NXT TakeOver: WarGames II Results – 11/17/18










NXT TakeOver: WarGames II Results – 11/17/18
Los Angeles, California
Staples Center
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Matt Riddle makes his way to the ring & grabs a mic: Bro! So he’s not scheduled for a match, but a certain someone, a certain Kassius Ohno interrupted him on the Kickoff show, they’re scheduled to fight Wednesday, but they’re chilling in LA & they’ve got 2 ring here & he’ll knock Ohno out in both of them

Ohno says Riddle is too stupid to know he’s not supposed to be out here & says to ring the bell


The bell rings & Riddle with a Bicycle Knee that he’s dubbed The Final Flash wipes out Ohno for the win in 1 second flat


NXT Women’s Championship

Kairi with a Corner Dropkick right out of the gate, pair of Running Basement Blockbusters, Sliding D, Flying Kabuki Elbow off the apron to the floor, she sends Kair back in, but but Shafir & Duke attack Kairi as Baszler distracts the ref, Shayna locks in The Kirifuda Clutch & Kairi taps

Shayna with a Step-Up Knee for a near fall, back into The Kirifuda Clutch, but Kairi makes it to the rope, Torture Half Crab, Neck Crank, but Kairi counters into a flash pin for a 2 count, Rollup for a 2 count, Kirifuda Clutch countered into a flash pin for a 2 count, Shayna looks for a Suplex on the apron, but Sane counters into a DDT on the apron, Shafir misses a Roundhouse Kick and hits the post then Kairi sends Duke into the steps, InSane Elbow onto all 3 of them, back in the ring with the InSane Elbow to tie it up 1 a piece

Kairi with a Trifecta of Intercepters, then a pair of Urakens, up top, but Shayna meets her, Kairi counters an Avalanche Gutwrench Suplex into a Sunset Flip for a near fall, Tokyo Slam, Duke distacts the ref as Shaifr shoves Kairi off the top, Dakota Kai attacks them, but the numbers advantage is too much, Io Shirai out to even the odds & wipes them out with a Ura Moonsault, Kairi up top with the InSane Elbow, but Baszler holds on into a Crucifix Pin to retain the title


X-Pac is in the crowd along with his dog


(Gargano’s Jack Skellington logo now appears more like The Punisher skull, which is what Ciampa’s half of the DIY logo was, as his descent continues)

Gargano slaps Black right in the face to start, Johnny really gets under his skin but mocking the meditation pose then delivers a Rolling Kick, Aleister with a barrage of CQC strikes, Gargano with an O’Connor Roll for a 2 count then a Rocking Horse, La Magistral countered into a flash pin for a 2 count, Black with a Quebrada for a 2 count, Lawn Dart bloked, as Johnny goes to the floor, Johnny goes back in then flies to the floor with a Tope Suicidal DDT, back in the ring with a Slingshot DDT for a near fall, CQC Stirkes from Aleister, Gargano with a Poisoned Frankensteiner, but Black comes back with a Running Knee Strike, Black blocks a Slingshot Spear with a kick, Knee Strike then a Bridging German Suplex for a near fall, Bicycle Knee countered with a Rolling Lariat, Johnny goes From Dusk Till Dawn into The Garga-No-Escape, but Black counters into flash pin for a near fall, Johnny with The Lawn Dart, Johnny mocks Black by lifting him up like Aleister does, he looks for the Superkick from his DIY days, Black into the meditation pose & tells Johnny to give him his best shot, Johnny with a Ciampa-style Running Knee, but Black ducks, Gargano hits the Superkick for a near fall, they trade strikes, Black with a Jumping Knee and looked for a Springboard, but Johnny shoves him to the floor, Tope Suicida, but Black blasts Gargano out of the air with a Jumping Knee, Aleister sends Johnny back in, Johnny says he’s sorry & tells Black to finish him, Black Mass countered into a rollup for a near fall, then into The Garga-No-Escape, Black tries to get the rope, but Johnny rolls back to the center, Black breaks the hold & hits a Roundhouse Knee, he pulls the knee pad down and hits a Jumping Knee, but won’t allow Johnny to fall, Black Mass, he still doesn’t allow Johnny to fall & tells Gargano it’s over and was time to pay for his sins & blasts him with another Black Mass for the win


NXT Championship

Dream is sporting an nWo style Hollywood Hogan like attire tonight complete with black & white boas & doing the Hogan posing routine

Dream blocks The Fairy Tale Ending, but Ciampa grabs his Hollywood headband then mocks the Hogan ear clap, Dream goes outside and grabs the NXT title to get into Ciampa’s head, Ciampa blocks his own Elevated DDT, Dream with a Randy Savage running Guillotine over the rope then a Double Ax Handle, he puts his headband back on Big Boot, then does the ear clap & looked to be going for the Atomic Legdrop, but Ciampa rolls to the floor, Dream looks for Slingshot but Ciampa shoves him to the floor, Swinign Neckbreaker on the floor, back in the ring then a Running Knee in the corner as the Champ stalks Dream, Ciampa with a Swingout Neckbreaker then puts Dream on the announce table & hits a Running Knee Lift, back in the ring, Bully Choke as Dream has his own drool rubbed in his face, Dream with a Flying Forearm, nip up, Dream no-sells a punch & Hulks Up, Rainmaker DDT blocked, finger shaking, 3 punches, Big Boot & a pair of Atomic Legdrops, Dream Valley Bomb blocked, Ciampa charges, but Dream hits a Spinebuster for a 1.5 count, Ciampa goes to the floor, Dream with a Pescado, back in the ring, he looks for The Purple Rainmaker, but Ciampa rolls away, Dream blocks the Elevated DDT and goes after the surgically repaired knee, Figure 4 around the post, then back in the center of the ring with a traditional Figure 4, but Ciampa reverses it, Dream turns it back around, he kicks Ciampa down & Ciampa makes it to the rope then kicks Dream to the barricade, Dream blocks the Elevated DDT multiple times, Dream Suplexes Ciampa over the top to the floor, Dream sends Ciampa back in at 9, Dream blocks the Fairy Tale Ending, Superkick, Ciampa ducks, ref nearly gets hit, Ciampa with a rollup & grabs the tights, but the ref catches him, Dream Valley Bomb for a near fall, Dream with a Finlay Roll, but Ciampa fights off, Springboard, but Ciampa with a Knee Strike for a near fall, Project Ciampa for a near fall, Ciampa grabs the title & goes back in, but the ref takes it away from him, Dream with a rollup for a near fall, Rainmaker DDT on the title for a near fall, Purple Rainmaker, but Ciampa gets his foot up, Dream sees it coming & looks for a Figure 4, Ciampa kicks Dream to the apron, Elevated DDT for a near fall, Ciampa pulls up the ringside mat to expose the concrete, he wanted the Elevated DDT off the apron to the concrete, but Dream tackles Ciampa over the announce table instead, Ciampa slaps Mauro, Dream Valley Bomb on the concrete, back in the ring, Purple Rainmaker, but only a near fall, he looks for it on the apron, but Ciampa evades and sends Ciampa back in, Elevated DDT in between the 2 rings on the steel that connects them then back into the actual ring to retain the title


Nita Strauss who’s provided various songs for the TakeOver’s is in the crowd


It’s going to be Adam Cole & Ricochet to start

Ricochet looks for an Imploding Ace Crusher, but Cole counters with a Lungblower in mid-air, Cole with an Ushi-Goroshi, Ricochet sends Cole into the second ring, then wipes out with a Plancha from one ring to the other

Kyle O’Reilly is next out

Future Shock will look to dissect Ricochet, Ricochet places himself between the 2 rings & fights off from both sides, but O’Reilly with a Dragon Screw & they go after the knee, Ricochet sends Cole into Kyle then decks O’Reilly with a Forearm, Future Shock with a double team Ushi-Goroshi

Hanson is out next

Future Shock goes after the big man, but Sidewalk Slam to Kyle then a Running Senton, Wrath of the Gods to Cole, Cartwheel evasion then a Lariat to Cole, Hanson with a Lariat locomotion on Future Shock then stacks them both in the corner, Running Seated Senton on both of Future Shock & Hanson helps Ricochet up & uses himself as a springboard as Ricochet hits a Shooting Star Press off Hanson’s back on O’Reilly

Roderick Strong is out next

Roddy goes right after Ricochet & Hanson, pair of Step-Up Knees, then a pair of Half-Nelson Backbreaker on Ricochet then an Inverted Death by Roderick, Ax & Smash to Hanson, Olympic Slam drops Hanson, Inverted Cuban Missile Crisis on Ricochet

Rowe is out next

Rowe with an Exploder Suplex on Roddy, Shotgun Knees to Cole, Rolling Elbow on Roddy, O’Reilly with a Rear Naked Choke on Rowe, but throws him off, Powerbomb/Powerslam combo on O’Reilly & Roddy, War Raiders take it to the Tag Team Champions, and they all circle Cole, War Raiders hurl Cole into the cage

Bobby Fish is out he padlocks Pete Dunne into his shark cage & throws the key into the crowd, Fish is loading up the ring with plunder & ERA chairs, ERA with a steel chair assault are decimating the Raiders & Ricochet, Sambo Suplex on Rowe through a chair, ERA sends Rowe hard into the cage, then it’s Hanson’s turn to meet the cage

Pete Dunne is scheduled to come out, but he’s trapped in his cage as ERA with a pair of Superplexes on the Raiders in each of the rings, Cole taunts Dunne, the ref breaks the lock with bolt cutters, ERA won’t let him in, but Dunne with a kendo stick & canes Cole’s hand then slams the door on Roddy & is loading up the cage with more plunder, canes & trash cans, tables and enters the ring

The Match Beyond begins now

Dunne goes to work caning the ERA, he tosses his partners some canes & wraps a chain around his fist, Pete stomps Kyle’s hand on the steel between the rings, X-Plex on Roddy on top of Kyle, Cole with a Runnign Knee to Pete, Hanson kicks a chair into O’Reilly’s face, Raiders put Cole into a trash can then Rowe rams Hanson into it, Rowe Slams Hanson on O’Reilly, German Suplex/Springboard Lariat combo on Kyle, but Fish breaks the pin, reDRagon with kicks from the front & back, Death by Roderick on Ricochet then Cole with a Lungblower, ERA surrounds Dunne, but Pete doesn’t care & tears through all 4, Kneebar on Fish, but O’Reilly breaks the hold, Kyle wraps a chair around Dunne’s ankle, but Pete traps him in a Kimura, Fish breaks the hold with a chair shot, O’Reilly with an Ankle Lock on Dunne & Roddy grinds a char into Pete’s face, ERA holds off Raiders, but Ricochet with a Plancha from one ring to the other & breaks the hold, Dunne with an Avalanche Butterfly Suplex on Roddy & Ricochet with an Avalanche Hurricanrana on Kyle, Hanson sets up a table, as one of the legs of the table gave out, Hanson resets it up, Thor’s Hammer, but Kyle breaks the pin with a chair shot, Fish with a caneshot to Rowe’s back, then Fish Spears Rowe through a table in between the rings, Cole is tied to the Tree of Woe & kyle is laid out on the table by Ricochet, Roddy with a Knockout Knee, Kyle with a Triangle Choke on the table, Hanson with a Splash from one ring to the other though the table, but Roddy breaks the pin with trash can match, Cole goes up to the top of the cage, but Ricochet meet him, Roddy tries to push Ricochet off the top to the floor, but Ricochet is holding on, Dunne goes aftr Cole and tries to hook him in a Suplex, Tower Doom off the cage wall & everyone but Ricochet is down, Ricochet with his patented Double Rotation Moonsault off the top of the cage onto everyone, both teams re-group in each of the rings, an all-out brawl breaks out in-between the 2 rings, East 10 Mile on Fish, Fallout onf Fish, but O’Reilly breaks the pin, Sick Kick, Hanson with a Handspring Double Back Elbow, Cole with a Superkick barrage, Dunne catches & snaps the fingers, Bitter End countered into a DDT, Knee-Cap Brainbuster then delivers The Last Shot for a near fall, he pulls the kneepad down, Pete ducks & hits The Bitter End, Ricochet flies with a Springboard 450 Splash, Ricochet & Dunne both cover Cole for the win