AEW Dynamite Results – 1/22/20








AEW Dynamite Results – 1/22/20
Middle of the Atlantic Ocean
Chris Jericho Rock n Wrestling Rager
Commentary Team: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

It’s time to board the Jeri-Cruise because for this week’s show we’re on a boat in the middle of the ocean

AEW World Tag Team Championship

Omega with a Kotaro Krusher on Scorpio for a 2 count, Kaz with a Springboard Legdrop on Page for a 2 count, Kaz with a Snap Suplex for a 2 count, Release German Suplex dumps Page on his head, but Omega makes the save, Scorpio takes Omega off the apron, Kaz with a Lungblower then follows with the Tomikaze for a near fall, Scorpio blocks the Dragon Rush, Dragon Rush on Kaz, Fisherman Buster on Scorpio gets a near fall, You Can’t Escape/Shooting Star Press Combo for a near fall, Buckle Bomb then Omega follows with a Rydeen Bomb for a very close near fall, Scorpio sidesteps the V-Trigger, Omega blocks, V-Trigger, One-Winged Angel blocked, Leaping Hurricanrana, Fatal Answer attempt, Page with the Buckshot Lariat, but he hits Omega, Fatal Answer connects, but only gets a near fall, Dragon Rush on Scorpio, Tiger Driver ’98 blocked on the first attempt, but Omega hits the second try for a near fall, Scorpio counters the V-Trigger into SCU Later, but Page bullrushes to make the save, Pop-Up Ppwerbomb on Kaz, Rolling Lariat, Buckshot Lariat on Scorpio on the ramp, Buckshot Lariat on Kaz and Page covers Page to win the AEW World Tag Titles


The Bucks come out to celebrate with Omega as Page jumps out of the ring and into the crowd to have drinks with the crowd and bodysurfed around


Hell’s Favorite Harlot (and Darby Allin’s wife) is in AEW

Baker with a Cruficix Pin for a 1 count, Rolling Death Valley Bomb for a 2 count, Kelly with a Thrust Kick to the back, The Half-Nelson Suplex she dubs 333 is blocked, Baker grabs the hair to pull Kelly down, Baker with a Slingblade for a 2 count, Kelly with a STO for a near fall, Bake ducks the knee, Superkick, Russian Legsweep, she looks to float into her hold, but Kelly tries to get to the rope, Baker rolls back & locks in The Lockjaw & Kelly taps out


She tells Tony Schiavone not to question her character. This is his meal ticket, we all know he was at Starbucks before this and we’re all proud that he’s here and not just a shitty barista. The people don’t look down on him for that and they look up to her, because she’s a role model and that’s a lot of pressure. AND she’s the hottest girl on this boat and she’s a dentist


Jericho makes his entrance as the crowd sing along with his entrance music

Boy with a Dropkick on Ortiz for a 1 count, Saurus & Stunt with a Skyscraper Splash, Saurus with a Big Boot to Santana for a 2 count, Boy with a Football Kick for a 2 count, Santana with an Avalanche Russian Legsweep for a 2 count, Boy with a Rollup on Jericho for a 2 count, Santana with a Backbreaker for a 2 count, Boy with a rollup on Jericho for a 2 count, Boy blocks the Superplex and hist an Avalanche Gourdbuster then follows with a Diving Crossbody for a near fall, PnP with a Senton/Assisted Senton/Bullet Splash Combo for a 2 count, Boy with a Poisoned Frankensteiner on Ortiz, Saurus with aa Tail Whip on Santana, goozle on Jericho, Ortiz with the back rakes, Saurus drops him, another Tailwhip on Santana, Double Chokeslam on Ortiz & Jericho, Standing Moonsault on Jericho for a near fall, Hager with a cheap shot, Saurus goes after Hager, Stunt with a 450 Splash on Jericho for a near fall, Sunset Flip for a near fall, Jericho’s had enough of this & unsheathes The Judas Effect on Stunt for the win



MJF takes a walk, Janela goes after him, but MJF goes to the eyes, he charges, but Janela Backdrops him back in the ring, up top, MJF rolls to the other side of the ring then uses Aubrey as a shield, MJF with a Forearm then sends Janela into the turnbuckle, Janela with a Superplex for a near fall, up top, Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford make out on the stage to distract Janela, he still goes for the Super Humman Elbow, MJF evades then hits The Double Cross for the win


MJF gets on the mic.

He says we love him, and we definitely love Cody, right? We should! Did you hear what he had to say, goddamn he’s practically a poet! In a world full of mumble rappers, Cody Rhodes is a real lyricist, looking straight into the camera and saying that Max is just another chapter in his book. And for once in his life, Cody was right! He is a chapter… and he goes on to say that he’s the last goddamn one.

Enter Cody Rhodes.

Max says Wardlow isn’t here, and he doesn’t need to be, because no matter what he says or does, Cody can’t lay a finger on him. But hey, he’s gonna give him room to say whatever he needs to. He goes to pass the mic to Rhodes but “accidentally” drops it, and when Cody goes to pick it up, he kicks it away and offers up his chin. Cody grabs the mic and Friedman walks past, he flips off Cody

Rhodes says Max is right, he can’t touch him. The Young Bucks sneak up behind MJF while Rhodes continues, saying they can… DOUBLE SUPERKICK!

Cody asks if they should throw Max in the pool and the crowd’s into it, so the Bucks manhandle MJF and drag him over to the pool, dumping him in! Max splashes and thrashes while the Bucks laugh

Tony Schiavone interviews “Hangman” Adam Page and Kenny Omega.

Omega says he’d never have predicted he’d be here in the tag division now with one of his best friends, but here he is. Page says he said he’d whip both their asses and he did. He continues and Tony cuts him off to ask Kenny about PAC. He says PAC is garbage but he’s gonna get his rubber match, but right now the tag titles are a priority.

Adam gets cut off by the Bucks showing up and Kenny says they’ve supported them since day one. Hangman says he’s surprised they won the titles before the Bucks did and he sips his whiskey as he leaves. Kenny sputters an agreement

Jericho joins JR & Excalibur for at the announce booth for the next match


PAC with a Diving Shotgun Dropkick it knocks Mox into the rope and he comes back with a Jawbreaker Lariat, he ducks a Rolling Solebutt & hits The Money Clip for a 2 count, PAC goes after the good eye & sets Mox up top, Mox fights him off & shoves PAC to the mat, Mox tries the Lunatic Elbow, but PAC blocks, Bruatlizer turned into a flash pin for a near fall, PAC with Kawada Kicks then a Basement Dropkick for a near fall, PAC sets up Mox, up top, 450 Splash, but Mox gets the knees up, Small Package for a near fall, Rear Naked Choke, but PAC sends Mox into the turnbuckle, Release German Suplex, back up top, Mox avoids The Black Arrow, PAC counters the Regal Knee with a Superkick, he charges, but Mox hits The Paradigm Shift for a near fall, PAC rolls to the floor, Mox sends him back in, Mox up top, PAC is up & hits a Superplex, then locks in The Brutalizer, Mox refuses to give it up, he gets his foot on the rope, PAC calls for the kill & rips off the bandage over the eye and rains down punches to the eyes, Mox with a Small Package for a near fall, Paradigm Shift, he gets back up & hits The Paradigm Shift Mk II for the win & gets the title match at Revolution