PW 24/7 Recap: Roman Reigns & The Wellness Policy – 2/24/19



Nick Anthony: On Monday Night Raw we will finally see Roman Reigns after what about 4 months we will finally see Roman on WWE TV. Funny thing though for months after he had revealed to the world he had Leukemia something that neither Roman or WWE has never seen or mentioned that he had the cancer that Roman suffers from and of course in October when he made this announcement in the breast cancer awareness month why hadn’t WWE mentioned this before?

Now look or listen a lot of rumors have been going around on the internet that this is a work for WWE and the likes. It’s been going on all over the place. I’m going to to go a step further and say this is not a work for the WWE. Roman Reigns may or may not have cancer or leukemia whatever you want to call it, he may or may not have it, that’s not the argument here. For 4 months people have been griping and complaining about WWE using this as a work and before his appearance on Monday Night Raw to adress the audience I’m here to shock the world. I’m here to give my opinion on Roman Reigns and to get you to think about this. Why haven’t the WWE mentioned this leukemia before on Roman Reigns? We even did a whole shot on it back in October of 2018 on this very topic. Why haven’t WWE, why haven’t Roman Reigns came out before that he had leukemia and he was in remission. Why haven’t the WWE done this in as many Octobers that was the name of the show we talked about it. In as many Octobers he’s been in the WWE for nearly a decade & not one breast cancer awareness month has Roman Reigns came out & said he had leukemia. In as many Octobers. I mean Roman or Joe or whatever you’d like to call him. He’s been in WWE for nearly a decade dude and nothing, no word, nada about any of this cancer. In as many Octobers and wouldn’t this be a feel-good moment or a let’s cheer Roman moment for WWE. Who’s been attempting to put Roman over for as long as he’s been in as a singles competitor. This is a clear-cut feel-good moment for Roman Reigns and the WWE to get behind the dude. Who is desperatly trying to get him over with the fans, but let’s forget about that. Let’s forget about in as many Octobers and WWE not promoting that he’s in remission & he kicked the ass of leukemia. Let’s put that behind us for now, let’s go back even further, 11 years how long he’s been in “remission” back when Roman was in FCW that I’m sure would’ve known with all the screenings and the background checks that they do, wouldn’t Roman have said something about his cancer? Am I right or wrong? But still nothing from the WWE, to developmental in 2010, prior to that he played football for Edmonton and before that was drafted by the Vikings then went to the Jaguar and there’s not been one word from them or his college football days about leukemia or cancer.

Now listen I’m not saying he doesn’t have leukemia I don’t have access to his records and it’s his perogative, but come on. I think we’re getting Jesse Sulleyed here with Roman not one word from the WWE or NFL when the Jaguars let him go they mentioned a medical injury, but not any other details. Don’t you feel that when he announced leukemia was back ESPN would have done a 30 for 30 documentary & think we’re getting sulleyed. For those not catching on yet I think Roman got popped for the wellness policy which would have been his 3rd and they couldn’t let the golden boy be terminated. Roman was popped for an illegal substance and suspended him there is no leukemia, they couldn’t let him be put down again like in 2016 with the pharmacy ring, then during the Jon Bravo scandal into steroids that he didn’t get punished for. Rodriguez said Roman was a very down to earth person & discovery is one tried and true statement and disclosed everyone on his list & Roman was apart of it.

So let’s do the math in 2016 in Adderall was 30 days, 2017 Signature Pharmacy was the second infraction which would’ve been 60 days which wasn’t punished, the 3rd strike would have been termination, but WWE can & has allowed him to comeback. 3 infractions & you’re gone. He made the speech 10/22, we knew he was coming back 2/22, 4 months to the day which would put him in the crosshairs of a suspension, policy states he should be terminated, but it’s under WWE’s discretion. He may or may not have leukemia I don’t know, he’s had zero muscle loss, still looks the same, taking movie roles with The Rock regardless how long he’s in it.

Not one team or organization has mentioned it, so if he shows up on Raw and says he’s 83% or will be ready to go for Mania or Fastlane then we’ve been had. He should be at home taking care of himself, why would a man playing a blood cancer play an agressive sport like football even if the cancer was in remission, as aggressive as it is, he got popped for someothng and they swept it under the rug, he has a background of illegal substance abuse, he has that rap. So do we go along with leukemia speech back in October if there’s no record of it I’m crying foul, WWE should terminate Roman Reigns, if he comes to Raw and says he’s ready to come back and take back his Universal Title we’ve been had.

Do you put it past the WWE? I don’t Year long investigation in 2017 with Richard Rodriguez and nothing happend to Joe why? He was heading to Mania, he was too big? Let’s say you do have a history of leukemia and say it flared up & hell Roman’s not going to say anything because if they do terminate him he can go straight to AEW and just the name alone Cody & The Bucks would pick him up. I’m crying big time foul on this and you should too? At least think about it right? It does make you think a little bit right? I can’t be the only one. I can’t be the only one just thinking about this.