NJPW Dominion Results – 6/9/19






NJPW Dominion Results – 6/9/19
Osaka, Japan
Jo Hall
Commentary Team: Kevin Kelly, Don Callis & Chris Charleston


Umino wipes out Moxley with a Tope con Hilo before the bell, back in the ring with a Missile Dropkick, Mox takes his head off with a Lariat, Forearms & Elbows to Shota, Back Suplex for a near fall, Standing Elbow drop for a 2 count, Regal Stretch and fish-hooks the mouth before going back to the traditional Regal Stretch, but Umino makes it to the rope, he tells Shota to him him 3 times then answers back with a Headbutt, Shota with a German Suplex for a 2 count, Moxley with The Money Clip for a near fall, then finishes Umino with the former Dirty Deeds now dubbed The Death Rider (apparently it’s not just the Butterfly Brainbuster variation he debuted last time that’s carrying that name, but all version of the Butterfly DDT are now known as Death Rider)


Mox says he brings a message from Cincinnati, Jon Moxley international purveyor of violence, gentleman & all-around sick son of a bitch wants in the G1, he goes back in then helps Shota up and helps him to the back


They trade Forearms on the floor, both back in at 19, Kojima lets loose with the Kobashi-style Machinegun Chops, Shingo blocks a Cozy Cutter on the apron & hits a Death Valley Bomb on the apron, Kojima cuts Shingo’s legs out then hits a DDT on the apron, back in the ring, Cozy Cutter for a 2 count, Avalanche Cozy Cutter for a near fall, Kojima blocks the Pumping Bomber, Shingo blocks the Cozy Lariat, Kojima with a short Lariat then a Brainbuster for a near fall, Cozy Lariat blocked, Shingo with a DDT, Pumping Bomber connects, a second but he can’t knock Kojima down, Kojima with a Lariat of his own, elbow pad off, Shingo strikes with is own Lariat, but only gets a 1 count, Shingo blocks the Lariat & hits Made in Japan for a 2 count, Pumping Bomber then hits Last of the Dragons for the win


Shingo wants to make waves with the heaveweights & he wants in the G1


Suzuki slams the guard rail on Liger, Zack takes apart YOSHI, Suzuki & Zack go to work on both arms & both legs of YOSHI, Suzuki floors him with a hard Forearm, Zack with non-chalant kicks then a Pele to the arm, Suzuki with a Penalty Kick for a 2 count, Liger slaps YOSHI to fire him up, Liger in and starts unleashing Shoteis, Suzuki with a Juji-Gatame, but Liger goes to the rope, Suzuki with a Choke Sleeper then spins Liger around, Liger blocks the Gotch, Liger with a Headbutt then a Brainbuster, YOSHI with a Head Hunter on Zack, he hangs him in the rope then hits a Running Dropkick for a 2 count, Zack with a Juji-Gatame, but Liger breaks it up, gun with stereo Manji-Gatames, Yoshi makes it to the rope, Suzuki & Liger battle on the floor, Zack blocks Karma, YOSHI with La Magistral then hooks both arms and has pinned Zack for the win


Young Boys drag Suzuki away from the ring a YOSHI stands over Zack and holds the British Heavyweight Title to taunt Zack


Taguchi goes for the Butt-Butt, but Ishimori counters into an Atomic Drop, the fight goes to the floor, Jay rams him spine first into the ring & barricade repeatedly, back in the ring for a 2 count, Jay avoids the Butt-Butt, and hits an Atomic Drop, Tanahashi with a Dragon Screw on Jay, up to the second for a Somersault Senton for a 2 count, Slingblade blocked, Jay with a Saito Suplex, Twisting Suplex for a 2 count, Jay looks for the kill, Tana blocks Bladerunner, Slingblade blocked, Bladerunner blocked, Chase with a Running knee for a near fall, Superkick to Juice, Chase just walks away from a Butt-Butt, Jewel Heist on Tana, he looks for the kill, Tana blocks the Package Piledriver, Jay with a shot from behind, Juice with the Left Hand From God on Jay, Tana with not sure what to call it, looked like an Inverted variation on Twist & Shout on Chase for the win


NEVER Openweight Championship

Ishii lays on the mat & invites Taichi in showing no fear and with disrespectful kicks has gotten Ishii’s ire, and he flattens Taichi, he grabs Taichi’s mic stand & Iizuka’s bag telling Taichi he doesn’t need any of it and to fight him man-to-man, Taichi with kicks & Ishii with chops as they go back and forth, they slap each other in the face, Ishii with a Powerslam, Taichi with the pants rip, he blocks the Brainbuster & hits a Leaping Enzugiri, Ishii blocks the Ax Bomber, Taichi with a Northern Ax Bomber then a Gamengiri followed by a Saito Suplex for a near fall, Ishii answers back with a Saito Suplex of his own, Ishii with a German Suplex, he looks for a Lariat, but Taichi shoves the ref into his path, Ishii with a Headbutt, Taichi answers back with his own, The Kawasaki Kiss, Ishii with a barrage of Headbutts, Lariat, he looks of the Sliding Lariat, Taichi takes him down, Basement Ax Bomber then a Gedo Clutch for a near fall, Ax Bomber, Stetch Plum, Ishii fights out, Taichi ducks an Enzugiri & hits a Buzzsaw Kick, Ishii blocks Black Mephisto, Taichi with a Roundhouse Kick, Last Ride into a folding pin, but only gets a near fall, Superkick avoided twice, Ishii with a Leaping Enzugiri, barrage of Elbows, Ishii shrugs off a Roundhouse Kick and hits a Lariat for a near fall, he looks for the kill, Taichi blocks the Brainbuster, Black Mephisto countered into a Powerbomb followed by a Sliding Lariat for a near fall, then finishes Taichi with The Vertical Sheer-Drop Brainbuster to win the NEVER Openweight Title


IWGP Tag Team Championship

Tama kicks away after a Paradise Lock attempt, EVIL with a Chop to Loa for a 1 count, Jado with a cane shot from the floor behind the Asami’s back, Tama sends EVIL into the guardrail, Tama with a Vertical Suplex and floats into the cover for a 2 count, Guerillas with a Double Dropkick for a 2 count, Loa with a Slingshot Senton Atomico for a 2 count, EVIL blocks a Powerslam, SANADA ties Loa in the Paradise Lock then takes out Tama with a Slingshot Plancha then one for Jado as well, then finally releases Loa with a Dropkick to the ass for a 2 count, Loa counters a Hurricanrana into a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a 2 count, EVIL with a Superplex on Tama, SANADA follows with a Standing Moonsault, then EVIL with a Sasori-Gatame, but Loa makes the save, LIJ calls for the kill, Loa breaks The Magic Killer attempt, SANADA with Skull End, EVIL with the Sasori-Gatame, Jado pulls Asami out of the ring then drives the kendo stick into the ribs of both LIJ members, and a cane shot to EVIL’s back, BUSHI takes the cane & spits Black Mist into Jado’s face he sends him to the floor and wipes out Jado with a Tope Suicida, LIJ goes for The Magic Killer, but Tama kicks off SANADA and flips over EVIL into a rollup & grabs the tights to retain the Tag Titles


Katsuyori Shibata is here and then points to the entrance & KENTA makes his way down in a TAKEOVER shirt (not NXT, it’s more done like Godfather style font), he shakes hands with Shibata. Shibata says KENTA is here and hands him the mic, his name is KENTA & he wants to thank Shibata for this opportunity & he wants to show us KENTA’s professional wrestling & will do it in the G1 Climax

IWGP Jr Heavyweight Championship

(After winning BOTSJ Ospreay said he can no longer make the constant trips between the UK & Japan, so he’s re-locating to Japan full time now to dedicate himself completely for New Japan)

Lee blocks the OsCutter, Ospreay blocks the Desnucadora, Ospreay with a Tiger Feint Kick then a Slingshot Plancha to the floor, Back Elbow for a 1 count, Pip Pip Cheerio countered into a STO, Lee with a Running Corner Dropkick for a 2 count, Ospreay with Pip Pip Cheerio for a 2 count, Lee rolls to the floor, Ospreay with a Sasuke Special, Lee evades, but Ospreay lands on his feet, Lee ties Ospreay into the guardrail and takes him over the announce table with a Tope Suicida, back in the ring, Deadlift German Suplex blocked, Lee with a Straightjacket German Suplex with a bridge for a near fall, Ospreay is tied to the Tree of Woe, Lee up top, but Ospreay frees himself and kicks Lee to the floor, Ospreay with a Corkscrew Moonsault to the floor, back in the ring, Reverse Bloody Sunday for a near fall, Hook Kick, Stormbreaker blocked, Lee counters it again, Ospreay tries for another Reverse Bloody Sunday, Lee counters into a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT, Desnucadora converted into an Osaka Street Cutter, they trade Forearms, Hook Kick, Lee with a Knee Strike then a Poisoned Frankensteiner, he charges, but Osprreay with a C-4 for a near fall, up top, Lee with a Superkick knocks to the apron, Leaping Hurricanrana over the rope to the floor, but Ospreay lands on the apron, Ospreay with a Pop-Up Powerbomb on the apron, back in the ring, up top, Shooting Star Press for a near fall, Robinson Special, he goes for The OsCutter, but Lee counters with a Knee Strike in mid-air, Lee ties Ospreay to the Tree of Woe facing the floor, Double Stomp over the rope to the floor sends both men to the floor, Lee back in at 15, Ospreay at 18, Ospreay blocks the Desnucadora, Mega Bomb countered into a Destructor de Mexicano then a Running Knee, but only a near fall, Lee exposes the knee, but Ospreay blocks, Lee it on the second attempt, Desnucadora, but Ospreay lands on his feet, Hook Kick, another one, Hidden Blade, OsCutter then finishes Lee with The Stormbreaker to win the Jr Heavyweight Title


Lee puts the belt around Ospreay’s waist, Will says he wants his first challenger at Summer Showdown to be Robbie Eagles

IWGP Intercontinental Championship

Naito with e a Leg Nelson, but Ibushi makes it to the rope, Naito holds it in longer saying he can’t break it, but finally does, Naito with stomps on Ibushi as he’s just reveling in the Osaka fans hate, Dropkick & a cover for a 2 count, Ibushi wants to trade Forearms so Naito just goes to the eyes, Inverted Atomic Drop, he goes to slide, but, Ibushi counters into a Double Stomp, Frankensteiner, Naito rolls to the floor & Ibushi follows with a Corkscrew Pescado, back in the ring for a 2 count, Ibushi counters a Flying Forearm with a Half & Half, Naito back up with a Swinging DDT, Naito with a Single Leg Dropkick for a 2 count, Ibushi with a Pele Kick sends Naito to the apron, Ibushi wants the Deadlift, Naito blocks, he wants the Firethunder, but Kota blocks they battle on the apron, Naito with a Release German Suplex off the apron to the floor, but the edge of his head hits the ring apron on the way down, Naito back in, Ibushi back in at 19, Naito with an Avalanche Poisoned Frankensteiner, but only gets a near fall, Destino blocked, Kota counters with Brain Damage & both men are down, Ibushi sits up & tells Naito to come on and hit him, they trade Forearms, Naito with a Headbutt and a second one & now a barrage of them, Ibushi with a Shotei then a Lariat, he looks for the kill, Naito avoids The Boma Ye, Release Dragon Suplex, Destino connects, but Naito only gets a near fall, Destino countered into a Go 2 Sleep then the Golden Star Powerbomb for a near fall, Ibushi lowers the kneepad for the kill, but Naito counters the Kamigoye into a Leaping DDT, Swing Destino for a near fall, Naito looks for Destino, Ibushi counters, Naito counters the Go 2 Sleep into a Poisoned Frankensteiner then hits Valentia for a near fall, he connects with a final Destino to win the IC Title


Naito immediately throws the title away before grabbing it, he stands with his foot on Ibushi’s head and does the tranquilo pose before leaving

IWGP Championship

Jericho rolls to the floor, but Okada gives chase, back in the ring, Okada with a Big Boot, he goes for a Missile Dropkick, but Jericho grabs him out of mid-air and goes right into The Walls of Jericho, Okada goes to the rope, they go to the floor & Jericho with a DDT on the timekeeper’s table, Jericho brings out a table from under the ring, he pie-faces Red Shoes, he looks for a Powerbomb on Okada, but he blocks, Jericho grabs the camera to mock Okada chants and then flips them off, back in the ring, Diving Crossbody for a 2 count, Back Suplex then into the one foot cover, MMA Elbows, Stalling Suplex for a 2 count, Jericho with Chops, he charges, but Okada with a Flapjack, nip up, Okada takes Jericho over the guardrail and flies after him, but Jericho catches him with a Codebreaker in mid-air, Jericho rolls back in, Okada back in at 16, Jericho into a cover for a 2 count, Jericho goes for a Tombstone, Okada reverses, Jericho reverses it back, Okada reverses it back again, Jericho reverses into The Walls of Jericho, Okada makes it to the rope, Okada with a Dropkick after Jericho was intimidating Red Shoes, Jericho with a Double Ax Handle off the top, but Okada with a Dropkick, Tombstone, Rainmaker countered into a Tiger Driver and holds on into a folding pin for a near fall, Codebreaker countered into an Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker for a 2 count, he tries to go up, but Jericho stops him, Okada’s on the apron, Jericho with the Springboard Dropkick, he brings Okada over to the corner, Okada fights him off & hits an Avalanche Gourdbuster, Diving Elbow Drop, Rainmaker pose, Rainmaker ducked & Jericho with a Leaping Enzugiri, they trade strikes, Jericho avoids a Dropkick & hits The Lionsault for a near fall, Okada with a Shotgun Dropkick after Jericho was arguing with Red Shoes, he charges, but Jericho catches him with a Codebreaker, but only gets a near fall, Jericho exposes one of the turnbuckles, he goes to Lawndart Okada, but he counters into a German Suplex and holds on, Rainmaker ducked, Okada ducks a Rainmaker & hits a Codebreaker on Jericho for a near fall, That’s Incredible, Rainmaker, but Jericho ducks and rolls through into The Walls of Jericho, Jericho drags him back to the center & converts into The Liontamer, Okada fights out and spins Jericho to break the hold, Jericho sends him into the exposed turnbuckle, he looks for the Judas Effect, Okada ducks, Jericho ducks the Rainmaker, Codebreaker, but Okada holds on & traps him in a flash pin (ala Bulldog/Bret from SummerSlam ’92) to retain the IWGP Title


Jericho isn’t done and continues to beat down Okada, he throws Red Shoes out, he grabs a steel chair, chair shot to the face, he uncorks The Judas Effect then sits down in a chair, he drags Okada to the floor and gives him a chair necktie and rams Okada into the post, Jericho wants to Powerbomb him through the table, but Tanahashi jumps out of the commentatry position & comes to Okada’s aid. Jericho says Tana wants to cause shit with him & asks him if he saw what happened to his little buddy Okada. He says The Painmaker never loses & the Painmaker always wins. He says he’s the greatest of all time even in the bullshit country of Japan. He says he’ll see Tana later & also says he’ll see Okada later & says happy Championship, bitch! Before leaving he takes the Okada dollars puts one on his forehead, some down his tights, then takes them out and shoves them in the cameraman’s face. Young Lions were holding back Tana from going after Jericho, now Tana checks on Okada & helps the Champ to the back as the show ends