WWE WrestleMania XXXVI Night 2 Results – 4/5/20









WWE WrestleMania XXXVI Night 2 Results – 4/5/20
Orlando, Florida
WWE Performance Center
Commentary Team: Michael Cole, JBL, Tom Phillips & Byron Saxton



Nattie with an O’Connor Roll for a 2 count, Liv with a Matrix Evastion followed by a rollup for a 2 count, Butt-Butt, she goes for another, but Nattie evades, Nattie with a Slingshot Inverted Atomic Drop followed by a Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Nattie by Nature drops Liv on the apron, she sends Nattie back in, Snap Suplex, Romero Special, but Liv won’t submit, Liv with a rollup out of the corner for a 2 count, Liv catches Nattie with The Jersey Codebreaker, but only gets a near fall, Nattie with a Weelbarrow Facebuster for a near fall, Sharpshooter countered into a Small Package for a near fall, Liv with a Step-Up Enzugieri, Liv & Let Die countered, Liv with a Victory Roll, they trade flash pins, Liv ends up with the better of it & keeps Nattie down for the win


NXT Women’s Championship

Charlotte lights Rhea up with Chops, Rhea with a Yakuza Kick, Wrist-Clutch, she hits The Riptide, but only gets a near fall, Charlotte rolls to the floor, Rhea chases after her, Charlotte lures her into a trap, but Rhea drags her back to the floor, Charlotte sends her into the steps, Rhea with a Tumbleweed off the steps, back in the ring, Running dropkick, Rhea with a Vertical Suplex for a 2 count, Body Scissors & yanks at Charlotte’s hair, Charlotte tries to bridge back, but Rhea turns it into a pin, she knocks Charlotte to the apron, Charlotte avoids the Yakuza Kick and snaps it across the rope, she goes after Rhea’s knee, pair of Knee Breakers, Charlotte with a Yakuza Kick to the knee, Charlotte wraps the knee around the post repeatedly, Rhea pulls her leg back and slams Charlotte into the post, Charlotte with a Chop-Block, Scissor Stomps, she tries again, but Rhea with a rollup for a 1 count, Rhea with a Face Eraser, Cravate Knees, Heel Kick, Leaping Dropkick, she tries to pound the pain out of her knee, Trifecta of Short-Arm Lariats, she charges, but Charlotte drops her on the apron & kicks Rhea’s knee out, up top, but Rhea cuts her off, Electric Chair Sit-Out Facebuster for a near fall, Rhea up top, Missile Dropkick into a cover, but only gets a near fall, she again pounds the pain out of her knee, Yakuza Kick blocked, Chop-Block, Knee Stomp, Charlotte tries a Half Crab, but Rhea counters into The Kondo Clutch, Charlotte fights out & goes right back to the knee, Rhea blocks the Figure 4, Charlotte jumps into a Jackknife pin for a 2 count then switches to a Boston Crab, Rhea turns it into a pin, they trade flash pins, Rhea with a Yakuza Kick, but only gets a near fall, she sets Charlotte up top, Charlotte blocks and hits an Avalanche Gourdbuster, she turns around, Moonsault, but Rhea gets the feet up, Charlotte back up & hits a Spear for a near fall, Figure 4 countered into a Small Package for a near fall, Charlotte with a Figure 4, Rhea fights it, Charlotte bridges up into the Figure 8, Rhea fights as long as she can, but she taps, Charlotte has won the NXT Women’s Title



Black low-bridges Lashley, Yakuza Kick, Lashley avoids the Arihara Moonsault & hits an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex on the floor, he drives Black into the barricade, back in for a 2 count, Black blocks the Vertigo Suplex, up top, Lashley avoids the dive, Black rolls through, but Lashley catches him with a Snap Powerslam for a 2 count, Vertical Suplex for a 2 count, Lashley measures, Black counters the Murder-Death Spear with a Knee Lift, sweeps the legs, Sliding Knee, Lashley rolls to the floor, Black with the Arihara Moonsault, he sends Lashley back in, Lashley with a Running Crossbody then a Lariat for a 2 count, Lana up on the steps, Lashley looks for the Yokosuka Cutter, Lana wants the Murder-Death Spear instead, he goes for it, but Black is waiting & dims Lashley’s lights with Black Mass for the win


Lashley & Lana have words with each other afterwards


Dozer with an Avalanche, he goes for another Ziggler avoids it & hits a Superkick sending Dozer to the floor, Dolph rams Dozer into the post, back in for a 1 count, Dropkick for a 1 count, Dolph with an Inverted Neckbreaker then a Jumping Elbow Drop for a 2 count, Leaping DDT countered, Dozer Catapults Dolph into the turnbuckle, Dozer with a Fallaway Slam from the ring to the floor then tosses Dolph into the barricades, he posts Dolph, back in the ring, Pop-Up Compactor, Caterpillar, but Sonya is on the apron, Dolph with nut punt behind the ref’s back, Mandy Rose marches down to ringside, she slaps Sonya and throws her in the ring, ref is distracted with Sonya, Rose with a nut shot to Dolph, Dozer finishes Dolph with The Caterpillar Elbow Drop for the win


Rose celebrates with Dozer, she makes out in his arms

Last Man Standing Match

Orton comes from behind in track pants & a hoodie disguised as a cameraman and hits a RKO before the match starts, Edge is up to his feet & the match begins, Orton with a second RKO, Edge slides out of the ring at 9, Orton grabs the camera & smashes it on Edge & Edge is sent over the barricade, Edge back up at 7, they’re heading into the gym, Orton sends Edge face first into a table, Edge back up, Orton ties up Edge in some gym equipment and blast him back down, Edge back up at 6, Orton has a weight, Edge swings on the chin up bar with a Dropkick to send the weight into Orton, Edge sets Orton in an office chair, he uses the chinbar for momentum for a Seated Senton, Edge with a sliding sled with a Double Ax Handle, he tries to send Orton into the wall, but he reverses, he goes to impale Edge with the sled, but Edge evades, they’re heading into the production area, Edge sends Orton into a steel garage door, Orton back up at 6 & sent right back into the door, they’re back into the ring area, Orton sends Edge into the led board & launches him off into the barricade, Edge back up at 9, they’re heading into the hallways, into the main office area, Edge sends Orton into the giant steel desk and then into a framed ppv poster on the wall, Orton back up at 9, he sends Orton sliding onto the desk, Edge grabs onto the fence on the ceiling & hits an Elbow Drop onto Orton, Orton slams Edge into framed SummerSlam & Hell in a Cell posters and takes out the camera man, camera crew catches up with them in a storage area, Orton sent into a ladder, Orton throws away a pair of steel chairs & sends Edge into some steel steps that are stacked back there, Edge back up at 9, Edge launches a sandbag at Orton’s knee in the interview area, Orton back up at 7, Edge goes after Orton’s ribs after laying him out on a table, he climbs a ladder to the top of a storage area, Elbow Drop off the top of the storage area through a table, Orton back up at 6, Edge at 8, Orton’s shoulder is cut, Orton slams Edge’s face into the bed of a truck, Edge back up at 8, they climb on top of the truck, Orton with an Elevated DDT onto the bed of the truck, both men back up at 6, Edge climbs some anvil cases to the top of a semi trailer, Orton goes up after him, Orton looks for the Punt, but Edge pulls the trigger first hitting a Spear on top of the semi, Edge back up at 8, Orton at 9, Edge goes for another Spear, but Orton catches him with a RKO, Orton up at 7, Edge breaks the count but falls back down, Orton goes down and grabs the chairs from earlier and brings them to the top of the semi, Orton with a chair to the back of Edge, he sets Edge up for the Con-Chair-To, but Edge grabs Orton into the Kata-Gatame to bring Orton down, Edge tells the ref to stop counting, he thinks about it & knows what he must do, he’s regretful about it, but knows what has to be done & delivers the Con-Chair-To to Orton to keep him down for the full 10 count to win it


Raw Tag Team Championship

Dawkins with a Spinning Stinger Splash, Theory sends him to the floor, Garza with a Superkick, Garza with a Running Knee followed by the pants rip, Dropkick for a 2 count, Theory with a Barrel Roll Dropkick for a 2 count, Dawkins blocks a Superkick, Ford with a Leaping Lariat, Standing Moonsault for a 2 count, DDT, but Theory makes the save, Ford wipes out both Theory & Dawkins with a Tope con Hilo, Garza wipes out everyone with a Moonsault, Cero de la Silla for a near fall, Wing Clipper blocked, Theory with a Superkick, ATL connects but Ford breaks it up with The Cash-Out & pulls Dawkins on top of Theory to retain


Theory, Garza & Vega triple team Ford, but Bianca Belair (Ford’s wife) makes the save & hits Vega with the KOD, the Profits hoist Belair up on their shoulders

Smackdown Women’s Championship

Bayley with a Running Knee to Lacey, Sasha & Bayley with a double cover on Lacey for a 2 count, Naomi & Lacey with Stereo Dropkicks on Bayley & Sasha, stereo covers for 2 counts, Naomi with a Small Package on Lacey for a 2 count, Tamina runs through everybody, Running Butt-Butts to Naomi & Lacey, one foot cover on Sasha for a 2 count, she tries it on Naomi for a 2 count, cover on Bayley for a 2 count, Tamina wit a Superkick to Sasha, Naomi counters a Powerslam into a Standing Diamond Dust, double cover on Tamina for a 2 count, Sasha with a Tiger Feint Kick, Bayley with a Diving Elbow Drop, Sasha with a From Splash, Lacey with a Double Jump Turn Around Moonsault, Naomi with a Split-Legged Moonsault, they all pile on top of Tamina to eliminate her

Bayley with multiple covers on Naomi for 2 counts, Naomi with a Double Sunset Flip on Sasha & Bayley for a 2 count, Rear View countered, Rear View to Sasha, Full Nelson Bomb into Feel the Glow, but Bayley breaks it, Lungblower into the Bank Statement & Naomi taps out

They’re all over Lacey, Bayley goes for a Running Knee, Lacey avoids it & Bayley hits Sasha, Lacey & Bayley trade flash pins, Bayley with a Running Knee for a 2 count, Sasha gets in Bayley’s face, Bayley shoves Sasha out of the way, Bayley blocks, but Lacey dims Sasha’s lights with The Woman’s Right for the elimination

Bayley with a series of Elbow Drops for a 2 count, Bayley posts Lacey into a cover for a 2 count, Bayley goes after the arm, she ties up the right arm with the tag rope, Lacey with a boot and frees herself, Ax Kick, Handstand into a Seated Senton, a second time, Double Jump Turnaround Moonsault connects, but only gets a near fall, she looks for the kill, Sasha is back, Lungblower then Bayley finishes Lacey with The Rose Plant to retain


Sasha looks at the belt then gives it to Bayley

Firefly Fun House Match

Bray says Cena’s about to face his most dangerous opponent himself

Cena is suddenly in the Fun House, Ramblin Rabbit tells Cena that Bray went through the door, but to be careful

He enters the door into darkenss only to be confronted by devil Vince that asks if he has enough Ruthless Agression to succeed, he tells him to show him or he’s fired

Bray is in the ring & in the place of Kurt Angle, Cena comes out in his old bright Prototype trunks, Bray ducks the slap that Cena gave Angle, he says he’s living Cena’s biggest failure and then sings the Bella’s theme

We head to Saturday Night’s Main Event?

Bray has become Hogan & Cena is his tag partner, with Cena constantly lifting dumbbells complete with 80’s style music. Bray asks Cena what’s he gonna do then tosses Cena

Cena arrives in Thuganomics era, but he can only talk in rhymes, he says Bray has blown every chance, Bray say he earned everything, but still it’s taken from him, he calls Cena a bully, he takes weaknesses of others & turns them into jokes

he charges Bray, but he teleports & has Cenas chain & padlock & decks Cena

Bray is back to cult Bray, he says Cena was supposed to be a man of the people then why wasn’t he listening. They wanted him, it was supposed to be prophecy fulfilled instead it was his grandest failure & now he re-writes his own story.

He charges Cena, but Cena blocks Sister Abigail, Bray says it’s not enough to end it, but the chair is, 6 years ago he made the wrong choice and tells him to fix it, Cena swings

Now we’re in Nitro?

Bray in a Wolfpac nWo shirt & introduces the coolest guy on earth, John Cena in black & white nWo while Rockhouse plays. Cena Spears Bray and ground and pound as Cena Sucks chants are spread in & Cena sees he’s been beating Huskus

The Fiend is behind him, Mandible Claw, the words from smackdown are replayed, saying the match would accomplish what it was supposed to 6 years ago: ending the most over-hyped Superstar in history which is now himself. Sister Abigail, Manible Claw back on & Bray counts Cena down then Cena fades away as Bray delcares to let him in


WWE Championship

McIntyre strikes with a Claymore Kick quick, but only gets a near fall, Brock evades a second & hits a Release German Suplex, a 2nd, 3rd, F-5 connects, but only gets a 1 count, a second F-5, but only a 2 count this time, 3rd F-5 connects, but again only a 2 count, Brock is beyond angry, Drew blocks a 4th F-5, Claymore Kick, another, & a 4th Claymore Kick connects & he’s done it