205 Live Results – 11/28/18







Smackdown Live Results – 11/28/18
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Target Center
Commentary Team: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness & Percy Watson

Drake Maverick runs down the card for tonight


Maria distracts Dar while The Prodigy jumps him from behind, back in the ring for a 2 count, Dar looks for a Lariat, but The Prodigy ducks & hits a Spinebuster, Metalik & Lince distracts Mike on the stage as Kalisto hits a Leaping Enzugiri behind the ref’s back then Dar finishes Kanellis with The Nova Roller for the win


Kendrick & Tozawa sparring in the back

The Submission Commission: Gulak says there was a time when they considered Kendrick a friend, but something in him changed, he became a pitiful, loathsome, Gallagher interjects with cumberground explaining it’s someone/something so useless they just serve to take up space, Gulak rolls with it & says he’d be a cumberground to if he had to wake up every morning & the first thing he sees is a homeless Leonardo DiCaprio (this reference is going to fly over so many people’s heads, in Pro Wrestling Zero-One Kendrick was called Leonardo Spanky due to his resemblance to DiCaprio). He’s showing mercy, hanging out with Akira Tozawa, Gallagher calls him a miserable human being. Gulak says he’s going to do Spanky one more favor & put him out of his misery because next week when he steps to Drew he will tap out.


Itami with a Big Boot, Knee Lift, Football Kick, he hands Cruise in the rope & hits a Hanging Knee Drop, KENTA combo, Hesitation Dropkick, but Hideo’s not done & finishes Cruise with Go to Sleep Mk II for the win


Itami continues to beat the dog-shit out of Levy when Ariya Daivari who has been MIA for 7 months comes out

Ariya takes his shirt & glasses off & also beats the hell out of Levy, he tells Hideo to hit him & Itami delivers a Big Boot, Daivari says he respects Itami & offers a handshake & Hideo accepts it

TJP is talking to DM to try and get a title match saying he was the first Champion & wants to know a reason why he’s not the next challenger, Drake retorts that he lost to Metalik last week that’s one, TJ says he beat him when mattered the most in the finals of the CWC, Maverick again retorts that was 2 years ago, TJ says maybe the problem isn’t wins & losses then & maybe it’s Drake’s problem on Raw

Before he can go any further The Kanellis’ come in, Maria wants to know what just happened. The Prodigy says he’s done & is putting an end to Lucha House Party once & for all and TJ’s going to help him. TJ says he’s proven his point, he took all 3 of them down, took all 3 masks & he should be moving on to bigger & better things. Maria’s not having it reminding him of the favor she & Mike have done for him and nothing in life is free & says too bad because they’re in this together. TJ says he’s in. Drake says he’ll consider it, Maria’s still not happy. She doesn’t want to just beat them, she wants to embarrass & humiliate them in a match that the Luchas specialize in a Tornado Tag Team Match. Drake says that’s one of the highlights of 205 so he’s thought about it makes it official for next week


Cedric with a Dropkick on Nese for a 2 count, Dropkick to the knee then a Running Kick on the apron, back in the ring for a 2 count, Murphy with a Jumping Knee on Cedrick for a 2 count, Nese with a Body Scissors, but Cedric fights out, Ali with a Barrel Roll Sit-Out Buster then a Sunset Flip into a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a near fall, Murphy blocks the Leaping Tornado DDT, Murphy with a Football Kick for a 2 count, he looks for a Fisherman, but Ali counters into a Small Package for a near fall, Murphy with a Lariat for a near fall, Nese with a Charging Forearm for a near fall, Murphy with CQC Strikes, but Ali counters with a Spinning Wheel Kick, Cedric with a Back Elbow to Nese, Slingshot Complete Shot for a 2 count, he looks for a Springboard, but Nese with a Jumping Shotei, they set up Cedric for a Doomsday Devince, but Cedric blocks & posts Nese, they look for a Double Cedric & Ali look for a Double Superplex off the back of Nese, but Murphy falls to the floor, Cedric with a Tope con Hilo on Tony, Murphy with a Jumping Knee, Wrist-Clutch, Murphy’s Law blocked, O’Connor Roll for a 2 count, Ali with a Leaping Tornado DDT as Cedric makes a blind tag & finishes Murphy with The Lumbar Check for the win