AEW Dynamite Results – 4/8/20








AEW Dynamite Results – 4/8/20
Undisclosed Location
Top Secret Arena
Commentary Team: Tony Schiavone & Chris Jericho

Jericho is joining Tony at the announce booth tonight

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts opens up with “my history will not be my destiny” before spinning scenarios of hopping in front of a moving train or jumping out of a plane without a parachute… or stand across the ring from Lance Archer without a prayer of winning. All three things lead to the same result— you are done. You saw what happened to poor Marko Stunt. Nobody else wanted it, and he took an opportunity to prove that he was willing and a man.

Well sometimes it’s better to be thought a fool than speak up and remove all doubt, and Marko is an idiot. Cody Rhodes might just get beaten by Shawn Spears, and that’d surprise everybody but Jake, who suggests that he might lose intentionally to avoid Lance Archer and asks Cody to squeak up


Archer runs through Alan, Alan gets a flurry in, but Archer answers back with a Chokeplex then finishes if with The Blackout for the win



Baker with a Rocker Dropper & she looks right at The Gunn Flub after doing it, Face Wash for a 2 count, Superkick from the apron, Baker takes time to jaw at the camera & Shida makes her pay, Private Party hold Baker in place as Shida delivers The Three Count to Baker in the barricade, Shida with a Vertical Suplex for a 2 count, Baker with a rollup for a 2 count, but Shida counter s into a Triangle Choke, but Baker makes it to the rope, Baker with a Slingblade, Butterfly Suplex for a near fall, Russian Legsweep she tries to transition into Lockjaw, but Shida blocks, Enzugiri, Baker answers back with a Superkick, Baker is busted open, Shida counters Rain Baker into the Falcon Arrow, but Baker counters the pin into Lockjaw, she goes for a glove to get the Mandible Claw, but Shida counters into The Three Count, Baker with the Golden Gate Spin for a near fall, she tries to break Shida’s teeth like she did to Yuka, but Shida blocks, Baker with a Superkick and goes up top, but Shida meets her & drops Baker across the turnbuckle with the Majo no Ichigeki then finishes Baker with The Tamashii no Three Count for the win


Kenny Omega and Michael Nakazawa backstage. Kenny talks about being nostalgic for their team from DDT and how they need a name. Nakazawa suggests Best Friends, but Omega points out AEW already have one of those. Michael says as an EVP he can make that happen, to which Kenny says he’ll think about it.

Enter Orange Cassidy. He opens a door and Best Friends come through. They jaw at them, accusing them of wanting to take their name and livelihood and they put the tag name on the line! They leave and Omega says he’s getting too old for this shit

Video package on the Moxley/Hager feud ahead of their No-Holds Barred Empty Arena match next week

Mox says he & Hager are NOT in the business of putting smiles on peoples faces this is a fight & it’s going to be brutal and get ugly. Hager says he’s in the business of making money, he gets more for winning & wants to be both AEW & Belator Champions

Video package on Cody/Spears


Nak oils up to combat Trent?’s chops, Omega with a Kotaro Krusher/Bulldog combo, Nak grabs Trent?’s legs and starts running grinding Trent?’s nuts into the post, Omega with a Running Elbow Drop for a 1 count, Friends with Stereo Slingshot Planchas, Trent? with a Dudebuster DDT on Nak for a near fall, Nak with a Spear, Trent? ducks the Rolling Polish Hammer, Omega with a You Can’t Escape Lungblower, Dragon Rush to Trent?, Trent? answers back with an Ever-Lasting Gobstopper, Chuck with a Pop-Up Rydeen Bomb, but Nak makes the save, Omega with a Bucklebomb on Trent?, Doomsday Blockbuster, but Chuck makes the save, Trent? blocks the Venom Tentacles, but he gets it back on, V-Trigger, Venom STO, but Chuck makes the save, Nak goes for the Venom Tentacles again, but he hits Omega, Ever-Lasting Gobstopper/Half & Half combo, but Omega makes the save, Trent? with a Stump Piledriver for a near fall then Friends finish Nak with Strong Zero for the win


We get another Dark Order video package highlighting Mr. Brodie’s, philosophies. He surveys some goons outside a building, asking them if they understand that perception is reality, and if so, why are two of them in tracksuits and the other guy in suit and tie, He berates the tracksuit guys and tells them they’re getting off the highway before power and success & tells the guy in the suit he has an opportunity for him & he follows Brodie into the building.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD is interviewed with her bloody nose.

She talks about how dirty Shida is and what a role model she is, working through all this

Another video focusing on Jake Hager’s mma skills

Broken Matt Hardy has a reply to the hole of the ass, Chris Jericho.

Sammy Guevara is a false god & questions if he is even latino & wagers that Guevara can’t even speak Spanish, he can’t wait to eat Santana and Ortiz because he loves Puerto Rican food, Jake Hager’s been brainwashed into a Jakenstein who just needs the bolts in his neck. He will not and cannot let the circle that is internal take over AEW, and to try and recruit Vanguard 1 with a t-shirt? He asks the drone to bring the t-shirt, but he brings Matt’s new shirt to him.

Vanguard calls the Inner Circle shirt a dumpster fire and low and behold, it’s on fire. In fact, the Inner Circle will be a dumpster fire and they’ll be deleted. He invites the hole of the ass to the Hardy Compound to face him in the Elite Deletion!


Brodie deflects a Dropkick, Running Forearm, then a Big Boot from the Big Rig, Slingshot Senton Atomico, Half & Half, Truck Stop, then finishes Johnson with The Rolling Lariat for the win



Cody with a Sunset Flip out of the corner for a 2 count, Spears rolls to the floor, he gets into a shoving contest with Billy Gunn in the crowd, back in the ring, Cody with a Cody Cutter for a 2 count, Release Gourdbuster for a 2 count, Spears with a Small Package for a 2 count, Spears with a rollup for a 2 count, Cody with a Pump Kick for a 2 count, up top, but Spears avoids the Moonsault, Spears with a Piledriver for a near fall, Spears taken the guardrail and propped it against the ring & Suplexes Cody into it, back into the ring for a 2 count, Body Slam, Springboard Frog Splash, but Cody gets his knees up, Cody with a Snap Powerslam for a 2 count, he takes the belt off & whips Spears then tosses it to Billy Gunn, Disaster Kick ducked, Spears with a Rydeen Bomb, but only gets a near fall, Spears pulls out a table, Cody wipes him out with a Tope Suicida, Cody sets up the table, Cody up top, but Spears with a Superplex , he takes off the turnbuckle pad, but Brandi gets in his way, Spears almost causes Cody to hit Brandi, C-4 blocked, but Spears with a F-U from the ring through the table to the floor, Brandi tries to get Cody back in, he does right at 9, C-4 countered into Cross Rhodes, he holds on & delivers a second one, but only gets a near fall, Figure 4, Spears doesn’t tap, but his shoulders are down & Aubrey counts him down & Cody advances to the Semis