WWE Royal Rumble Results – 1/26/20








WWE Royal Rumble Results – 1/26/20
Houston, Texas
Minute Maid Park
Commentary Team: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Tom Phillips, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler & Booker T



Gable takes Sheamus over the ropes to the floor with a Running Crossbody, Sheamus sends him back in, Gable with an O’Connor Roll for a 2 count, Sheamus blocks the Ankle Lock & posts Gable, he tears at the fingers of Gable, Polish Hammer, Sheamus very pleased with his handiwork posing for the crowd before going back to work on the fingers, Ten Beats of the Bodhran, and again this time on the floor, he sends Gable back in, Gable with a Dropkick to the knee, Rolling Koppu Kick in the corner, and a second one, he stomps away at the leg of Sheamus, he charges with another Rolling Koppu Kick, Moonsault, but Sheamus catches him, Gable turns it into a DDT, back up top & hits a Moonsault for a near fall, German Suplex blocked, Chaos Theory connects, but only gets a near fall, he goes back after the knee, Sheamus hangs Gable in the rope, up top, Gable ducks the Diving Lariat and grabs the Ankle Lock, Sheamus kicks him off, Brogue Kick, Gable ducks and grabs the ankle, Sheamus kicks Gable away, Irish Curse countered into a Crucifix Pin for a near fall, Sheamus dims Gables lights with The Brogue Kick for the win


US Championship

Carrillo sends Andrade to the floor, Baseball Slide over Andrade’s head and lands behind him, up top, but Andrade shoves him off into the barricade, Tornado Inverted DDT for a near fall, Juji-Gatame over the ropes, Fujiwara Armbar, Carrillo fights out, Rockinghorse turned into a pin, Carrillo fights out, Carrillo with a Barrell Roll into an Imploding Moonsault, but Andrade gets the knees up, he charges Carrillo, he avoids, Andrade slides to the floor, Carrillo follows with a Quebrada, back in the ring, they trade flash pin, Andrade with a Crucifix for a 2 count, Two Amigos, but Carillo blocks the 3rd, Moonsault, Andrade blocks, and hits a Rollup into the Turnbuckle, Running Meteora for a near fall, Carrillo counters La Sombra into a Small Package for a near fall, Carrillo with a Superkick for a near fall, Andrade ducks the Tornado Kick, up top, Carrillo fights him and hits a Leaping Avalanche Hurricanrana, he has to get across to the other side of the ring and only gets a near fall, he tries a Standing Hurricanrana, but Andrade holds and rolls through on the pin to retain



Moment of Silence for a 2 count, Roman’s locked & loaded, Corbin sidesteps the Superman Punch & hits Deep Six for a 2 count, he takes the announce table apart, he goes into the crowd to run from Roman, but Roman in hot pursuit, back to ringside, Corbin with a ringbell, Chokeslam on the German table for a 2 count, Roman goes for another Superman Punch, but Corbin catches him with a Chokeslam through the Spanish table for a 2 count, back over the barricade, he points at something as they battle in the tech area, Roman with a Samoan Drop through the Mandarin table, another Samoan Drop this time through the French table for a 2 count, they go into the equipment area, The Glorious Showoffs ambush Roman, Dolph has a chain, but The Usos come to Roman’s aid, Showoffs take The Usos down, they throw Jey through a stack of boxes as Roode sets up a guardrail & Dolph with a trashcan lid to the back, Jimmy flies off a scaffold wipes them out, Corbin with a Back Suplex on Jimmy on a guardrail, Roman with a pair of Superman Punches on Corbin, as they head into the outfield, he sends Corbin into the portable toilets then opens one of them, well Corbin’s a piece of shit so Roman stuffs him in one of the toilets and locks the door & Roman dumps it over so Corbin can be with his own kind, Corbin tries to escape with Roman still chasing, they’re by the dugouts, Corbin puts Roman on top of the dugout, chair to the back, End of Days blocked, Superman Punch, wolf howl, then breaks Corbin in half with a Spear & pins him on top of the dugout for the win


They bring up the horrific accident earlier today & offers condolences to Kobe’s family, friends and everyone else then we get a in memory graphic for Kobe Bryant

Women’s Royal Rumble:

It’s going to be Alexa Bliss & Bianca Belair to start it off

#3 Molly Holly in her Mighty Molly persona
#4 Nikki Cross

KOD on Cross on top of Bliss, Spear on Cross, Glitter Blizzard on Belair

#5 Lana (oh god it’s the most horrific thing we’ll see Lana with a mic, also donning the Captain Marvel colors tonight, well from one unlikable bitch to another I guess)

#6 Mercedes Martinez

Spinebuster on Cross, Lana takes a shot at the Latina Sensation (she officially has a death wish

#7 Liv Morgan

Liv Spears Lana off the apron for the first elimination of the night

Lana pulls off Liv for the elimination & Liv is all over Lana

#8 Mandy Rose

Goddess Death to Cross

#9 Candice LeRae

Quebrada on Cross

Bianca throws out Molly, Bliss throws out Rose, but Dozer using himself as a footstool for Rose so she’s still in it

#10 Sonya Deville

Fire & Desire with Burning Passion then throws out Mercedes for the next elimination

#11 Kairi Sane

Kairi with a Double Intercepter, Uraken to Rose, Ax Kick, Running Blockbuster, Tokyo Slam to Candice, up top

#12 Mia Yim

InSane Elbow to Candice, Seoul Food to Cross, Belair uses Bliss to eliminate Cross, Bliss pulls on the braid to save herself

Dozer catches Rose, but Deville is sent ontop of them & Dozer’s falls eliminating both Fire & Desire

#13 Dana Brooke

Senton Atomico on Yim

Belair with a Gorilla Press eliminates LeRae

Bliss knocks Kairi off the top for the elimination

#14 Tamina

Superkick to Brooke, one for Bliss, Belair avoids a Superkick, Tamina charges, but Bianca backdrops Tamina for the elimination

#15 Dakota Kai

Ax Kick to Brooke, Kaio Kick

Bliss dumps out Yim

#16 Chelsea Green

Green dumps out Kai then Bliss dumps out Green, Bliss lowbridges Brooke then Belair eliminates Brooke

Bliss goes up top, Twisted Bliss, but Bianca gets the knees up, Powerbomb, but Bliss takes Bianca with her, Belair sends Bliss into the post for the elimination

#17 Charlotte Flair

Charlotte goes for a Spear, but Belair sidesteps & Charlotte hits the post

#18 Naomi

Naomi slides under the Queen’s Boot

#19 Beth Phoenix

The Fabulous Firebird takes down Charlotte

#20 Toni Storm

Charlotte with a Queen’s Boot takes Bianca off the top to the floor for the elimination

#21 Kelly Kelly
#22 Sarah Logan

Charlotte eliminates Logan with a Queen’s Boot then a strike from Kelly busted Charlotte’s nose, Charlotte calls her a bit then drops her with a Forearm for the elimination

#23 Natalya

Duchesses of Doom with a Double Powerbomb on Charlotte

#24 Xia Li

Li with a Thrust Kick drops Charlotte

#25 Zelina Vega (coming as Mileena from Mortal Kombat)

Ax Kick to Toni

#26 Shotzi Blackheart

Naomi is knocked off the apron, but she clings onto the barricade and climbs her way back on to it then to the announce table

#27 Carmella

Natural Selection to Carmella, Glam Slam on Charlotte, Duchesses post her, but she goes through the ropes

#28 Tegan Nox

Lady Kane to Vega, Glam Slam to Nox

#29 Santina Marella (Really? Ugh)

The Fabulous Firebird is going to kill Santina, The Duchesses don’t give a damn about The Cobra, so Santina does sepuku and self eliminates

#30 Shayna Baszler

Shayna sends Charlotte into the steps, she eliminates Xia, then Nox, Kirifuda Clutch then Vega over the rope, Shotzi tries to repeat, but Shayna dumps her instead, Naomi uses the hood of the table to get to the steps back in the ring, Princess Kick blocked and Carmella is dumped out, Shayna dumps Toni, Rear View blocked and dumps out Naomi, Shayna goes after the Duchesses, Hart Attack on Shayna, then Phoenix dumps Nattie, Shayna tries to dump out Beth then Charlotte tries to sneak up from behind, but she’s still in, Beth dumps out Charlotte, she holds on, Shayna dumps out The Fabulous Firebird, Shayna dumps Charlotte, but she holds on, Shayna tries to finish it, but Charlotte bridges up with a headscissors and takes Shayna to the floor to win the Rumble


Charlotte’s going to Mania

Smackdown Women’s Championship

Lacey with a pair of Handstand Knee Drops for a 1 count, Bayley loosens up the turnbuckle pad, Lacey sweeps the leg, Slingshot Elbow Drop, Bayley grabs her knee, she feigns the injury for a Forearm, Flapjack on the turnbuckle, Diving Elbow Drop for a 2 count, barrage of stomps to the back for a 2 count, Snap Suplex for a 2 count, Lariat for a 2 count, Back Elbow for a 2 count, Lacey with a Slingshot Rollup for a 2 count, Bayley up to the second and mocks Lacey with a salute, Crossbody, but Lacey avoids it, Handstand Seated Senton then a Slingshot Dropkick, Springboard, Bayley rolls to the floor, Lacey follows, but Bayley sends her into the barricade, back in the ring, Bayley to Belly blocked, Lacey with a Swinging Neckbreaker then a Standing Moonsault, Double Jump Turnaround Moonsault, but Bayley gets the knees up and turns it right into a Small Package and grabs the tights to retain


Universal Championship

(No red lighting?) So that means Fiend’s not indestructible tonight

Bryan with Shoot Kicks in the corner, but Fiend answers back with a Powerbomb, he takes the strap and whips the back of Bryan, again and again, Bryan sends Fiend to the floor, Tope Suicida, but Fiend swats him away then into the post and continues whipping Bryan, back in the ring, he puts Bryan up top and continues the whipping, Bryan tied to the Tree of Woe as the flogging continues, Fiend laughs before hitting a Sambo Suplex then back to the whipping, Sister Abigail blocked, Bryan with a Roundhouse Kick, Busaiku Knee connects, but only gets a 2 count, Bryan with a Splash to the floor, Fiend sends him into the steps, he tries it again, but Bryan slides through and uses the strap to drive Fiend into the post repeatedly, Running Knee off the apron to the floor, Fiend answers back with a Lariat, the whipping continues then takes apart the German table and sets Bryan on it, Bryan with multiple kicks to the nuts, then DDTs Fiend on the German table, Bryan is going to give the Fiend a taste of his own medicine and the whipping will continue until morale improves, back in the ring, up to the second, Missile Dropkick, nip up, Shoot Kick/Lashing combos, Buzzsaw Kick connects, Fiend is back up & wants more, Bryan gives it to him then follows with The You’re Going to Get You’re Fucking Head Kicked In Stomps, Yes chants, he goes for a Busaiku Knee, but Fiend counters into a nasty looking Sister Abigail, but only gets a near fall, Fiend goes back to the whipping, they trade slaps, Mandible Claw with the ‘Hurt’ glove, but Bryan bends back into a Triangle Choke, Fiend brings him back in, Bryan counters into an Omoplata and then converts into The LeBell Lock using the strap, but Fiend fights out with right hands, Fiend drags Bryan back to his feet, Sister Abigail countered into a rollup for a near fall, Busaiku Knee connects for another near fall, Fiend is back up, Bryan with a barrage of whips, Mandible Claw Slam & holds Bryan down for the win to retain

(Not indestructible, but still not easy to put him down)


Fiend teleports away as the refs & docs check on Bryan and help him out of the ring, Bryan shoves them away and wants to walk away on his own

Raw Women’s Championship

Asuka with a rollup for a 1 count, Lynch ducks a Buzzsaw Kick, Asuka with an O’Connor Roll for a 1 count, Lynch goes for a Baseball Slide, but Asuka deflects it, Billiken, but Lynch turns it into a Dis-Arm-Her int he rope, Missile Dropkick for a 2 count, Asuka with an Elevated Hangwoman Neckbreaker then a Jumping Gamengiri, Asuka with a Missile Dropkick for a 2 count, Shining Wizard for a 2 count, Billiken blocked, Lynch with a Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Asuka blocks the Bexploder, Lynch blocks a German Suplex to the floor, Lynch with a Gourdbuster off the apron to the floor, Running Dropkick off the apron to the floor, Bexploder into the barricade, back in the ring, up top, Dublin Jam connects for a near fall, Asuka with a Backslide for a near fall, Buzzsaw Kick ducked, Pop-Up Knee Strike, Asuka with a Fisherwoman Bus no it’s a Barbie Crusher for a near fall, Billiken on the apron drives Lynch into the post, Lynch with an Elevated Lass Ride for a near fall, back up top, but Asuka catches her with a Double Knee Facebreaker for a near fall, Juji-Gatame into a pin for a near fall, Asuka Lock, but Lynch makes it to the rope, Asuka with a Release German Suplex, Kawada Kicks, Asuka tries to follow, but the ref is getting in her way, Lynch refuses to lose by ref stoppage, Shoot Kicks then a Buzzsaw Kick, but Asuka only gets a near fall, Asuka Lock, but Lynch rolls through, Dis-Arm-Her, Asuka rolls into a flash pin for a near fall, Dis-Arm-Her blcoked, Lynch with an Inverted DDT for a near fall, Lynch ducks the Uraken, Asuka sends Lynch into the ref, she goes for the Poison Mist, but Lynch with Rolling Solebutt stops Asuka before she could spew it, then locks in The Dis-Arm-Her & Asuka taps as Lynch retains


Men’s Royal Rumble:

Lashley & Rusev got into a brawl earlier in the night and neither will be in the Rumble that opens up 2 more spots

It’s going to be Brock Lesnar & Elias to start things off

Brock’s heard enough of Elias singing and goes right after him, and starts the German Suplexes then smashes a six stringer across Elias back then dumps him to the floor for the first eliminations

#3 Erick Rowan

Rowan is carrying his cage, Lesnar takes him out with a Lariat for the elimination

#4 Robert Roode

F-5 to Roode, then dumps him to the floor & the crowd are already getting restless, if this continues things could turn REAL ugly

#5 John Morrison

Lesnar with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex for the elimination

#6 Kofi Kingston

Kofi goes right after Brock, but Lesnar with a German Suplex

#7 Rey Mysterio (donning the Batman attire tonight)

Rey goes after the knees, but Brock throws him into Kofi, Double Lariat, German Suplexes for Rey & Kofi

#8 Big E

E helps up Rey & Kofi, they swarm Brock, Trouble in Paradise, Big Ending, 619, Belly to Belly over the rope on Rey, Brock launches off E with a Lariat on Kofi, Lariat eliminates E, F-5 over the rope eliminates Kofi

#9 Cesaro

Barrage of European Uppercuts then Brock with a knee & Lariat eliminates Cesaro

This is going to get BAD, we may see a riot in Houston tonight

#10 Shelton Benjamin

Heyman shakes Shelton’s hands, Brock & Shelton hug, it looks like the Minnesota Stretching Crew are going to re-unite, but then Brock turns on him & dumps Shelton

#11 Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura with a Pinwheel Kick, he charges for the Kinshasa, but Brock dumps him out as there are fans that are visible flipping Brock off

#12 MVP (in Black Panther attire)

MVP chases Heyman, Brock brings him in, but MVP hangs up Lesnar, F-5 to MVP then dumps him

#13 Keith Lee

Lee drops Brock with a Shoulder Block, Avalanche, stereo Lariats floors both men

#14 Braun Strowman

Braun with a barrage of Avalanches, Shotgun Dropkicks to Lee, Shoulderblock Express to Lee, Brock with a German Suplexes to Braun then to Lee, Brock dumps both Brock & Lee for the eliminations

#15 Ricochet

Springboard, but Brock counters with a Backbreaker

#16 Drew McIntyre

Brock’s taking the gloves off, Ricochet with a kick to the nuts & McIntyre strikes with a Claymore Kick to eliminate Brock

(And Drew McIntyre just became the biggest babyface in Houston)

Ricochet with a Standing Shooting Star Press, Drew catches him & stands up & hurls Ricochet to the floor

#17 The Miz

Claymore Kick to Miz then Drew dumps him out

Brock is serenaded with goodbye chants

#18 AJ Styles

AJ with the Calf Crusher, but Drew fights out of it

#19 Dolph Ziggler
#20 Karl Anderson

Dolph with a Superkick to Drew, Spinebuster on Dolph

#21 Edge (what was that about you not coming back, or being in Texas)

Spear to Dolph, Spear to Anderson, Spear to Drew, AJ with a Pele to Edge, Spear to AJ

#22 King Corbin

Blackhole Sun on Anderson, Edge dumps AJ to the floor

#23 Matt Riddle (Unfortunately for Riddle he missed his chance to get his hands on Brock, his plans to retire Brock will have to wait for another day)

Rain Trigger to Edge, Corbin eliminates Riddle

#24 Luke Gallows

Deep Six to Edge, McIntyre dumps out Corbin (ding dong the King is dead, Thank God)

#25 Randy Orton

RKO to Gallows, RKO to Anderson, Rated RKO eliminate Gallows & Anderson

#26 Roman Reigns

Spear to Ziggler then Roman dumps out Dolph

#27 Kevin Owens

Cannonball to Roman, Cannonball to Edge, Pop-Up Powerbomb to Orton, Superkick to Orton, Stunner to Roman, Stunner to Orton

#28 Aleister Black

Glasgow Kiss to Black, Black Mass to Drew

#29 Samoa Joe

CCS Enzugiri to Black, Cannonball to Black

#30 Seth Rollins

Joe & Owens roll under the bottom & go after Murphy & AOP

Blackout to Drew, Blackout to Roman, Avada Kedavra to Black then Rollins dumps Black to the floor

Stunner to Seth and dumps him out, but AOP catches him & puts him back in, Seth dumps out Owens

Coquina Clutch, Murphy blasts Joe then Seth dumps Joe to the floor

Joe, Owens & Black are taking it to AOP & Murphy

Seth tries to make a deal with Roman for old times sake to avoid having to face Edge, Orton & Drew, Roman responds with a Superman Punch, Snap Powerslam, Claymore Kick then Drew dumps Seth to the floor

Orton posts Roman, Back/Neckbreaker, RKO on Drew, Spear to Drew, Rated RKO with a Double RKO to Drew, Edge had a sneaking suspicion about Orton, then dumps Orton to the floor

Superman Punch to Edge, wolf howl, Edge avoids the Spear and hits Roman with one of his own, he throws Roman over, but he holds on, Roman drags Edge over, both men on the apron, Roman breaks Edge’s grip to eliminate him

Superman Punch to Drew, Drew holds on, Claymore Kick then throws out Roman to win the Rumble


Drew McIntyre is going to Mania