WWE Hell in a Cell Results – 10/25/20







WWE Hell in a Cell Results – 10/25/20
Orlando, Florida
Amway Center
Commentary Team: Tom Phllips, Byron Saxton, Samoa Joe, Michael Cole & Corey Graves


24/7 Hi-jinks

Truth with a Hip Toss for a 2 count, Gulak with a Lariat then goes after the leg, Sunset Flip for a 2 count then goes right back to the knee & adds a Chinbar, but Truth makes it to the rope, Hangman Choke, but Truth flips over his back, Flying Shoulder Blocks, Proto-Bomb, Five-Knuckle Shuffle, Gulak blocks the AA, but Truth with the Lie Detector for a near fall, Gulak avoids the Corkscrew Ax Kick, Truth with an Electric Chair, Gulak counters into a Sunset Flip, but Truth jumps into a Jackknife Pin to retain


Metalik, Lince & Tozawa chase after Truth

Universal Championship

Roman with a Vertical Suplex & sends Jey into the turnbuckle, Lariat in the corner and another, Roman asks if Jey is going to waste anymore of his time, Jey fires back with a cavalcade of kicks then sends Roman into the cell with a Tope Suicida and a second one, he sends Roman back into the cell wall, back in the ring, he looks for a Stinger Splash, but Roman explodes with a Spear out of the corner, Roman says he didn’t think one would do it, but in 5 or 10 minutes Jey’s going to regret coming here & should have kept his ass at home, Running Big Boot, he grabs a chair, but Jey with a Baseball Slide, he looks for another dive, but Roman cuts him off with a right hand then cuts Jey in half with another Spear, he’s telling Jey to just quit he doesn’t want to have to go any further, but he’s making him that guy, he warns Jey that he’ll end him, Roman builds up momentum, but Jey cuts him off with a kick, Superkick, up top then hits a Samoan Splash, Roman refuses to quit, back up to the other corner & another Samoan Splash, the ref asks Roman he says The Head of the Table never quits, Jey grabs a leather strap, and lights up Roman’s back with the strap, Jey says Roman will quit or he’ll whip the dog shit out of Roman, 3 lashes & that just pissed Roman off as he breaks Jey in half with a 3rd Spear, Jey says he can’t breathe, but he won’t quit, Roman grabs the strap & lights up Jey he tells Jey that he does the whippin around here before lashing him another pair of times & again, he puts one end of the strap on Jey’s wrist then drives the strap into Jey’s ribs, Jey still refuses to quit, Roman has put the other end of the strap on his own wrist & now he pulls Jey to him, Jey answers back with a Forearm, they trade blows, Superkick Jey ducks the Superman Punch, he wraps up Roman, he almost goes out, but he fights back out of a Cut-Throat Choke, Jey gets it back on, but Roman will not quit, Jey grabs a chair, he measures Roman, but Roman strikes first with a Superman Punch then locks in the Front Guillotine Choke, Jey is Choked Out, but he doesn’t quit, ref tells Roman that Jey won’t say it, Roman tells Jey to wake up say the words & acknowledge him, it didn’t have to come this far, he warns Jey if he doesn’t then Roman won’t be held responsible for what he does, Roman looks up to the sky & asks for forgiveness for what he’s about to do, Roman drags Jey to the corner, draping outside the ring, Drive-By, he calls Jey selfish & delivers a series of ruthless right hands, he puts the steps in front of Jey’s head, Roman says this is the way Jey wanted it then so be it & hits the Drive-By driving the steps into Jey’s head, ref says Jey is unconscious and he has to call it, Roman says the ref is out & throws him to the floor, he tells him no one is stopping it, Roman says now he looks bad & asks what he’s supposed to tell his children, Adam Pierce and other agents are in, Roman closes the cell door & tosses the steps back in, The Scrap Daddy and the others hightail it as Roman puts the steps over Jey’s throat, he understood as kids he was testing him, but now Jey is seriously trying his patience & there’s no going back now, he’s going to end Jey & goes to crush his skull with the steps, Jimmy covers his brother, he doesn’t know what Roman is going through, but they’re family and they can still fix things, Roman’s in tears & says he doesn’t even know who he is right now & says he’s sorry, Jimmy offers his hand, Roman takes it & then grabs Jimmy in the Front Guillotine Choke, Jey holds on to Jimmy, he sees what’s happening & says I Quit to save his injured brother & Roman retains


Roman goes up the ramp to be greeted by his Uncle Afa & Father Sika, The Wild Samoans, they crown him as Head of the Table & Tribal Chief


Jeff with a Rolling Neck Snap for a 2 count, Jeff with a Splash off the steps, Elias evades & Jeff hits the barricade, Jeff back in at 9, Elias with a Lariat for a 2 count, Jeff with an Inverted Atomic Drop, Double Legdrop, Basement Dropkick, Standing Splash gets a near fall, Twist of Fate blocked, Elias hits The Halo Bomb, but only gets a near fall, Jeff up top & hits Whisper in the Wind, but only gets a near fall, Twist of Fate connects, up top, Elias rolls to the apron, Jeff on top of the post as Elias goes to the floor, Elias grabs the acoustic equalizer, but Jeff takes it & smashes the six stringer across Elias’ back to cause a dq


Jeff stomps what’s left of the guitar to pieces before leaving


Dozer with a Body Slam for a 2 count, he blocks the Skull-Crushing Finale, Sunset Flip countered into a Hip Drop, Miz sends Dozer to the floor, he follows, but Dozer deflects & hits a Lariat then sends Miz back in, Morrison with a distraction, Miz with a Snap DDT gets a near fall, Miz with a Diving Ax Handle for a 2 count, Sleeper, Dozer throws him off, Miz with a Yakuza Kick, Shoot Kicks have no effect on Dozer, Flapjack, Avalanche, Caterpillar, but Morrison drags Miz to safety, Dozer sends Miz back in, Morrison goes to hit Dozer with the case, but the ref catches him & ejects Miz’s backup, rollup for a near fall, Rolling Lariat gets a near fall, Dozer tries to grab Miz & drag him back to the center, but Miz kicks him off, Tucky blasts Dozer with the case, Miz has no idea why, but he’s not going to complain & covers Dozer to win the Money in the Bank contract


Smackdown Women’s Championship

Bayley tries to slide outside, but Sasha is right on her, ground and pound, she chokes out Bayley in the corner, From Dusk till Dawn into The Bank Statement, Bayley bites the hand to break the hold then slams Sasha’s back into the cell wall & again, Bayley grabs a kendo stick, Sasha avoids the shots then blocks & launches the cane through the holes in the cell to the floor, Bayley with another cane, but Sasha blocks and strikes with a knee to the face, she goes for more plunder and grabs a table, Sasha uses the table to drive Bayley into the cell wall, she uses the table as a launchpad for a Meteora into the cell wall, back in the ring & a Diving Meteora gets a near fall, Sasha grabs a pair of chairs, Bayley with a rollup for a 2 count, Bayley stalks Sasha with a chair, but Sasha avoids it, Meteora off the apron into the cell wall, back in the ring, Bayley hangs Sasha in the rope, Sasha with a Hurricanrana into the cell wall then sends Bayley into the steps with a Dropkick, Sasha goes for more plunder and grabs more canes, she wedges them between the cell and the steps, Bayley with a Drop Toehold into the cane & the steps, Bayley wedges the canes in for a Decavitator on the floor, back in the ring gets a 2 count, Inverted Neckbreaker gets a 2 count, Sasha blocks a Backdrop Driver, & hits a Bucklebomb into the cell wall, back in the ring gets a 2 count, Sasha sets a chair in the ring, she tries to lock in The Bank Statement, but Bayley escapes and sends Sasha face first into the chair, she wedges another chair into the corner, Sasha avoids it sliding under the ropes, Sasha sends Bayley into the cair, but Bayley with a Sunset Buckelbomb gets a near fall, up top, Diving Elbow Drop connects gets a near fall, Rose Plant blocked, Lungblower & Sasha floats over into The Bank Statement, Bayley crawls to the floor and sends Sasha into the steel ring beam then canes Sasha, Bayley grabs a roll of duct tape, she tapes a pair of canes together, Sasha sprays Bayley with a fire extinguisher, she brings her chair into the cell, Sasha throws it into the ring & bounces Bayley up & down the cell walls repeatedly, Running Meteora, knee strikes then grabs a cane, she canes the shit out of Bayley, Bayley crawls to the chair, but Sasha cuts her off, up top, Frog Splash, but Bayley gets the chair up, Bayley crawls to the floor, Rose Plant on the floor, she sends Sasha back in, but only gets a near fall, Bayley sends her back to the floor, Bayley pulls out a ladder, she sets the ladder on top of 2 chairs, Flapjack on the ladder, she grabs a can of spray paint and puts an X on Sasha, Cactus Jack style chair shot, but Sasha avoids it, she launches off the ladder with a Meteora then hits a Belly to Bayley on Bayley, but only gets a near fall, Bayley with a Running Knee then a Belly to Bayley gets a near fall, Bayley with chair shots to Sasha’s back, chair assisted Belly to Bayley countered into a chair assisted Bank Statement, Sasha stomps on the chair to add more damage & Bayley taps out, Sasha has won the Smackdown Women’s Title & ended Bayley’s 380 day title reign


US Championship

SJ throws his shirt into Lash’s face, but Lash with a Running Shoulder Block in the corner, he sends SJ hard into the turnbuckle, Vertigo Suplex, he rips at SJ’s mask, SJ sends Lash into the turnbuckle, Dropkick, barrage of strikes, Cannonball, he tries for Friend Zone, but Lash blocks, Lash charges, but SJ cuts him off, Running Tornado DDT gets a near fall, up top, but Lash cuts him off, up top, he may be thinking about The Black Swan Splash, but Lash cuts him off & launches SJ off the top, Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex, Thrust Spinebuster then locks in The Hurt Lock & SJ taps out a Lash retains


RETRIBUTION swarms Lash, MACE & T-BAR has Lash, Ali wants them to shut him down, The Hurt Business make the save, Ali scurries back to the floor with RECKONING

WWE Championship

Orton tries to jump Drew during the entrance, but the Champ was ready, Orton takes apart the announce table, Drew blocks the Release Back Suplex, Drew sends Orton into the ring and closes the cell door, and now Drew isn’t locked in there with Orton, Orton’s locked in the cell with Drew, RKO blocked, he drives Orton back first into the cell & pushes Orton’s skull against the cell wall, back in gets a 2 count, Orton rolls to the floor, but Drew gives chase, he picks Orton up & rams his back into the cell walls & the ring post, Drew slams a chair into Orton’s back, Russian Legsweep into the cell wall, shades of Raven, he drives the steps into Orton, Orton avoids the steps that were launched at him, Drew is stalking Orton, he charges, but Orton with a chair to the ankle and then the ribs and drives the chair into Drew’s jaw, Orton into a cover for a 1 count, Decavitator, he stomps the jaw on the steps then drives Drew’s face into the cell wall, he sends Drew into the steel steps, Orton sets the steps up vertically, Glasgow Kiss then sends Orton face first into the steps, Orton with a thumb to the eye then sends Drew shoulder first into the steps, Orton sets up a table against the cell wall, Orton with the Inverted Neck/Backbreaker and only gets a 1 count, Drew with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex and another one out of the corner, Future Shock blocked, Drew with an Inverted Neckbreaker, nip up, he has Orton in his sights, Orton blocks and rolls to the floor, Drew gives chase, Belly to Belly Suplex through the table on the floor, Orton kicks the rope into Drew’s nuts, Draping DDT only gets a 1 count, Orton grabs a pair of bolt cutters, he cuts the chain & opens the cell door, he heads up the ramp, but Drew cuts him off, Orton sends Drew into the cell wall outside, Orton is looking at the top of the cell & he’s going up, all the way up, Drew is looking up at him & Orton is inviting him up, Drew says if that’s where Orton wants to finish then fine, Drew is going up & no good will come from this, we know this from the past, Orton has a pipe, Drew ducks and takes Orton down, Orton with a shot from the pipe to the leg, Orton tries to climb back down & Drew is in hot pursuit, they battle up on the cell wall, they’re about half way up now, Orton sends Drew into the cell wall, Orton breaks Drew’s grip and sends him off the cell through the announce table, Orton makes it back to the ground, blood is coming from Drew’s mouth, Drew is crawling to try and get back to the ring as Orton follows behind him, Drew is back in, Orton goes in after him, Orton stalks Drew, RKO countered into a Backslide for a near fall, Drew ducks a Lariat & hits a Claymore Kick, but Orton rolls to the floor, Drew muscles Orton back up & puts him in the ring, Drew goes to the corner, Orton ducks the Claymore Kick & hits the RKO to win the WWE Title