NXT TakeOver: New York Results – 4/5/19








NXT TakeOver: New York Results – 4/5/19
Brooklyn, New York
Barclay Center
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph & Percy Watson

Since it’s ArRIVAL NXT has been destined to TakeOver. As we pay homage to the past, it’s the diversity of competition that creates a worldwide appeal. With Opportunity around every corner a new road to destiny can be forged. With every title on the line who will fulfill their destiny & lead NXT into the next chapter?

NXT Tag Team Championship

Ricochet with a Springboard Lariat then a Standing Shooting Star Press on Rowe for a 2 count, Black with a Charging Forearm for a 2 count, grounded Abdominal Stretch, Black shoves him into the corner, Grounded Sweep, Oklahoma Roll for a 2 count, Rowe comes back with The East 10 Mau, Hanson with repeated Running Corner Lariats, he charges, but Ricochet catches him with a Fallaway Slam, Black with CQC Strikes, he blocks a Knee from Rowe, but Rowe hits a second, Black with a Roundhouse Kick then a High-Angle Bridging German Suplex for a near fall, Hanson with a Handspring Back Elbow on Ricochet for a near fall, Hanson up top, but Ricochet cuts him off, Barrel Roll, but Hanson cuts him off, Rowe with Shotgun Knees then drives Hanson into Ricochet, German Suplex/Springboard Lariat combo, but Black breaks up the pin with a Double Stomp, Thor’s Hammer countered into a Pop-Up Meteora, Rowe wipes out Black with a Tope Suicida, Ricochet with a No-Hands Space Flying Corkscrew Tiger Drop then Hanson with a Cannonball wipes out everyone on the floor, Ricochet & Rowe make it back in just before the 10 count, East 10 Mile countered into a Superkick, Black wipes out Hanson, then Black Mass to Rowe, Ricochet with a Shooting Star Press, but Hanson tackles Black through Ricochet to break the pin, 630 Senton, Hanson pulls out Rowe, then takes out Black with a Lariat, he sends Rowe back in & blind tag, Ricochet ducks the Spinkick of Doom, Thor’s Hammer, Tope Suicida wipes out Black then the Raiders finish Ricochet with Fallout to retain


Both teams bow to each other then Ricochet & Black take a moment to soak it all in on what is likely their farewell to NXT before heading to the main roster full time

Piper Niven & Toni Storm from NXT UK are in the crowd

NXT North American Championship

Dream comes out as the Statue of Liberty then the old King style entrance (Macho King/King Mable etc) with people carrying him to the ring

Dream blocks a Kimura attempt, Riddle with a Tornado takedown again looks for a Kimura, but Dream makes it to the rope, Riddle with a Monkey Flip into a Juji-Gatame, but Dream makes it to the rope, Dream stomps the bare foot onf Riddle, Oklahoma Roll for a 2 count, flash pin for a 2 count, Back Rake followd by Rick Rude hip gyrations, Riddle with a trifecta of Gutwrench Suplexes, Dream with a trifecta of Double Ax Handles then goes for the Macho Man style Ax Handle to the floor, but Riddle catches him with a Release German Suplex on the floor, back in the ring, Bro-Ton, Open Hand Palm Strikes, Pele Kick, Exploder Suplex, Bro-Ton, Penalty Kick for a near fall, Dream blocks The Bro-Mission, but Riddle with a Juji-Gatame, Dream makes it to the rope, Dream with a Release German Suplex, but Riddle back up, Pump Knee then a Fisherman Buster for a near fall, Bro-Ton for a 2 count, MMA Elbows, but Dream’s in the rope, Dream with a Sleeper, Riddle escapes and counters into a Prawn Hold for a near fall, Triangle Choke, Dream breaks it, Riddle with a Rain Trigger, Bro to Sleep, then a Knee Strike for a near fall, Shoot Knee Strikes, Dream Hulks Up, Big Boot, Body Slam, he sends Riddle to the floor, Double Ax Handle to the floor, back in, Rocker Dropper for a near fall, up top, but Riddle counters with a Knee Strike in mid-air, Dream with a Double Knee Facebreaker for a near fall, up top, Dream charges, but Riddle grabs his leg into an Ankle Lock, Dream fights it, Riddle switches to the other leg, Dream with a Rollup, Riddle rolls through, Powerbomb countered into the Dream DDT, Dream Valley Bomb, up top, Purple Rainmaker countered into The Bro-Mission, Dream grabs the rope and sends Riddle’s face into the rope, he goes to the apron, Riddle with a Release German Suplex from the apron back in, up top, Floating Bro, but only gets a near fall, Dream with a Superkick, Riddle with a Powerbomb, float over into a flash knee, Bro-Mission, Chest Slaps to try and get the tap, but Dream rolls back into a flash pin to retain as Riddle wouldn’t break the hold and pinned himself


Riddle gives the fans a thumbs up then applauds Dream and offers a fist bump & Dream reciprocates

NXT’s newest signing KUSHIDA is in the crowd

NXT UK Championship

Dunne goes after the leg and cranks on the ankle, but WALTER kicks him off, Pete goes to work on the fingers, WALTER looks for a Chop, but Dunne ducks, Pete avoids another Chop, WALTER grabs the arm and slams Dunne to the mat, Dunne with a Forearm & WALTER answers back with a HARD Chop and another floors Pete, Dunne with a Lariat, but WALTER doesn’t falter and hits a Big Boot, he lays Pete on the turnbuckle and Chops him then steps on Pete, Back Suplex on the ring apron, Dunne with a Heel Hook, WALTER continues throwing Chops to break the hold, and then locks in a Boston Crab on Dunne, Pete makes it to the rope, WALTER with a Forearm, he goes for a second, but Dunne catches the hand and bends the fingers, WALTER floors Dunne with a Yakuza Kick, Dunne back in and fires back on WALTER, Dunne with a Buzzsaw Kick, WALTER rolls to the floor, Pete with a Triangle Moonsault to the floor, he sends WALTER back in, up top, but WALTER meets him, Dunne again goes to the fingers, Sunset Flip, but Dunne out of the corner with a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a near fall, WALTER rolls to the floor, Dunne up top then flies with a Double Stomp on the floor, he sends WALTER back in, WALTER avoids a Moonsault and hits a Shotgun Dropkick, Gojira Clutch blocked, Release German Suplex, Powerbomb into a Folding Pin, Tenryu-Style for a near fall, WALTER with a Chop then Stomps on Dunne, and anothe Chop, Dunne fires back, but WALTER floors him with another Chop, Pete twists on the fingers, Double Wrist lock, WALTER Stomps Dunne’s face then a Neck Twist, Powerbomb blcoked & Dunne with a Step-Up Enzugiri, Dunne stomps WALTER’s hand, up top, but WALTER cuts him off, Gojira Clutch into an Avalanche Sleeper Suplex, but only a near fall, Dunne blocks a Chop and Snaps the fingers of both hands, Pete with a Release German Suplex, Crucifix Bomb, but only gets a near fall, You’re Going to Get Your Fucking Head Kicked In Stomps, but WALTER grabs him in a Gojira Clutch, Pete rolls through into more Stomps, Rings of Saturn and twists on the fingers, but WALTER won’t tap & he makes it to the rope, WALTER with a Chop then a Lariat knocks Dunne off the rope, Diving Splash, but Dunne counters into a Triangle Choke, he tries to go for the finger break, but WALTER blocks and and stomps his way out, he blocks more finger breaks and stomps on Dunne, Wrist-Clutch, but WALTER blocks, Burning Lariat, he charges, but Dunne hits the Bitter End, but only gets a near fall, Dunne with Forearms and WALTER answers back with Chops, Yakuza Kick floors Dunne, up top, Dunne snaps the fingers again, Hanging Juji-Gatame up top, but WALTER with Chops followed by a Superbomb, up top then a Diving Splash for the win to end Dunne’s 685 day reign as UK Champion


Edge & Beth Phoenix are in the crowd

NXT Women Championship

Belair with a Shoulder Block on Shayna, Shirai breaks it up with a Basement Meteora, Baszler breaks the pin, Kairi with a Running Blockbuster & Belair breaks the pin, Pirates take down Shayna and crush her with a Double Basment Dropkick, Shanya with the arm-breaking stomp on Belair, she tries to grab the braid, but Bianca uses it to send Shayna’s face into the post, shades of Danielson/McGuinness, Kairi with a Flying Kabuki Elbow on Belair for a near fall, Ax Kick, Baseball Slide wipes out Shayna, Shiria with a Running Meteora on Belair, Diving Crossbody, but Bianca catches her with a Fallaway Slam, Shayna makes the save, Kirifuda Clutch on Bianca, but Kairi breaks it, Sky Pirates with a Tower of Doom, Io elevates Kairi onto Belair & Shayna, Moonsault, Bianca with a Spear on Io, but Kairi makes the save, Double Chickenwing Slam on Sane, Baszler with a Step-Up Knee, Pirates try covers, but Bianca breaks them up, Uraken & Shotei combos, Baszler drags Kairi to the floor, Bianca with a Gorilla Press on Shirai onto everyone, she sends Baszler back in, Double Chickenwing, but Shayna counters into The Kirifuda Clutch, Bianca gets back to her feet & hits the KOD, but Shirai makes the save, Powerbomb countered into a Sit-Out Facebuster, Shirai with a Moonsault then a double leap into another Moonsault, but Kairi makes the save, Kairi with The Tokyo Slam, up top, InSane Elbow, but Shirai makes the save, Kairi with a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT, up top, Bianca with the hair whip, she stacks both of the Pirates up, Double KOD, but Shayna makes the save, Kirifuda Clutch, Belair fights it, with no rope breaks possible in a 4 way, Bianca has to tap and Baszler retains


NXT Championship

Appropriately enough with 3 weeks until Endgame, Gargano is donning the Iron-Man attire tonight, Cole is no Thanos nor does he possess an Infinity Gauntlet, but this is going to be a tough fight regardless

Gargano with a rollup for a 2 count, Garga-No-Escape blocked, Knee Strike ducked, Superkick ducked, Johnny looks for the Garga-No-Escape, Cole blocks again, Cole with Cravat Knee Strikes, Cole with a Knee Strike for a 1 count, Dragon Sleeper, Johnny fights out, O’Connor Roll, Cole reverses for a 2 count, Johnny with a Rolling Kick, to the apron, Cole blocks a kick, but Gargano with a Slingshot Spear for a near fall, Cole fakes out Johhny with a Superkick, but Gargano with a Diving Complete Shot for a near fall, Hurts Donut blocked, Cole with an Elevated Lungblower for a near fall, they trade Small Packages for near falls, Cole ducks the Rolling Kick & hits a Jumping Enzugir, Kneepad down, they trad flash pins for a 2 count, they both tease Superkicks, Johnny with a Sunset Flip, but Cole rolls through and hits The Last Shot to take the first fall


Cole with another Last Shot, but only gets a near fall, Gargano with a Spear on the apron then a Somersault Senton to the floor, he sends Cole back in, Slingshot DDT countered into an Ushi-Goroshi for a near fall, Cole looked to be going for the Panama Sunrise, but Gargano blocks & hits an Avalanche Air Raid Crash for a near fall, Slingshot DDT on the ring apron, Johnny breaks the count, Cole shoves him back first into the post then face first into the post, he sends Johnny back in, Bridging Fujiwara Armbar, Ciampa’s finisher in DIY then he switches to the Garga-No-Escape & Cole taps, Johnny takes the 2nd fall and now we’re going to the 3rd fall and sudden death


Johnny’s buted open above his eye, Ode to Takayama, Johnny with a Rolling Lariat, Cole ducks the DIY Superkick, Kneecap Brainbuster for a near fall, Cole up to the second, he brings Johnny back to the corner for the Panama Sunrise, Gargano blocks, Johnny with a Lawndart, Hurts Donut, but only gets a near fall, Johnny blocks a Superkick, they trade Enzugiris, then Superkicks, Straightjacket German blocked, Superkick to the back, Cole with the Straightjacket German and hits The Florida Key for a near fall, Cole blocks, Backdrop Driver, Johnny counters The Panama Sunrise into a Poisoned Frankensteiner, Suprkick, but Cole rolls to the floor, Wheelbarrow Suplex on the ring apron, Johnny with an Elevated DDT then a Slingshot DDT for a near fall, Cole rolls to the floor, Tope Suicida, he sends Cole back in, Slingshot, but Cole with a Superkick, up to the second, Double Jump Canadian Destroyer he calls it The Panama Sunrise, but only gets a near fall, he sends Johnny to the floor, he pie-faces Johnny then says all Gargano does is fail, Johnny sends him over the announce table then takes the Spanish table apart, Cole with The Fairy Tale Ending on the announce table, but it doesn’t give, Cole rolls in & wants a count out, Johnny back in right before the 10, Cole mocks Johnny with a DIY Superkick, but only gets a near fall, he charges, but Jonny with a Superkick, Cole with another Superkick, Panama Sunrise countered into the Garga-No-Escape, Roddy distracts the ref as reDRagon gouges Johnny’s eyes, Cole shoves Johnny into the ref, Total Elimination, Roddy shoves the ref in, but still only a near fall, Johnny Backdrops Cole onto the rest of Undisputed ERA then wipes out O’Reilly, Fish & Strong, back in the ring, Cole with a Superkick, Northern Superkick, Last Shot, but still only a near fall, Johnny ducks a Last Shot, Garga-No-Escape, Cole tries to make it to the rope, Johnny rolls back to the center & Cole taps out


Gargano becomes NXT’s first Triple Crown Champion, Candice LeRae is in to celebrate with her husband, they go out into the crowd where Johnny’s mom & dad are setting as well and continue the celebration on the stage, Tommaso Ciampa walks out in a neckbrace and hugs both Johnny & Candice then raises their hands, all 3 hug one more time as the show closes