WWE Royal Rumble Results – 1/27/19










Royal Rumble Results – 1/27/19
Phoenix, Arizona
Chase Field
Commentary Team: Michael Cole, Renee Young, Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Cory Graves, Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, Aiden English, Jerry Lawler, JBL & Beth Phoenix


Gable with a Monkey Flip on Dawson for a 2 count, Sunset Flip for a 2 count, Crossbody for a 2 count, Dawson with a Northern Lights Suplex for a 2 count, Rezar with a ground & pound for a 2 count, Gable with a Juji-Gatame over the rope on Rezar, Double R Spinebuster on Dawson, Blockbuster on Rezar, Dawson with an O’Connor Roll for a near fall, Rezar holds Roode for Dawson, but Dawson hits Rezar by mistake, the Champs finish Dawson with The Rude Awakening/Moonsault combo for the win


US Championship

Rusev with a Heel Kick for a 2 count, Running Elbow Drop for a 2 count, Nakamura with the Running Knee Lift in the corner for a 2 count, Rusev with a Spinning Wheel Kick for a 2 count, Rusev wanted a dive, but Nakamura cuts him off with a Leaping Kick, back in the ring, Rusev with a Roundhouse Kick for a 2 count, Accolade blocked, Nakamura with a Pinwheel Kick, Ax Kick, Sliding Knee for a near fall, he looks for the kill, Rusev strikes first with a Machka Kick, but Nakamura ducks, Rusev with a Polish Hammer, Machka Kick, Catatonic, Rusev looks to end it, but Nakamura grabs him with a Triangle Choke, he switches to a Juji-Gatame then back to a Triangle, Rusev powers him up, Nakamura switches to a Front Guillotine Choke, but Rusev powers out into a Suplex for a near fall, Nakamura hangs Rusev on the turnbuckle & hits The Landslide for a near fall, he exposes the turnbuckle as Lana yells at him, Nakamura gets in his face, Rusev charges, but Shinsuke avoids it & Rusev hits Lana, Rusev his concerned with his wife & Nakamura strikes with The Kinshasa to win the US Title


They announce a 6 Man Tag Match during the Superbowl called Halftime Heat: Velveteen Dream, Aleister Black & Ricochet vs Adam Cole & The Dark DIY

Cruiserweight Championship

Kalisto, Tozawa & Murphy trade flash pins for 1 counts, Tozawa with a La Christo, but Kalisto breaks it, Kalisto with a dive off the apron, but Murphy catches him with a Running Suplex, Itami wants Murphy in the ring, they trade Football Kicks then Shoteis, Murphy looks for a Powerbomb on Kalisto, but Tozawa with a Tope Suicida though Itami’s legs on Kalisto sending Murphy into the barricade with a Hurricanrana, Itami tries covers on the others for 2 count, Kalisto with a Rolling Death Valley Bomb on Itami for a 2 count, Murphy Lawndarts Kalisto into Itami, Tozawa with a Backdrop Driver on Murphy then a Shining Wizard for a 2 count, up top, but Itami crotches him, he looks for Go to Sleep, but Akira blocks it & hits a Bullet Tope, Murphy Backdrops Kalisto onto the other 2, then flies onto all 3 with a Tope con Hilo, he sends Kalisto back in, Kalisto with a Frankendriver in the rope for a near fall, Murphy with a Cheeky Nandos Kick then a Sit-Out Powerbomb, but Tozawa makes the save, Tozawa with a Poisoned Frankensteiner on Murphy, Itami sends Akira to the floor, but Kalisto with a La Magistral for a near fall, Salida del Sol, but only a near fall on Itami, Rolling Listo Kick ducked, Tozawa with a Tornado Kick to Kalisto, Murphy with CQC Strikes, Knee Strike, Go to Sleep blocked, Go to Sleep Mk II blocked, Murphy with a Kamigoye then finishes Itami with Murphy’s Law to retain


Smackdown Women’s Championship

(Why is this going on so early you may ask? Well I’m going on record right now that whoever loses this will win the Women’s Rumble, so to pull double duty you kind of have to do this early to give them time to recover before the Rumble)

They battle it out on the floor, Asuka sends Lynch shoulder first into the led board, Becky with an Exploder Suplex against the barricade, back in the ring for a 2 count, Suplex for a 2 count, Becky goes to work on the left arm, Asuka deflects a kick & hits a Rolling Solebut, Asuka Lock in the ropes, Lynch avoids a charge & locks the Dis-Arm-Her in the tunbuckle, up to the second and looks for a Forearm, but Asuka with a Knee Strike in mid-air, Running Butt-Butt, Uraken, Crescent Kick then a Release German Suplex, Billiken for a near fall, Lynch with a Wrist-Clutch Sambo Suplex she calls it The Lass Ride for a near fall, Asuka grabs Becky with a Juji-Gatame and switches to the Asuka Lock, but Lynch makes it to the rope, Asuka with a Rapid-Fire Forearms to the back of the neck, Becky blocks a German Suplex off the apron to the floor, Asuka blocks an Exploder, Fisherwoman Buster off the apron to the floor, back in the ring with a Sliding Kick for a near fall, barrage of Shoteis, Uraken ducked, Dis-Arm-Her blocked, Asuka with a Spinning Heel Kick for a near fall, Lynch with an Avalanche Exploder Suplex for a near fall, Becky up top, Asuka avoids The Dublin Jam, Asuka Lock, Becky fights, Asuka switches to the Dis-Arm-Her, Becky fights out and locks The Asuka Lock on, Asuka fights out, Becky with the Dis-Arm-Her, Asuka fights out, O’Connor Roll for a near fall, Asuka with Belly to Belly into the Asuka Lock, Becky fights it, Asuka bridges into Cattle Mutilation (Bryan’s old indy finisher) & Becky taps out


Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Shane Spears Sheamus right out of the gate, Miz with a La Magistral on Cesaro for a 1 count, Skull-Crushing Finale blocked, Shane sets up Cesaro on the announce table, Miz holds him in place, but Sheamus posts Miz, Shane with a Diving Crossbody on Sheamus, Cesaro with a Rolling Swiss Uppercut on Shane then sends him into the barricade, Double Irish Curse on Miz for a near fall, Sheamus with a Diving Knee for a 2 count, Sheamus rips Miz’s Miz & Mac jersey and delivers Ten Beats of the Bodhran, Cesaro into a cover for a 2 count, Cesaro with a Double Ax Handle on Miz for a 2 count, Shane avoids The Brogue Kick, Wrap-Around DDT for a 2 count, Shane stacks The Bar in the corner, he goes Coast to Coast, but Cesaro catches him in mid-leap for the Giant Swing, he tries the Sharpshooter, but Shane turns it into a Triangle Choke, Cesaro with a Deadlift, but falls, Sheamus breaks it with a Diving Kneedrop, Sheamus avoids a Wreckingball Dropkick and drops Miz, Spike White Noise, but only a near fall, Miz shoves Cesaro in front of a Brogue Kick, Skull-Crushing Finale on Sheamus, Shane finishes Cesaro with a Shooting Star Press to win the Tag Titles


Raw Women’s Championship

Ronda goes for Three Amigas, Sasha counters the 3rd into a Lungblower, but Rousey counters The Bank Statement she goes for the arm, Ronda with body blows on the floor, but punches the post, Sasha with a Tope Suicida, Running Meteora for a 2 count, Japanese Strangle Hold, Ronda fights out, she charges, but Sasha catches her with a boot, Ronda with a Running Elbow for a 2 count, Sasha with Double Knees to the arm then a Running Knee Strike for a 2 count, Ronda avoids a Running Metora, Piper’s Pit countered into a Rings of Saturn & twists away at Ronda’s fingers ala Pete Dunne, Ronda tries to fight out, Sasha switches to The Bank Statment, she uses the ropes to flip back to the center, Ronda comes out and hits Piper’s Pit, Juji-Gatame over the rope, up top, but Sasha meets her, Banks with a Knee Strike then a Superplex for a 2 count and goes back to work on the arm, she locks on a Kimura, but Ronda turns it into a slam for a 2 count, Trifecta of Ushi-Goshis, Sasha kicks Ronda to the floor, Tope Suicida, but Ronda catches her and locks on the Omoplata Armbar on the floor, back in the ring with body blows, but Sasha fights back as well, Ronda with another Ushi-Goshi, Step-Up Knee for a near fall, Sasha sends Ronda into the turnbuckle, Slinghsot Stomp to the arm, Lungblower countered, Sasha slips out of the Omoplata, Piper’s Pit countered into a flash pin for a near fall, Bank Statement, she uses part of her attire to gag Ronda, then goes back to the Rings of Saturn and twists on the fingers, Ronda deadlifts up, Gutwrench Suplex then finishs Sasha with Piper’s Pit to retain as Banks wouldn’t tap to Rousey on this night


Sasha came back to shake Ronda’s hand then held up the Four Horsewomen symbol in front of Ronda’s face before leaving

Women’s Royal Rumble Match:

It’s going to be Lacey Evans & Natalya to start off

#3 Mandy Rose
#4 Liv Morgan

Liv charges Nattie, but she Backdrops Morgan to the floor for the firs elimination

#5 Mickie James
#6 Ember Moon
#7 Billie Kay
#8 Nikki Cross
#9 Peyton Royce
#10 Tamina

Tamina eliminates Mickie with a Superkick

#11 Xia Li
#12 Sarah Logan

IIconics dumps Cross to the floor for the elimination

#13 Charlotte Flair

Lacey with a Dropkick eliminates both of the IIconics
Queen’s Boot eliminates Xia

#14 Kairi Sane

Charlotte eliminates Tamina with a Lariat
Kairi & Nattie eliminates Logan

#15 Maria Kanellis
#16 Naomi

Naomi with a Roundhouse Kick then dumps Rose to the floor for the elimination
Naomi leaps from the barricade to the steps, but Rose pulls her down for the elimination
Charlotte eliminates Lacey with a Queen’s Boot

#17 Candice LeRae
#18 Alicia Fox

Fox eliminates Maria

#19 Kacy Catanzaro
#20 Zelina Vega (coming out as Street Fighter’s Vega complete with claw)
#21 Ruby Riott

Ruby tosses out Fox after the rest of her Squad did the damage on the floor, then do the same to Candice

#22 Dana Brooke

Riott dumps out Kairi for the elimination

#23 Io Shirai
#24 Rhea Ripley

Ripley tosses Catanzaro out with a Gourdbuster for the elimination

#25 Sonya Deville

Ripley eliminates Dana with a Dropkick, Vega is hiding under the ring until Hornswoggle spooks her back into the ring, Ripley tosses out Vega as Swoggle chases Vega to the back

#26 Alexa Bliss

Bliss eliminates Sonya with a right hand

#27 Bayley

Bayley elimiantes Riott with a Lariat then takes Ripley out with a Backdrop

#28 Lana tries to get in, but after twisting her ankle earlier she’s having a hard time making it as trainers check on her

#29 Nia Jax, Jax attacks the injured Lana’s ankle

Jax tosses out Shirai for the elimination, then throws Nattie to the floor

#30 Carmella, officials are still with Lana

Becky Lynch says she’ll take Lana’s slot, it takes convincing, but Fit Finlay gives her the go ahead

Lynch goes right after Jax as Nia has a receipt coming, Bliss looks for the Snap DDT on the apron, but Moon blocks, Alexa eliminates Moon with the Nodwa Otoshi, Carmella & Bayley eliminate Bliss, Queen’s Boot eliminates Carmella, Queen’s Boot while to Bayley while on Jax shoulder eliminates Bayley, Lynch pulls Jax off the apron to eliminate her & then there were 2

Nia shoves Lynch off the steps, Becky is clutching at her knee as Charlotte is smiling that she has it, Becky slides in before the ref could award it to Charlotte and says she can go, Becky says Charlotte’s taken enough from her, she’s not taking this as Flair begins a violent assault on the injured knee, Charlotte charges, Becky ducks and Backdrops Charlotte on the apron and blasts Charlotte off the apron to win the Women’s Rumble


Becky Lynch gets the Title Match of her choosing at WrestleMania

WWE Championship

Bryan send AJ into the turnbuckle and he hits his shoulder on the post, Bryan goes right after the left arm, and stomps on the wrist for a 2 count, Hammerlock, but AJ makes it to the rope, Danielson Special, AJ stops Bryan from getting the arm fully extended and goes to the rope, short punches to the face as he tries to break Styles’ nose, AJ with a Suplex into an Inverted Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Styles Clash countered, they trade flash pins, AJ with a Dragon Screw then a Dropkick to the left knee, Bryan with a Drop Toehold into the turnbuckle, Shoot Kicks, Running Dropkick, Release Dragon Suplex, no bridge, all impact, AJ counters an Avalanche Hurricanrana, Bryan blocks an Avalanche Styles Clash attempt, AJ with a Stylin DDT on the floor, back in the ring, Superman Splash, but Bryan gets the knees up & rips at AJ’s nose to get him into The LeBell Lock, AJ turns it into a flash pin for a 2 count then switches to The Calf Crusher, but Bryan makes it to the rope, Shoot Kicks, AJ ducks the Roundhouse, but Bryan delivers it to the injured arm, Calf Crusher countered into a Roundhouse Kick for a 2 count, You’re Going to Get Your Fucking Head Kicked In Stomps, up top, but AJ crotches Bryan, Bryan slips out and crotches AJ, he rips at Styles nose, Avalanche Back Suplex, but AJ lands on his feet, Banana Split into the Calf Crusher, AJ turns it into flash pin for a near fall, AJ with a Brainbuster for a 2 count, AJ looks for the kill, but Bryan kicks his leg out from him, Phenomenal Forearm countered with a Roundhouse Kick, AJ comes back with The Pele Kick, Erick Rowan comes down to ringside, AJ kicks away at Bryan’s leg, AJ ducks an Enzugiri and hits the ref, Styles Clash, but the ref is down, Rowan with an Iron Claw into a Slam on AJ, Bryan into the cover as the ref comes to & Bryan retains


Rowan picks up Styles for Bryan to deliver a Busaiku Knee

Universal Championship

Balor with a Shotgun Dropkick right out of the gate, pair of Leaping Enzugiris, Double Stomp to the back, Flying Forearm, Shotgun Dropkick, charge, but Lesnar with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex, then goes after Finn, Overhead Belly to Belly on the floor, he takes apart the English announce table, Balor drives Brock into the corner twice, Finn goes on the assault, but Lesnar sends Balor into the turnbuckle, Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex, Charging Shoulders, then another Belly to Belly, he charges, Finn gets a knee up, Slingblade, Balor charges, but Lesnar with a Lariat, he tries a German Suplex, but his ribs prevents him from hitting it, F-5 countered into a DDT, Balor covers for a near fall, Stomps, Standing Double Stomp, Baseball Slide, Tope con Hilo and a second one, make that a trifecta, Running Dropkick, up top, Coup de Grace but only a near fall, Lesnar with a Kimura in the center & Balor taps out


Lesnar with a trifecta of German Suplexes as he was embarrassed by Balor in the match and then a F-5 as a final exclamation from the humiliation he felt during the match

Men’s Royal Rumble Match:

It’s going to be Elias & Jeff Jarrett start it off & it looks like Jarrett’s hair has grown back after he lost that Lucha Apuesta match in AAA

Elias with the acoustic equalizer to Jarrett’s back then dumps out Double J for the first elimination

#3 Shinsuke Nakamura
#4 Kurt Angle
#5 Big E

Nakamaura eliminates Angle with a Kinshasa

#6 Johnny Gargano
#7 Jinder Mahal

Gargano eliminates Mahal with a Superkick

#8 Samoa Joe

Joe hurls E out for the elimination

#9 Curt Hawkins

Hawkins crawls under the ring

#10 Seth Rollins

Rollins breaks Elias grip around the post for the elimination

#11 Titus O’Neil

Titus goes under the ring when he saw Hawkins, he chases him back in the ring, Hawkins pulls the rope down to eliminate Titus then Joe eliminates Hawkins

#12 Kofi Kingston
#13 Mustafa Ali

Ali eliminates Nakamura with a Dropkick to send him off the top to the floor

#14 Dean Ambrose

Ambrose tosses Gargano

#15 No Way Jose

Joe takes out NWJ with a Lariat

#16 Drew McIntyre
#17 Xavier Woods

McIntyre eliminates both Xavier & Kofi with Double Lariats

#18 Pete Dunne
#19 Andrade
#20 Apollo Crews
#21 Aleister Black

Black Mass eliminates Ambrose

#22 Shelton Benjamin

Shelton with a Step-Up Knee on Joe then Ali dumps Joe to the floor for the elimination

#23 Baron Corbin

Corbin eliminates Apollo with a right hand

#24 Jeff Hardy

Pete Dunne breaks Black’s fingers, then Aleister pops them back into place, Corbin eliminates Black then McIntyre eliminates Dunne with a Claymore Kick

#25 Rey Mysterio
#26 Bobby Lashley

Lashley charges Seth, but Rollins pulls the rope down to eliminate Lashley, Bobby isn’t taking it well, he pulls Seth out under the bottom & hits a Thrust Spinebuster from the German Announce Table through the English Announce Table

#27 Braun Strowman

Braun takes out Corbin then tosses out Shelton,

#28 Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler eliminates McIntyre

#29 Randy Orton
#30 R-Truth, Nia Jax assaults Truth and slides in, Jax dumps Ali over the top with a Fallaway Slam

Orton is stalking Jax, she blocks a RKO, Ziggler with a Superkick to Jax then a 619 to Nia, RKO, Orton & Mysterio dump out Jax then Rey with a Dropkick eliminates Nia, Orton throws out Mysterio then Andrade dumps Orton to the floor, Braun throws Seth back in, Braun picks up Andrade and dumps him to the floor, Braun takes Told off the apron

Then there were 2.

eth takes Braun to the apron, Avada Kedavra is unable to knock Braun off the apron, Seth tries the Benoit/Big Show Suplex spot, doesn’t work, he runs Braun into the post, Blackout on the ring apron finally eliminates Braun


Seth Rollins gets the title match of his choice at WrestleMania