NJPW G1 Climax 29: Night 2 Results – 7/13/19







NJPW G1 Climax 29: Night 2 Results – 7/13/19
Tokyo, Japan
Ota City General Gymnasium
Commentary Team: Kevin Kelly, Rocky Romero & Chris Charleston


Juice with The Taste sends Shingo to the floor, Juice goes after him, but Shingo with a DDT on the floor, Shingo sends him back in, Vertical Suplex for a 1 count, Shingo takes Juice to the floor, but Juice is back in with a Slingshot Spear, Spinebuster, up top, Diving Crossbody for a 2 count, Juice Box countered, Juice avoids a Sliding Lariat, Full Nelson Bomb for a near fall, Juice with jabs, Shingo stops the Left Hand of God & decks Juice with a right hand then a Lariat, Shingo avoids the Cannonball, Wheelbarrow Suplex for a near fall, Noshigami blocked, Pulp Friction blocked, Juice Box connects sending Shingo into the corner, Cannonball, he sets Shingo up top, Superplex and holds on and hits a Jackhammer for a near fall, Pulp Friction blocked, Shingo with a Sliding Lariat, Shingo with a Lariat, Backdrop Driver, Juice blocks a Lariat & hits one of his own, Pulp Friction countered into Noshigami, Lariat, but only gets a near fall, Made in Japan blocked, Juice counters a second attempt into a rollup, Left Hand of God & hits Pulp Friction for the win


Juice is on the board with 2 points


Taichi attacks Mox in the crowd while he’s making his engrance, he drives an umbrella into Mox head, Mox fights back, Asami’s seen all he wants and calls for the bell to officially start the match, Taichi with a chair across the back of Mox, Axe Bomber on the floor, Taichi rolls in, Mox in at 19, Taichi with a Buzzsaw Kick for a 2 count, pants rip, Mox sidesteps the Superkick, Taichi with a Jumping Gamengiri, Mox with a Sunset Flip for a 2 count, Mox wipes out Taichi with a Tope Suicida, he asks Taichi if he wanted to piss him off then brings out a table, Taichi with Kawada Kicks, Mox with a Sambo Suplex through the table, he sends Taichi back in then tells Miho tough luck and blows a kiss toward her, back in, Regal Knee for a near fall, Mox blocks a Backdrop Driver, Taichi sends Mox into the ref & hits a Leaping Gamengiri, Miho slides Taichi a chair, Mox ducks and grabs the chair & hurls it at Taichi, he throws the chair to the floor, Death Rider blocked, Taichi with a Gedo Clutch for a near fall, Mox blocks a Superkick & hits The Death Rider for the win


Moxley is on the board with 2 points

Moxley says it’s a very good idea as we can see not to piss him off


Yano goes after the white turnbuckle pad, then Naito goes after it, he mocks Yano then spits in his face, Naito with a rollup for a near fall, Naito pulls the turnbuckle pad off & shoves Red Shoes down, he looks for a home run swing, but Red Shoes jumps and takes the pad, Yano with a rolloup for a near fall, Naito with a Wheelbarrow Suplex, but Yano counters into a flash pin for a near fall, Yano pulls Red Shoes shirt over his head so he can’t see, nut shot to Naito, he pulls Naito’s shirt over his head, Spear to the ass then rolls up Naito for the win


Yano is on the board with 2 points


Cobb lights Ishii up with Chops, Ishii wants more, Ishii fires back with a Chop/Forearm flurry to take Cobb down to a knee, Ishii with Headbutts, he charges, but Cobb with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex, Jumping European Uppercut, Athleticplex for a 2 count, they trade Forearms, Cobb blasts Ishii with a right hand, he sends him into the corner, but Ishii fires out with a Lariat, Vertical Suplex, he goes for a cover, but Cobb bridges out, Deadlift Vertical Suplex then a Standing Moonsault for a 2 count, Cobb fires Elbows, Ishii is back up, Cobb continues to throw the Elbows, but Ishii steps into it and backs Cobb into the corner, he sets Cobb up top, Superplex, Lariat, but Cobb is still on his feet, Cobb with a Lariat takes down Ishii, he sets Ishii up top, Stalling Superplex for a near fall, Ishii blocks Superkick, but Cobb counters with a straight Headbutt, Piledriver, but only gets a near fall, Ishii blocks a Tour of the Islands attempt, Cobb blocks a Suplex, Ishii with a Back Suplex, Ishii charges, but Cobb catches him with a Sambo Suplex, Ishii back up with a Powerslam, Release German Suplex, Cobb is up, Ura-Nage, Ishii is up & hits a Lariat to floor Cobb, Sliding Lariat, but Cobb catches him, Ishii blocks & hits a Release Dragon Suplex, Running Lariat, but Cobb throws Ishii off at a 1 count, Superkick, Bridging German Suplex for a near fall, straps are down, Ishii blocks Tour of the Islands, Lariat ducked, Tour of the Islands, but Cobb’s back gives out, Ishii with a Jumping Enzugiri, Slding Lariat, but only a near fall, Ishii looks for the kill, Cobb blocks, they trade Headbutts & Forearms, Ishii gains the advantage & hits The Vertical Sheer-Drop Brainbuster for the win


Ishii is on the board with 2 points


Jay tells Gedo to just take a seat to watch because this is going to be so easy, Jay goes to the floor, but Goto is right behind him, he sends him back in the ring, Running Shoulder Block sends Jay to the floor, Goto chases Gedo away, back in the ring, but Gedo grabs his leg & Jay goes right after Goto, Gourdbuster on the ring apron, Jay sends Goto repeatedly into the guardrails then the edge of the ring then runs Goto into the railing, he sends Goto back in, cover, but Red Shoes isn’t going to allow that to be a legal count after all work done on the floor, Jay with an Inverted Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Cravat, Goto frees himself & Jay drives the elbows into the neck, he yanks Goto down with his hair, paintbrushes Goto, Jay blocks a Saito Suplex then blocks an Ushi-Goroshi, Goto with a Mid Kick, Spinning Wheel Kick followed by a Saito Suplex for a 2 count, Jay blocks the Ushi-Goroshi, Jay with a pair of Half-Hatch Suplexes, he tries a third, Goto blocks, Jay hits the third into the turnbuckle, Blade Buster for a near fall, Jay hits a Saito Suplex, he taunts the crowd as Gedo tells him to finish it, barrage of strikes, Lariat, Jay blocks the Headbutt and slaps Goto in the face, he baits him into a Lariat, ducks & plants Goto with a Sambo Suplex, Red Shoes wants to check Goto, but Jay shoves Red Shoes down, Goto back up & takes Jay’s head off with a Lariat, Ushi-Goroshi, Jay plays opossum to stop Goto from hitting the Mid Kick, Blade Runner blocked, Blade Buster blocked, Forearm, Goto fires back with a Headbutt, Ura GTR for a near fall, Jay blocks the GTR, Blade Runner blocked, GTR blocked, Blade Runner blocked, Sleeper Suplex blocked, Blade Runner blocked, Goto pulls the hair, barrage of Headbutts, Final Cut, Gedo is in the ring with brass knux, but Goto is ready for him, Gedo doesn’t want Goto when he’s prepared & exits, Ushi-Goroshi blocked, Blade Runner blocked, Shouten Kai connects, but only gets a near fall, Ushi-Goroshi into a Final Cut for a near fall, Mid Kick, then finishes Jay with the GTR for the win


Goto is on the board with 2 points

Goto says it’s been a while, he’s very happy to have a match in front of all the people and win, the G1’s only just started, there’s a long way to go, but remember this the G in G1 stands for Goto and that’s all

So at the end of Night 2, B Block looks like this: Juice, Moxley, Yano, Ishii & Goto all tied with 2 points, Shingo, Taichi, Naito, Cobb & Jay all at 0 points