announcement of who will be presenting the TNT Title at the ppv, there had been speculation that it could be Sting since he’s not currently signed to a WWE contract. It’s not Sting. It’s going to be Mike Tyson


Brodie comes out wearing the AEW World Title & is insisting that he be called the self-proclaimed World Champion

Daniels tries a Crossbody, but Brodie turns it into a Powerslam then tosses Daniels to the floor, Daniels with a Tope Suicida, then an Arabian Press, back in the ring with a Slingshot Elbow, but doesn’t even get a 1 count, Big Boot from the Big Rig, Back Body Drop for a 2 count, Truck Stop, but only gets a 2 count, Brodie with a Slingshot Senton Atomico, he measures Daniels with a Superkick for a 2 count, Daniels counters a Back Body Drop into a DDT, 10 with a distraction, SCU goes after him, Daniels ducks a chair shot, he grabss it & blasts Brodie, Complete Shot into a Koji Clutch, Dark Order, SCU & Colt drive out Order, Daniels hits Angels Wings, but Brodie kicks out at 1 & laughs, Brodie blocks a second attempt, Daniels with the Best Moonsault Ever, but only gets a near fall, up top, but Brodie catches him with a Release Brodie Bomb then finishes it with The Rolling Lariat for the win


Brodie’s goons hit the ring and return his stolen title belt to him. JON MOXLEY IS HERE! He hops the rail and starts taking Dark Order goons out! He hits the ring, drops one with a lariat, Lee throws another in… PARADIGM SHIFT! Brodie and 10 leave with the belt and Mox paces, putting boots to the guy left in the ring.

Jon gets on the mic and says he can admire guts and seizing the opportunity, but he doesn’t suffer disrespect, and he will not suffer fools. He calls Brodie out and says he’s made a very foolish decision and he’ll pay for it dearly, with interest. The AEW World Championship is about a lot more than a piece of metal, and he’s gonna find that out on May 23 at Double or Nothing.

There will be a hailstorm of violence, and when the dust settles, Mr. Lee, you may very well find that your AEW career is over before it started.

He goes to the floor and throws the Dark Order goon that he left laying there over the barricade