WWE Clash of Champions Results – 9/27/20




WWE Clash of Champions Results – 9/27/20
Orlando, Florida
Amway Center
Commentary Team: Tom Phllips, Byron Saxton, Samoa Joe, Michael Cole & Corey Graves

Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Kalisto with a Skyscraper Splash, Lince follows with a Standing Splash, Kalisto into a cover for a 2 count, Nakamura with a Draping Knee Lift from the floor, Cesaro with a Short-Arm Lariat for a 2 count, Nakamura with crushing kicks for a 2 count, Bad Vibrations, Jumping Knee Drop for a 2 count, Lince with a Sunset Flip for a 2 count, Cesaro with a Mafia Kick for a 2 count, Lince avoids the Running Knee & hits a Diving Crossbody, Cesaro drops Kalisto with a Yakuza Kick, Nakamura with a Running Knee, Gutwrench Suplex/Running Knee combo gets a near fall, Nakamura with The Ulimate Knees gets a near fall, Kalisto with a Satellite DDT, but Nakamura makes the save, Golden Re-Wind countered, Inverted Exploder countered into a Lungblower, LHP with an Assisted Suicidial Tornado DDT o the floor, they hit the Trifecta of Moonsaults, but only gets a near fall, Kalisto with a flash pin for a 2 count, Inverted Exploder over the barricade, Ricola Bomb countered into a rollup for a near fall, Salida Del Sol countered, The Artists finish Kalisto with the Giant Swing/Kinshasa Combo to retain


Intercontinental Championship

Jeff goes for the ladder, AJ Baseball Slides it into Jeff, Zayn with an Arabian Press takes down AJ then slams the ladder into Jeff’s back and AJ’s back, Jeff Backdrops Zayn into the ladder, he opens up the ladder upside down, he goes for a dive, but AJ sidesteps & Jeff goes into the inside portion or the guts of the ladder, AJ sends Zayn hard into the ladder, AJ sets it up & goes up for the belt, but Zayn cuts him off, Pele Kick floors Zayn, back up, but Jeff meets AJ up there, AJ throws Jeff to the mat, Jeff’s right back up & drags AJ down, Inverted Atomic Drop, Double Legdrop then a Basement Dropkick, Zayn dumps Jeff to the floor, AJ pulls him back down, Zayn with an Exploder Suplex on the ladder on AJ, Zayn up top, he’s got his fingers on the belts, but Jeff pulls him down and sends him to the floor, Zayn sends Jeff into the barricade, Jeff avoids AJ as he launches off the steps, Jeff’s going to use the steps for an Assisted Poetry in Motion, but turns around into a Helluva Kick and Zayn dumps Jeff over the barricade to the floor, he sees an opening and goes up, but AJ hurls a ladder Sabu-style at Zayn to knock him off the ladder, AJ & Jeff battle at the top of the ladder they both tumble down, AJ falls to the floor, Jeff hits the turnbuckle, Zayn covered up and protected his body from the impact & goes up top, Jeff pushes the ladder over at the same time AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm and hits AJ with the ladder, Zayn tries to go back up, but it’s a cruel Twist of Fate for Zayn instead, Jeff back up top, Zayn dumps the ladder over, Jeff tries to slide down the other side, but Zayn crushes Jeff between the ladder and the apron to the floor, Zayn sends AJ face first into the post, Zayn bridges the ladder between the ring and the announce table, AJ with a Stylin DDT off the announce table to the floor, he sets Zayn on top of the ladder, Jeff with a running ladder shot to AJ, Jeff rolls under the ladder & brings over the big ladder, Swanton Bomb off the top of the ladder though Zayn through a ladder to the floor, AJ with a ladder to Jeff’s ribs and brings another ladder in the ring, he goes up, but Jeff dumps AJ back to the mat, Zayn is back up and sends Jeff repeatedly into the barricade, Zayn goes into his ring jacket and brings out 2 pairs of handcuffs, he hits Jeff with a ladder, he puts the cuff through the hole where his ear is pierced and the other cufff to the ladder, he gets the other cuff on AJ’s wrist, but AJ stops him hooking him to the rope, Suplex, but Sami cuffs himself to AJ, AJ tries to go up, but he has to carry Zayn with him, Jeff gets back in with the ladder hooked to his ear, Zayn has the key and frees himself & hooks it to the ladder, he races up the ladder & grabs both belts to win back the belt he was never beaten for


24/7 Hijinks

Truth is talking to Lil Jimmy again, Drew Gulak rolls up Truth to win the belt, Truth says Lil Jimmy brought them to the wrong neighborhood

Raw Women’s Championship

Vega kicks at the arm, Asuka with a Juji-Gatame, but Vega makes it to the rope, Vega goes after the left arm, Asuka answers back with a Billken knocking Vega to the floor, Vega grabs the arm and sends Asuka into the steps, Asuka blocks a Hammerlock, but Vega with a Divorce Court Driver, Bridging Hammerlock, Asuka fights out, Asuka Lock blocked, Bret Hart counter into a Juji-Gatame of her own, but Asuka fights out, Vega avoids the Billiken, Diving Hurricanrana then a Running Meteora gets a near fall, Asuka blocks the Lungblower, rollupblocked, but Vega with a Rolling Kick gets a near fall, Asuka Lock countered into a Victory Roll for a near fall, then a European Clutch and gets another near fall, but Asuka kicks out and immediately grabs her in The Asuka Lock & Vega taps out


Asuka says Vega is like a firecracker small, but dangergous. She wasn’t ready for the Champ tonight. She offers a handshake, Vega bows instead then cheapshots the champ, Asuka fights back sending Vega scattering

US Championship

Apollo takes Lash to the floor then hits a Moonsault off the apron, Diving Crossbody gets a 1 count, Lash with a Complete Shot for a 2 count, Lash with a Vertical Suplex for a 2 count, Lash with a Fireman Carry, but Apollo slips out and posts Lash, back in the ring, Stinger Splash, Chariot blocked, Lash goes to the floor, Apollo with a Double Ax Handle to the floor, back in, Leaping Enzugiri, Gorilla Press/Standing Moonsault combo gets a near fall, up top, but Lash meets him & hits a Superplex, but only gets a near fall, Dominator countered, Apollo with a Standing Shooting Star Press, up top, Frog Splash connects, but only gets a near fall, Lash catches him with a Thrust Spinebuster, Lash is poised & grabs Apollo in The Hurt Lock & Apollo taps out, Lash retains


Raw Tag Team Championship

Ingobernables with an Alarm Clock, pants rip, Andrade with a Dropkick, Running Knee on the apron gets a near fall, Dawkins with a Flapjack on Garza, Exploder on Andrade, Spinning Stinger Splash, he looks for the Pounce, but Andrade counters with a Dropkick, Dawkins avoids the Running Meteora, Anointment, but Garza with a blind tag, he cuts off Ford & hits an Avalanche Spanish Fly for a near fall, Andrade pulls Dawkins off the apron, Garza with a rollup for a near fall, Running Meteora gets a near fall, La Sombra blocked, Dawkins hits the Anointment that was clearly only a 2 count, but the bell rings & the ref calls it a successful title defense


We get the announcement of the Draft beginning on 10/9 then 10/12

24/7 Hijinks

Gulak dedicates his win earlier to his friend Tozawa that was eaten by a shark last week, Truth hits him with a metal bowl and wins his belt back

Bayley gets on the mic and says it’s such a shame Nikki Cross can’t compete because she was looking forward to beating her. But she’s not gonna let us down, because she’s gonna give the opportunity of a lifetime to anyone out there that wants a title shot… before shutting the door on her open challenge nearly as soon as she opened it.

She calls for a referee but Asuka comes to answer the call!

Smackdown Women’s Championship

Billiken, Release German Suplex, Bayley rolls to the floor, Asuka sets sends her back in, Sliding Knee, Billiken for a 2 count, Juji-Gatame, Bayley counters into a flash pin for a 2 count, Asuka Lock, but Bayley makes it to the rope, Bayley goes after the arm, Back Suplex gets a 2 count, Bayley with a Running Knee for a 2 count, up top, but Asuka counters with a Double Knee Facebreaker, Bayley blocks the Penalty Kick form the apron, Asuka avoids the Baseball Slide and hits a Release German Suplex on the floor, Bayley hits Asuka in the ribs with a chair to cause a dq


Bayley is celebrating when Sasha Banks slams a chair into Bayley’s back, Bayley sends her into the ring and grabs a chair & kendo stick, Bayley sets up a chair in the ring, Sasha kicks the kneee out and grabs the cane & canes the ever-loving fuck out of Bayley, Bayley tries to grab a chair, but Sasha stomps on it & grabs it, Bayley runs in retreat from Sasha

WWE Championship

RKO blocked, Orton kicks the rope into Drew’s nuts, Draping DDT, Orton looks for the kill, but a clean shaven Big Show grabs Orton’s ankle to stop The Punt attempt and Chokeslams him through the announce table, Drew drops Orton throat first onto the barricade then sends him into the steps & stomps the hand, he grabs Orton and launches him into the door of the ambulance, he brings out a pair of crutches, a red steel chair with a medical symbol on it and goes to work on Orton, but Orton with a crutch then drives the chair into Drew’s injured jaw, Orton opens the ambulance doors, they both battle inside the ambulance, they fight out, Drew sent face first into the side of the ambulance, Orton opens the driver’s door & puts Drew in the door way, but Drew with a Glasgow Kiss & measures Orton, Orton avoids The Claymore Kick as Drew kicks the door off it’s hinge, Drew tries to shake some blood back into that leg, they head backstage, they battle in catering, Christian sends Orton into the catering tables, Drew goes back to work as they head back to the ambulance, Orton rips at the eye of Drew then sends his head cracking the windshield, Drew heads to the roof of the ambulance, Orton following him, Orton with a knee to the jaw, Drew hanging off the side of the ambulance, Orton stomps on his hands to send him to the floor, Orton turns around into Sweet Chin Music to send Orton off the ambulance and Shawn Michaels tells Orton to suck it, Drew is back up, Drew picks up Orton, but Orton slips out and hits a RKO on the floor, Orton shoves Drew inside, he closes one door, he tries to get the second, but Drew rips at the eyes, he uncorks a Claymore Kick on Orton, he puts him in the ambulance, but opts to give Orton some of his own medicine and Punts Orton before closing the doors to retain the belt


Ref signals for the ambulance to take off then goes over and looks to see Ric Flair is in the drivers seat & is the one driving Orton to the hospital, Ric says he’ll try to break the speed limit on their way out

Hell in a Cell on 10/25 & I say who gives a fuck, after the bs they pulled last year does anyone really have any faith that this match will mean anything this year or any other for that matter

Universal Championship

Roman with a Leaping Lariat for a 2 count, Roman drops Jey with a HARD right hand to send him to the floor, Jey takes a shot at Roman, but Roman answers back with an Uppercut, back in the ring for a 2 count, Jey with a Superkick to the ribs, Uppercut then a Samoan Drop for a 2 count, Jey looks for the Running Butt-Butt, but Roman explodes with a Superman Punch, Jey rolls to the floor, he trades shots with Roman, but Roman drops him with another Uppercut on the floor, back in the ring for a 2 count, Roman tells Jey he should have just taken the pay day and laid down then he wouldn’t have to take this ass whoopin as he continues to level Jey, Jey posts Roman, he sends him to the floor, Tope Suicida, back in the ring, Enzugiri sends Roman back to the floor, another Tope Suicida, back in, up top, Diving Crossbody gets a near fall, Superkick connects, but only gets a near fall, Jey up top, Roman back up, Jey lands on his feet, Roman with a Running Leg Lariat for a near fall, Roman is ready for the kill, he charges, but Jey counters into a rollup for a near fall, Superkick, up top & hits The Uso Splash, but only gets a near fall, Jey clutches his nuts as during the kick out, Roman delivers an uppercut to the nuts, Roman now has Jey in his sights & cuts Jey in half with a Spear, Roman says he’s not ready to finish it yet, he wants Jey to call him Champ & acknowledge him as The Tribal Chief, Jey refuses and gets another Spear for his trouble, Jey still won’t tell the camera want Roman wants to hear, Heyman says it, Roman says he doesn’t need Paul E to tell him he needs Jey to say it goes into a savage ground & pound beating, Charles Robinson thinks about stopping it, Roman says Lil Naitch gets in his face again he’ll knock his ass into next week & he won’t have a job, Roman says he’s been whippin Jey’s ass like this their whole life, Jimmy hobbles down as the ground and pound beating continues, Jimmy wants to throw the towel in, Jey’s telling him not to do it, Roman drags Jey to the center ground and pound yet again, elbows, Jimmy throws the towel in and the ref calls it


Jimmy asks Roman what’s wrong with him, they’re family and tells him he’s the Tribal Chief and asks him to just leave Jey alone and just chill, Heyman puts the flower garland around Roman’s neck as he’s announced as the winner as the show ends