AEW Dynamite Results – 3/25/20








AEW Dynamite Results – 3/25/20
Jacksonville, Florida
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Commentary Team: Tony Schiavone, Cody & Kenny Omega


Tony Schiavone, Kenny Omega & Cody on commentary, they run down the card & Cody’s up first so he’s leaving the broadcast booth for now


Havoc with an Oklahoma Roll for a 1 count, they trade flash pins, Havoc goes after the fingers, Cody with a Sunset Flip out of the corner for a 2 count, they trade flash pins, Havoc blasts Cody with a right hand, Acid Rainmaker blocked, Cody Cutter then locks in a Figure 4, but Havoc yanks at the ear then gouges the eyes to break it, Cody sends Havoc to the floor, he follows with a Tope Suicida then throws Havoc around into the barricades, Havoc sends Cody into the announce table then grabs a headset, he grabs Cody by the face & delivers an Uppercut, back in the ring, Rhodes Uppercut, he charges but Havoc with an Exploder into the turnbuckle and a second one, he stomps the arm, Cody Backdrops Havoc over the top to the ramp, Gourdbuster on the ropes, Cody heads back into the tunnel & takes Havoc back in with a Cactus Clothesline, Crash Landing, he tosses his belt to Brandi, Springboard, but Havoc counters into a Juji-Gatame, Cody stacks him up, but Havoc is able to turn it back around & Cody goes to the rope, Cross Rhodes blocked, he goes back after the arm, Kneeling Jim Breaks Special, he retains wrist control & hits The Acid Rainmaker, but only gets a near fall, up top, but Cody meets him Inverted Superplex, he hits The Cross Rhodes, but he’s not done & hits a second one to put Havoc away


We see the heel locker room who were gambling on the match (they can’t put them in the crowd tonight as they now have a 10 person limit in a given area in effect)

Jake “the Snake” Roberts comes up on the tron with a message for Cody.

He says Lance Archer is champing at the bit just to get in the ring with somebody from AEW. He talks about AEW giving the people what they want but his phone didn’t ring, and here he is the best mind in wrestling. They didn’t bring in Lance Archer because they’re afraid, and they’re right to be, because he’s still paying off the medical bills from Archer’s last training session.

He tells Cody to bring whoever he likes, but he needs to be sat down with something to sign for one meeting between Rhodes and Archer. That’s all they need, is one time, to get this done. It’s up to Cody, he says, and he finishes, of course, with “Trust me.”

Cody responds to Jake’s message by calling him bitter and jaded, but Lance Archer is great. He’s got no body of work here, but that means he can’t start with Cody here and now. He says Archer will debut next week.

A Darby Allin video package calling Kip Sabian out follows. He talks about how Superbad is just words and he’s met plenty of people that fit that description, but Sabian is nothing more than a sacrifice for the sins of the Inner Circle.


Darby with a rollup for a 2 count, Springboard Arm Drag, Kip rolls to the floor, Darby charges with a Back Elbow, but Ford pulls Kip out of the way, Darby blocks The Deathly Hallows, John Woo Dropkick, Standing Diamond Dust into a cover for a near fall, Kip bends Darby’s back around the ring post, Darby avoids the Tidal Wave, he thinks for a dive, Kip pulls Ford into his path, Darby stops and re-adjusts & goes back after Kip with a Tope Suicida, Ford grabs Darby’s foot, Kip with a Tidal Wave then follows with The Time Turner for a near fall, Kip gets too cocky, but Darby grabs him in a Kneebar, he locks Kip up & bridges into The Last Supper for the win


Video package on Jake Hager


Hager posts Chico, Hager Bomb, Chico charges, but Hager catches him with a Sambo Suplex and holds on converting right into The Kata-Gatame & Chico taps out


Jon Moxley is here, Mox goes right after Hager, Paradigm Shift drops Hager, but even while down, he picks the ankle, Ankle Lock, but Mox kicks him off, Mox wants some more, but Hager is going to bail for now

Jon Moxley is interviewed backstage.

He says he told Jake Hager to check his blind spot, and he goes where he wants when he wants. He’s cleared, 100% good to go and ready for action, and he’s out for blood! Jake walked away tonight, but when the title is on the line, he’s not walking away at all. He’s gonna be carted out on a stretcher, or Mox is gonna die trying.

Video package on Brodie Lee

A video package of Lee eating dinner with Alex Reynolds and John Silver follows. He berates them about strength in numbers, saying that the Dark Order are the lions of AEW, they prey on the weak. Silver goes to eat his dinner but Brodie yells at him and runs him off, telling Reynolds that he doesn’t eat until he’s done, and to smarten his boy up.

Alex sneezes and Lee screams at him, demanding he leave


Big Boot from the Big Rig, QT, rolls to the floor, Brodie with a Face Eraser on the apron then slams QT into the barricade, back in the ring, Slingshot Senton Atomico, pair of Vertical Suplexes, Basement Northern Forearm, QT charges, but Brodie catches him with The Truck Stop, Sister Abigail clutch and spins him right into The Rolling Lariat for the win


Brodie’s follower leaves a Dark Order mask on the chest of QT, apparently offering him a spot in their ranks

Recap of the main event last week & the arrival of Broken Matt Hardy

Vanguard 1 gives us an update on Nick Jackson, estimating him at 62% recovery and filming him while he works out. Nick approaches Vanguard 1 when he starts to get close to the 6 foot range the drone flies away to maintain social distancing and then the signal is terminated

AAA MEGA Championship

Sammy tries to kiss Brandi & gets slapped for it, Omega with a Snap Suplex on the floor then throws Sammy into the steps twice, up top, Frog Crossbody for a 2 count, Sammy with a Juji-Gatame, but Omega makes it to the rope, Sammy tries a Moonsault on the arm, but Omega avoids it, Sammy counters You Can’t Escape by biting the hand, Back Suplex into a Kick to the spine for a near fall, he goes after Omega’s injured hand, flash pin for a 2 count, Cut-Throat, but Omega fights out, Omega with a trifecta of Polish Hammers for a 2 count, Omega with a Kotaro Krusher for a 2 count, Dragon Rush countered into a Casadora Double Stomp then Sammy follows with a Standing Shooting Star Press for a near fall, Springboard Ace Crusher, but Omega rolls to the floor before Sammy could get a cover, Sammy follows with a Rounding Moonsault to the floor, back in the ring, Omega with a Poerbomb into a V-Trigger, Tiger Driver blocked, Sammy with a Spanish Fly for a near fall, up top, Omega avoids the Shooting Star Press, V-Trigger wipes out Sammy, Sammy bites at the arm and gets another V-Trigger for his trouble, Dragon Rush, but Sammy lands on his feet, Feast Your Eyes, but Omega comes back with another V-Trigger then a Tiger Driver ’98 for a near fall then finishes Sammy with The One-Winged Angel to retain


Chris Jericho gets his entrance and takes the camera from the camera man, who then proceeds to rock out to Judas.

He gets in the ring to talk about Matt Hardy’s debut last week. Hardy pledged his allegiance to the Elite, those arrogant sons of bitches. But he doesn’t think Matt really understands the choice he’s made, so he’s gonna give him a chance to make the right decision, the decision to join the Inner Circle.

He beckons Hardy down and Vanguard-1 flies into his airspace. Chris says he’s glad Vanguard showed up, because he’s got a couple things to tell him. He doesn’t like him, he thinks he’s arrogant, he’s a piece of shit. But even though he doesn’t like him, he respects him, and that’s why he’s asking him to join the Inner Circle.

Vanguard-1 flies away by way of an answer as Y2J yells at him.

Broken Matt Hardy appears in the balcony… AND TELEPORTS TO A LOWER LEVEL?! AND THEN AGAIN CLOSER AND CLOSER TO THE RING! He snaps his teeth at a stunned Jericho and makes his way to the ring. He tells the Maker of Pain that he knew he’d come.

Chris says of course, they booked this segment last week, and asks how he teleported, to which Matt simply says he’s magic. Jericho puts him over and says he just wants to explain some things about AEW. This is his show, it was organized and raised and put into the mainstream by him, so when you show up in AEW, he’s the one you want to ally with, not the arrogant sons of bitches in the Elite.

Hardy says he understands, and the reason he assisted the Elite last week is that he owes the Bucks of Youth a debt for resurrecting “Broken” Matt Hardy. And on top of that, he’s seen the tyranny of the Inner Circle, and this place for him represents freedom. It’s his Arcadia, and he can’t allow him or the Inner Circle to ruin this paradise that must be protected at all costs.

Chris says he resurrects careers— Jake Hager, Jon Moxley, Sammy Guevara, Santana, Ortiz… and he can make Matt. Everybody makes mistakes, second day on the job, he deserves a mulligan. So he’s gonna give him one more chance. Hardy says Y2J doesn’t understand what he’s looking at— he may recognize the vessel, but the pilot is new. He is Damascus, and Damascus is over 3000 years old, and when it comes to violence and brutality, he’s your guy.

Jericho says at 3000 years old he must be very wise, and when he looks at him and sees his amazing cloak and the sassy red streak in his hair, he sees the difference, but inside he’s still the same Matt Hardy he’s known for 25 years. Matt says he could say the same of the chameleon Jericho, an evil essence to the core, truly the hole of the ass.

Chris says that Hardy is always in someone’s shadow, whether his brother or now Jericho himself. Matt says he’s in no one’s shadow, and Chris offers him the choice one last time. Inner Circle or Elite? DELETE! Y2J asks again. DELETE! ELITE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!

Jericho tells him to stop, because no one is here to chant his stupid catchphrase. Hardy says to the contrary, the venue is full of essences, and talks about his theme song, Judas, saying he knew the real Judas, but he’s got a new song for Chris— He’ll fade away and classify himself as obsolete… OBSOLETE! Hardy then points out that Abraham Lincoln is in seat 15C, Martin Luther King over there, etc.

Chris says he can’t see them, and Matt says it’s because he doesn’t have faith, and he wants Jericho to take a long hard look at the entity that is going to delete him and the Inner Circle. Jericho says all he can see is the same old Matt Hardy, and maybe he should smack it out of him! Hardy fires a shot right back and Chris says he has magic powers too— abra cadabra, Matt Hardy gets his ass kicked…

SAMMY GUEVARA OUT OF NOWHERE TO BEAT HARDY DOWN! OMEGA AND RHODES MAKE THE SAVE FROM COMMENTARY, STEEL CHAIRS IN HAND! The Inner Circle beat a hasty retreat and nearly get burned by pyro as The Broken One calls for the flamethrowers to erupt again and again!