WWE Survivor Series Results – 11/24/19







WWE Survivor Series Results – 11/24/19
Chicago, Illinois
Allstate Arena
Commentary Team: Vic Joseph, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, Michael Cole, Corey Grave, Nigel McGuinness, Beth Phoenix, Byron Saxton & Aiden English

HBK announces Team NXT: Damian Priest, Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, Tommaso Ciampa & WALTER

Tri-Branded Tag Team Battle Royal:

OC, Revival, Forgotten Sons, Glorious Showoffs, Street Profits, Hawkins & Ryder, Breezango, Lucha House Party, Imperium & Heavy Machinery are the teams in this

Cutler gets dumped and the Sons are gone

Lince is thrown out, LHP are gone

Ryder dumped out on top of Hawkins they’re both gone

Roode knocks Aichner off & Imperium are gone

Revival & OC dump out Dozer to eliminate Machinery

Revival sends Breeze out and Breezango & NXT are gone

Profits with Double Dropkicks eliminate the Revival

Roode low-bridges Gallows then Dolph eliminates him with a Superkick to take out OC

Double R Spinebuster on Dawkins, Ziggler with a Superkick, but Dawkins ducks and hits Roode, Profits go for The Prophecy, but Roode hangs up Montez, he holds on and hits The Prophecy, but Roode dumps out Montez, Showoffs win it for Smackdown


NXT Cruiserweight Championship

Tozawa with a rollup on Kalisto for a 2 count, Rush with an O’Connor Roll on Tozawa for a 2 count, Rush with a Handspring Double Back Elbow, cover on Tozawa for a 2 count, Tozawa with Doi 555 then a Sliding Knee for a near fall, up top, Rush cuts him off, Kalisto going up as well, but Rush turns it into a Double Avalanche Rush Hour, Rush with a barrage of strikes, Tozawa with a Snap German Suplex, but Kalisto breaks it up and jumps into a Jackknife pin for a near fall, Salida del Sol using Tozawa as a launch pad, but Tozawa breaks it with a Shining Wizard, Tozawa hits the Senton Bomb, but Kalisto makes the save, Salida del Sol on Tozawa, but upon the landing Rush is up top & hits The Final Hour to retain and puts NXT on the board



Hanson blocks the Big Ending, KOR with Muay Thai Knees to E, Rowe slams Hanson on top of Fish, Kofi with a Penalty Kick to KOR, E into a cover for a 2 count, Fish with an Elevated Dragon Screw, KOR with a Knee Drop to the knee then an Achilles Lock, but Hanson breaks it up, Rowe with an Exploder Suplex to E, KOR avoids the Spear Suicida, Fish takes out Kofi’s leg, Rowe Slams Hanson off the apron onto reDRagon & New Day, back in the ring, Fish with a Chop-Block to Rowe, Fish goes after Rowe’s knee, KOR with a barrage of Shoteis and knees, Hanson with a Spinning Powerslam on KOR then a Spinkick of Doom on E, Hanson up top, rolls through, Shotgun Knees to Fish, Rowe goes to drive Hanson into Fish, but KOR pulls him out, New Day with a Doomsday Double Stomp on Rowe, but Hanson makes the save, E sends Kofi into reDRagon, then wipes out Rowe with the Spear Suicida, East Ten Mile to E, Decapitation on E, but E rolls to the floor, KOR ducks Trouble in Paradise and Kofi hits the post, Total Elimination on Kofi, Ax & Smash on Rowe then Fish follows with an Exploder Suplex, Hanson avoids Total Elimination and hits a Handspring Double Back Elbow, then they finish KOR with Thor’s Hammer on top of Fish & Raw’s on the board


Women Survivor Series Match

Logan with Off with Her Head on Storm, but doesn’t go for the cover, she slams Cross down, and tries covers on both for 2 count, Storm with a Double German Suplex, Io blocks the Sliding D and hits a Basement Dropkick, Kairi blocks the Butterfly Backbreaker and hits a Tokyo Slam, but Dana makes the save, Handspring back Elbow, Senton Atomico, cover on Kairi for a near fall, Handspirng basement Superkick, Lace into a cover for a 2 count, Candice starts a Violence Party, Step-Up Senton on Asuka, Tornado Sit-Out Facebuster on Lacey for a near fall, Asuka with a Juji-Gamte on Ripley, but Belair makes the save, Nattie by Nature, Cylone Neckbreaker, Princess Kick, Lungblower

docs come out to check on Io & Candice, they’re helped to the back

Belair with a rollup on Cross and has her feet on the ropes & Ripley adding more leverage to eliminate Cross

Princess Kick countered into the KOD, but Carmella rolls to the floor, Belair with a Handspring Moonsault, but Nattie makes the save, Belair up top & hits the 450 Splash to eliminate Logan

Carmella with a rollup on Charlotte for a near fall, Princess Kick, Charlotte answers back with a Queen’s Boot, Belair with a rollup for a near fall, Queen’s Boot to Belair, up top, but Carmella cuts her off, Handstand Hurricanrana, but Charlotte deadlifts her up, Carmella’s able to take her down with the Rana, she tries multiple pins for a near fall, Princess Kick to Belair for a near fall, Natural Selection connects to eliminate Carmella

Storm with a headbutt to Kairi, she answers back with a Uraken, up top & hits The InSane Elbow, Sasha breaks it up with a Meteora and eliminates Kairi

Asuka with a Spinning Heel Kick eliminates Brooke

Asuka gets into a shoving match with Charlotte, Charlotte blocks the Woman’s Right, Asuka spits Green Mist into Charlotte’s face and walks out, Woman’s Right drops Charlotte for the elimination

Nattie with a rollup on Lacey for a near fall, Nattie by Nature to Storm, rollup Lacey for the elimination

Nattie blocks Storm Zero & locks in the Sharpshooter, Sasha adds The Bank Statement & Toni taps out for the elimination

Hart Attack on Belair for the elimination

Sasha decks Nattie and pins her to eliminate Team Raw

Ripley with a Face Eraser then a Running Boot for a near fall, Sasha with a Running Meteora, up to the second, Diving Meteora connects, but only gets a near fall, she goes for another dive, but Ripley kicks her out of the air for a near fall, Ripley with the Elevated Kondo Clutch, but she counters and turns it into the Bank Statement, Candice & Io are back, Sasha takes them out with a Baseball Slide, Ripley drives Sasha into the apron, back in the ring, Wrist-Clutch, Riptide blocked, Candice distracts the ref, Io with a Springboard Dropkick then Ripley finishes Sasha with The Riptide to win it for NXT



Roddy with a Cradle Backbreaker on AJ then a Pendulum Backbreaker on Nakamura, Baseball Slide takes out Nakamura, Roddy looks for the Backbreaker on the apron, but AJ holds on & hits a Sliding Knee, AJ looks for a Springboard, but Nakamura hangs him up and hits Ultimate Knees, Jumping Knee Drop, but Roddy breaks the cover, Running Knee Lift to AJ, Death by Roderick for a 2 count, Atlantis Special dropped across the ribs, AJ grabs a Sleeper on Roddy, Roddy fights out, Step-Up Knee on AJ, Cradle Backbreaker on Nakamura, barrage of Forearms on AJ, Cloud Nine for a near fall, End of Heartache blocked, Styilin DDT blocked, Roddy with a Monkey Flip on AJ & Nakamura with a Thrust Kick for a near fall, Ax Kick followed by a Sliding Knee on Roddy, but AJ makes the save, Inverted DDT on Nakamura for a 2 count, Styles Clash blocked, Calf Crusher blocked, Ushi-Goroshi for a near fall, Styles Clash broken by a Sick Kick, Zayn pulls out Nakamura, Olympic Slam holds on & hits a Gibson Driver for a near fall, Nakamura looks for the Tower of Doom, Roddy fights him off, Doomsday Thrust Kick on Roddy, but AJ makes the save, Nakamura looks for the kill, but AJ grabs his leg, Zayn throws AJ into the steps, Roddy with a Knockout Knee for a near fall, End of Heartache blocked, Nakamura with a Go to Sleep, he looks for the kill, but AJ blockes it, AJ ducks the Knockout Knee, Inverted Exploder on AJ, Kinshasa hits, but AJ makes the save, Roddy rolls to the floor, Nakamura with a Pinwheel Kick, AJ answers with a Pele Kick, Leaping Knee off the second, Landslide connects for a near fall, Nakamura looks for the kill, AJ blocks, Styles Clash blocked, Phenomenal Forearm connects, Roddy dumps AJ to the floor and picks the bones of Nakamura for the win & NXT goes up 3-1-1


NXT Championship

Dunne goes right after the fingers, he goes after the left wrist and stomps the elbow, he stomps the injured elbow on the steel steps, up to the second, Cole with a Superkick to the injured knee, Dropkick to the knee, Dunne hits the X Plex, Stomps to the hands, Buzzsaw Kick, Sit-Out Powerbomb for a 2 count, Dunne with a Triangle Moonsault to the floor, Cole fakeout & hits a Superkick to the knee, Dunne takes down Cole up top, Moonsault, but Cole gets the knees up, Shining Wizard for a near fall, up to the second, Dunne avoids it, Cole with a Pump Kick, Dunne answers with a Larat, Cole strikes first and hits The Kneecap Brainbuster for a near fall, Dunne ducks the Last Shot, Juji-Gatame, but Cole stacks him up for a 2 count, Dunne with a Wrist-Clutch & hits The Bitter End, but only gets a near fall, barrage of Shoteis, Cole with a Jumping Enzugiri, Dunne with a Step-Up Enzugiri, Backflip, but Cole hits him with a Superkick in mid flip, but only gets a near fall, up to the second, Dunne blasts him with a Forearm, Falcon Arrow for a near fall, Cole with a Jumping Enzugiri to the back of the knee, Cole with the Panama Sunrise on the apron, Cole rolls back in at 6, Dunne back in right before 10, Cole with a Basement Superkick for a near fall, Dunne lost his mouthguard and goes for it, but Cole stops him, Dunne grabs him & snaps the fingers, Bitter End countered into a Panama Sunrise then hits The Last Shot to retain


Universal Championship

Bryan with a Corner Dropkick, Shoot Kicks, another Dropkick, he tries another, Fiend with a Lariat, ground and pound, Running Headbutt, he shoves Bryan into the barricade then posts Bryan, Running Senton, he shouts at Bryan to remember him, back into the ring, Sambo Suplex, tongue comes out of the mask before hurling Bryan with a Tossing Suplex, he unscrews Bryan’s head laughing along the way, Bryan rolls to the floor, Fiend charges, but Bryan avoids and the Fiend sends him into the steps, Tope Suicida, but Fiend catches him, Sister Abigail blocked, Running Knee off the apron, up top, Diving Splash to the floor, back in the ring, Missile Dropkick, Fiend is back up, Bryan with another Missile Dropkick, Fiend back up, another Missile Dropkick, nip up, Shoot Kicks, Buzzsaw Kick connects, but Fiend is right back up, more Shoot Kicks, another Buzzsaw, Fiend is back up & laughing and tells Bryan to come on, barrage of Shoot Kicks, Buzzsaw, You’re Going to Get Your Fucking Head Kicked In Stomps, yes chants, Busaiku Knee connects, but only gets a 2 count, Fiend is right back up, he throws Bryan down and has the Mandible Claw, Bryan turns it into a Juji-Gatame over the rope, he breaks at 4, up top,Fiend cuts him off with right hand, Sister Abigail countered into a rollup for a near fall, Busaiku Knee countered into The Mandible Claw and puts Bryan down and pins him to retain


Men’s Survivor Series Match

Braun Dropkicks Seth & Ciampa down, WALTER & McIntyre go after Braun, WALTER levels Drew with a Big Boot then hits a Seated Senton, Shotgun Dropkick to Braun, Drew eliminates WALTER with The Claymore Kick

Priest with a Rolling Elbow then a Forearm, Tornado Kick to Drew, Gable with a Moonsault on Priest, Ankle Lock on Ricochet, but he giths out, Chaos Theory to Ricochet, Riddle with an Ankle Lock on Gable, but he turns it into one of his own, Riddle escapes, Owens has a choice and hits a Frog Splash on Gable to eliminate him

Roman & Corbin get into a shouting match, Superkick to Roman, Corbin blocks a Stunner, Superkick on Corbin, Cannonball on Roman on the floor, Stunner on Corbin, Willow’s Bell on Owens for the elimination

Ciampa sees Orton stalking him, Ciampa blocks the RKO and sends Orton to the floor, Orton blocks Willow’s Bell, Orton sends Ciampa into the barricade, Back Suplex on the apron, Garvin Stomp, RKO on Ciampa but Priest tagged in, Reckoning countered into the RKO for the elimination

Riddle rolls up Orton for the elimination

Orton strikes with a RKO on Riddle, Corbin picks the bones for the elimination

Braun goes to the floor & The Shoulder Block Express is on the tracks, he goes for another trip, but Lee with a Pounce and both men are down, Drew with a Claymore Kick to Braun, Braun is counted out for the elimination

Ricochet with a 630, Lee avoids it, but Corbin hits End of Days to eliminate Ricochet

Ali with a Leaping Tornado DDT on Seth, Tope Suicida on Corbin, Seth & Ciampa, he sends Seht back in, Ali posts Ciampa and Superkick, Corbin pulls out Ali, he shoves Corbin and slides back in to a Blackout for the elimination

Drew with an Inverted Concrete Slam on Ciampa for a near fall, he looks for the kill, but Roman breaks Drew in half with a Spear for the elimination

Seth with a rollup on Roman for a near fall, Leaping Enzugiri, he looks for a dive, but Roman with a right hand, Drive-By, Willow’s Bell on Roman, Fairy Tale Ending blocked & Roman hits a Superman Punch, Corbin says Roman’s dead weight, Roman with a Superman Punch to Corbin & breaks him in half with a Spear, Ciampa into a cover to eliminate Corbin

Seth dumps Ciampa to the floor, he takes apart the announce table, they looks for a Shield style Double Powerbomb, but Lee makes the save, back in the ring, Ciampa with a Running Knee, Project Ciampa, but only gets a near fall, Fairy Tale Ending blocked, Avada Kedavra, another, Blackout avoided, Seth off the middle, Ciampa counters, Fairy Tale Ending stopped with a Superman Punch, then a Blackout to eliminate Ciampa

Lee with a Slingshot Double Crossbody, Super Nova blocked, Avada Kedavra, up top, Frog Splash connects, but only gets a near fall, Super Nova eliminates Seth & Raw is gone

Roman with a pair of Superman Punches, but only gets the nearest of near falls, Roman looks for the kill, howl, Lee counters the Spear into a Spirit Bomb for a near fall, up to the second, Doomsault evaded & cuts Lee in half with a Spear to eliminate Lee & win it for Smackdown, it’s Raw 1 NXT 3 Smackdown 2


Lee gives a bow, Roman offers a fist bump & Keith Lee reciprocates

WWE Championship

Rey is going with what I’m assuming is a homage to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker (the color scheme seems to match anyway)

Rey grabs his pipe as soon as the bell rings, Brock backs up, he goes after Brock, but Brock lures him into the ring and hits a Lariat and holds the pipe down, then sends Rey to the floor, Brock hurls him over the Spanish announce table, Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex on the Spanish table cover, he stomps the cover into Rey then drives him hard into the post, Brock stops to tie his boots, Rey sends Brock into the post, but stops Rey before he could get the pipe, Release German Suplex on the pipe, another Release German, he kicks the pipe to Rey, a 3rd Release German, Dominik is in the ring with a towel, Brock grabs the towel and throws it out of the ring, he grabs Dom, Rey with nut shot, Dom with a nut shot, lead pipe assault, Double 619, Double Frog Splash, they both pile on Brock, but he still kicks out, both men back up top, Release German Suplex to Dom, Rey goes for a dive, but Brock catches him with a F-5 in mid-air to retain


With the points as they are only 2 outcomes are possible now: either Smackdown ties it up, or NXT wins, even if Raw wins this match, they can not win Survivor Series


Baszler with a ground and pound on Bayley, they battle on the floor, Lynch with a Thrust Kick off the apron, back in the ring, Flying Forearm to Bayley for a 2 count, Bayley with a Mat Slam, but Lync bridges out, up top, but Bayley throws her off the top, Sunset Bomb in the turnbuckle, but Baszler breaks the pin, she sends Bayley into the turnbuckle, Bayley tops the Reality Check Stomp, barrage of Forearms to Shayna for a 2 count, Baszler with a stomp to the elbow, Step-Up Knee to Bayley, Bayley slams Lynch’s face into the mat repeatedly for a 2 count, Hip Drops for a 2 count, Elevated Neckbreaker, but Baszler makes the save, Bexploder to Bayley, one for Baszler, DDT/Inverted DDT combo, cover on Bayley for a 2 count, up top, Dublin Jam, but Baszler makes the save, Bayley with a rollup for a 2 count and goes right into the Dis-Arm-Her, but Baszler breaks it with a Knee then a Gutwrench Slam, Bayley with a Sliding Knee on Baszler for a near fall, Bayely to Belly for a near fall, Running Knee, Baszler with a ground and pound, Suplex for a 2 count, Bayley with a Running Crossbody takes them both out, Baszler drives Bayley into the corner, up top, Bayley fights her off, Kirifuda Clutch, but Becky breaks it & hits a Powerbomb out of the corner on Baszler for a near fall, Dis-Arm-Her countered into the Kirifuda Clutch, Lynch sends her into Bayley, rollup for a near fall, back to the Dis-Arm-Her, Baszler fights out, Kirifuda Clutch, but Bayley hangs her in the rope, Baszler posts Bayley then sends Lynch into the barricade, Jumping Knee then posts Lynch, then into the steps, into the announce table, Canadian Backbreaker Slam on the announce table on Lynch, Kirifuda Clutch on Bayley, she turns it into a pin for a near fall, Baszler turns it back into the clutch, Bayley fights out, she goes for the Elbow Drop, but Baszler catches her with The Kirifuda Clutch, Bayley fights and holds on as long she could, but has to tap out


NXT has won Survivor Series with 4 wins, Smackdown 2 wins & Raw 1 win

Baszler gloats over Lynch on the announce table, but Becky takes Shayna’s legs out and throws her into the German announce table, onto the barricade, Dublin Jam through the German announce table & Lynch stands tall as the show ends