SummerSlam Results – 8/11/19






SummerSlam Results – 8/11/19
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Scotiabank Arena
Commentary Team: Michael Cole, Renee Young, Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Cory Graves, Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness & Aiden English

Cruiserweight Championship

Gulak with a Shotgun Dropkick right out of the gate, Gulak pushes Lorcan’s shoulders down for a 2 count, Lorcan lights out Gulak with chops, Gulak with a Body Slam in the ropes for a 2 count, Lorcan goes back to the chops then a pair of European Uppercuts, Running Blockbuster for a 2 count, Gulak rolls to the floor & Lorcan follows to continue lighting up Gulak’s chest, back in the ring, Drew traps Lorcan in the Gu-Lock, but Lorcan gets his foot on the rope, Half & Half blocked, Cyclone Crash blocked, Half & Half blocked, they both hit Lariats and both men go down, Lorcan with a Shotei, Gulak with a barrage of Shoteis, Gu-Lock, but Lorcan counters into a flash pin for a near fall, he grabs Gulak by the face with a pair of Shoteis, Running European Uppercuts, Half & Half blocked, another European Uppercut, Half & Half blocked, Gulak holds onto the ring skirt, ref puts the ring skirt back down, Gulak with a right hand into the larynx then hits The Cyclone Crash to retain


Drake Maverick is giving chase to Truth, but Carmella trips him up, Truth & Carmella take off with Maverick on their heels and the chase is on


Murphy with a Pump Knee out of the gate for a near fall, Football Kick for a 2 count, another one for another 2 count, Murphy counters the Olympic Slam into an Arm Drag, Crews with a Fallaway Samoan Drop then a Standing Moonsault for a near fall, Gorilla Press countered, Murphy with a Cheeky Nandos Kick followed by a Running Liger Bomb for a near fall, CQC Strikes, Crews with a Knee Strike, Murphy with a Pump Knee, Murphy’s Law countered into a Victory Roll for a near fall, Murphy avoids a Moonsaulst on the floor and sends Crews into the steps, back in the ring when Rowan assaults Murphy to cause a dq


Rowan with a Running Crossbody on Murphy, Bucklebomb into the ring post, he tells Murphy to keep his name out of Murphy’s mouth

Elias rips on everything about Toronto including multiple sports teams when he’s interrupted by Edge who then cuts Elias in half with a Spear

Women Tag Team Championship

Cross with a Diving Crossbody on Royce for a 2 count, Royce with an O’Connor Roll for a 2 count, Spinkick of Doom, Kay into a cover for a 2 count, Nodowa Otoshi Insult to Injury, Bliss sends Royce to the floor, Shades of Kay, but Cross makes the save, Bliss counters the Sick Knee from Sydney, Cross jumps on Kay’s back Royce grabs Bliss and hits a Spinal Shock for a near fall, she’s having a tantrum, Bliss with a right hand, up top, Billie tries to make the save, but Cross knocks her to the floor, Alexa connects with Twisted Bliss for the win to retain the belts


Raw Women’s Championship

Nattie by Nature, Lynch with a barrage of European Uppercuts, Solebutt Kick, Bexploder then a Snap Suplex, Juji-Gatame, Nattie blocks, but Lynch converts into a Triangle Choke, Nattie with a Powerbomb, but Lynch keeps the hold on, Nattie back to her feet, Lynch goes to the leg then the Dis-Arm-Her, they roll to the floor, Front Guillotine Choke, Nattie fights out and hits a Giant Swing into the barricade, she goes to work on the legs, Snap Suplex into the rope, Nattie snaps the let in the rope and locks in an Avalanche Sharpshooter, but Lynch fights out, she sends Nattie into the English announce table then shoulder first into the steps, back in the ring, up top, but Nattie meets her with a Superplex, Lynch locks in The Sharpshooter on Nattie, Nattie is able to flip Lynch into the turnbuckle to break the hold, Lynch avoids Nattie by Nature, Nattie locks in the Dis-Arm-Her on Lynch, Becky rolls through, but Nattie still has it on, Lynch escapes, but Nattie locks in the Sharpshooter, she crawls to the ring apron and slides back in and locks in the Dis-Arm-Her and she has it in deep that nearly snaps Nattie’s arm, Nattie has no choice and taps out, Lynch retains



we have a pyro sighting tonight, Goldberg’s pyro is in full effect

Ziggler with a Superkick for a 1 count, another one and still only a 1 count, Goldberg beaks him in half with a Spear then finishes Dolph with The Jackhammer for the win


Dolph calls Goldberg a dipshit and says that was like getting hit by a baby and says he doesn’t have the guts to fight Dolph one on one, Goldberg comes back and breaks Dolph in half yet again with a second Spear

Dolph says anybody can get lucky twice and calls Goldberg twice and says he knew Goldberg didn’t have the balls to face him man to man and says Goldberg was a laughing stock and never had the guts to face him man to man, Goldberg comes back yet again, he helps Dolph up, builds up momentum from the ropes and cuts Dolph in half one more time

US Championship

Ricochet donning attire similar to DC’s Nightwing (pre New 52 anyway)

Ricochet uses Anderson & Gallows as steps to hit a Hurricanrana on AJ on the floor, AJ goes after the leg of Ricochet, Knee Smash, AJ ducks the Enzugiri, but Ricochet catches him a Reverse Solebutt, Springboard Lariat using one leg for a 2 count, Inverted Neckbreaker, Standing Shooting Star Press for a 2 count, AJ up to the second, but Ricochet catches him with a Sunset Flip for a 2 count, AJ with a Baseball Slide, he looks for the kill, but Ricochet blocks, Ushi-Goroshi for a near fall, Ricochet with a Barrel Roll, but his knee gives out, he settles for a Leaping Enzugiri for a 2 count, Suplex, but again the knee gives out & AJ with the Calf Crusher, Ricochet slams AJ’s head into the mat to break it then locks in an Anaconda Vice, but AJ makes it to the rope, Ricochet with a Northern Lights Suplex and floats into a Twisting Suplex for a near fall, he drags AJ to the corner, he wipes out Anderson with a kick then a Triangle Moonsault takes down Gallows, back up, but AJ crotches him, Ricochet fights him off then takes Anderson down, he goes for a Phoenix Splash, but AJ catches him in mid-air and hits The Styles Clash to retain


Ricochet is back up, AJ sends Gallows & Anderson after him and they wipe him out with a Magic Killer for good measure

Smackdown Women’s Championship

Moon with a Springboard Crossbody for a 2 count, Standing Splash for a 2 count, Bow & Arrow, Bayley fights out, Ember blocks the Elevated Neckbreaker, Bayley ducks the Springboard Crossbody and hits a Running Knee then a Lariat, she hangs Ember in the rope and hits a Suplex for a 2 count, Bayley snaps Ember across the turnbuckles then ties her to the Tree of Woe, Slingshot Elbow Drop for a 2 count, Billy Goat’s Curse, but Moon with a shot to the knee breaks the hold, Ember avoids the Sliding Lariat and hits a Superkick, Bayley rolls to the floor, Moon goes for the dive, but Bayley blasts her, Bayley goes up top, Moon cuts her off and hits an Avalanche Hurricanrana, Butterfly Canadian Backbreaker into a Double Knee Facebreaker for a near fall, Bayley to Belly blocked, up top, but Moon counters a Hurricanrana into a Powerbomb Toss for a near fall, Ember up top, but Bayley meets her & hits an Avalanche Bayley to Belly to retain



Shane introduces Elias as a special enforcer

Owens with a right hand then a Cannonball then sends Shane to the floor with a Lariat, he looks for a dive, but Elias blocks him, Shane sends Owens off the apron into the barricade, Owens back in at 6, Shane with a Russian Legsweep for a 1 count, Shane blocks the Pop-Up Powerbomb and hits a DDT for a 2 count, Shane tells Elias to ring the bell when he puts the Sharpshooter on, Owens counters into a Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Elias distracts the ref, Shane with a rollup for a 2 count, Elias throws a chair into the ring, Owens thinks about it, Shane baits him, but he doesn’t use it, Shane goes to attack, but he hits Elias, Owens wipes out Shane, Senton Atomico, Frog Splash, but Elias pulls out the ref, Owens wipes out Elias with a Cannonball off the apron and hits the ref at the same time, Owens wears out Elias with the steel chair, he was going to use it on Shane, but the ref is back up, he hands the chair to the ref, ref puts it away and while he’s not looking Owens kicks Shane square in the nuts then hits the Stunner for the win



Trish looks for Stratusfaction, Charlotte blocks, & Trish instead goes for a Springboard Hurricanrana, Trish blocks the Figure 4, Charlotte goes for a Powerbomb, but Trish counters into an Arm Drag, Charlotte goes to the floor, Trish with Air Canada off the apron, Charlotte sends Trish into the steps, back in the ring to break the count then Charlotte hurls Trish into the barricade, back in the ring, Surfboard then slams Trish’s face into the mat, Fallaway Slam, nip up, she mocks Trish, Back Suplex, but Trish turns it into a Crossbody for a 2 count, Charlotte blasts Trish with a right hand then a Knee Drop, Trish with right hands in the corner, Charlotte sends her to the apron then to the floor with The Queen’s Boot, Charlotte holds the ropes open then drags Trish back in, up top, Trish avoids the Moonsault, Trish with a Slingshot Complete Shot, she Slaps Charlotte, Charlotte with a kick to the knee, Trish lights Charlotte up with Chops, Charlotte goes up to the second, Trish tries the Stratusphere, but Charlotte blocks, all the way up top, Charlotte tries a Superbomb, but Trish counters into a Hurricanrana for a near fall, Chick Kick ducked, O’Connor Roll, Charlotte rolls through and hits The Queen’s Boot for a near fall, Charlotte goes to work on the knee, Figure 4, but Trish counters into a Small Package for a near fall, Wheelbarrow into a Victory Roll, but Trish holds on and locks the Figure 4 on Charlotte and bridges into the Figure 8, she couldn’t hold the bridge & Charlotte makes it to the rope, Charlotte takes out the knee, she charges, but Trish evades and Charlotte hits the turnbuckle, Stratusfaction connects, but Trish only gets a near fall, they trade chops, Trish jumps into a Jackknife pin for a near fall, Queen’s Boot ducked, Chick Kick connects, but only a near fall, Trish measures Charlotte, Charlotte strikes first with a Queen’s Boot then locks in the Figure 4 and bridges into the Figure 8 & Trish taps out


WWE Championship

Kofi goes for a double jump, but Orton shoves him off the top to the floor, Orton breaks the count then hits a Back Suplex on the announce table, back in the ring for a 2 count, back to the floor, Orton throws him into the steps, Kofi leaps over them then hits a Leaping Lariat off the steps, Kofi goes for a Crossbody off the apron, but Orton evades then hits another Release Back Suplex on the announce table, back in the ring for a 2 count, Orton sets him up top, Kofi blocks a Superplex then hits a Leaping Tornado DDT for a near fall, Kofi with a Dropkick, Leaping Lariat, Boom Drop, he looks for the kill, but Orton catches him with the Inverted Neck/Backbreaker for a 2 count, Kofi blocks the Elevated DDT and Backdrop Orton to the floor, Imploding Senton to the floor, back in the ring, up top, Frog Crossbody for a near fall, Kofi goes for the Overhead Kick, but Orton counters into an Elevated DDT, he looks for the kill, RKO countered into a Backslide for a near fall, Orton ducks Trouble in Paradise, Overhead Kick, Frog Crossbody, but Orton counters with the RKO in mid-air, Kofi rolls to the floor, Orton stares at Kofi’s family taunting them & Kofi snaps going right at Randy, the bell rings as this is apparently a double count out


Kofi grabs a kendo stick and canes the dog shit out of Orton, the ref tries to reason with Kofi, back in the ring Kofi blasts Orton with Trouble in Paradise and holds up the belt


The Firefly Funhouse theme starts then is cut off, as ‘Let Him In’ appears on the tron, Fiend comes out to a remixed version of Bray’s old theme almost like a Death Metal version and he’s carrying a lantern shaped like Bray’s head with the light shining out the mouth and the eyes sewed shut

Fiend with a Headbutt then takes off his jacket, Running Headbutt, Northern Lariat, he unscrews Balor’s head like the Giant from ’95 WCW did to Hogan, Sambo Suplex, he looks at the hurt & heal gloves, Sister Abigail blocked, Slingblade, Shotgun Dropkick, Kawada Kicks, Standing Double Stomp, Shotgun Dropkick, up top, Coup de Grace, but Fiend catches him with The Mandible Claw and the ref counts Balor out


The lights go out as The Fiend laughs then we get a view of his face before he vanishes leaving Balor gasping from the Mandible Claw

Universal Championship

Brock goes right after the ribs and drives Seth into the turnbuckle with Shoulder Blocks, Seth with an Avada Kedavra, barely phases Brock, Release German Suplex, Seth lands on his feet, Blackout, but only gets a near fall, Flying Knee off the apron to the floor, Rollins measures Brock, Avada Kedavra countered into a German Suplex, Seth lands on his feet, a pair of Avada Kedavras, Blackout countered into a F-5, but Brock can’t get a cover, he swings Seth around using the tape around the ribs, stomp to the ribs, Brock says it’s torture time, Trifecta of German Suplexes, Seth rolls to the floor, German Suplex on the floor, back in the ring, another German Suplex, F-5 countered, Seth sends Brock into the post twice, back in the ring, Springboard Knee, up top, Lesnar sidesteps the dive, Release German Suplex, Brock takes his gloves off, he wants full damage, Release Vertical Suplex, Shoulder Block in the turnbuckle, Inverted Bearhug, Seth makes it to the rope, Brock chokes Seth across the middle rope, another charge into the turnbuckle, he charges, Seth evades & Brock hits the post, Running Dropkick sends Brock off the apron into the announce table, Tope Suicida, another one, he goes for a trifecta, but Brock catches him and drives him at full speed into the ring post, Brock takes apart the announce table, Seth with an Avada Kedavra sends Brock on the Spanish announce table, up top, Frog Splash through the Spanish table, he sends Brock back in, up top, Frog Splash, he looks for the kill, Blackout connects, but only gets a near fall, he loads up for another one, Blackout countered, F-5 countered, Avada Kedavra, Blackout connects & Seth has won the Universal Title back