AEW Dynamite Results – 10/30/19







AEW Dynamite Results – 10/30/19
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Charleston Coliseum
Commentary Team: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

The show opens with Tony Schiavone standing in front of a plane talking about tonight’s contract signing.

Dustin Rhodes gets out first, followed by Cody.

They embrace and Dustin goes his own way as Tony and Cody walk off together talking about the match.

A video package covering the events leading up to the Full Gear matches between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega and PAC and Hangman Page follows, including a nice long segment where Mox argues with Tony Khan behind closed doors about his match being unsanctioned and not counting towards win/loss records.


Page with a Vertical Suplex for a 2 count, Guevara with a Dropkick, nip up, then a takes a bow, Snap Suplex for a 1 count, he goes for a Crossbody, but Page catches him with a Fallaway Slam, Guevara rolls to the floor, Page goes after him, but Sammy cuts his leg out and throws him into the barricade, back in the ring, Guevara with a squat before a Samoan Drop and a cocky cover for a 2 count, he takes his time going up then jumps down and slaps Page in the face, Superkick, but Page answers back with a Lariat, Page with a Big Boot then a Back Suplex, Sammy counters the Deadeye, but Page with a Sidewalk Slam on the apron, Pop-Up Powerbomb for a near fall, he sends Guevara to the floor, up top, Arihara Moonsault to the floor, he looks for The Buckshot, but Sammy pulls back, Guevara with a Pump Knee, he charges, but Page catches him with The Buckshot Lariat for the win


Page gets on the mic and says things haven’t been going real good for him lately but tonight felt good, and at Full Gear he’s gonna do some real Cowboy Shit and take PAC’s head off!


(hey it’s Portugal’s Perfect Athlete, there was an online movement for Impact to bring Shanna in about 6 years ago, nice to see her get a shot with a big company finally)

Shanna with a Flipping Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Shida pulls out a chair and sets it up as a launchpad for a Jumping Knee, back in the ring with a Backbreaker for a 1 count, Jumping Knee for a near fall, Shanna with a Small Package for a near fall, Shanna blocks The Brainbuster, Shanna ties Shida to the Tree of Woe and hits a Double Stomp for a near fall, Butterfly, but Shida blocks it and hits a Beach Break, but Shanna rolls to the floor, Shida Suplexes Shanna back in for a near fall, Shida looks for the kill, Shanna counters the Jumping Knee Shida calls The Three Count into a rollup for a near fall, they trade flash pins for near fall, Shida with a Jumping Knee and hits the Falcon Arrow, but only gets a near fall, Shida connects with The Three Count for the win


We get a weird Brandi Rhodes video package in which she puts on a tiny hat and has some magic mascara that makes her eyes glow and she cuts a lock of blonde hair with a cleaver and also Awesome Kong is there

The Rock ‘n Roll Express are introduced to talk up the history of the building– SANTANA AND ORTIZ BLINDSIDE RICKY AND ROBERT! They beat Ricky Morton down, because of course they do, and hit him in the midsection with a blackjack like Konnan used in the original LAX days… THEY POWERBOMB 63-YEAR-OLD RICKY MORTON THROUGH THE STAGE! THE YOUNG BUCKS RUN OFF SANTANA & ORTIZ

Cody Rhodes and Tony Schiavone.

Tony tells him a story about meeting Dusty Rhodes butt naked and learning that the star always comes out last, and Cody talks about how his mom is here tonight and he can’t stop thinking about how many times she saw his dad work

(Friends and Orange are dressed as Rick & Morty as is a lot of the crowd and it was announced this would be the case on the eve of all Hallows Eve)


Taylor with an Asai DDT on Reynolds, Silver gets an Everlasting Gobstopper, Reynolds eats a Half & Half/Gobstopper combo, Orange Dropkicks QT and nips up with his hands in his pockets, Tope Suicida wipes out QT & Reynolds then Friends finish Silver with Strong Zero for the win


Chris Jericho makes his entrance and takes a seat for the contract signing.

Cody Rhodes is shown pulling up in his limousine and he takes his spot.

Tony Schiavone introduces them and puts the contract in front of Cody. He signs, and the contract is passed to Jericho, who fakes out a confrontation before saying this match is too important to flip a table over or powerbomb Rhodes over. It’s the biggest match in AEW history, the biggest pro wrestling match this year, and the biggest match of Cody’s career, because if he wins, he’ll be what he’s always wanted, a world champion.

But if he loses, it might prove to Cody and all these millennial jackasses here tonight that he’s not as good as he thinks he is. So he’s gonna sign the contract and show Cody what it’s like to be a loser. They get up and square up and Chris puts over how serious they’re treating this, and offers Rhodes a hand. Cody shakes but refuses to let go and pulls him in close!

Rhodes says something we can’t quite hear and Y2J takes his glasses off before saying he can be there all night but he might be needed elsewhere.

The screen behind them comes to life with Sammy Guevara before panning to Jake Hager beating Dustin Rhodes down and Stungun on the car! A KNEE TO THE NUTS! (Just like his Bellator fight last weekend) JAKE SLAMS DUSTIN’S ARM IN THE BACK DOOR! (We’re going to have to start calling Hager ‘The New Cruncher’ because he just crunched Dustin’s arm) CODY AND MJF MAKE THE SAVE!

Chris Jericho smokes a cigar and jokes about how they should take Dustin to a hospital before bidding everyone a happy Halloween and driving off to send us to break


Omega with a Double Kotaro Krusher on the Hybrids, Jack with a Springboard Tornado Kick then a Sasuke Special on Omega, Sabian with an Avlanche Hurricanrana on Matt for a 2 count, Hybrid with a Backbreaker/Double Stomp combo, Bucks with Double Splashes on Kip for a near fall, Sabian with a Poisoned Frankensteiner on Nick, Omega with a Dragon Rush on Jack, one for Angelico, Sabian blocks, but Omega hits it on Sabian as well, V-Trigger avoided, Jack with a Cartwheel Axe Kick, Bucks with a Bucklebomb/Enzugiri combo, Hybrid with The Ode to the Bulldogs, Angelico looks for Fall of Angels, but Omega counters with a V-Trigger, Rise of the Terminator’s stopped, Kip goes for it, but The Bucks catch him and drops him on the apron, Triple Superkick on Jack, V-Trigger then finishes Evans with The One-Winged Angel for the win


Bucks slapping hands with some fans in Rick & Morty masks, but they hold onto the Bucks, they unmask it’s Santana & Ortiz, they drag the Bucks into the crowd, but Omega drives them off

Librarians make their entrance.

Peter Avalon shushes the crowd and says it’s Halloween time and it means that it’s appropriate for all us hideous monsters to look the way we do. He and Leva Bates were at the university library today and they discovered that this place is rotten.

Jon Moxley comes through the crowd to save us all… PARADIGM SHIFT!

He gets on the mic and says the match that everybody wants to see at Full Gear, Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley, is now an unsanctioned match. That means no time limits, no countouts, no disqualifications, no rules. That’s all well and good, but then they tell him that officially this match doesn’t count. It’ll be stricken from the record book, technically it’ll never have happened.

So in other words, when Mox beats your boy, we’re gonna just pretend like it never happened. He knows what’s happening, AEW want to treat him like a freak and an outsider and keep him in his little box. He’s been dealing with it his whole life, these suits, these yes-men puppets, telling him he’s a different kind of cat like he doesn’t know he’s being insulted.

Well he ain’t stupid, and if this is how it’s gonna be, AEW can take their win/loss record and shove it up their ass, because fact is he’s the baddest, sickest son of a bitch in this game and there ain’t a soul in AEW that can prove him wrong. They want unsanctioned? Well he’s unsanctionable! You think he’s out of control, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Be careful what you wish for, because at Full Gear, he’s gonna beat Kenny Omega within an inch of his life, beautiful wrestling violence like hasn’t been seen in this country for decades. He’s got a message for the execs that don’t want to sanction him, the same thing he’d tell anybody that doesn’t like that he marches to his own drum– kiss his ass and stay the hell out of his way

Private Party are in the crowd and Dark Order setting on their human throne backstage to watch the finals to crown the first Tag Team Champions

AEW World Tag Team Championship

Double Superkicks to Kaz, Superkick to Scorpio, Tiger Feint Kick, Lungblower, Pentagon Driver to Kaz for a near fall, Scorpio stops The Fear Factor, Sling Blade, Fenix with a Rope Woalk Kick, Pentagon with a Victory Roll for a near fall, Kaz with a Twisting Legdrop, Pentagon goes to break the cover, but Kaz sees it coming & Pentagon hits his brother, Kaz with a Release German Suplex for a near fall, Fenix rips at the eyes, Pentagon goes for an Electric Chair Facebuster, but Scorpio lands on his feet, Pentagon with a Superkick, Fenix sends Kaz to the floor, Catapult/Slingshot Legdrop to the floor, Fenix with a Dropkikc for a 2 count, Juji-Gatame, but Kaz is in the ropes, Kaz with Daniels’ Angel’s Wings and gets the tag to Scorpio, Scorpio wipes out Pentagon with a Tope con Hilo, Kaz with a Hurricanrana to the floor, but his feet gets caught in the ropes, back in the ring, SCU Later blocked, Pentagon with a Springboard Destructor de Mexicano, Fenix with a Barrel Roll Ace Crusher to Scorpio for a near fall, Pentagon Powerbombs Kaz off the apron through the timekeeper table, Skyscraper Splash on Scorpio for a near fall, Bros look for the kill, but Scorpio blocks and hooks Pentagon in a Small Package, Kaz stops Fenix & SCU have won the Tag Titles