ROH State of the Art: Night 2 Results – 6/16/18

ROH State of the Art: Night 2 – 6/16/18
Dallas, Texas
Gilley’s Dallas
Commentary Team:  IanRiccaboni and Colt Cabana



For Night 2 we’re at Gilley’s Dallas in Dallas TX. Once again Ian Riccaboni & Colt Cabana on commentary along with the Women of Honor Champion Sumie Sakai joining them for the first match

Rosa attacks Tenille before the match starts, Rosa with a Bow AND Arrow around the ring post then back in the ring for a 2 count, Snap Suplex and floats over into the cover for a 2 count, La Reienera (Spinning Backbreaker Rack Drop) for a 2 count, Tenille with The Tarantula then a Butterfly Suplex followed by A Taste of Tenille for a 2 count, Rosa avoids a Yakuza Kick and hits a Lungblower for a near fall, she tries La Reienera again, but Tenille counters into a rollup for a near fall then finishes it with The Spotlight for the win.


Boy 1 with a Springboard Crossbody on Matt for a 2 count, Bucks with a Wheel Barrow Ace Crusher on Boy 1, Boys pull the switch on Matt, Matt goes for Cease, but Boy 2 with a Small Package for a 2 count, Matt counters a Hurricanrana with a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a 2 count, Bucks try to do the switch right in front of ref Paul Turner, he doesn’t allow it so they just make a tag instead, Bucks look for the Bucklebomb/Enzugiri combo, but Boy 1 counters into a Hurricanrana and the Nick hits Matt, Boys up top for an aerial attack, but get blasted out of the air with a pair of Stereo Superkicks then finish The Boys with a Double Indytaker for the win.


Cody, Brandi (without the sling as her arm continues to heal) and Burnard out. Cody asks for a round of applause for the ambassadors of All In, the greatest tag team in the world, new IWGP Tag Team Champions, The Young Bucks. He says they have a lot to plan with All In as the fans chant to ‘Book Flip’ Cody says he’s going to book Flip then decides he’s not. He lets the Bucks go to the back and says he has some campaign business saying in 2020 he’s running for Senate in Texas. Today he wants to talk about something important, safety. He says he’s going to let someone else talk about safety and turns to Burnard. Cody then says if the bear can talk then he should’ve known about this by now, instead turning to his campaign manager and future first lady of Texas. The Bullet Queen, Brandi Rhodes. Brandi thanks Cody her darling Senate Elect. The last time they were in Dallas, a man was nearly burned alive that was Christopher Daniels and she understands the fans don’t care, but in the interest of their campaign the focus is and always has been safety. So in the interest of keeping up with the campaign that the match tonight between Cody and Shane Taylor. That match on the authority of Brandi as campaign manager is cancelled, it ain’t happening, she’s sorry. Which brings out Taylor: Cancelled for his safety? He’s been around hustlers his entire life, but says Cody may very well be one of the best. Cody’s actually convinced himself that he’s going to cancel the match for Shane’s safety. Cody the man that tells the guy’s in the office things they can and can’t say during promos. The man the decision makers in ROH can’t wait to line up and kiss the ring for. The man whose most violent act was putting Christopher Daniels through a flaming table. Shane says there was a time in his life that he wouldn’t get out of bed for without a 12-guage to the dome. He has hurt more people outside of the ring then he cares to remember and has buried more than he can forget and he’s tried to put all of that behind him to be an ROH wrestler. He tried to be the guy, first one in, last one to leave, the hardest worker in the room, until he realized that none of that makes a damn bit of difference. So now he’s the guy that gangster from Cleveland to Houston don’t even want to talk about. Brandi asks if Shane said he’s from Texas and says thank god they moved the hell out of there, saying clearly the class level has suffered substantially. Shane says Cody must not be from around there anymore, because there men don’t their women fight their battles for them. Cody asks the fans they want to see a match tonight, he’s a man of the people, he’s not a hustler and the match is back on. Cody shakes Shane’s hand then takes a cheap shot, Burnard holds Shane, but Taylor ducks and Cody knocks the bear down then throws Cody to the floor, Brandi scurries to the floor as she Cody & Burnard retreat.

ROH Six Man Tag Team Title Match
Team CMLL with stereo rollups for a 2 count, Vinny and TK throw around Maya on the floor, back in for a 2 count, Taven with a Big Boot then TK with a Pele on Maya for a 2 count, Kingdom with a Spinebuster/Diving Headbutt/Frog Splash combination for a 2 count, Stuka with a Bullet Splash, but Taven breaks the cover, Kingdom catch Maya with The Rock Star Supernova for the win.


The Kingdom retain the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship and will head to Best in the World to defend against Los Ingobernable de Japon

Triple Threat Match
Flip with a One-Legged Moonsault on Lethal for a 2 count, then a Springboard Spear on Scurll, but Lethal breaks the cover, Marty with a Gory Special on Flip and a Lion Tamer on Lethal, Flip fights out, Scurll with a rollup on Lethal for a 2 count, he goes for the Chicken-Wing, but Jay goes to the rope, Flip goes for the Star-Spangled Stunner, but Lethal counters into a Torture Rack then an Inverted Finlay Roll for a 2 count, Lethal Combination on Marty, Flip with a Spinning Michinoku Driver II, but Marty makes the save, Flip sends Marty to the floor, and has Lethal for the Samoan Pop, follows with Don’t You Know You’re a Shooting Star and then a 2nd rope Moonsault, but Marty breaks the pin and locks on The Chicken-Wing on Flip, Lethal locks in the Figure 4 on Flip as well, Flip reverses the Figure 4 and Marty stomps on Flip’s hand then snaps Lethal’s fingers, then hits The Black Plague (Inverted Brainbuster), but Lethal breaks the pin, Jay with an Ace Crusher on Flip then goes up top, Lethal blocks an umbrella shot from Marty, Flip sends Jay to the floor with The Kinder Surprise, Marty with an Avalanche Black Plague then locks the Crossface Chicken-Wing on Flip and Gordon taps out.


Bully Ray tries a cheap chair shot on Flip, but he sense it and hits a Superkick, Flip goes to hit Bully with the chair, but Bully with a low blow, now he wants the mic: look at you army boy, look at you face down in the mat, maybe if he wasn’t so concerned with being All In then maybe he could’ve won his match tonight. Maybe if he wasn’t so concerned with All In he could’ve seen Bully coming. Flip needs to be concerned with Bully, Ray says Flip’s a young boy. He’s a nobody in the business, Bully’s a 25-Time World Heavyweight Champion (Tag maybe, he’s only had 2 World Titles in TNA, 3 if you count his run in Destiny Wrestling Organization), he’s one of the best wrestlers to ever step foot in a ring, he’s a 2-time Hall of Famer. At Best in the World he’s going to beat Flip up, he’s going to blow him up, he’s going to shoot on him and he’s going to outshine him, and he’s going to do it in the middle of the ring. He’s going to out-wrestle Flip. Do you know how he is? He’s Bully Ray and he’s better than Flip will ever be.

They show a throwback match with Adam Cole vs ACH from Supercard of Honor X Night 2 back in 2016 during intermission.

Back from intermission as Rhett Titus joins the announce team for the next match.

Scorpio with the mic: He says Dallas is the worst town he’s ever been in. Kazarian says it’s just another day in Dallas isn’t it. The weather outside sucks, the smell inside is terrible & another Dallas Cowboy Football player got busted for violating the NFL substance abuse policy, Dallas should be proud. Speaking of the Dallas Cowboys, at that billion-dollar dump down the road that they call Jerry’s World they also have a Ring of Honor, the difference is this Ring of Honor isn’t full of scumbags, reprobates, drug addicts & criminals, much like all the fans. Daniels adds that because Dallas is a vomit buffet and a feces cornucopia So-Cal Uncensored is here to inspire Dallas to be more like them and less like themselves, but until that happens they have permission to worship So-Cal Uncensored. Now

6 Man Tag Team Match
Kazarian with a Hip-Toss Neckbreaker for a 1 count, Delirious goes under the ring & Daniels chases after him as a Mini-Delirious gets in the ring, Mini Delirious & Helms with a Doomsday Device, Mini goes under the ring as the real Delirious comes back out, Sunset Flip on Kaz for a 1 count, Addiction with a combination of Slingshot Elbow and Legdrop for a 2 count, Kaz with the Tomikaze on Helms, Daniels into a cover for a near fall, Double goozle, but they break it up, Delirious takes out Kaz, Helms blocks the Angel’s Wings and hits a Hurri-Chokeslam for the win.


ROH Tag Team Title Match
Davey with a Suplex on Mark for a 2 count, Archer with a Splash on Mark for a 2 count, Mark with a Backslide on Davey for a 2 count, Davey with a Snap Powerslam for a 2 count, Sidewalk Slam/Diving Splash combo for a 2 count, Hart Attack on Jay for a 2 count, Jay blocks a Killer Bomb attempt, Jay with a Death Valley Bomb then Mark with Froggy-Bow for a near fall on Archer, Jay Driller blocked, but Jay with a Lariat, Davey with a Bucklebomb then Archer with a Chokeslam for a near fall, Killer Bomb connects then one on Mark, but only a near fall on Jay, Archer goes for the Moonsault, but Jay evades, Doomsday Device on Archer for a near fall, Archer looks for another Chokeslam on Mark, but he counters into a Victory Roll and Jay also hooks a leg for the win. The Briscoes retain the ROH World Tag Team Championship.


Jay grabs a mic: ladies and gentlemen you are looking at the baddest tag team on the planet, and all the stupid-ass people out there wearing those Bullet Club shirts can all go to hell, because in 2 weeks at Best in the World they kill The Bullet Club. The Young Bucks are going to die, the Jackson boys are going to die, the fans idols, their heroes, they ain’t shit. The Young Bucks are in the ring with 2 steel chairs behind the Briscoes, flying chairs then stereo Superkicks drop the Briscoes and the Bucks hold up the ROH World Tag Team Titles to send a message before Best in the World

Jay Rock joins the announce team for the next match

Cody is accompanied by Brandi Rhodes and Burnard the Business Bear. Shane with a Baldo Bomb for a 2 count, Shane grabs a mic and says allow him to introduce Cody to the REAL him, Shane Taylor – Pretty Boy Killer, Cannonball for a 2 count, Cody with a Figure 4, but Shane makes it to the rope, Burnard distracts the ref while Brandi chokes Shane with her sling, Cody goes for the Disaster Kick, but Shane ducks and he takes out Paul Turner, Shane hits the Greetings from 216, but there’s no ref & Burnard is in the ring, he tries it again, but Cody blocks and hits the Disaster Kick, he wants one boot from Burnard, but Taylor ducks and he hits Cody, Shane with an Avalanche, Cody evades & the bear gets crushed, Burnard may be dead, Cody with a rollup gets the win.

Winner: CODY

Shane’s pissed and kicked Burnard in the face and then hits a second-rope Splash on the bear, Cody darts back to try and save the bear then decides not to & heads to the back.

This is a Proving Ground match (If any of the 5 challengers win then immediately following the match they will get an instant shot at the TV Title, if the TV Champion pins any of the challengers then they will not get a TV Title shot until Silas Young loses the title).

6 Man Proving Ground Match
Silas with a rollup on Burger for a near fall, Burger with a rollup for a 1 count, Burger with a Dropkick on Sky for a 1 count, Gresham with a Diving Crossbody on Silas, but Scorpio breaks the pin, Page with a Dropsault on Silas for a 2 count, Buckshot Lariat for a 2 count, Martinez with a Superplex on Page, Silas tries to get pins on both Hangman and Punishment for 2 counts, Page with a Suplex through a table on Martinez, Buckshot Lariat, but Silas evades and gets a rollup for a 2 count, Silas goes for the Full nelson Knee, but Page counters into Package Tombstone for a near fall, Gresham with a flash pin on Silas for a near fall, Burger with a Shotei on Silas for a near fall, Page with Rite of Passage on Burger, but Martinez with a Seth Rollins-style Curb Stomp on Hangman then hits the South of Heaven on Burger for the win.


ROH Television Title Match
Punishment decks Silas with a Forearm and a second, Silas with a knee lift, Young with a Twisting Suplex for a near fall, Pee Gee Waja Plunge, but Martinez counters into a Tombstone Slam for a 2 count, Silas counters a Superplex into a Sunset Flip with his feet on the rope for a near fall, Full nelson Knee Strike, Martinez answers back with a Lariat, Psycho Driver countered, Silas with the Pee Gee Waja Plunge, Full nelson Knee Strike, he looks for Misery, but Martinez lands on his feet and hits kick to the back of the head, Curb Stomp into the turnbuckle, Ripcord Kick then hits the South of Heaven for the win. Punishment Martinez is the new ROH World TV Champion.

Winner: NEW ROH Television Champion – PUNISHMENT MARTINEZ

Martinez celebrates with the title as the show ends.