205 Live Results – 2/26/19










205 Live Results – 2/26/19
Charlotte, North Carolina
Spectrum Center
Commentary Team: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness & Aiden English

Drake Maverick runs down the accolades & history of all 4 men in the tournament tonight


Kalisto grazes Nese with a Spinning Heel Kick to send him to the floor, then flies after him with a Tope Suicida, he sends Nese back in, Diving Crossbody for a 2 count, Nese Backdrops Kalisto over the steps on the floor, back in for a 2 count, Nese sends him into the barricade, back in for a 2 count, Kalito with a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT for a 2 count, Basement Frankensteiner for a 2 count, Nese with a Stungun, then a Shotei on the turnbuckle, Kalisto grabs the head, Tony blocks the Avalanche Salida del Sol & hits a Spider German Suplex, 450 Splash, but Kalisto evades, Kalisto hits a 450 of his own, but Nese gets his foot on the rope, Salida del Sol blocked & Tony with a Forearm, Kalisto avoids The Running Kneese, Rolling Listo Kick for a near fall, Salida del Sol blocked, but Kalisto with a Superkick, he charges for a Meteora, but Tony counters with a Monkey Flip, Viagra Driver countered into a flash pin, Hurricanrana for a 2 count, Victory Roll for a 2 count, he tries one more, but Nese counters with a Wheelbarrow Suplex into the turnbuckle then finishes Kalisto with The Running Kneese for the win to advance to Semi-Final


Jack Gallagher is chastising Humberto Carrillo for taking to the air last week instead of working on the ground and says he can learn from Gulak’s match tonight

Mike & Maria are with Maverick, he reviewed the footage from last week, but the ref’s call was correct, The Prodigy is not happy, Drake says Mike took one of the best 205 has to the limit last & that goes a long way with him, so he wants them both to go home and next week The Prodigy will have a match next week


Gulak twists on the ankle, German Suplex for a 1 count, Gulak with a another cover for a 1 count, Spanky with a Backslide for a 2 count, Gulak with a Cross Legged Half Crab, but Spanky makes it to the rope, Lariat for a 2 count, he goes to work on the wrist, Spanky with an Arm Drag into a Juji-Gatame, Gulak blocks and goes back to working on the wrist, Drew blocks a Bulldog, Spanky with a Small Package for a near fall, Leaping Calf Kick, Back Body Drop for a 2 count, Gulak with a Ankle Lock German Suplex for a 2 count, Spanky with a Release Dragon Suplex, but Gulak right back up & hits a Lariat, Sliced Bread #2 countered, Gu-Lock, but Spanky counters into a flash pin for a 2 count, Captain’s Hook, Gulak tries to get to the rope, but Spanky reverses directions, Gulak rakes the eyes and hits a Powerbomb for a near fall, Sliced Break #2 countered, O’Connor Roll, but Drew counters into The Gu-Lock, Spanky doesn’t tap out, but he passes out and Gulak advances to the Semi-Finals


Next week the tournament continues: Humberto Carrillo vs Oney Lorcan and Akira Tozawa vs Cedric Alexander