NXT TakeOver: WarGames III Results – 11/23/19








NXT TakeOver: WarGames III Results – 11/23/19
Chicago, Illinois
Allstate Arena
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Beth Phoenix

Before the Pre-Show Mia Yim is attacked, the docs are checking on her & Rhea Ripley is pissed, she has to find a new team mate (Dakota Kai the most likely choice) & it’s announced the Women WarGames match will be opening the main show at the top of the hour


Swerve with a Tope con Hilo into a Hurricanrana, back in the ring for a 1 count, Gourdbuster followed by a Handspring twisting Splash for a 2 count, up top, Frog Crossbody, but Garza rolls through and sends Swerve into the turnbuckle, pants rip followed by a Superkick for a near fall, Slingshot Inverted Suplex then a Basement Superkick for a near fall, Elevated Shotgun Dropkick for a 2 count, Cero de la Cilla, but Swerve evades and hits a Butterfly Powerslam for a near fall, Garza with a Rebound Sit-Out Powerbomb for a near fall, up top, Swerve went for the Shoryuken, but Garza catches him, Swerve fights out of the grip and hits a Death Valley Bomb on the apron, then a Swerve Stomp from the apron to the floor, House Call for a near fall, Garza blocks the JML Driver, he pushes Swerve into the ref and goes for a kick to the nuts, but Swerve blocks, front kick blocked & Garza hits The Wing Clipper for the win


Docs escort Yim into the ambulance, Regal asks Ripley what she’s going to do, Ripley looks at Dakota Kai and says she’s in

Women’s WarGames

It’s going to be Io & Candice to start, Candice with Hurt’s Donut, Io with a pair of Tiger Feint Kicks in between the rings, Shinkanesen Attack, Corner Dropkick, Drop Toehoeld into the steel between the rings then grinds Candice’s face into the cage

Belair the next one out for team Baszler

Double Chickenwing then a Standing Shooting Star Press on Candice, Canidce is starting a Violence Party, but Biance fights out, Double Powerbomb then launches Candice into the cage with a 3rd Powerbomb

Ripley is the out for her team and grabs a trash can then slams the cage door in Bianca’s face, more trash cans, kendo sticks, steel chairs, Wheelbarrow Facebuster into the trash can on Belair, Ripley & Candice sets up chairs

Kay Lee Ray is out next

she goes after more chairs, driving it into Candice & Ripley’s ribs, Tornado DDT on the chair on Rhea, she helps Belair up, they set Ripley on the chairs, Belair up top, but Candice meets her, Ios fights her off, Ripley with a Tower of Doom on to the pile of chairs except for Belair, Belair with a 450 Splash on Ripley

Dakota Kai comes out, but then hits a Yakuza Kick to Tegan Nox, she’s turned on her best friend and goes after the shoulder, she slams the door on Nox’s surgically repaired knee, she takes the brace off, Regal pulls her, she hits a Forearm on Regal, Regal pulls her off and drags her to the back, Kai is back and again trying to cripple Tegan, Regal finally gets her to back off

Baszler is out, she takes her sweet time, teases going after Tegan then goes into the ring

Shayna with a Knee Lift as Io & LR hold Ripley, Candice counters a Double Suplex into a Double DDT on KLR & Io, Shayna handcuffs Ripley, Candice stops her before the cuffs could be locked, Candice goes after KLR & Io while Ripley fights Shayna & Belair, Belair goes for a Spear, but Ripley avoids it & Belair hits the trash can, Ripley with a Deadlift Suplex on KLR into the cage, Ripley with a Kondo Clutch on the top rope, Shayna has the Kirifuda Clutch on Candice, but she fights out, KLR breaks the hold, Candice takes down Baszler and hits a Quebrada, but Belair breaks the pin, then Gorilla Preses Candice from one ring to the other, Gory Bomb followed by the Moonsault, but Ripley breaks it up, Belair with the hair whip, Candice fights back with the canes, up top, to the top of the cage, Candice with an Avalanche Poisoned Frankensteiner, but Bianca makes the save, Candice grabs Belair’s hair as Io hits the Moonsault from the top of the cage, KOD, to Candice, she flies at Ripley, but Rhea with a trash can to Bianca, Ripley fights out of The Kirifuda Clutch, she cuffs herself to Shayna, Ripley ducks a kick, Wrist-Clutch, Riptide on the chairs & has won it


Somehow, Ripley & Candice pull it off being down 2 members after Kai turned on them & wasted Tegan

Imperium are in the crowd


Dunne goes after Dain’s fingers and stomps the elbow, Priest went for a dive, but Dunne clocks him with a Forearm, Dain with The Divide then a Michinoku Driver II on Dunne on the face of Priest, he tries covers on both men for 2 counts, Dain with a Fallaway Slam/Samoan Drop combo on the floor, he sends Dunne back in, Dunne with a Buzzsaw Kick to Priest then a Snap German Suplex, stomps the hand of Dain, Buzzsaw Kick, Juji-Gatame on Priest, then converts to a Triangle Choke and works on the fingers, but Dain & Priest with a Double Powerbomb breaks the hold, Priest with a Rolling Elbow, Dain with a Headbutt, Dunne with a Jumping Enzugiri, Priest with The Broken Arrow then follows with The South of Heaven on Dunne for a near fall, he dumps Dunne to the floor, Razor’s Edge on Dunne on the Spanish announce table, Dain with a Tope Suicida, then follows with a Cannonball through the barricade, he sends Priest back in the ring for a 2 count, Belfast Blitz, he goes up, but Priest grabs his leg, Priest with a Razor’s Edge on Dain, but Dunne makes the save, Dunne with The You’re Going to Get Your Fucking Head Kicked In Stomps, Priest wipes out Dain with a Plancha over the turnbuckle, Dunne follows with a Triangle Moonsault, Dunne & Priest are back in, Priest with a Lariat, Reckoning blocked, Bitter End blocked, Reckoning countered into a Juji-Gatame, but Dain breaks the hold, Ulster Plantation on Priest, but only gets a near fall, he ties Dunne to the Tree of Woe and sends Priest into the same corner, Cannonball on both men, Vader Bomb on Priest, but Dunne bridges up & hits a Moonsault on Dain, he hits The Bitter End, but Priest breaks the pin, Tornado Kick then an Avalanche Hurricanrana on Dunne into Dain, Tornado Kick then hits The Reckoning, but Dain makes the save, Dain with a Chop-Block to the knee of Dunne, Shotgun Dropkicks Priest off the apron, up top, Dunne with a Leaping Enzugiri, he goes up, Priest meets him, he has both men goozled, but Dunne snaps his fingers, Dain shoves him to the floor then Dunne with a Superplex on Dain, Bitter End on Priest, Dain makes the save, Ulster Plantation, Dunne counters into a Rear Naked Choke, Dain with a Senton to break it on top of Priest, but Dunne holds on & pins Priest for the win


Dunne gets the title shot against Cole tomorrow at Survivor Series


Riddle goes for a quick Juji-Gatame, but Devitt turns it into a pin for a 2 count, Devitt ducks a Penalty Kick, Riddle with a pair of Karelin Lifts, Devitt counters the 3rd into a pin for a 2 count, Devitt with a Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Devitt with a Hesitation Dropkick for a 2 count, he rips at Riddle’s nose, he sends Riddle to the floor then follows with a Baseball Slide, he slams Riddle’s face into the apron for a 2 count, Riddle with a barrage of Shoteis, Superman Forearm, Exploder Suplex, PK then a Bro-Ton for a 2 count, Shoot Kicks, Superman Forearm, he tries another, but Devitt blocks then hits a Flying Forearm, Slingblade blocked, Riddle with an Ankle Lock, Devitt tries to fight out, Riddle switches ankles, but Devitt makes it to the rope, Devitt with a Running Dropkick, Release German Suplex, Riddle rolls through and hits a Final Flash for a near fall, Rain Trigger, Powerbomb countered, Devitt takes him down, Standing Double Stomp, Slingblade, he looks for the Shotgun, but Riddle counters with a Spear then a Jackhammer (as he continues to take shots at Goldber) for a near fall, Bro-Derek blocked, Final Cut, Reverse Bloody Sunday for a near fall, Bloody Sunday countered into Bro to Sleep, up top, Floating Bro, but Devitt gets the knees up, Shotgun Dropkick, up top, Riddle avoids the Coup de Grace and grabs Devitt into The Bro-Mission, but Devitt escapes, Riddle with a Pele Kick, Rain Trigger countered into Bloody Sunday for the win


WarGames Match

It’s Ciampa & Roddy to start it off, Ciampa’s 4th member is still being kept under wraps for the time being

Ciampa with a Sliding Knee, Face Wash using the knee, Cheeky Nandos Knee, Willow’s Bell blocked, Fairy Tale Ending countered into Death by Roderick

Kyle O’Reilly is out next

KOR takes down Ciampa with a barrage of Shoteis and knees, sweeps the legs, Roddy with a Sambo Backbreaker then KOR follows with The Cuban Missile Crisis

Dominik Dijakovic is out next

Cyclone Kill to Roddy, Superkick to KOR then a Rolling Lariat, Time to Fly Suplex on top of Roddy, Roddy blocks Feast Your Eyes, Dijak sends Roddy into the cage, KOR with a Front Guillotine Choke, but he counters into Backbreaker then a Fallaway Slam into the cage

Bobby Fish is out next

The Infamous One with Shoot Kicks to Ciampa, he cuts down Dijak, Dijak goozles Fish, but KOR grabs him, Total Elimination to Dijak, Chasing the Dragon on Ciampa

Keith Lee is out

Grizzly Magnum on Roddy, leapfrogs reDRagon then a Double Crossbody on the Tag Champs, Slingshot Twisting Plancha, Spirit Bomb blocked, reDRagon takes Lee’s knee out then Roddy with a Sliding Knee

Adam Cole is out

Cole brings in a table, then sets one against the guardrail, he sends a 3rd table & a 4th, a 5th, make that 6 tables, Ciampa throws Cole through the table against the barricade and sends Cole into the cage, ERA begs off as Team Ciampa stalks them, Fish with a nut shot on Lee

the time expires and it’s Kevin Owens in his original KO shirt when he debuted in NXT

Steen Breaker on Roddy, Sleeper Suplex on KOR, Powerbombs Fish on top of KOR, Stunner blocked, Owens blocks the Superkick and hits the Stunner, but Roddy makes the save, Lee & Dijak biel Roddy from one ring to the other, Willow’s Bell on KOR, Team Ciampa sets up tables, Lee up top & hits a Diving Crossbody, KOR with a Diving Knee then an Achilles Lock on Lee, Dijak breaks it up with a Quebrada, Dijak into a pin, but Fish breaks with a Moonsault, Fairy Tale Ending on Fish, Owens with a Senton Atomico, but Cole breaks the pin, Cole up top, Lee meets him, Roddy with an Avalanche Olympic Slam on Lee, Ax & Smash, but Dijak makes the save, Dijak with a Double goozle, but Roddy & KOR with Total Elimination, Owens sends KOR into the cage, Cole blocks the Package Piledriver the first time, he slips out the second time, Cole with a Panama Sunrise on the steel between the rings on Owens, he tried to block, but Cole eventually gets enough momentum to hit it, Fish & Roddy set up a pair of tables, they set Ciampa on top, but he fights off and sends them into the cage, Knee on KOR, Project Ciampa, barrage of Running Knees, Cole with a Superkick, Fireman Carry, but Ciampa slides out and sends Cole into the cage, another barrage of knees drives Cole into the cage, he sets Cole up top, Cole tries the Panama Sunrise, but Ciampa blocks, Cole goes all the way to the top of the cage, Dijak Chokeslams Roddy through a table, he tries one on KOR, but he turns it into a Triangle Choke, Dijak slumps on the table, but Owens breaks it with a Frog Splash on KOR through the table, Lee with a Superbomb on Fish through a table, Ciampa & Cole with a fist fight on top of the cage, Ciampa with a Mega Avalanche Air Raid Crash off the top of the cage through 2 tables, Ciampa lands on top of Cole and the ref counts him down, Ciampa wins it for his team


Britt Baker is in the crowd and had to watch Cole take that giant drop

Team Ciampa starts to get up slowly, Lee helps up Ciampa, Team Ciampa raise their hands in victory as the show ends