NJPW Dominion 6.9 Results – 6/9/18

NJPW Dominion 6.9 – 6/9/18
Osaka, Japan
Osaka Jo Hal
English Commentary Team: Kevin Kelly and Don Callis

We are in Osaka, Japan at the Osaka-Jo Hall for New Japan Pro Wrestling’s major event, NJPW Dominion! Our English Commentary team is Kevin Kelly and Don Callis.

NJPW Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship

Roppongi 3K are accompanied by Rocky Romero. Roppongi with a Drop Toehold/Basement Dropkick combo on Kanemaru, Yoh into the cover for a 2 count, Suzuki-GUN rough up Roppongi on the floor, Kanemaru with an Elevated DDT to the floor on Yoh, he makes it back in before the 20 count, Sho with a pair of German Suplexes then a Deadlift Bridging German Suplex on Desperado for a 2 count, GUN with a Spinning Sidewalk Slam/Knee Strike combo, but Yoh breaks the cover, Roppongi with a Dominator/DDT combo but Kanemaru breaks the cover, Sho with a Powerbomb into a Lungblower for a near fall, he tries the Shock Arrow (Straighjacket Package Piledriver), but Desperado blocks and shoves Sho into the ref, Kanemaru with a whisky bottle to Sho’s head behind the ref’s back, Desperado with the El Es Claro (a Leg Half Nelson turned into a Crucifix Pin) for the win. Suzuki-GUN retain the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.


Rocky Romero tells Kevin Kelly this isn’t over Roppongi 3K will be back and says Suzuki-GUN is a bunch of punk-bitches remember that


Juice was known as CJ Parker in NXT, he tried as both a heel and face, but never really got out of the gates there, in New Japan he’s found himself and improved dramatically, Finlay is of course the son of Wrestling Legend Dave ‘Fit’ Finlay making David a 4th Generation Wrestler) Finlay with a Diving European Uppercut on White for a 2 count, YASHI with a Suplex for a 2 count, White with a Pumphandle Backbreaker, but Juice breaks the cover, Juice with a Diving Crossbody on White for a near fall, Finlay with a Jumping Stunner to HASHI, White with the Blade Runner (Sister Abigail/Shell Shock/Wave of the Future etc.) to Finlay, but Juice from behind and hits Pulp Friction to White (Jumping Unprettier) for the win, pinning the US Champion in the process.


Juice takes the US Title and poses on the turnbuckle to signal he’s coming for Jay White’s title. Finlay says he couldn’t take the title off White, but the next best thing is his best friend Juice putting Jay White back in his place.


Suzuki-GUN are accompanied by TAKA Michinoku. TAKA asks the fans who will be the winners of the upcoming match then says the winners will be the Master of Submissions Zack Sabre Jr, whoever suffers a submission from him, JUST TAP OUT! Sabre with a Bow & Arrow on Ishii, he turns it into a flash pin for a 1 count, Suzuki-gun torture Yano with various rapid-fire submissions, Sabre with a Cobra Twist on Yano, but he fights out, Yano frees the turnbuckle pad, Zack avoids a shot with it and traps Yano in the European Clutch (Double Pumphandle into an Inverted Jack-knife Pin) for a near fall, Backslide for a near fall, Yano goes for the low blow, but Sabre blocks it by trapping Yano’s arm with his knees, he takes him down into a No-Hands variation of the Jim Breaks Special & Minoru traps Ishii in a Manji-Gatame (Octopus) Yano verbally submits as he has no limbs free to tap out.


Ishii’s not done though; he attacks Minoru as Suzuki-gun goes up the ramp, they both grab chairs as Suzuki disarms Ishii then delivers a pair of chair shots, Minoru takes him down with a Front Guillotine Choke then to the floor and they trade open-hand slaps, the young lions drag them apart, Suzuki beats down one of the lions then drags part of the guard rail and chases to the back looking for Ishii.

NEVER Openweight Championship – Three Way Match

Taichi is accompanied by Miho Abe, Elgin with a Gourdbuster on Goto, but he lands on Taichi, Elgin quickly breaks it up, Elgin with a Tope con Hilo, Miho tries to prevent Elgin from sending Taichi back in, Taichi with an Axe Bomber on Goto for a 2 count, he rips his pants off and goes for the Tensho Jujihou (Superkick), but Goto counters into an Ushi-Goroshi for a near fall, Elgin with a Japanese Ocean-Cyclone Suplex (Bridging Straightjacket Electric Chair) for a near fall, Goto with an Ushi-Goroshi then follows with a Ura GTR (Inverted Final Cut into a Facebreaker) for a near fall, Taichi rolls Miho in the ring when Goto was looking for the GTR, with the ref distracted by Abe, Taichi lays out both men with the a microphone stand, he measures Goto for a Tensho Jujihou for a near fall, Buzzsaw Kick then he goes for the Taichi-shiki Gedo Clutch (Double Leg Nelson Flash Pin), but Elgin picks him up during the pin, Buckle Bomb on Taichi then another into Goto, Revolution Style Elgin Bomb for the win. Michael Elgin is the new NEVER Openweight Champion.

Winner: NEW NEVER Openweight Champion – MICHAEL ELGIN

IWGP Tag Team Championship

EVIL throws Matt around on the floor, back in the ring and a very cocky one foot cover for a 1 count, SANADA with a Standing Moonsault for a 2 count, EVIL with a Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Nick goes for a kick on EVIL, but he ducks & Nick hits the post hard, he still managers a Superkick on SANADA, but hurts his foot more in the process, EVIL with a Lariat on Nick for a near fall, Bucks look for the Indytaker, but EVIL takes out Nick, and SANADA with Skull End (Standing Dragon Sleeper), Matt fights out and locks in Cease (Sharpshooter) on EVIL, but SANADA back to Skull End, Nick breaks it up with a Missile Dropkick, EVIL with Darkness Falls (Fireman Carry Sit-Out Spinebuster) on Matt for a near fall, EVIL calls for the end, Everything is Evil (STO) blocked, Bucks go for The Indytaker, but Nick’s foot gave out on them LIJ with an Indytaker of their own, but Nick makes the save, LIJ with The Magic Killer, but Nick dives in at the last second to break the pin, SANADA wipes out Nick on the floor, Everything is Evil countered into a Backslide for a near fall, Skull End into a Big Swing, SANADA with a Mutoh style Moonsault, but Matt evades and hits a Spear on SANADA, Everything is Evil, but Nick with a Superkick, he’s limping, SANADA springboards in & gets a Double Superkick, then finish SANADA with More Bang For Your Buck (Matt with a Finlay Roll/Nick with a 450/then Matt with a Moonsault combo) for the win. The Young Bucks win the IWGP Tag Team Titles for the first time.

Winners: NEW IWGP Tag Team Champions – THE YOUNG BUCKS

Matt says he had no idea how tough LIJ was, he almost feels numb he feels so good, everybody said they couldn’t do it and here they are. They acted a little arrogant, a little brash & confident. He says as wrestlers you doubt yourself tonight is their night and Matt’s on such a good high right now, he feels like doing something really nice. He asks Don Callis what he’s doing on September 1st and he says nothing, Matt says they need a guy on the headset, he’s hired and Matt says Don Callis is ‘All In’.

Six Man Tag Team Match

Cody and Mysterio have history as in the past it was a 619 that shattered Cody’s face and turned him into Doctor Doom for a time) Mysterio with a Sunset Flip on Scurll for a 2 count, Liger with the Romero Special, but Bullet Club breaks the hold, Page with a Running Shooting Star Press on Liger for a 2 count, Liger with an O’Connor Roll for a 2 count, Small Package for a 2 count, Shotei, but Scurll breaks the pin, Mysterio with a Double 619 to Page and Scurll then Tanahashi with a Slingblade, Mysterio with a Slinghsot Plancha wipes out Page, Liger with an Avalanche Hurricanrana, he looks for the Vertical Sheerdrop Brainbuster, but Cody counters into Cross Rhodes for the win.


Cody continues to assault Liger, but Mysterio makes the save.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship

Ospreay with a Tope con Hilo off the top of the entrance ramp then exposes the pad, looked to be going for the Stormbreaker (Double Underhook Canadian Backbreaker turned into a Corkscrew Neckbreaker), but Takahashi blocked and at a count of 15 they get back in the ring, Running Corner Dropkick for a 2 count, Hiromu with a Missile Dropkick for a 2 count, Pop-Up Sit-Out Powerbomb for a 2 count, Ospreay with a No-Hands Space Flying Tiger Drop to the floor, back in at the count of 8, Ospreay with a Reverse Bloody Sunday (Lifting Inverted DDT), he goes for The Oscutter (Springboard Ace Crusher), but Hiromu counters into a German Suplex in mid-air, Ospreay with a Poisoned Frankensteiner, but Hiromu is right back up, Will with a second one, he goes for Stormbreaker, but Takahashi counters into a Yoshi Tonic, Ospreay with a Deadlift Superplex from the apron back in, he hangs Hiromu in the ropes and hits the Burning Star Press (Shooting Star Press in the rope), back up top and hits a Corkscrew Shooting Star Press for a near fall, Stormbreaker, but Hiromu wriggles free and get to the turnbuckle, leaping off he catches Ospreay with a Canadian Destroyer then locks in a Triangle Choke, Ospreay tries to break it with a Powerbomb, but Hiromu hangs on, second time breaks it as Takahashi lands on the back of his neck, Robinson Special (720 Degree Kick to the back of the head), he looks for the Oscutter, but Hiromu shoves him to the apron then hits a Sunset Bomb to the floor, he sends Ospreay back in, Dynamite Plunger (Fireman’s Carry Swung into an Emerald Flowsion/Sit-Out Side Powerslam) for a near fall, Timebomb (Fireman’s Carry Swung into an Air Raid Crash) countered, Will with a cavalcade of kicks, he tries Stormbreaker, but Hiromu counters into the Triangle Choke, Ospreay looked to be countering it again, so Takahashi breaks the hold and hits D (Tiger Driver ’98/Butterfly Piledriver), Running Death Valley Bomb into the turnbuckle then hits The Timebomb for the win. Hiromu Takahashi is the new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.

Winner: NEW IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion – HIROMU TAKAHASHI

Video package on the Chris Jericho/Tetsuya Naito feud.

IWGP Intercontinental Championship

Jericho hammering Naito with a part of the guard rail, then a Suplex on the floor then brings the timekeeper’s table, Powerbomb through the table and the match hasn’t even officially started yet, DDT on the English announce table, the table doesn’t even budge, into the ring they go and now the match officially starts! Jericho into a cover for a 2 count, Double Underhook Backbreaker then a Lionsault for a 2 count, Walls of Jericho, but Naito gets to the rope, Naito with an Inverted Neckbreaker off the apron to the floor & now he’s finally able to get his entrance gear off, Naito breaks a piece of the table over Jericho’s head, Naito with a Piledriver the announce table and again it doesn’t budge, back in the ring, Jericho counters an Avalanche Hurricanrana into the Walls of Jericho, he tries to turn out of it, Jericho Catapults him, but Naito with a Hurricanrana off the rope, Tornado DDT for a near fall, Jericho blocks Gloria (Pumphandle into an Emerald Flowsion) and locks in The Walls of Jericho, but Naito makes it to the rope, Naito looked for Destino (Somersault into an Inverted DDT), but Jericho counters into a flash pin for a near fall, Destino, but Jericho gets his hand on the rope, Naito goes for a Flying Forearm, but Jericho counters into a Codebreaker for a near fall, Lionsault, but Naito gets his knees up, Step-Up Enzugiri then hits Gloria, Destino, but Jericho blocks and shoves Naito into the ref, Mule Kick to the nuts then hits The Codebreaker for the win. Chris Jericho is the new IWGP Intercontinental Champion.

Winner: NEW IWGP Intercontinental Champion – CHRIS JERICHO

Jericho continues to attack Naito’s bloody eye, then hits him with the title, he takes off his leather belt and whips Naito, but EVIL makes the save and Jericho runs before EVIL whips him with the belt. Jericho takes the headset from his good friend Don Callis and tells Naito you see what happens and asks who the hell EVIL is, telling him he’s going to see what happens.

Video package on the Omega/Okada Feud

Then an opening video for Omega that shows his feud with Okada, The Bullet Club turning against him and re-forming Golden Lovers with Kota Ibushi. We see Omega in pain when he sees Ibushi. Kota asks him if he’s prepared, Omega says yes. Ibushi asks ‘What did it cost?’ We see The Bullet Club symbol on screen as it turns to dust, Omega answers everything (That was a very nicely done Infinity War tribute).

IWGP Heavyweight Championship – Two Out of Three Falls

Kota Ibushi accompanies Omega, Gedo accompanies Gedo. It was 2 years ago at this very event in the very same building that Okada won the title to start his record-breaking reign. He’s held that title for 720 days, with 12 successful Title Defences.

Okada looks to soar over the barricade, but Omega catches him with a V-Trigger (Bicycle Knee Strike) in mid-air, back in the ring for a 2 count, MMA Elbows for a 2 count, Multiple Kicks to the spine then a Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Pendulum Backbreaker for a 2 count, Camel Clutch, but Okada makes it to the rope, Okada with a DDT for a 2 count, Cobra Clutch, but Omega fights out, they go to the floor and Okada follows with a Slingshot Plancha, back in, Omega with the Kotaro Crusher (Leapfrog into a One-Arm Bulldog) for a 2 count, Aoi Shoudou (2K1 Bomb/Cross-Legged Fisherman Buster on the knee), he goes for the V-Trigger, Okada evades, German Suplex, but Omega lands on his feet, V-Trigger, he tries the Poisoned Frankensteiner, but Okada hands on Bridging German Suplex, but Okada lets go due to his neck, Okada blocks an Avalanche Dragon Suplex and hits a Tombstone on the ring apron, Shotgun Dropkick sends Omega off the apron into the barricade, back in the ring with a Missile Dropkick for a near fall, Diving Elbow Drop, Rainmaker Pose, but Omega with a Snap Dragon Suplex for a near fall, Okada goes to the floor and Omega follows with The Rise of the Terminator (Somersault Senton Atomico), back in and a Missile Dropkick to the back of the head for a near fall, Snap Dragon Suplex blocked, One-Winged Angel (Electric Chair Driver) blocked, Rainmaker (Ripcord Lariat) blocked, Omega with a V-Trigger then Croyt’s Wrath (Electric Chair into a Deadlift Bridging German Suplex, that’s Omega’s original finisher) for a near fall, V-Trigger, One-Winged Angel blocked, Rainmaker ducked, Omega hits The Rain Trigger (Ripcord into a Bicycle Knee Strike) and stacks Okada up for a near fall, Tiger Driver countered into a Hurricanrana, Tombstone, Rainmaker countered into a Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors, but Okada sits down and turns it into a flash pin to take the first fall.

Winner of 1st fall: KENZUCHIKA OKADA

Okada with the Cobra Clutch, but Omega breaks it with a Jawbreaker, Omega with a Back Suplex on the apron, now he puts a table on top of Okada and hits a Double Stomp off the apron on the table, now he sets up the table, Omega with an Avalanche Aoi Shoudou, You Can’t Escape (Finlay Roll/2nd Rope Moonsault combo), but Okada gets his knees up, Omega with a Tornado DDT and they go to the apron, Okada blocks both a German Suplex and Dragon Suplex off the apron through a table, One-Winged Angel blocked, Rainmaker ducked and Omega with a Poisoned Frankensteiner on the floor, Okada back in at 19, V-Trigger, One-Winged Angel countered into a Jumping Tombstone, Rainmaker, but Omega counters into a Sambo Suplex, Snap Dragon Suplex, but Okada with a Dropkick then Omega with a Dropkick of his own, Omega catches Okada with a Powerbomb then a V-Trigger, Tiger Driver ’98 blocked with a Backdrop and Okada goes back to the flash pin that won him the first fall, but only a near fall this time, European Uppercut, but Omega with a V-Trigger then a Tiger Driver ’98 for a near fall, V-Trigger then hits One-Winged Angel to take the second fall.

Winner of 2nd fall: KENNY OMEGA

It’s all tied up at one fall a piece & now we’re going to the 3rd fall. V-Trigger to the back of the head, One-Winged Angel blocked, Okada hits The Rainmaker, but Omega’s foot hits Okada when hits the move, Okada with a cover for a near fall, Omega with a Styles Clash, but Okada grabbed the rope to break the cover, V-Trigger, Omega collapses from exhaustion when trying to go for the kill, One-Winged Angel countered, Tombstone countered, Omega with a version of Fantasma’s Thrill of the Kill for a near fall, Omega goes for a Phoenix Splash, but Okada avoids it, Tombstone countered, V-Trigger and another V-Trigger, a 3rd V-Trigger, Okada blocks the 4th, Dropkick, Tombstone blocked, Rainmaker, but Okada collapses as he couldn’t get the full impact, Okada hits The Rainmaker and holds on to Omega’s wrist, and hits a second Rainmaker, he goes for a 3rd, but Omega ducks and hits a German Suplex and holds on, a second German Suplex, Omega counters and hits a German Suplex of his own and grabs the wrist, Omega ducks a Rainmaker and hits a Snap German Suplex, Poisoned Frankensteiner, Okada with a Dropkick, Rainmaker countered into a One-Winged Angel, but he’s not able to float into the cover, V-Trigger, One-Winged Angel and he’s done it, Omega takes the final fall for the win.

Winner: NEW IWGP Heavyweight Champion – KENNY OMEGA!

Kenny Omega defeats Okada in the 2nd and 3rd falls to end Okada’s 720 day reign! Kenny Omega has won his first IWGP Heavyweight Title.

The Young Bucks come down the ramp, and they hug Omega as does Ibushi. The Elite and Golden Lovers look to finally be on the same side, Ibushi helps put the belt around Omega’s waist.

Omega takes the mic: “I’ll try doing this a little bit in Japanese. These 10 years I’ve been able to accomplish a lot and of course my final goal was to be IWGP Heavyweight Champion. If I had this belt did you think I might leave Japan? But in this match I saw the future of pro wrestling, that’s why I’m going to go the next step in a New Japan ring, in a New Japan arena. Kenny Omega is Champion, the Young Bucks are Champions and Ibushi is a handsome, wonderful athlete. Let’s do this together. But of course we are a worldwide promotion so I should speak just a little bit of English. What we’ve done here today is almost a miracle. Everyday people tell me you’re not the best, you’re not good, you’re a waste of time, you should do your best to fit in, you should take the payday, you should play it safe, you should stay calm and tranquilo. But that’s not my way. My way is to make my own rules, my way is to live life the way that I want and with all of you by my side & what I realized is my friends, my best friends, my lovers by my side we can truly do anything. But alas we just had an hour-long main event. I’m tired, I’ve almost died, this is where I must bid you adieu. Everybody in Osaka Hall, everybody in New Japan World thank you so very much. Goodbye mwah and goodnight. Bang.”

Cody Rhodes shows up at the top of the ramp and starts walking down then decides not to, and walks to the back.

The Bucks and Ibushi hoist Omega up on their shoulders, The Elite and Golden Lovers celebrate on the ramp as the show ends.