PW 24/7 Recap: WWE, Roman Reigns and the House of Saudi – 10/26/18


Nick: We have a show for you & I was watching Monday Night Raw dude and it floored me, it absolutely floored me, you’re going to want to pay attention to this show because I’m telling you what they won’t tell you. Whatever media outlets won’t tell you, what the WWE won’t tell you and listen to this. I don’t care. I don’t care if I get another guest from WWE, I don’t care if I get another guest in the wrestling industry. I’m going to tell you how it is right now. Dude I’m watching Monday Night Raw I’ve heard some pretty bad things in my time in radio, dude. Pretty damn bad things in my time in radio. I’ve worked for news outlets both conservative & progressive & what I heard on Monday Night Raw is right up there with the worst of what I’ve heard. Listen to both conservative & progressive talk radios I’ve worked for, I’ve worked in newsrooms, I’ve interviewed politicians & I took them toe to toe with issues I felt strongly about so I like to believe & I like to acknowledge that I know a little bit about something on how to spin a story. Dude, I like to believe in fact that I know it so when Roman Reigns came out on Monday Night Raw & announced to the world that he has leukemia I nearly threw up. It floored me, man, I was watching LeBron James in an LA Lakers Jersey blow it & the Lakers they’re just terrible with or without “The King” I was watching that game when this Roman Reigns announcement this revelation came to light on Monday Night Raw & I nearly threw up.  Roman Reigns announces that he has leukemia, I’m sorry, that his leukemia has come back pardon me, then he goes on & relinquishes his WWE Universal Championship.

Now listen & you fools who set there will decide to email me or whatever else on social media, save it dummies, thank you Eli. I’m not attacking Roman Reigns or the validity of his illness, this leukemia, this blood cancer, hell I hope he gets better, gets stronger, returns & whatever else in life, I’m not attacking the dude. Here’s what I do have an issue with though in that revelation on Monday Night Raw he said the WWE gave him this and that & believed on him with this and that & whatever else he said in that promo & this is classic,  dude. This is politics 101 man, Hollywood for the ugly people: politicians. You know how governments are in deep controversy whether it’s your government or ours here in the US.

Deep controversies right, I mean so deep that it’s so damn wrong & nobody knows about it that stuff that is swept under or agreed upon in backrooms where only a few people know about meanwhile we, you & I are worried about what’s happening on America’s Got Talent. You know what I’m talking about? We’re so worried about what’s happening on American Idol & Colin Kaepernick knelling for the national anthem. You know what I’m talking about? Debating whether we should take a knee, or stand or squat over a theme song. You know what I’m talking about? The stuff that happens in backrooms that we have never, ever (Thank you, Jericho) hear about. Meanwhile NAFTA in some room somewhere is getting demolished, meanwhile immigration in America is being threatened, meanwhile citizens of the US, this country, need a damn passport to go from one state to another in yourown country, oh but that’s ok because Jay the Talking Dragon just reached the Finals on America’s Got Talent it’s ok though because that’s what we’re worried about. You get where I’m going now?

That anything positive happening gets so much damn attention it’s so blatant to hide something backhanded. It’s classic deflection dude. Oh no he didn’t, yes I did. It’s a classic deflection. Is anybody listening to me? We see this all the time mostly in our governments & news, but I wouldn’t put it past the WWE, I wouldn’t put it past Vince McMahon dude. Save your e-mails I don’t want them. I’ve seen this too much & I believe I see it right now in the WWE and what’s that saying: if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it ain’t no damn dog dude and the WWE using The Big Dog, Roman Reigns in my opinion to ease their public relations on this damn House of Saud deal. I’m not putting it past the WWE, I’m not putting it past Vince McMahon, not doing it and listen they can continue to monitor the situation which they’re still saying even though the report is out today, Thursday that they’re going on with the show.

The show must go on, right? They can continue to spot out that they’re monitoring the situation, they can continue to have their stupid ass qualification matches on Raw & Smackdown for this damn event. They continue to do that all they want. They can continue to think about whether they’re going or not & it still doesn’t make it right. They can continue to take the 20-50 Million Dollars per show out of that 10 year deal all they want, but when you try to deflect attention to cover things up, so you and I move on to something more positive in Roman Reigns battle against leukemia, his blood cancer that’s where I draw the line dude. Screw that. Roman Reigns battling leukemia & feeling sorry for this dude all of a sudden is supposed to make us forget about Saudi Arabia. Screw you. Him shooting promos in the ring & this is the most important part of the whole story, within that promo Roman Reigns on Monday Night Raw he goes on to say when he was 22 years old I didn’t have a job, nobody was there for me, but the WWE. The WWE was there for me man, the WWE’s a great company man. BS. Here’s the company that shoots out God bless America at every one of their big shows. Here’s a company that says during this re-hashed XFL from Vince McMahon stating that all the players all these damn fools are going to stand for the national anthem

Meanwhile, let’s go to Saudi Arabia where women just learned how to drive, they just started driving over there meanwhile you’re killing Washington Post Journalists they could care less what the hell their fans are saying in the wrestling industry. I don’t buy it at all & then that quarter 3 announcement that came out today. Did you hear about this? Vince McMahon was asked & I’ll get that damn audio & play it right here and listen I don’t care if we get another guest from the WWE. I don’t care & we’ve interviewed a lot. The Boobs & I have interviewed many WWE Superstars I don’t care if we get another one of them because it has to be said when the WWE comes out and says we’re doing this basically to better our bottom line so our money keeps flowing between the 50 Million they’re getting from the House of Saud, excuse me. Are you listening to me? Is anybody listening to me? To hell with you WWE, the hell with you and I said this a lot & nobody wins here. I said this week ago, a month ago, 2 months ago whenever the hell it was there’s no winning here.

There’s countless companies that said screw you, Saudi Arabia, WWE says bring it on & we’re supposed to be happy because Evolution is Sunday? Screw Evolution. We’re supposed to be happy for Crown Jewel because of Shane McMahon, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels. Screw them all. If they’re going over there, screw them all because they could care less. Get your 2 Million bucks thank you & continue to watch is that what you’re telling us, is that what you’re saying to us dude. They bring up, how many years has Roman Reigns been in the WWE? 6-7 years & we haven’t heard a damn thing about leukemia from NXT to the main roster we haven’t heard a damn thing about leukemia from Roman Reigns. How many Octobers the cancer month have gone by since Roman Reigns has been in the WWE we haven’t heard one damn thing from the dude, not one word from the organization. Wouldn’t that be positive, wouldn’t that be telling us that hey we have one of our own battling cancer, let’s celebrate how he’s defeating cancer every damn October, but it didn’t come up until Saudi Arabia until this debate about Saudi Arabia.

Let’s ease the tension let’s not have wrestling fans, WWE fans talking about Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia let’s not talk about that, lets everybody talk about leukemia & the battle of Roman Reigns and this blood cancer. BS dude. This is classic deflection, this is politics 101, this Hollywood for the ugly people, this is politics dude. Can you not see this? I’ll be the only one to say it because I don’t care. You can fool Dave Meltzer, you can deceive Mike Johnson, you can deceive all of them, Alvarez, you can deceive them all, not me dude. This is classic deflection I’m not buying it & I’m not saying the illness, I’m not downplaying the validity of leukemia in Roman Reigns, he may very well have it, I’m not saying he doesn’t. My issue is not with that. It’s the WWE using this illness to say hey stop talking about Saudi Arabia, stop talking about the House of Saud & start talking about Joe Anoai’s leukemia.

Q3 finances came out for WWE & Vince McMahon was asked: “What’s your thought process about continuing to go to Saudi Arabia where they just dismembered Jamal whatever the hell his last name is you try and pronounce it I’m not?” Oh, we’re not going to talk about that it’s a sensitive conversation & we’re not going to talk about that. I’ll bet because it would hurt your damn bottom line, that 20-50 Million Dollars that you get per show is going to hurt. Meanwhile, we should be focusing on the lighter things in life like Roman Reigns he’s battling leukemia, let’s stay positive for Roman Reigns. Hulk Hogan’s going over to Saudi Arabia now, he’s Mr. America right. Bullshit.

How many Octobers have we gone through since Roman Reigns has been in the WWE & not one damn word about blood cancer? 7 years, 6 years, whatever the hell it is you do the math I’m not very good. How many Octobers, how many cancer months have we been through since Joe has been in the E? How many feel-good moments did we miss out on celebrating a fighter of this blood cancer?  I don’t put it past this company one bit to spin, cover-up or deflect from this Saudi Arabia show Crown Jewel, November 2nd and again I’m not questioning the validity of this revelation on Monday Night Raw from Reigns they can go on all they want, but I’m not buying it too damn suspect for me. It’s too damn suspect for my liking after 18 years in radio, 18 years in political talk radio, sports radio, whatever, 18 years in radio, my career & more importantly political talk radio I know how to spin a story. I can see a story being spun, I can see a story being deflected, I can see it, I’ve seen it. Hollywood for the ugly people that’s what it is plain and simple.


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