NXT TakeOver: In Your House Results – 6/7/20









NXT TakeOver: In Your House Results – 6/7/20
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Tom Phillips & Beth Phoenix

It appears they’re either using the original In Your House set or something close to it at least


Yim lights up Raquel, Front Guillotine Choke, but she fights out, Nox ducks a Penalty Kick from Kai, Lady Kane blocked, Kai with a rollup for a 2 count, they trade flash pins for 2 counts, Nox with a Headbutt, Cannonboar for a 2 count, Shotzi with an Inverted Slingblade, Kai with a Scorpion Kick for a 2 count, Tope Suicida, but Raquel catcher her with a Belly to Blly, Yim wipes out Raquel and Kai with a Tope Suicida, Candice with a Crossbody on Yim, then Nox wipes everyone out with a Somersault Senton, Shotzi with a Diving Meteora, Cannonball for a near fall, Shotzi with Cattle Mutilation, but Kai makes the save, Raquel with a Short-Arm Lariat, Candice into a pin for a near fall, Shotzi ducks the Kaio Kick, Step-Up Enzugiri, Candice ducks a PK, but Yim with a Bridging Dragon Suplex for a near fall, Seoul Food countered into a version of the Ball Plex , Shiniest Wizard countered into a Powerbomb, but Yim makes the save, Yim & Candice battle to the back, Shotzi saves Nox from a Yakuza Kick, Lady Kane to Kai, Assisted Shiranui to Raquel then Nox finishes Kai with The Shiniest Wizard for the win



Balor with a John Woo Dropkick before the bell even rings, Chop-Block, Priest rolls to the floor, Balor follows with a Forearm, Priest sends him into the steps, Snake Eyes on the apron, he re-arranges the steps, Sidewalk Slam off the steps onto the apron, pair of Forearms, Lifting Complete Shot, series to stomps for a 1 count, Balor with a Flying Forearm, Vertical Suplex, Baseball Slide sends Priest to the floor, cavalcade of kicks, Priest with a Lariat, he calls for the Edge, Razor’s Edge blocked, Broken Arrow, Razor’s Edge countered into a Standing Double Stomp, Switchblade Kick answered with a Pele Kick for a 2 count, South of Heaven countered into a Victory Roll for a near fall, Priest with a Tornado Kick on the apron, Razor’s Edge on the apron, back in, cocky 1 arm cover while gloating only gets a 2 count, pair of Running Back Elbows, Balor counters the 3rd with a Sling Blade, John Woo countered into a pair of Tornado Kicks, Reckoning countered into a Final Cut, John Woo Dropkick, up top, but Priest meets him, goozle, Avalanche South of Heaven connects, but only gets a near fall, Priest drags him to the apron, Razor’s Edge off the apron to the steps blocked, Balor with a Forearm knocks Priest off the apron landing spine first on the steps, back in the ring, Balor up top, Coup de Grace to the back, back up, traditional Coup de Grace finishes Priest for the win


NXT North American Championship

Gargano tries a Tope Suicida, but Lee catches him, Spirit Bomb countered, Superkick off the apron, Somersault Senton, blocked, Spirit Bomb blocked by digging into Lee’s eyes, Lee with a Forearm to Gargano, Johnny tries to get back in through the house door, Lee rams him into the door, Grizzly Magnum then tosses Gargano back toward the ring, Johnny goes after the fingers, Lee answers back with a Forearm, Gargano goes back to the eyes, Lee throws him off, Gargano continues to go after Lee and bends the fingers around the turnbuckle, Johnny has words with the people booing him in the crowd, Cobra Sleeper, series of Springboard Stomps, into a cover for a 2 count, Fish-Hook, Slingshot Spear blocked, Neck-Backbreaker for a 2 count, Spirit Bomb blocked as Gargano goes after the fingers again, Pop-Up, but Gargano counters into a Juji-Gatame and rips at the fingers, Lee powers out of it, Lariat for a near fall, Deadlift, but Gargano rips at the fingers and turns it into a Sunset Flip for a 2 count, Satelite DDT blocked, Superkick, Big Bang Catastrophe, but Gargano rolls through for a pin, but only gets a near fall, Gargano charges, but Lee catches him with a Thrust Spinebuster, Johnny rolls to the floor, Lee sends him back him, Gargano with a Suicidal Tornado DDT, he can’t get Lee up & instead breaks the count, back to the floor, but Lee Pounces Gargano right through the hockey style plexiglass, Lee drags him back, he goes to carry him back in, Candice is here, but Yim meets her & goes right after Candice, ref is distracted by the girls, Gargano goes into this tights and digs the key into Lee’s eye, Slingshot DDT he now calls One Final Beat, but only gets a near fall, Superkick for a near fall, a second Superkick, still only a near fall, 3rd Superkick, Lee won’t stay down, Gargano stomps on Lee’s hand, Lee with a goozle and turns it into a Spirit Bomb, Double Powerbomb then follows with The Big Bang Catastrophe to retain


Kind of surprised we’re doing this one now since we’ve still got 2 matches left

NXT Championship

a ring of cars have surrounded a wrestling ring outside, Cole drives up in a massive Undisputed ERA truck, Dream arrives in a lamborgini with a baseball bat like he’s Negan from The Walking Dead

Dream drops the bat to the ground as Cole gets into the ring & Dream throws a scarf at him, rollup for a 2 count, Backslide for a 2 count, Oklahoma Roll for a 2 count, Cole with a Pump Kick, ground and pound, Cole says Dream doesn’t deserve the belt & he’s leaving, he jumps in a car, but Dream batters the car with the bat as Cole is trapped, an Uber drives up and asks if someone called for one, Dream & Cole continue to batter each other, Dream throws Cole into a trash can, Cole throws Dream into a pipe on the building, Cole looking for an escape as Dream grabs some trash cans, Dream opens a door and gets a fire extinguisher to the face for his trouble, back to ringside, Cole with a Pump Kick, Dream posts Cole, Double Ax Handle off the apron to the floor, back in, he tries for a cover, but Cole rolls to the ground, Dream up top, but Cole catches him with a Superkick on the ground, Cole off the apron, but this time it’s Dream hitting a Superkick, he slams Cole on the hood of a car & grabs a ladder, Dream to the top of the ladder, another car pulls up as ERA drives up, Cole meets Dream on the top of the ladder, but Dream knocks Cole off the top into the windshield & he’s busted open bad, ERA swarm Dream, Cole tells ERA they know what to do as they fill the ring with steel chairs, shades of Funk/Foley from ECW, Dexter Lumis emerges from under the ring, he takes down Roddy & Fish, he stashes Roddy & Fish in the trunk and rives off with them, Cole pulls his wrecked body off the windshield and heads toward the ring, up top, Panama Sunrise countered into a Dream Valley Bomb, but only gets a near fall, Dream up top, Purple Rainmaker through a steel chair, but only gets a near fall, Dream says that’s the sound of Cole’s ERA coming to an end, Cole with an uppercut to the nuts, then hits The Panama Sunrise on a pile of steel chairs to retain


Dream can never challenge for the NXT Title as long as Cole is Champion


Kross with an Exploder Suplex, Ciampa rolls to the floor, Kross gives chase, Ciampa sends him into the steps, Willow’s Bell blocked, Kross with a Tree Slam on the apron, another Exploder Suplex, and another Exploder, crushing Knees in the turnbuckle, he wants Ciampa to get up, Northern Lights Suplex, bridges up & follows with a Burning Lariat, Ciampa fights back, Kross with a goozle, Ciampa with a furious flurry, Step-Up Enzugiri, Running Knee then hits Willow’s Bell, but only gets a near fall, another Running Knee, and again, Fairy Tale Ending countered into a Standing F-5 then follows with The Kross Jacket, Ciampa is choked out & the ref is calling it


NXT Women’s Championship

Io with a rollup on Rhea for a 2 count, Charlotte sends Rhea into the barricade, Io with a Hurricanrana off the apron to the floor, Charlotte posts Io, Boston Crab, Charlotte turns it into a Torture Crab, Io fights out, Rhea breaks the hold, Cravat Knees, Baseement Dropkick on Charlotte, Io with a Running Dropkick, Tiger Feint Kick to Charlotte, Casadora Double Stomp followed by a Dropkick for a near fall, Charlotte with a Double Spear, she tries covers on both for 2 counts, Moonsault, but Io gets the feet up, Riptide blocked, Io goes From Dusk Till Dawn into a Crossface, but Charlotte breaks the hold, Queen’s Boot to Rhea for a near fall, Natural Selection blocked, Io with a Springboard Dropkick, Running Meteora, Natural Selection on Io, but only gets a near fall, Io with a Crucifix Pin for a near fall, Charlotee with a Figure 4, Rhea stops the bridge and drags Charlotte to the floor, Io with a Plancha wipes out Rhea, Charlotte throws Io through the house window, Rhea sent into the plexiglass, Io is up on the house roof, Diving Crossbody wipes out Rhea & Charlotte, she sends Charlotte back in, up top, Rhea crotches her then posts Charlotte, Rhea blocks an Avalanche Hurricanrana, Queen’s Boot to Io, Charlotte meets Rhea, Avalanche Riptide, but Io makes the save, Casadorac countered into the Prism Trap, but Charlotte with a kendo stick assault, Spear, Figure 4, Figure 8, but Io is up top, she hits The Moonsault on Rhea, Charlotte can’t break the pin since she still has her hold on & Io is the new Champion