NXT Great American Bash: Night 2 Results – 7/8/20






NXT Great American Bash: Night 2 Results – 7/8/20
Orlando, Florida
Full Sail University
Commentary Team: Mauro Ranallo, Tom Phillips & Beth Phoenix


Yim bumrushes Candice during the entrance and sends her into the steps and goes straight for the plunder, Candice ducks a kendo stick and delivers some shots of her own to Yim’s back, Yim with a barrage of cane shots and chokes Candice with it, Yim brings out a table, Candice sets it up in the corner, Yim with a flash pin for a 2 count, Candice posts Yim, Yim sends Candice into the crowd, pizza pan to the back of Candice, Candice brings the table close to the ramp, then sprays Yim with tfire extinguisher, Yim Dropkicks Candice off the ramp through the table, Candice Drop Toeholds Yim into the steel chair then a Running Dropkick for a 2 count, she drives the point of the chair into the ribs, then brings out 3 more chairs, she sets up the table on the top rope as a platform, Yim puts the trash can on top of Candice, Mafia Kick then a Cannonball, into a cover for a 2 count, Yim has a pair of knux, but Candice blocks the punch with a steel chair, shots to the back and piles chairs on top of Yim, up to the platform, but Yim cuts her off, Candice takes the knux from Yim & blasts her with it then hits Ms LeRae’s Wild Ride off the table onto the pile of chairs, Candice gets the arm over Yim and gets the win



Reed with a Gorilla Press then a Running Senton, Nese rolls to the floor, Nese wit a Small Package for a 2 count, Running Hotshot blocked, Reed with a Bionic Elbow then an Avalanche, Nese with a Throat THurst then a Hot Shot, Triangle Moonsault, but only gets a near fall, up top, he goes over Reed, but lands on his feet, Reed with a Lariat, up top & hits The Australian Splash for the win

A video package on ‘The Latina Sensation’ Mercedes Martinez, then Robert Stone is hyping his big announcement to McKenzie Mitchell. He pitches Shotzi Blackheart on joining his brand, but she says she’s a loner. An outraged Stone throws his coffee over his shoulder, which hits Killian Dain! Dain flattens Stone, and Blackheart runs over his foot with her tank. Stone acts like he’s dying


Johnny goes after the arm, Running Hurricanrnaa, but Swerve lands on his feet, One Final Beat blocked, Swerve sends Johnny to the floor and follows with the Fosbury Flop, Johnny with a Lariat for a 1 count, Swerve with a Barrel Roll Complete Shot for a 2 count, Johnny with a Slingshot Spear for a 2 count, Johnny blocks the Space Jam, but Swerve with a Twisting Suplex, Johnny ducks The House Call, but Swerve hits it on the second attempt, JML Driver blocked, Johnny with a Regal Stretch, but Swereve turns it into a flash pin for a near fall, From Dusk Till Dawn, but the Garga-No-Escape is blocked, Swerve with The Calamity Trigger for a near fall, he looks for The Swerve Stomp, but Johnny rolls to the apron, Swerve knocks him to the floor, Johnny avoids The Swerve Stomp, he posts Swereve & hits a Poisoned Frankensteiner on the floor, back in & finishes Swerve with One Final Beat for the win


Hype piece on the upcoming Tegan Nox vs. Io Shirai Women’s title match. Nox puts over how similar their journeys have been, but the champ says they’re not the same, and next week she’ll end Tegan’s comeback. That match is next week.


Breeango with the Double Whammy on Wilde for a 2 count, Breeze with a Swinging Neckbreaker on Raul for a 1 count, Dango with a Falcon Arrow on Wilde then Gorilla Presses Drake on top of the Fantasma trio, Dango is sent knees first into the stairs, Wilde sends Dango back in for a 1 count, Escobar goes after the knee and then a grounded Abdominal Stretch, Dango fights out, Raul with Scissor Stomps, Dango sends him to the floor, Raul tries to drag him to the floor, but Dango kicks him off, Drake with a Wheelbarrow Bulldog, up top, but Escobar takes his footing out then hits The Phantom Driver for the win


McKenzie Mitchell interviews the Garganos. They’re psyched about their wins tonight, and talk themselves up as the best couple in the world. But Johnny gets to thinking that he’d be challenging Adam Cole tonight if it weren’t for Prince Balor. Candice realizes they both have plenty of wrongs to right. They head off to set off some fireworks of their own


Mercedes with a Mafia Kick, ground and pound, Lariat, then finishes it her patented Fisherman Buster she calls Bull Run for the win


Damian Priest cuts a promo on his history with Cameron Grimes. Next week they’ve got another match, and when it’s done everyone is gonna know that Grimes is a little bitch.

Mauro tells us Keith Lee is dedicating this match to his trainer Tim Brooks passed away last week and the woman who introduced him to wrestling, his late grandmother who passed away when he was 12

Winner Takes All
NXT & North American Championships

Lee blocks the Pump Kick and runs Cole down with the Shoulder Block, he goes to Pounce Cole, but Cole sends Lee through the plexiglass, Pump Kick on the floor, he breaks the count, back in, another Pump Kick, Neckbreaker for a 1 count, Headscissors, Hangman Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Lee blocks the knee pad from coming down, barrage of body blows then a Tour of the Islands for a 2 count, Grizzly Magnum, Lee says ‘He must break him’ with his best Ivan Drago accent, up top, but Cole cuts him off & hits an Elevated Lungblower for a 2 count, Struggleplex from the apron back in for a near fall, Cole with a Superkick to the knee, but Lee counters the Shining Wizard into The Spirit Bomb, but only gets a near fall, Cole rolls to the floor, Leaping Enzugiri from the floor, Lee avoids the Pump Kick and hits a Pounce, Thrust Spinebuster for a near fall, up to the second, Doomsault for a near fall, Big Bang Catastrophe countered into a Superkick, a second one, a third, one to the knee, Last Shot connects for a 2 count & Lee powers out, he lines up another, but Lee takes his head off with a Lariat, Cole with a Superkick to the knee, Panama Sunrise connects, but only gets a near fall, a trifecta of Superkicks connects, but still only gets a near fall, knee pad down, The Last Shot with full force connects, but he’s not done, up top, Panama Sunrise countered into a Spirit Bomb & powers him up & hits The Big Bang Catastrophe to retain the North American title & win the NXT Title


Keith Lee is the double champion, he holds up both belts as confetti falls & pyro goes off & we also see Karrion Kross & Scarlet watching from the rafters as the show ends