NXT Halloween Havoc Results – 10/28/20









NXT Halloween Havoc Results – 10/28/20
Orlando, Florida
Capitol Wrestling Center
Commentary Team: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett & Beth Phoenix


Our host Shotzi Blackheart literally made sparks fly from the electric chair by the Wheel in what is supposed to be one of her four costume changes for the night a Frankenstein esque look

Looks like we have a version of the classic set, graveyard, inflatable pumpkin & at least glimpses of the gargoyle

Gargano as Jack Skellington (of course he would be, his classic logo has been Jack’s face for ages so of course he’d come as The Pumpkin King)

Shotzi spins the wheel & we have a Devil’s Playground Match

North American Championship

Priest with a Bell Clap, a trifecta of Stinger Splashes, Spinning Heel Kick for a 2 count, Springboard Forearm sends Gargano to the floor, he tries the Slingshot Spear, Priest blocks, Draping Reckoning blocked, Gargano sends Priest into the steps, Johnny grabs a kendo stick, but Priest has his nightstick, Johnny with cane shots to the back, Johnny blocks the nightstick, but Priest with a shot to the knee then takes Johnny back in from the apron with The South of Heaven, but only gets a near fall, Johnny with a Tope Suicida, but Priest catches him, Gargano counters a Chokeslam into a Complete Shot in the barricade then hits Diced Bread on the steps, but only gets a near fall, Priest with The Broken Arrow on the announce table, Johnny opens a casket & gets spooked by a skeleton that he Superkicks, but Priest with a right hand, they head backstage & Johnny sends Priest into the garage door repeatedly, he puts a trash can on Priest’s head and slams him into the door again, rolling cart slammed into Priest, Priest tosses a trash can sending Johnny out of the graveyard next to the wheel, Johnny blocks Razor’s Edge & hits a Superkick, trash can to the back of Priest repeatedly, Priest counters a Superkick with a Pump Kick, Pries goes for The Reckoning when Ghostface from Scream hits him with a lead pipe, Johnny with a Tornado DDT using the wheel, Ghostface hands Gargano a tombstone which he shatters over Priest’s head and sends him to the floor, Gargano into a cover & has won the North American Title


Cameron Grimes is nervously pacing. General Manager William Regal comes up to him and tells him to head to the parking lot where a van is waiting to take him to his Haunted House of Terror match. Grimes is confused, the ring is in the CWC and he thought Mr. Regal wanted him to have a match with Dexter Lumis. He doesn’t want to go to the parking lot, it’s the most dangerous place! Regal doesn’t care and ushers him out to his ride

McAfee is on the mic in the ring with Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan. He rags on the fans a bit, and then launches into a slightly modified version of the promo explaining his actions that he hired Ridge Holland to take out Cole before Ridge’s horrific injury. He calls for mics for the Brit-Am Brawlers, but he’s interrupted by Kyle O’Reilly. KOR is alone since every other member of the ERA is injured, but O’Reilly brought back-up… it’s Pete Dunne! They chase McAfee’s guys to the apron with chairs, and the Bruiserweight blasts O’Reilly with the chair! Dunne and the Brawlers beat down Kyle, and Pete breaks his fingers and stomps the elbow. Then the champs lift him up, McAfee sets a chair up and they DDT him down on it! Pat tells “Cauliflower Kyle” that’s Undisputed!

We head backstage, and Mr. Regal sends Grimes outside. A van rolls up with a zombie in the passenger seat, and Michael PS Hayes dressed in orange & black in the back. The Freebird cuts the Bad Street USA promo on Grimes while his song plays, then struts off after nudging Cameron into the van. Grimes says he hates rednecks


Santos is donning parts of Mysterio’s Phantom gear from Havoc ’97

Atlas with a Release German Suplex then a Forearm for a 2 count, he hits The Rainbow DDT, but Joaquin Wilde puts Santos foot on the rope, Raul Mendoza with a loaded mask Headbutts Atlas then Santos finishes him with Legado for the win


Ember Moon talking about Dakota Kai’s attack last week. She puts over Kai’s development and says she has a sick kick, but she’s not going to like the receipt


Grimes is dumped off outside the house, he says he’s coming for Dex, Dex watches on as this is set to Marilyn Manson music, Grimes is creeped out of a mounted animal head as he searches the house all the while Dex stalks him, Grimes finds a possessed ref as Dex kicks the door off and chokes out Grimes, but Grimes slams his face through a mirror, he runs for it again as Dex again kicks a door off the hinge, Grimes is distracted as he sees what he thinks is a naked female and goes to investigate only to be surprised by a demon lady, Dex breaks through the window and goes after him more zombies appear as Grimes tries to get free, he kicks Dex down and grabs an ax as the demon & zombies overwhelm him, he’s driven out of the house, but more zombies stalk him, he jumps back in the van, but Dex is in the driver’s seat, Grimes runs out of the van & down the street


Rhea with a pair of Short-Arm Lariats, but Raquel doesn’t go down, Rhea with a Running Dropkick finally floors Raquel, Cannonball off the apron, but Raquel catches her & Powerbombs her into the barricade then the floor, Raquel with a Gory Special, Rhea fights out and turns it into a Sunset Flip for a 2 count, Raquel with a Lariat for a 2 count, another Lariat for a 2 count, Rhea with Cravat Knees, Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Rhea snaps on the Prism Trap then turns it into a pin for a 2 count, Raquel kicks her away, Tour of the Islands for a 2 count, she sets up Rhea up top, Rhea fights out, Wrist-Clutch, but Raquel blocks it, Raquel with an Avalanche Belly to Belly Suplex, but only gets a 2 count, Rhea counters the One-Arm Powerbomb into a Headscissors into the post, Roundhouse Kick, Wrist-Clutch & hits The Riptide for the win


Grimes has run his way down the roads all the way back to the arena it appears

Drake Maverick is dressed as The Dark Side of Hulk Hogan and cutting a promo when he’s interrupted by McKenzie Mitchell. He gets caught between & humped by The Giant and The Yeti (I guess history is repeating itself), then The Shockmaster comes through the curtain. That’s Killian Dain, who refuses to trip like Drake set it up. They run down all the stuff Drake’s planned that he hates, Maverik asks if Dain has any idea how long it took to sparkle that Stormtrooper helmet then Maverick puts on the helmet & trips as Dain laughs at him

Grimes has made it back to the arena on foot & it looks like he’s ending up in an old Dungeon of Doom backstage segment, as demons & zombies raise from the grave, Grimes tells them to stop, he backs into the ring, the ring fills with smoke as Dex as appeared, he tosses Grimes then hits a Spinebuster, the Zombies embrace Dex, Grimes hits one of the zombies with a Cave In, the other rides on Dex’s shoulders, he tosses it into Grimes then Dex plants him with a Sambo Suplex and converts into Silence for the win


The zombies continue to move and gyrate as Dex just walks off as the zombies swarm Grimes

Tables, Ladders & Scares

NXT Women’s Championship

Io with a Tope Suicida, she goes for a ladder, Candice grabs a table & then a mystery bag which has assorted body parts in it, Io hits Candice with a dismembered arm, Candice grabs another ladder, Io posts Candice then over the announce table, Candice with a laptop to the face of Io, Candice goes for more ladders, she bridges the ladder, Io with a flying chair shot, Bullet Train against the steps, Io goes for more chairs & drives one of them into Candice’s ribs, Vertical Suplex on the floor, table set up with a chalk outline on it, Io back in & sets up the ladder, up top, but Candice pulls her back down, Candice with a Wheelbarrow Facebuster, Candice goes up, Io pulls her back down, Io with a Butterfly Backbrekaer in a pile of chairs, Candice avoids the Over the Moonsault then hits Io with crushing chair shots then sets up one, Io with a Suplex on the seat of a chair, she tries to go up, but Candice pulls her down and slaps Io, Candice avoids the Bullet Train & Io hits the ladder and the ladder falls on top of the Champion, Candice up top, Io cuts her off with a Shoryuken then sets up a pair of chairs, Io traps Candice’s leg in between a chair, Draping Inverted Dragon Screw, Candice with a chair to the back then hits Ms LeRae’s Wild Ride off the apron through the tables, Ghostface is back, he puts Candice at the top of the ladder, Shotzi cuts off Ghostface & hits a Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex onto chairs, Candice goes to grab the belt, but Io cuts her off, Candice fights her off & goes to take the belt, but Io shoves the ladder over & Candice goes crashing through another ladder, Io goes up unhooks the belt to retain