WWE Hell in a Cell Results – 9/16/18










WWE Hell in a Cell – 9/16/18
San Antonio, Texas
AT&T Center
Commentary Team: Michael Cole, Renee Young, Tom Phillips, Bryon Saxton & Corey Graves

New Day make their entrance and get on mic. Xavier Woods says the kids are back in school, Big E talks about how the leaves start to fall, and Kofi Kingston says he doesn’t care how basic you think it is, but it’s pumpkin spice latte season, baby! And that means your boys the New Day are once again, for the fourth time in a row, defending their WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

But not against any old team, oh no, tonight they defend against Rusev Day, and in honor of their illustrious opponents, they wrote a song to sing–

Enter Aiden English. He and New Day have a throat-clearing contest, and then English sings his intro, being cut off when he asks rhetorically mid-song who will be champs when all is said and done

Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Kofi with a Leaping Mushroom Stomp on English for a 2 count, Kofi with a Springboard Crossbody, but Rusev catches him & delivers Knee Strikes then a Fallaway Slam for a 2 count, E with a pair of Overhead Belly to Belly Suplexes then a Side Belly to Belly on English, Big Splash on English, Rusev in with a Spinning Wheel Kick, Roundhouse Kick on E for a near fall, E ducks the Machka Kick, E blocks The Accolade, English with a blind tag, E with a Spear Suicida on Rusev, English with a Tope con Hilo, back in the ring, Single Underhook Drop, That’s a Wrap for evaded, Powerbomb/Double Stomp combo for a near fall, Darkness Falls blocked, Rusev with a Machka Kick counter on the floor, he looks the Diving Headbutt, evades, English with a Frog Splash for a near fall, English with The Accolade, Rusev takes out E with a Machka Kick, Kofi escapes & hits Trouble in Paradise, Rusev tries to make the save, but E stops him & Kofi gets the win on English to retain


Hell in a Cell Match

Jeff sends Orton into the cell & brings out a table, Jeff with a Baseball Slide to drive the table into Randy’s ribs, Hardy brings out a ladder and drives it into Orton’s ribs, Orton sets up a chair & looks for a RKO on the chair, but Jeff blocks and uses the chair as a Springboard to deliver a Leaping Calf Kick, Rolling Solebut Kick, Hardyac Arrest for a 2 count, Jeff up top, but Randy cuts him off, Orton with a Superplex for a 2 count, Whisper in the Wind for a near fall, Jeff brings out another ladder & sets it up, upside-down, Orton blocks a Suplex & hits a Gourdbuster sandwiching Jeff in the ladder, back in the ring for a 2 count, Orton grabs another chair & delivers a shot to the back, cold, hard steel to the spine, he tears off Jeff’s shirt & now steel on bone then whips Jeff with his own studded belt for a 2 count, he wedges Jeff in between a ladder with the rung in his throat, several stomps for a 2 count, Jeff with an Inverted Atomic Drop, Double Legdrop then a Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Twist of Fate blocked & countered into a Snap Powerslam for a 2 count, another cover for a 2 count, Randy grabs a screwdriver from a toolbox, The Ear-Ripper living up to his name & now puts the f*cking screwdriver in his ear & twists it around & he’s going to tear off Jeff’s ear, Jeff with a kick to the nuts to break Randy’s hold, now Jeff whips Orton, Jeff with a steel chair asault, into a cover for a 2 count, Hardy up top, but Randy crotches him, there’s blood on Randy’s back as he delivers an Elevated DDT, RKO blocked, Twist of Fate, Jeff puts a chair on top of Randy & hits a Swanton Bomb for a near fall, there’s a gash in Randy’s leg, Jeff grabs a ladder & another table, Jeff’s setting up numerous ladders & a table, Twist of Fate as Randy lands on the table, he climbs the smaller ladder then to the taller one & grabs the girders of the Cell, Swinging, Pendulum Splash, but Randy evades as Jeff crashes through the table, ref calls for EMT’s Randy goes for the cover, ref says he’s hurt, Orton says to do his job, ref reluctantly makes the 3 count to give Orton the win


EMT’s out to put Jeff on a stetcher & is carried out

Smackdown Women’s Championship

Lynch blocks the Figure 4, Charlotte blocks the Dis-Arm-Her, Becky still with control of the arm into a flash pin for a 2 count, Lynch with a Flying Forearm off the apron, back in the ring for a 2 count, Becky Sacrifices Charlotte’s arm, Charlotte with a rollup for a 2 count, Becky with a Flying Forearm for a 2 count, Lynch with a Bridging Hammerlock, Charlotte blocks an Exploder Suplex, Lynch with a Lariat for a near fall, Hammerlock Driver on the apron for a near fall, Dis-Arm-Her countered into a rollup for a 2 count, Backslide for a 1 count, Charlotte with The Queen’s Boot, she looks to go up , Moonsault, but Lynch evades, Juji-Gatame, Charlotte tries to turn it into a flash pin, Becky converts to a Triangle Choke, Charlotte with a deadlift into a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a near fall, Becky with a Forearm Barrage, Hammerlock Inverted DDT for a near fall, she goes up top, Missile Dropkick, but Charlotte counters into a Boston Crab, but Becky makes it to the rope, Lynch slams the left arm around the post, Charlotte with a rollup for a 2 count, but Becky with The Dis-Arm-Her, but Charlotte under the rope and to the floor, back in the ring, Becky still going at it, Charlotte breaks Lynch in half with a Spear, but Becky floats over into the pin to win the Title


Charlotte looked to raise Becky’s hand, but Lynch tells her she will never take her moment & leaves with the title to loud cheers

Raw Tag Team Championship

Rollins & Ambrose with a Sliding Lariat, Jumping Elbow Drop, Jumping Splash then a Muta-Style Elbow Drop for a 2 count on Dolph, Dolph with a Leaping DDT on Rollins for a near fall, Ziggler with a Leaping Elbow Drop for a 1 count, McIntyre with an Inverted Concrete Slam, but Ambrose makes the save, McIntrye blocks Dirty Deeds, Jackknife Pin for a 2 count, Ambrose with a Cut-Throat Neckbreaker for a near fall, Lunatic Elbow countered into a Belly to Belly Suplex into the turnbuckle, Rollins with a Tope Suicida, but Dolph & McIntyre catch him, Ambrose with a Tope Suicida of his own wipes everyone out, Seth blocks a Leaping DDT & turns it into a Falcon Arrow for a near fall, he loads up, Avada Kedavra, Blackout avoided, Rocker Dropper countered into a Bucklebomb, but McIntyre makes the save, they tread O’Connor Rolls for near falls, Zig-Zag, but only a near fall, Dogs of War set up for the kill, Ambrose pulls out Dolph, Avada Kedavra, Basement Avada Kedavra, Frog Splash, but only a near fall, Seth goes for a Slingshot Plancha, but Ziggler evades, McIntyre with a Diving Lariat on Ambrose then a nip up, Ambrose takes Drew to the floor, Seth with a Superplex & looked to float into a Falcon Arrow, McIntyre back in & blasts Seth mid-lift with The Claymore Kick & Dolph falls on top of Seth to retain


WWE Championship
Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles:

Joe with a Big Boot then sends AJ into the steps, back in the ring for a 1 count, Joe with the Face Wash, Tope Suicida, back in the ring for a 2 count, Joe with a Pounce for a 2 count, Phenomenal Blitz, Basement Forearm for a 2 count, Stylin DDT for a 2 count, Quebrada, but Joe gets the knees up, Folding Powerbomb for a 2 count, floats into a Boston Crab, switches to a STF then a Crossface, but AJ makes it to the rope, AJ with a Rack Bomb for a near fall, Superman Splash for a near fall, Joe blocks the Styles Clash & decapitates AJ with a Lariat for a near fall, Styles is busted open, Joe looked for the Muscle Buster, AJ blocks, Styles Clash blocked, Calf Crusher blocked, Joe with an Enzugiri for a near fall, AJ ducks a Lariat & hits a Pele Kick, AJ with The Phenomenal Forearm, but Joe grabs him Coquina Clutch, but AJ with the Bret Hart counter & turns it into a flash pin as Joe essential pins himself


Joe’s pissed & says AJ tapped out, Joe grabs the title, AJ with an Enzugiri, from the replay it’s hard to tell, Joe is screaming for Paige, we go to a different angle & AJ did indeed tap out, the ref was on the other side & didn’t see it, Joe has indeed been robbed tonight & should be the WWE Champion


Miz rolls to the floor before Bryan could get the Yes Lock on, Bryan with an Avalanche Hurricanrana, Miz avoids the Busaiku Knee, Bryan with the Yes Lock, but Maryse breaks it up, Brie chases her, Bryan counters the Skull-Crushing Finale into a Victory Roll for a near fall, Miz with an Inverted Backbreaker/Neckbreaker combo for a 2 count, Brie tags in, Miz tries to prevent Brie from getting to Maryse & Brie with right hands to Miz, Brie slides between Miz’s legs tot wipe out Maryse, Bryan with a Knee off the apron to Miz & Miz looks to be busted open, Bryan & Brie with Shoot Kicks, Miz & Maryse try to run, but Bryan & Brie bring them back in, Brie Mode Knee Strike, O’Connor Roll, but Maryse rolls through for the win


Raw Women’s Championship

Ronda with a Firewoman Cary for a 2 count, Prawn Hold for a 2 count, Alexa shoves her & Bliss gets a couple of jabs for her effort, Rousey with Body shots, Exploder, she was looking to take the arm, but Mickie drags Alexa to safety, Rousey follows and sends Bliss back in, Mickie takes a swipe at Ronda’s leg, Alexa charges, but Rousey side steps & Bliss is sent into Mickie & Fox, Alexa with a kick to the back for a 2 count, Mid Kick, Abdominal Stretch with an Abdominal Claw, but Rousey fights back to her feet, Reverse Kata-Guruma, but her ribs gives out, Insult to Injury for a near fall, Alexa up top, but Ronda follows, Alexa slides out and ties Ronda to the Tree of Woe, Dropkick to the ribs for a near fall, back to the Grounded Abdominal Stretch, but Ronda is back up & roll through, she sends Rousey into the bottom turnbuckle & stretches the ribs against the post, Mickie & Fox helps as well, Nattie wipes out Fox & Ronda posts Mickie, Rousey & Alexa both with Running Crossbody and they’re both down, Rousey with a Small Package for a near fall, Backslide for a near fall, Bliss with a Roundhouse to the ribs Forearm, she grabs Ronda by the face & mocks her, not a good strategy, Rousey with a Gutwrench into a Thunderfire Powerbomb, Rousey with a barrage of Body Shots, she charges, but Bliss with a Sidekick to ther ribs, Ronda with the Reverse Kata-Guruma then the Omoplata Armbar & Bliss taps immediately


Paige says Joe will get his re-match for the WWE Title in 3 weeks at Super-Show, Joe says that isn’t good enough he wants no dq, no count out, no rules. Paige say she agrees with him, no dq, no count out, there must be a winner in Australia.

WWE Universal Championship Hell in a Cell Match

Braun posts Roman then charges & knocks Reigns off the apron into the cell, he sends Roman’s head into the post then back to the cell, Braun grabs the steps, Roman with a Drive-By and a second one, Roman leaps off the steps, but Braun has him goozled & hits a Chokeslam on the apron, Braun grabs a Singapore cane, but he wans something more & grabs a chair instead, Roman with cane shots, breaking the cane, Braun grabs the cane and splinters it on his knee, Roman with chair shots, but Braun catches it, he charges, Reigns evades & Braun is posted, DDT on the chair for a 2 count, Roman loads up, Superman Punch, but Braun is still standing, a second Superman Punch, he tries a 3rd but Braun counters into a Chokeslam for a very near fall, Roman with a Pop-Up Superman Punch for a near fall, Roman brings out a table, Roman runs around the ring, looking for The Spear, but Braun with the steel steps to the face and another shot with the steps for a near fall, Braun says Foley’s killing him with these counts then asks why Roman won’t stay down & calls him a moron, steps driven into the ribs, Running Powerslam, but only a near fall, Braun sets up the table in the corner, Roman slips out of another Powerslam, pair of Superman Punches, then hits a Spear through the table, but only a near fall, The Dogs of War are out, but so are Rollisn & Ambrose, they send Drew into the Cell, Dolph runs but they catch him & they’re taking apart the announce table, here comes McIntyre, Drew beats on Ambrose in the crowd, Dolph goes to the top of the cell, but Seth follows him & McIntyre is going up as well, Seth is out-numbered, Ambrose is coming up with a Singapore cane in tow, Dolph with a Superkick to Seth, & Ambrose caning the shit out of the Dogs of War, McIntyre blocks it, Double Lariat & all 4 men are down on top of the cell, Ziggler looks to climb back down, but Seth is going after him, they’re about halfway down & we’ve got a fist fight half way up the cell, they both fall off from half way up the cell through the announce tables


Brock Lesnar is storming toward the ring & tells the ref to open the Cell door, he kicks the door off the hinge, Heyman maces Foley, Lesnar slams a table on top of both Roman & Braun, F-5 to Braun, F-5 to Roman then leaves, a ref comes in & calls the match off to loud boos


The show ends with both Champion & Challenger down & the refs checking on them both