NXT TakeOver: XXV Results – 6/1/19





NXT TakeOver: XXV Results – 6/1/19
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Webster Bank Arena
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness & Beth Phoenix


Bro-Mission attempt early, but Roddy goes to the rope, Riddle with a Flying Forearm off the steps to the floor, Roddy with a Back Suplex on the apron, Sambo Suplex into a Backbrekaer for a near fall, Riddle traps Roddy in a flash in for a 2 count, Strong with an Olympic Slam for a 2 count, Canadian Backbreaker countered, Bro-Mission blocked, Riddle with a Fisherman Buster, barrage of strikes, Pele Kick, Exploder Suplex, Roddy avoids the PK, then a Standing Moonsault, Bro-Ton connects followed by a Penalty Kick for a 2 count, Shoot Kicks, Roddy avoids another PK, Death by Roderick evaded, Riddle ducks the Rolling Elbow & hits The Bro to Sleep then a Bridging German Suplex for a near fall, Bro-Stone blocked, up top, but Roddy with a Leaping Enzugiri then a Superplex for a near fall, Riddle with a Powerbomb, but the back gave out, Roddy with a Knockout Knee, barrage of Forearms, Cloud Nine, but only a near fall, Riddle kicks off a Strong Hold attempt, Knockout Knee avoided, Rain Trigger, Powerbomb float over into the Final Flash for a near fall, Floating Bro, but Roddy gets his knees up, Death by Roderick, Sick Kick for a near fall, Gibson Driver for a near fall right into the Strong Hold, but Riddle fights out, Riddle with MMA Elbows in the Bro-Mission, Roddy fights out, Riddle with more MMA Elbows, he picks him up for the Bro-Stone, Inverted Gotch-Style Neutralizer he calls the Bro-Derek (I think, couldn’t quite make out what Mauro called it, but I think he said Derek) for the win


HBK & Road Dogg are in the crowd

Ladder Match for the Vacant NXT Tag Team Championships

reDRagon goes for the ladder, but Blake wipes them out with a Tope Suicida on the ladder, Dawksins wipe out Brawlers, Sons & ERA with a Plancha, they set up the ladder, O’Reilly meets him, Sons knock it over, but Kyle lands back first on the ladder, Sons wear the ladder the rams through everyone, Brawlers duck and hit Stereo German Suplexes sending both Sons & the ladder flying with the ladder hitting O’Reilly (not a good night for Kyle) Profits with The Prophecy on Cutler, then they hit a Leapfrog on Blake on the ladder, Flapjack on Cutler on the ladder, they want the Leapfrog on Cutler, but reDRagon are looking for payback, Future Shock sends Ford back first into the ladder then ram it into Dawkins, they set up the ladder, Fish up top, but Blake Powerbombs O’Reilly into the ladder knocking the ladder down and Fish to the mat as well, Cutler sets the ladder up, but Kyle grabs an Achilles Hold through the ladder, Blake dumps O’Reilly to the floor, Fish cuts him off, but Sons with the Inverted DDT/Inverted Curb Stomp off the ladder to the mat, Sons are going up, Doomsday European Uppercut on Blake then Profits with a Doomsday Blockbuster on Cutler, O’Reilly was going up, but he stares as Jaxson Ryker wipes everyone out, Bucklebomb on the ladder, Sambo Suplex then picks the ladder up and dumps Dawkins off it then rams him repeatedly and Back Bodydrops Lorcan into the ladder, ERA, Brawlers & Profits all team up to take out the big Ryker and bury him under a ladder, Ryker is getting back up, ERA with a running ladder takes him off the apron to the floor, Ford with a Tope con Hilo over the ladder to the floor on Ryker, Lorcan with a Pescado, Dawkins wiped out with a ladder, Burch Dropkicks the ladder into ERA, Brawlers post Fish, Half & Half on O’Reilly, Brawlers crunch the Profits between 2 ladders then tosses one of the ladders onto Sons, they set up the other, but ERA are back up, 2 ladders set up as ERA & Brawlers fight on the top of the ladders, Sons pushes both ladders down and all 4 men with it, Dawkins Spears Cutler through the ladder, Ford leaps to the top of the ladder and decks Blake before grabbing the titles and The Street Profits are the new Tag Team Champions


a few years ago Angelo Dawkins couldn’t buy a win on NXT and now he’s half of the Tag Champions

North American Championship

Dream blocks The Unprettier, Breeze with a Cut-Throat Lungblower for a 1 count, Dream with a Quebrada for a 2 count, Breeze goes to the floor, Dream throws him back in, Tyler back out and wraps Dream’s leg around the post, Flying Forearm off the apron, Dream Valley Bomb blocked, Dream with a leap, his knee buckles and Breeze with a Half Crab shades of his trainer, Lance Storm, Dream goes to the rope, he goes to floor, Tyler follows, Dream with a Superkick, Dream back in & breaks the count and slams Tyler repeatedly into the announce table, he grabs his title and Tyler’s phone to take a selfie, he turns around into a Supermodel Kick, back in at 7, Dream Valley Bomb for a near fall, up top, Tyler rolls to the apron, he slides through Dream’s legs and hits an Enzugiri, Diving Cross Body, but Dream rolls through for a 2 count, Dragon Screw he rolls through, Breeze slips out, Supermodel Kick ducked, Dream DT, countered into a Supermodel Kick for a near fall, Unprettier blocked, Double Ax Handle countered into a Dropkick, Unprettier countered into the Dream DT for a near fall, up top, but Tyler crotches him, Dream blocks a DDT attempt, Tyler with a Jumping Knee, Tombstone countered, Tyler counters it back, Dream counters it back, Dream up top, he sees Tyler fall, Unprettier to Breeze, but only gets a near fall, up top, Purple Rainmaker, but Tyler gets his knees up, Cheeky Nandos Kick, Unprettier connects, but Tyler only gets a near fall, Dream with a Small Package for a near fall, Breeze up & hits The Beauty Shot, but Dream rolls to the floor, Dream goes for a belt shot, but Tyler grabs it, the ref sees it and takes the title away, Dream Valley Bomb then follows with The Purple Rainmaker to retain


Dream is gloating in Tyler’s face then hands him the phone, Tyler takes a selfie with him

mian Priest (the former Punishment Martinez) coming soon

NXT Women’s Championship

Baszler with The Reality Check Stomp, Io with a rollup for a 1 count, Baszler with a Lariat for a 2 count and goes back to the arm, Shayna with a Football Kick for a 2 count, Io avoids a second Reality Check and hits a Deadlift German Suplex, but can’t hold the bridge, Tiger Feint Kick then a Springboard Dropkick for a near fall, Crossface, but Shayna powers out and hits a Sidewalk Slam, Shirai with a Dropkick sends Baszler off the top to the floor, up top with a Moonsault to the floor, back in the ring, Missile Dropkick, then a Running Meteora, Duke and Shafir come out, but Candice LeRae wipes them out with a kendo stick, Shayna with a Small Package for a near fall, Io fights out of a Kirifuda Clutch and hits a Shotei, up top, Shayna avoids the Moonsault, Kirifuda Clutch, Io floats into a flash pin for a near fall, La Magistral and briges back into a Prawn Hold, but it left Shayna an opening to grab her in The Kirifuda Clutch, Io fights for as long as anyone has, but she eventually had to tap & Baszler retains


Io has had it with Shayna and canes the ever-loving shit out of her then hits a Moonsault, she asks Candice to hand her a chair, Chairsault and leaves Shayna laying as a you deserve it, zero sympathy for Shayna from the fans

Video to hype up NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff on 8/31 (which is the same day as AEW’s All Out though with the Network it’s real simple, watch the live AEW as the best part with the Network you can watch these at any time, you could literally watch All Out and then check out the NXT UK show)

Steph’s in the crowd

NXT Championship

Gargano donning the colors of Captain Marvel (or Mar-Vell) tonight

Garano avoids the Last Shot early, Cole rolls to the floor when Johnny tries The Garga-No-Escape early, Crucifix Pin, but Cole escapes, Johnny with a Tumbleweed off the apron to the floor, Double Stomp to the arm off the apron to the floor, he sends Cole back in and slams the arm, Shoulder Breaker then a Legdrop on the arm, Cloverleaf/Tequila Sunrise combo, Cole fights out, he sets Cole up top, Cole slips out and hits a Superkick to the calf, Kneeling Kneebar, Johnny fights out, Dropkick to the knee, Dragon Screw, he looks for the Panama Sunrise, but Gargano catches him with a Sit-Out Powerbomb, Rolling Kick, Step-Up Enzugiri, Diving Complete Shot for a near fall, Slingshot Spear for a near fall, Jonny goes for a dive, but Cole counters into a Lungblower for a near fall, Cole with a Burning Hammer on the knee for a near fall, they trade Superkicks, Cole goes for The Panama Sunrise, but Johnny counters with a Superkick, Stereo Suprkicks on the floor, Gargano with a Slingshot DDT for a near fall, Johnny avoids a Chop-Block and hits a Double Stomp to the back of the head, he looked for a Superkick, Cole goes to the floor, Johnny follows, Cole with a Kneecap Brainbuster on the floor, Kneepcap It Came From Japan II for a near fall, Cole blocks a kick, but Johnny with an Arm Drag off the rope, Johnny goes From Dusk Till Dawn into The Garga-No-Escape, Cole bridges out and converts into a Figure 4, Johnny’s shoulders are down for a 2 count, and another 2 count, Johnny reverses it & Cole grabs the rope, Cole dives for the knee, but Johnny goes after the shoulders, Cole spikes the knee into the mat and tears off the kneepad and stomps the exposed knee, Figure 4 blocked, Johnny with an Elevated DDT, but Cole rolls to the floor, Gargano with a Tope Suicida, but Cole blasts him out of the air with a Superkick, Panama Sunrise off the apron to the floor, he sends Johnny back in, but only gets a near fall, Cole says it’s over for Johnny, he pulls the kneepad down, Johnny avoids The Last Shot then Cole locks the Garga-No Escape on Johnny, Gargano rolls through and hits The Last Shot on Cole, Cole with a barrage of Pump Kicks, Johnny with a Rolling Lariat, DIY Superkick countered with a Superkick, Johnny answers back with one of his own then a Poisoned Frankensteiner, but Cole lands on his feet on the impact, The Last Shot connects, but only a near fall, Cole’s had it and grabs a chair, he gets into a tug of war for the chair with Drake Younger, Johnny with a Tope Suicida, but Cole ducks and Younger is wiped out, Johnny avoids a chair shot & Superkicks the chair into Cole’s face, but Drake’s down, Cole motions down ERA, Johnny grabs a chair and realizes their not coming, Cole with an Elevated Kneeling Facebuster for a near fall, he goes for The Last Shot, but Johnny collapses, Johnny grabs him in The Garga-No-Escape, Johnny rolls him back to the center, Cole with elbows to the injured knee to break it, barrage of Superkicks to the knee, Panama Sunrise countered into a flash pin for a near fall, Johnny tries to get up, but collapses, Panama Sunrise followed by The Last Shot for the win & Cole has won the Title

Fish, O’Reilly & Roddy come down to celebrate with their leader as the show ends