ROH Honor Re-United: London Results – 8/19/18






ROH Honor Re-United: London Results – 8/19/18
London, England
York Hall
Commentary Team: Ian Riccaboni and BJ Whitmer


Gresham lets Hendry put a Full-Nelson on him, he goes to the rope to break the hold, Hendry with a Fireman Carry into a cover for a 1 count, Gresham with a Hammerlock, Joe goes to the rope to break it, Hendry offers a Hammerlock then drops down & sends Gresham to the floor, Hendry picks the leg and rolls Gresham to the floor again, Hendry with a Jumping Knee, he looks for The Freak of Nature, but Gresham counters into a Small Package, they trade Small Packages for 2 counts, they trade flash pins for 2 counts, Hendry with a European Uppercut, Gresham with Quebrada, Jumping Kneedrop to the shoulder then uses a La Magistral to get the win



Flip with an O’Connor Roll on Sabian for a 2 count, Page & Flip with dual Running Shooting Star Presses on Sabian, Flip with a rollup on Page for a 2 count, Page with a Rolling Elbow on Flip then tosses Gordon to the floor, then sends Sabian to the corner & rakes his Forearm across Sabian’s face, Bridging Fallaway Slam for a 2 count, Flip with a Kinder Surprise on Sabian then wipes him out on the floor with a Plancha, back in the ring, Sabian avoids the 450, he charges, but Page with a Snap Powerslam, but Flip breaks the pin, Page & Flip get into a shoving match, Flip with a Springboard Spear for a near fall, up top, Flip with an Avalanche Snap German Suplex on Sabian, Page with a Bucklebomb, Lariat, Folding Powerbomb, but Sabian breaks the pin, Sabian with a Springboard Tornado DDT, but Flip breaks the pin, Flip with a Falcon Arrow for a near fall, Samoan Pop, Don’t You Know You’re a Shooting Star, Corkscrew Moonsault, but Sabian evades, Buckshot Lariat on Sabian, Rolling Elbow to Flip then finishes Sabian with The Rite of Passage for the win


SoCal Val joins Ian & Whitmer at the announce booth for the next match


Ayesha with a goozle, but Ray counters into a Front Guillotine Choke, Ayesha drives her into the corner to break the hold, Ray with a Dropkick, Springboard, but Aysha catches her & hits a Fallaway Slam to the floor, Ayesha looks to Lawndart Ray into the post, but Ray hits a High Kick to the throat, Tope Suicida, but Ayesha blasts her out of the air with a Forearm then posts Ray, back in the ring, Ax Kick, Release German Suplex, Firewoman Carry into a Gorilla Press for a 2 count, another cover for a 1 count, she looks for the kill, but Ray with a Tornado DDT for a 2 count, Front Guillotine Choke, but Ayesha back to her feet & slams Ray into the corner, deadlift Suplex, but Ray turns it into a DDT for a near fall, up top, leaps over the top of Ayesha, Gory Bomb blocked, Ayesha with The Phantom Roll (Fisherwoman Suplex) for a near fall, Sit-Out Powerbomb for a near fall, Ray with a Small Package for a near fall, Superkick & hits The Gory Bomb, but only a near fall, up top, Ayesha catches her in a Firewoman Carry, she looks to end it, but Ray turns it into a flash pin for the win



Mark with a Twisting Elbow Drop for a 1 count, he exposes the concrete & tries to Suplex Daniels on hit, Daniels blocks & looks to Suplex Mark, but he blocks it, Mark posts Daniels then re-covers the exposed concrete, but Daniels Suplexes him on the concrete entrance way, Mark fights back & hits a Cactus Jack Elbow off the apron, he bites (well more like gums in Mark’s case) Daniels, Mark looks for a Rear Naked Choke, but Daniels backs him into the corner, Mark with a Lariat for 2 count, Body Slam and looks to go up top, but Daniesl launches him off the top, STO, Olympic Slam for a near fall, Angel’s Wings blocked, Mark with a Rear Naked Choke, but Daniels makes it to the rope, Mark with a Death Valley Bomb, Daniels evades the Froggy-Bow and hits a Blue Thunder Driver, Sambo Suplex, Jay runs out to distract Daniels, Fallen Angel’s not taking it & throws Jay into the barricade, Mark with a chain-loaded punch and wraps it around Daniels’ throat then locks in The Rear Naked Choke, Daniels is out, Sinclair calls for the bell

After the match Todd Sinclair finds the chain wrapped around Daniels’ neck & reverses the decision, giving Daniels the win by dq


Briscoes continue to beat down Daniels when Joe Hendry & Flip Gordon drive off The Briscoes with chairs


Havoc challenges Martinez to make this a No DQ Street Fight & Punishment shows zero hesitation & accepts.

Acid Rainmaker blocked, Martinez with a Tossing Falcon Arrow, Havoc low-bridges Punishment then hits a Tope Suicida, Havoc with a pair of cooking sheets to the head then both to the sides of the head, he goes for another shot, but Martinez with a full head of steam drives Havoc into the barricade & to the other barricade, Havoc with a Singapore cane and delivers several shots, until Martinez finally catches it and tosses it aside, Savate Kick, he grabs Havoc by the hair, but Jimmy has the 8 x 10 and delivers a paper-cut between the fingers then a chair shot & another paper-cut, he grabs Punishment’s tongue (no, he wouldn’t) paper-cut to the tongue (f*ck that’s got to hurt) now the sadistic Havoc has a lemon & squeezes the acidic lemon juice into the open paper-cut (what a sick f*ck, Havoc truly is) staple gun, but Martinez with a Thrust Kick & grabs the gun, he puts a staple in Havoc’s back then a couple in Havoc’s chest, Jimmy must be a masochist because he seems to enjoy it, Spinning Heel Kick then staples the 8 x 10 to Havoc’s head, Martinez with a pizza cutter & slices Havoc’s bicep open and another cut (by the slice or by the pie) Punishment has the lemon & squeezes the acidic juice into the open wound, Jimmy with a Pele Kick then picks up the staple gun & he’s stapling the cuts shut, flying chair to Martinez’s head, Havoc with an ironing board to the head of Punishment, Martinez with a Lariat then a Tombstone on the baking pan for a near fall, he puts Havoc up top, but Jimmy slips out, Testicular Claw and throws Martinez off the top onto the ironing board for a near fall, Jimmy’s got a chair, flying chair shot & another, chair to the back & another flying chair to the head, he puts Martinez in a chair, Jimmy gets a drink of beer and charges, but Punishment with a Superman Punch, Havoc with a Tope Suicida, but Martinez catches him, Chokeslam on the apron, Martinez forms a tower of chairs in the ring, he looks for the kill, but Havoc blocks, Jumping Uppercut, Rolling Death Valley Bomb on the chairs then a Basement Superkick for a near fall, Pump Kick, Acid Rainmaker, but only a near fall, Havoc with a bag of thumbtacks and shoves them in Martinez’s mouth, but Punishment spits them back into Havoc’s face, a trifecta of Silencers on the chair, Psycho Driver in the tacks for a near fall, baking sheet to the back, Silencer into the tacks, but only a near fall, Jimmy’s asking for more, Punishment is beyond frustrated at the point & hits The South of Heaven in the tacks for the win


Jimmy gets a beer after the match as he had a joyous time in that match


Scurll with a Superkick off the apron then a Tope Suicida, Jay with a Superplex, Yakuza Kick, Jay tells Marty he ain’t shit then gouges the eyes, he chokes out Scurll with the camera cable, Japanese Strangle Hold, but Marty powers out & hits Straightjacket Lungblower, 52 Fake Out, Superkick to the knee, Graduation blocked, Marty with a Folding Powerbomb for a near fall, he tries the Brainbuster, but his back is in bad shape & Jay drops to a knee, they trade Forearms, Marty with an Open-Hand Slap, Jay with a Big Boot, Scurll hits The Brainbuster for a near fall, Lariat, but Jay doesn’t go down, another Lariat, Jay calls him a motherfucker and tells him to come on, Jay with a Hangman Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Jay up top, but Marty with a Jumping European Uppercut then hits a Superplex, Chickenwing, blocked, Jay Driller countered into the Chickenwing, but Jay stops him from getting it locked in, Wrist-Clutch Ghost Buster then snaps Jay’s fingers on both hands, pair of Basement Superkicks & stomps Jay, Scurll hits The Black Plague, but Mark pulls out the ref, Jay with a rollup & a handful of tights for a near fall, Marty with a lariat, Graduation blocked, Jay Driller, but only a near fall, Daniels runs out & attacks Mark which distracts the ref, Marty with an umbrella shot to Jay, then hits The Graduation for the win


Marty offers a handshake to Daniels then grabs his fingers, instead of breaking them he pats Daniels’ hand, they fist-bump then high five each other before leaving


Storm with The Artful Dodger into a rollup on Matt for a 2 count, Diving Hurricanrana on Matt for a 2 count, Fleisch with a Split-Legged Moonsault for a 2 count, Storm decks Matt for a 2 count, The Bucks with stereo Tope Suicidas, they send Storm back in, but he flies out with a Corkscrew Plancha then Fleisch with a Springboard Shooting Star Press, they send Nick back in, Jody with a Leaping Hurricanrana for a near fall, Matt Superkicks Fleisch, Storm Superkicks the Bucks, but Matt Superkicks him back, Fleisch with the 720 Phoenix DDT, Bucks with a Double Sharpshooter, but Fleisch & Storm make it to the ropes, Bucks with a Wheelbarrow Sit-Out Facebuster for a near fall, Jody blocks More Bang for Your Buck & hits a Poisoned Frankensteiner on Matt, Storm with The Perfect Storm on Nick, Jody with a Running Shooting Star Press on Nick for a near fall, Storm with a Springboard Moonsault on Nick for a near fall, Avalanche German Suplex on Jody then they finish Fleisch with The Meltzer Driver for the win


ROH World Championship

Haskins with a Bridging Fujiwara Armbar, but Lethal goes to the rope, Lethal with a Dropkick for a 1 count, Elbow Drop for a 2 count, Legdrop for a 2 count, Figure 4 blocked, Sharpshooter blocked, Lethal with a Running Suplex for a 2 count, Pendulum Backbreaker for a 2 count, flash pin for a 2 count, Haskins with a Penalty Kick off the apron then back into the ring, Jumping Kneedrop for a 2 count, Lethal with a rollup, but Haskins counters into a Omoplata Crossface, then converts to a Rings of Saturn, but Lethal makes it to the rope, Lethal ducks a Lariat & hits the Lethal Combination for a 2 count, up top, but Haskins back up, Lethal with a Torture Rack then an Inverted Finlay Roll, Hail to the King, but Haskins catches the arm and goes into a Crucifix Pin for a near fall, Lethal Injection countered, Wrist-Clutch, Painkiller blocked, Made in England for a near fall, From Haskins with Love, he goes up top, but Jay meets him, Lethal all the way up top, Superplex, floats over & hits a Tiger Driver for a near fall, Figure 4 countered into a Small Package for a near fall, they trade Forearms, Lethal with a Rolling Elbow, Haskins with an English Destroyer, Tope Suicida, up top, Double Stomp for a near fall, Sharpshooter blocked, he gets it the second time, but Lethal makes it to the rope, Haskins with the Wrist-Clutch, but Lethal counters into a Victory Roll for a near fall, Lethal Injection for a near fall, he tries his old Release Dragon Suplex, but Haskins blocks, Lethal Injection countered into a Juji-Gatame then floats over into a Bridging Fujiwara, he holds on, Wrist-Clutch, Painkiller, but only gets a near fall, Lethal with a pair of Tope Suicidas, Ace Crusher, but Haskins is back up, Jay hits The Lethal Injection to retain


Haskins shakes Lethal’s hand & Jay celebrates as the show ends