NJPW G1 Climax 29: Night 1 Results – 7/6/19







NJPW G1 Climax 29: Night 1 Results – 7/6/19
Dallas, Texas
American Airlines Center
Commentary Team: Kevin Kelly, Rocky Romero & Chris Charleston

We get a video package on the Fighting Spirit Unleashed tour as New Japan’s heading to the east coast. 9/27 in Boston, 9/28 in New York & 9/29 in Philly


Archer charges & Ospreay catches him with a Spanish Fly right off the back, Yang Time to the floor, back in the ring & hits a Springboard 450 for a near fall, Ospreay with a Sasuke Special, but Archer catches him, goozle & Chokeslams him over the barricade through a table, he sends Ospreay back in & stalks him, Running Shoulder Block, Short-Arm Lariat for a 2 count, Archer walks the rope half way across the ring then hits a Ax Handle, Ospreay with a Tiger Feint Kick then Pip Pip Cheerio for a 2 count, Osrpeay avoids the Pounce, but Archer hits it on the second try, Buckle Bomb, Last Ride, Ospreay rolls to the floor, Archer with a Powerbomb on the ring apron, he drags Ospreay up the ramp, he looks for another Powerbomb, but Ospreay counters into Code Red, Archer shoves Ospreay out of the way and is back in the ring at 18, Ospreay with a Springboard Dropkick, up top, Shooting Star Press connects, but only gets a near fall, Robinson Special, OsCutter blocked, Ospreay slides out and hits the OsCutter on the second try, but only gets a near fall, Stormbreaker blocked, Hidden Blade blocked, Blackout countered, Archer with a Muscle Buster, but only gets a near fall, he says everybody dies and hits The Blackout, but he only gets a near fall, the hand is prepared, Iron Claw is applied, Ospreay falls into the rope to get a break, Ospreay counters an Avalanche Chokeslam into an Avalanche Spanish Fly, but only gets a near fall, Stormbreaker blocked, Kawada Kicks, Stormbreaker blocked, Ospreay with a Ripcord Hook Kick, Avalanche OsCutter blocked, Archer with a Step-Up Knee Strike, Avalanche Blackout then the Iron Claw is locked on tight and he pushes Ospreay’s head to the mat to get a pin


Archer is on the board with 2 points


they battle on the floor, Fale blocks a Body Slam and slams EVIL on the floor, Fale back in at 17, EVIL rolls in at 18, Fale blocks a Body Slam, Vader Hammers then a one foot cover while saluting for a 2 count, EVIL avoids an Avalanche then hits a Body Slam he takes Fale to the floor with a Lariat then grabs some chairs, Fale blocks & grabs a chair, EVIL with a Superkick then gives Fale a chair necktie and rams him into the post, back into the ring, Running Seated Senton for a 2 count, Lariat doesn’t take the big man down, he winds up & hits a second, Fale goes down to one knee, he tries a third, but Fale runs him down, Running Avalanche then a Big Splash for a 2 count, Fale goes to the floor and grabs the chairs, bringing them in the ring, Asami takes one away, Fale grabs the other, EVIL kicks the chair in his face & hits a Lariat for a 2 count, Everything is Evil blocked, Grenade blocked, Rolling Lariat countered with a Headbutt then a Grenade for a near fall, Fale goes for the kill, but EVIL slips out, EVIL tosses Fale’s leg to Asami then takes Fale down with a Lariat, Asami gets launched out of the ring, EVIL with a chair to the ribs, chair necktie, he looks for the homerun swing, but Fale with an Uppercut to the nuts then gives EVIL a chair necktie & hits the homerun swing then finishes EVIL with The Bad Luck Fall for the win


Fale is on the board with 2 points


ZSJ tries a Bow & Arrow, SANADA turns it into a pin & ZSJ quickly out before a 1 count, ZSJ goes after the arm, they trade flash pins, ZSJ counters the Paradise Lock into a flash pin for a 2 count, they trade more flash pins, ZSJ with a Cut-Throat then into a Japanese Strangle Hold, but SANADA reverses it, ZSJ tries to reverse it back, but SANADA keeps him trapped, ZSJ reverses it back, SANADA puts him right back in, ZSJ breaks out of the hold, ZSJ takes a 19 count before getting back in, ZSJ stops the Paradise Lock, and counters into a Juji-Gatame, but SANADA makes it to the rope, ZSJ kicks the arm, he traps the arm & stomps way at the tricep, Cobra Twist, but SANADA fights out & hits a Dropkick, SANADA blocks a kick on the arm & traps ZSJ in the Paradise Lock in the rope then breaks it with a Dropkick, Slingshot Plancha to the floor, he sends ZSJ back in, Backdrop Driver for a 2 count, TKO countered into a Manji-Gatame then turns it into an Armbar and takes SANADA down to the mat with a neck scissors, but SANADA makes it to the rope, SANADA with Skull End, but ZSJ fights out, Twisting DDT, Dragon Sleeper and hooks the arms, SANADA is up on his feet, TKO countered into a Front Guillotine Choke, SANADA counters into Whiplash then hits a TKO, but only gets a near fall, Mutoh Moonsault, ZSJ evades & SANADA lands on his feet, SANADA with a Backslide for a near fall, ZSJ with a Penalty Kick for a near fall, Zack Driver countered into Skull End, Giant Swing, up top, Mutoh Moonsault, but ZSJ catches him with a Triangle Choke, SANADA fights out, ZSJ with a kick to the arm, SANADA with a Moonsault into Skull End, ZSJ backflips his way out, European Clutch, SANADA counters into a Prawn Hold for the win


SANADA is on the board with 2 points

ZSJ goes after the ref & traps him in a Triangle Choke then decks one of the young boys


KENTA lights up Ibushi then hits an Elevated Diving Knee Drop, Shoot Kicks and gets a 2 count, PK then wanted a one foot cover, but Red Shoes isn’t going to count it, pair of Knee Drops, he pulls the pad down, Leaping Knee, instead lands on his foot for the disrespectful back kick, another stiff kick, but only gets a 1 count, Football Kick for a 2 count, Ibushi with a Snap Powerslam then leaps to the second rope with a Moonsault for a near fall, KENTA with an Exploder Suplex, up top with a Diving Lariat for a 2 count, KENTA blocks the Deadlift German from the apron back in, but Ibushi with a Pele Kick, he goes for a Pescado, but KENTA catches him with a knee, he hangs Ibushi over the barricade & hits a Double Stomp off the apron, KENTA back in, Ibushi back in at 12, KENTA with a Yakuza Kick, Hesitation Dropkick, up top & hits a Double Stomp for a near fall, he wants the kill, Ibushi blocks, KENTA takes him back to the center, Ibushi slips out & hits a Lariat, Golden Star Powerbomb for a near fall, Ibushi pulls the knee pad down for the kill, Kamigoye countered, Go to Sleep countered into a Crucifix Pin for a near fall, KENTA connects with a Busaiku Knee, but he can’t get a cover, they trade Forearms, then kicks, KENTA with a High Kick for a near fall, trifecta of Roundhouse Kicks and one more, but only gets a near fall, KENTA takes the kneepad down & calls for the kill, Go to Sleep connects for the win


KENTA is on the board with 2 points

KENTA helps up Ibushi and they shake hands, Ibushi is helped to the back as KENTA slaps hands with the fans at ringside


they trade Forearms, Slingblade blocked, Rainmaker blocked, Dragon Suplex countered into an Arm Drag and both men back to their feet, Tana up to the second, but Okada sends him to the floor with a Dropkick, Okada with a DDT on the floor, back in the ring, Tana back in at 14, Okada with a Sliding Dropkick, he catches Tana with a Dragon Screw, Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Tana blocks a second Dragon Screw and hits one of his own, then a Flying Forearm, Running Dropkick, Body Slam, Somersault Senton for a 2 count, Okada with a DDT for a 2 count, Tana blocks the Air Raid Crash, then hits an Elevated Dragon Screw, he charges, but Okada catches him with a Flapjack, Okada with an Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Body Slam, up top, Diving Elbow Drop, Rainmaker pose, but Tana with a Victory Roll for a near fall, Inverted Dragon Screw, Texas Cloverleaf, but Okada makes it to the rope, Tana with another Inverted Dragon Screw, Okada rolls to the floor, Tana up top, Frog Crossbody to the floor, Tana sends Okada back in, Twist & Shout, Okada with a Shotgun Dropkick, Tana with a Slingblade, Okada with a Dropkick, Tombstone, Rainmaker countered into a Slingblade, Tana up top, Frog Crossbody, back up top, High Fly Flow, but Okada gets the knees up, they both try a Tombstone and both block, Slingblade countered into a Backslide, Okada rolls through and hits a Rainmaker & holds on to the wrist & hits a second one, Tana counters a third into a Small Package for a near fall, Bridging Dragon Suplex for a near fall, Slingblade countered, Rainmaker countered, Slingblade Countered, Rainmaker ducked, but Okada keep the wrist, Tana breaks it with a strike, Slingblade countered into That’s Incredible then finishes Tana with The Rainmaker for the win


Okada is on the board with 2 points

Okada asks Dallas if they enjoyed the show, tonight is the first time the G1 was in the US, but not the last, he says they’ll come back, he says when they come back he’ll be the defending G1 Champion & IWGP Champion and thanks the crowd very much as the show ends

So at the end of Night 1 A block looks like this:

Archer, Fale, KENTA, Okada & SANADA at 2 points each, EVIL, Ibushi, Ospreay, ZSJ & Tanahashi at 0 points each