AEW Dynamite Results – 1/8/20








AEW Dynamite Results – 1/8/20
Southhaven, Mississippi
Landers Center
Commentary Team: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

JR, Tony & Excalibur are joined by Memphis’ Dave Brown


Party with a Double Stomp/Neck Breaker on Page, Kassidy into a cover for a 2 count, Omega with a Backbreaker on Kassidy for a 2 count, Quen with a Tope con Hilo on Omega then a Fosbury Flop on Page, back in the ring, 450 Splash, but only gets a near fall, Headscissors sends Page into Kassidy who was waiting and hits a Spanish Fly, but Omega makes the save, Page with a Pop-Up Powerbomb on Kassidy, Omega follows with a V-Trigger for a near fall, Dragon Rush to Quen, Kassidy takes the knee out, Party with The Silly String on Omega for a near fall, Quen up top, Omega avoids the Shooting Star Press, Quen avoids The Buckshot Lariat, he stops himself from hitting Omega, Quen shoves him into Omega, Page with a Rolling Lariat for a near fall, Party stops Page & hits Gin & Juice, but Page makes the save, Omega mistakenly hits Page, Buckshot Lariat/V-Trigger combo, then Omega finishes Quen with The One-Winged Angel for the win


In the back PAC has assaulted Michael Nakazawa and locked in The Brutalizer as officials try to pry him off, PAC says Omega did this, he warned him before to give him his re-match, so Nakazawa’s pain is on Kenny’s hands not his, Omega heads to the back to check on his friend

AEW Women’s Championship

Riho with a Diving Hurricanrana, Kris blocks the Tiger Feint Kick, Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker for a 2 count, Kris up top, Riho avoids the Moonsault & hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a 2 count, up top, Kris cuts her off, Stalling Superplex, Kong & Melanie Cruise make their way to the ring, Cruise drags Riho off the apron and sends her into the barricade, Kris takes out the Croatian, Tope Suicida wipes out Kong, Deathmatch Legend Dr Luther stops Kris from attacking Brandi, Kong with a Running Lariat, they put her back in the ring, Riho up top and takes out Kong & Cruise, back up top, Double Stomp on Kris, but she avoids it,Kris goes for a Goirlla Press, but Riho counters into a Crucifix Bomb for a near fall, Kris with a Spinning Michinoku Driver II for a near fall, Tombstone Hold, but Kong trips her up & Riho holds on to get the win & retain the belt


Awesome Kong attacks Statlander with a lariat and follows it up with mounted forearms until Riho tries to make the save! Cruise cuts the champ off and decks her with a right hand! Putting boots to her, Hikaru Shida joins the fray in street clothes to make the save but Britt Baker, who had been seated next to her, doesn’t lift a finger! Big Swole and Sonny Kiss join the babyface squad in the ring and the Nightmare Collective run off

Video package for Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford


Guevara pulls the ref in front of him, to deliver a cheap shot to Daniels, Leaping Mushroom Stomp for a near fall, Squatting Samoan Drop and a cocky cover for a 2 count, Quebrada, Daniels avoids it, but Sammy lands on his feet, up top, 450 Splash, Daniels avoids it, Sammy rolls through, but Daniels catches him with a Ura-Nage, Blue Thunder Driver for a near fall, Angel’s Wings blocked, Guevara with a Running Knee Strike then a Running Shooting Star Press for a near fall, they trade flash pins, Daniels catches him with a Sambo Suplex, Pentagon appears with a mic & tells him to show him an Arabian Press, Guevara uses the distraction for a Northern Superkick for the win


Dark Order make their entrance (still no hint as to who the higher power leading Uno & Stu is).

Evil Uno gets on the mic and puts Daniels over as one of the best wrestlers in AEW and gives him credit for his career, even, but says the AEW faithful don’t believe in him anymore.

At this point he’s in the ring with a hand on Christopher’s shoulder and continues, saying he wants him to hear this, he can help make Daniels the man he once was. He pulls out a mask and offers it, but Daniels throws it to the mat and the Dark Order attacks! SCORPIO SKY, FRANKIE KAZARIAN, AND THE YOUNG BUCKS MAKE THE SAVE! They run the Dark Order off and Daniels goes up top… BEST MOONSAULT EVER!


Cody with the Rhodes Uppercut, he blocks The Fear Factor, Fenix with a Northern Superkick to Cody, Pentagon sends Dustin to the floor, Fenix follows with a Tope Suicida, back in the ring, Pentagon up top, Lanza, Fenix has a chair, but Arn kicks it away, Dustin with a Spinebuster on Fenix, Cody with a Snap Powerslam on Fenix, Tope Suicida on Pentagon, Pump Kick to Fenix, Cody tosses his weightlifting belt into the crowd, Cross Rhodes blocked, Fenix with a rebound Spinning Roundhouse Kick, Barrel Roll Ace Crusher, Bros look for Zero Fear, but Cody blocks, Fenix with a Rope Run Kick, Pentagon Driver on Cody, Shock Treatment on Fenix, Dustin with a Canadian Destroyer on Fenix, Cody with a Springboard Imploding Ace Crusher then Dustin finishes Fenix with The Final Reckoning for the win


Tony Schiavone interviews Cody Rhodes and asks him for his answer to Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s stipulations from last week.

Arn Anderson interrupts before Cody can answer, and he says he doesn’t know how this MJF thinks he has the stroke to lay these preposterous stipulations down. Did somebody die and make him god? But one thing he knows for sure is Cody wants the match, they’re gonna talk about it and they’ll get back to us

“Leaping” Lanny Poffo is interviewed as part of the celebration of the legends of Memphis Wrestling.

He says “dynamite” is the word for AEW, it’s really great and he wants to contribute to the product.

We’re told that the tribute to Memphis will be on Dark this week.

MJF and Wardlow

MJF says he’ll give Cody until the count of ten to come out here and face him like a man.

When Rhodes doesn’t come out, he calls him a little bitch, but here comes Diamond Dallas Page!

He gets on the mic and introduces himself. He goes for the cheap pop putting AEW over and says he’d never believed he would be live on TNT ever again, but look who’s back, live and in public if you will. He’s here to address a situation from a few weeks ago with MJF. He mocks him and Wardlow before saying his Twitter has been lit up ever since he was last on the show, asking if he would come back for one more match.

Max loses his mind and cuts him off, saying DDP couldn’t lace his boots in his prime, but now with those arthritic hands of his, he can’t hold his jock. Page gets in his face and MJF says he doesn’t want to fight, but these guys might.

Enter the Butcher and the Blade, and the Bunny.

MJF resumes, saying he knows DDP is getting senile with his age, but WCW is dead, and dead is the average age of his fans. Page is in a bit of a predicament here, and he has two options– he can kiss Max’s ring and then get out of his company, or they can send him straight to hospice, MJF can take one of his daughters, lay her down real nice in his bed, and then they’re gonna do one thing, and one thing only–

DDP has had enough and shoves Max! DIAMOND CUTTER ON ANDY WILLIAMS! PEPPER PARKS GETS THE BETTER OF HIM… INVERTED FACELOCK DIAMOND CUTTER! MJF interferes and shoves him away, Page stops short of Wardlow… AND MAX AND MAX WITH A PUNT TO THE NUTS! Wardlow and Cherry Bomb set DDP up but QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes make the save!


Saurus with a Tail Whip to Trent?, Orange is in with some kicks, Saurus with a Suplex, but Orange counters into a Stundog Millionaire, Tope Suicida on Saurus, Orange with a Falling Splash, but Stunt makes the save, Stunt with a Canadian Destroyer on Trent? Saurus Gorillas Presses Stunt on top of Orange & Trent?, Taylor with a Pop-Up, but Boy counters into a Hurricanrana for the win


Commentary hypes up next week’s show… including DDP in Trios Action

Jon Moxley makes his entrance to give the Inner Circle his answer.

Jericho and Guevara are now joined by Jake Hager as Le Champion gives Mox a big intro and puts him over as his friend and protege.

Chris says this is an important day in Memphis, and not because it’s Elvis Presley’s birthday, because Elvis was an ass, he’d kick his ass, and the Beatles were better, but because Jon Moxley is gonna join the Inner Circle. He talks up the car and how Ortiz and Santana are holding down the club, and it’s gonna be a party all night long but none of the fans are invited.

He asks Mox if he’s going to be part of the Inner Circle, and Jon admits he’s had a lot to think about. There’s more that went into this decision than we probably think. We might think we know what makes him tick, but truth is, we don’t, and he doesn’t think Chris does either. He offered a car, money, part ownership in the Inner Circle, but he doesn’t want any of it.

He didn’t come to AEW because somebody backed a truck full of money to his house. He can’t be bought. He came to run roughshod over pro wrestling, he came to dominate, and that’s why his answer is yes! Jon takes his jacket off and reveals the Inner Circle shirt he was given last week. He continues, saying there’s no more dominant force in AEW than the Inner Circle, and he wants to stand with them!

Jericho gloats, saying he told us so, and Mox says if you wanna be great, you have to learn from the greats, and the pea brains out there might not be able to admit it, but fact is Chris Jericho is the greatest of all time. He’ll stand with him, surround himself with greatness, and they’ll dominate AEW for years to come, and there’s only one thing left– pop open the bubbly!

Y2J gloats more and says 2020 will be the year of the Inner Circle as they spray the bubbly all over the ring. Chris demands music play, and it does, as Moxley hugs Hager and they celebrate. Jericho says this is the beginning of the Inner Circle taking over AEW and we can all shut up and watch them do it. Chris calls some fan out for saying they suck and Jon says you gota problem with him if you got a problem with Le Champion.

Mox says they forgot something, and Jericho owes him a little something, making a motion for car keys. Chris talks about how much the car is worth and gives the keys over. “You sold out!” chants ring out as Moxley gets back on the mic and says he was gonna run his 2015 Dodge Ram until the wheels fall off, until he got the Gift of Jericho.

Y2J says he did sell out… all these shows. They won their matches at the Tokyo Dome, they’re together now in AEW, hit the music again! Jericho sprays more bubbly and Sammy and Jake leave the ring. Jon asks for the music to be cut and says he forgot one final thing… He was just kidding. He’d never join the Inner Circle! It’s a stupid group, and he has nothing he wants except the title…