MLW Saturday Night SuperFight Results – 11/2/19








MLW Saturday Night SuperFight Results – 11/2/19
Chicago, Illinois
Cicero Stadium
Commentary Team: AJ Kirsh & Rich Bocchini


Vega with a Dropkick sends Leo to the floor, Vega looked to fly, but Leo walks away, Vega sends him back in, Leo with a Vertical Suplex for a 2 count, Vega with a Running Crossbody for a 2 count, Leo answers back with a Big Boot then follows with a Knee Drop for a 2 count, Body Slam, up to the second, Vega avoids a Diving Elbow Drop, Vega shoves the ref out of the way & Leo blasts Vega with a cowbell to the skull then hits a Standing Elbow Drop for the win


Leo continues to beatdown Vega, he goes for another shot with the cowbell, but Vega ducks and hits The Caribbean Kick then grabs a pair of Singapore canes and goes to work on Leo with the canes as he chases Leo to the back


Gino with a flash pin for a 1 count, rollup for a 2 count, Wolf with a Dropkick for a 2 count, Gino with an Enzugiri for a 2 count, Wolf with a Tiger Feint Kick then a Snap German Suplex, Butterfly, but Gino blocks, Wolf uses the turnbuckle for extra height on a Pele Kick, Gino tosses Wolf into the corner, Step-Up Knee then finishes Wolf with Sole Food for the win



(Zenshi is also known as Shynron in other promotions)

Zenshi looked for a Springboard, but Salina grabs his leg, Hijo wipes out Zenshi with a Tope Suicida, he sends Zenshi into the guardrail and delivers a chair shot to the back, and another chair shot, Hijo poses on the chair and sends Zenshi back in for a 1 count, Zenshi with a rollup for a 2 count, Hijo with a Basement Superkick for a 2 count, Zenshi with a Tiger Feint Kick then a Slingshot Neckbreaker for a 2 count, he goes for a Spirngboard, but Salina grabs his leg, but he sweeps the legs of Hijo with the Leaning Tower of Shynron, Slingshot Twisting Senton for a near fall, Hijo with a Running Basement Corner Dropkick for a near fall, Yoshi Tonic for a near fall, he sets Zenshi up top, Avalanche Spanish Fly, Zenshi comes back with a Handspring Pele Kick, he sends Hijo into the corner and goes up top in the direct diagonal side, he looks for The Cosmic Collision (Cannonball Senton from one diagonal corner to the other), but only gets a piece of Hijo’s leg on that attempt, still goes for a cover and only gets a 2 count, he goes up to the second rope looking for the What The 450? (450 Splash off the second rope), but Hijo avoids it & Zenshi lands on his feet, Hijo takes Zenshi’s head off with a Lariat then finishes Zenshi with a Beach Break for the win


Salina grabs the mic and says tonight LA Park is going to win the MLW World Title, she tells Contra Unit to be ready to kiss her Puerto Rican ring and bow down to LA Park

Contra Unit with the exception of Jacob Fatu surround the ring, but Hijo & Salina bail

Gotch is slamming a chair into the floor at ringside


Gotch and Mondo take it to the floor and are joined by Doane & Garrini, Kwon wipes them all out with a Tope Suicida then slides back into the ring to deal with James, Garrini goes for Mondo and locks in a Juji-Gatame, but Gotch breaks it up, Doane with a Jumping Stomp on Garrini for a 2 count, Mondo with a Snapmare Driver for a 2 count, Gotch with a Sharpshooter, but Garrini fights out of it & hits an Exploder Suplex, Kwon misses a Stinger Splash, James with a Jumping Knee and up top, Doane avoids it, Doane with a thumb to the eye, Garrini with a Triangle Choke on Doane, Kwon spits Red Mist into Mondo’s face then Gotch finishes Mondo with a Gotch-Style Piledriver for the win


MJF wants the mic he says when The Dynasty is in the ring the people shut their mouths, he says The Von Erichs aren’t going to hack it because they suck, Holiday says there’s no better way to star the ppv then with The Dynasty, he says The Von Erichs are a bunch of fake Texans that are actually from Hawaii and can’t even afford shoes.

MLW World Tag Team Championship

The Von erichs go right after The Dynasty, Stereo Dropkicks, MJF sends Marshall into the guardrail then they double team Ross, MJF slams the bell into Marshall’s skull, Holiday with The Market Crash (Dr Bomb) on the ring apron on Marshall, they send Ross into the ring, Holiday with a one foot cover for a 2 count, 2008 (Twisting Suplex) on Ross for a 2 count, Double Suplex, MJF into a cover for a 2 count, Strutting Double Elbow Drop for a 2 count, Marshall back in & takes them both down with Double Lariats, Tornado Punch to MJF, Stereo Cannonballs, Double Cradle Slam on Holiday for a near fall, Marshall up top, but MJF shakes the ropes to knock him down, Ross has the Iron-Claw on MJF, but MJF breaks it with a nut shot, Dynasty with Power & Glory’s Power-Plex, but Marshall breaks the pin with a Moonsault, they low-bridge Holiday, Marshall with The Iron-Claw on MJF, Ross adds a Back Suplex & they fold up MJF to win the Tag Titles



The Luchadores wipe out Injustice with a trifecta of dives, Puma sends Myron back into the ring, Jordan with a Snap German Suplex on Loco, Kotto into a cover for a 2 count, Slingblade on Loco for a 2 count, Jordan with a Dropkick for a 2 count, he goes for a Springboard, but Loco catches him with a Sit-Out Powerbomb, Loco with a Lungblower on Reed and hold him place for a Double Stomp, Loco with a Split-Legged Moonsault for a near fall, Tombstone for a near fall, Kotto & Jordan wipe out Dragon & Puma with stereo Tope Suicidas, back in the ring, and then hit another pair in opposite directions, Myron with a Slingshot Ace Crusher to the floor, Jordan with a Slingshot Stunner on Dragon, Kotto with a Shiranui and drags Dragon into place for Myron and he finishes Dragon with a Springboard 450 for the win


MLW World Middleweight Championship

Aries with the Heat-Seeking Missile before Teddy can even take the belt off, he grabs the belt & blasts Teddy with it then sends him into the guardrail, he sends Teddy into the ring, up top with a Missile Dropkick for a 2 count, back up top, but Teddy shoves him off to the floor, Teddy takes it to Aries on the floor, back in the ring, Teddy with an Arabian Press for a 1 count, Aries rolls to the apron, Teddy follows, but Aries with a Death Valley Bomb on the apron, Aries sends him back in, Slingshot Senton Atomico, but Teddy gets his foot on the rope, Aries goes after the leg of Teddy, Aries with a Back Elbow off the middle rope, Last Chancery, but Teddy makes it to the rope, Teddy blocks the Brainbuster, and counters into an Ace Crusher, Teddy counters The Discuss Five-Arm into a Lungblower then a Back Suplex for a 2 count, Aries connects with the Discuss Five-Arm then slaps Teddy in the face, but Teddy comes out of the corner with a Teddy Bomb then hits the Cradle DDT, but Aries gets his foot on the rope, he sets Aries up top, Aries rakes the eyes, Ear Clap then a Sunset Flip and floats right into The Last Chancery, but Teddy makes it to the rope, Teddy with an Arabian Press to the floor, Aries rolls back in, Teddy up to the second and takes Aries with him, now up top, but Aries crotches him, Discuss Five-Arm, IED, Brainbuster connects, but only gets a near fall, Aries goes for the Heat-Seeking Missile again, but Teddy evades & Aries hits the guardrail, Teddy breaks the count, and sends Aries back up on the apron, Aries with a rollup for a near fall, Teddy finishes Aries with The Canadian Destroyer to retain the belt


Contra Unit’s logo flashes on the screen as Samael appears and tells Teddy now he too has a target on his back & he’s got an offer for The Von Erich boys that he knows they won’t be able to refuse, but first the black flag of Contra will rise and world will witness the first ever public execution live on pay per view, Hail Contra!

We also get a video hyping up MLW’s upcoming Women’s Division


Pillman comes out wearing his dad’s Hollywood Blonde jacket

Ki slaps the shit out Pillman to start, Pillman answers back with Chops & Ki’s not the kind of guy you want to trade Chops with, Ki rips the shirt and Chops the ever-loving fuck out of Pillman, they trade strikes on the floor, Ki breaks the count, then Bodyslams Pillman on the floor, back in the ring, Shoot Kick for a 2 count, Figure 4 Headscissors then into a cover for a 2 count, Pillman with a Dropkick for a 2 count, Grounded Abdominal Stretch, Ki fights out, Pillman with a Powerslam for a 2 count, Ki with with a barrage of Knee Strikes, he sets up Pillman up top, Pillman with a Springboard Lariat, but only gets a near fall, Ki with a Straight Kick then follows with a Tidal Crush & the ref puts the count on Pillman, but he wants to continue, he throws his mouthguard at Ki, and Ki answers the disrespect with a Rolling Koppu Kick the ref is calling it, Ki’s going to win this one by ref stoppage


Ki helps up Pillman and pulls him up and telling him he just learned a hard lesson tonight and offers a handshake & Pillman accepts


Lawlor with a Front Guillotine Choke on the floor, but Thatcher drives him into the guardrail, back in the ring & Thatcher gets a 1 count, Lawlor goes after the leg, Thatcher blocks the Figure 4 and tries a Triangle Choke, but Lawlor blocks, Thatcher with Ultimate Knee Strikes, Bow & Arrow, but Lawlor turns it around, Juji-Gatame blocked, Thatcher goes for the leg and kicks Lawlor in the back, Thatcher with the Half Crab, but Lawlor powers out and looks for the Dreaded Heel Hook, Thatcher blocks, they trade Shoteis, Lawlor finally gets the Figure 4, but Thatcher just looks pissed off and rolls through to the ropes, Thatcher slams Lawlor on the mat and goes after the arm, but Lawlor gets to his feet & into The Airplane Spin then follows with a Death Valley Bomb, Lawlor goes for The Rear Naked Choke, but Thatcher is in the rope, Thatcher with a Fujiwara Armbar, but Lawlor makes it to the rope, they trade European Uppercuts then Forearms, Thatcher with a Belly to Belly Suplex, he tries another, but Lawlor reverse into one of his own, Lawlor back with the Front Guillotine Choke and throws Thatcher into the guardrail, now Lawlor is lighting up Thatcher with Chops, Thatcher rolls back in the ring, Lawlor stomps back into the ring with Football Kicks & Shoot Kicks, Hesitation Dropkick, Thatcher with a Butterfly Suplex for a 2 count and transitions right into the Fujiwara, but Lawlor fights out, he tries the Rear Naked Choke, but Thatcher counters with a Backdrop Driver, Lawlor with a Rolling Lariat, Thatcher goes back to the arm, but Lawlor counters into a Tombstone for a near fall, Thatcher blocks the Kamigoye, they trade Headbutts, Lawlor with a Wrist-Clutch Exploder Suplex for a near fall, Kamigoye then a straight kick and a plethora of punches as Thatcher covers up, Thatcher is busted open from the punches, Lawlor locks in the Rear Naked Choke and Thatcher taps out


Lawlor says maybe he’ll put Team Filthy back together, maybe he’ll go after the belt, maybe he’ll go after everyone, but no matter what MLW is going to stay Filthy

Stairway to Hell

Mancer with a trash can to Havoc’s head, eye poke to Havoc, Mancer grabs a trash can, Bestia with a Tope Suicida, but Mancer just drives the trash can into his face to blast him out of the air, Mancer has a ladder, but Havoc has a staple gun, Mancer puts a stable in Havoc’s nuts then staples some dollar bills to his arm and back, Havoc grabs the ladder, he bridges it between the ring and guardrail, Mancer Chokeslams him on the ladder, Bestia sends Mancer into the ladder, Havoc & Bestia both go for the barbed wire, but Mancer shoves the ladder down and Mancer is a bloody mess, he rubs some of the blood on a large board then grabs another wooden board, Bestia slams Havoc on a ladder, Mancer lights up Bestia as Havoc goes up the ladder, but Mancer dumps him off through the wooden board, Mancer now has the barbed wire, he and Bestia fight over it, but Havoc holds Mancer as Bestia saws the barbed wire across Mancer’s face, they put the wire in a trash can and Double Suplex Mancer on it, Havoc dumps Bestia to the floor and goes for a pin on Mancer, but Bestia pulls the ref out, Bestia with a pin, but Havoc pulls him out & sends Bestia into the announce table and delivers some chair shots, Havoc sets up a pair of chairs, but Bestia with a Sidewalk Slam on the open edge of the chair on Havoc, he climbs the ladder, but Havoc with the Testicular Claw then hits an Iconoclasm off the ladder onto the open edge of the chair on Bestia, Havoc’s setting up a board between chairs with barbed wire on the board, Havoc with barbed wire to Mancer’s head, then barbed wire to the nuts of Bestia, Mancer takes Havoc’s head off with a Lariat, Bestia with a trash can to Mancer’s head then a Basement Superkick, he mocks Mance with the knee pad down and up then hits a Knee Strike, up top, but Mancer with a Avalanche Brainbuster through the board for the win


Havoc attacks Mancer at the entrance, he grabs the guardrail, Piledriver on the guardrail, then an Acid Rainmaker leaves Mancer laying, he gets a handful of Mancer’s blood wipes it on his face and licks it

MLW National Openweight Championship

Davey Boy with a Surfboard, but Hammerstone fights out, Hammerstone with a Stalling Suplex, but Davey Boy is right back up, and Davey Boy with one of his own, he drives Hammerstone into the guardrail, Running Big Boot, he sends Hammerstone back in, Hammerstone yanks the tunbuckle pad off, Davey Boy is Bulldogging up, three punches, Big Boot and an Atomic Legdrop for a near fall, Hammerstone up top with a Missile Dropkick for a 2 count, back up top, but Davey Boy meets him with a Superplex, up top, Falling Headbutt for a near fall, Hammerstone with an Exploder Suplex for a near fall, Davey Boy with a Release German Suplex, but Hammerstone is right back up, Hammerstone returns the favor, but Davey Boy is right back up, Davey Boy with a trifecta of German Suplexes then locks in a Crossface, The Dynasty runs interference & Hammerstone sends Davey Boy into the exposed turnbuckle, Shotgun Dropkick, but only gets a near fall, Davey Boy with a Small package for a near fall, O’Connor Roll, but Hammerstone reverses and grabs the rope to steal the win and retain his belt


MLW World Heavyweight Championship

They trade back a series of German Suplexes, Park with a Sliding Knee sends Fatu to the floor then Park with a Tope Suicida, Samael decks Park in this No DQ match, Fatu with a series of Headbutts then a right hand, Fatu slaps Park, Running Lariat in the corner, he rips at Park’s mask, Salina up on the apron, Samael drives a spike into Park’s mask, the mask has been ripped open and the part of the face exposed is covered in blood from the spike, his hands are covered in his own blood, Fatu sends Park into the guardrail, Fatu sends Park over the rail into the crowd, back in the ring, Park with a Snap Powerslam for a 2 count, Fatu with a Thrust Kick then a Handspring Moonsault for a near fall, he sets Park up top, but Park with a Headbutt knocks Fatu down, he hits The La Parkinator, but only gets a near fall, he sends Fatu to the floor and slams the timekeeper table into Fatu’s head, The Chairman slams a chair into Fatu’s back, he breaks the ring bell over Fatu’s head, now Fatu is split open, he sends Fatu back in, Park takes his belt off and whips Fatu, he sends Fatu into the corner, Fatu climbs the ropes and hits a Twisting Senton for a near fall, Fatu sends Park to the floor then follows with a Sasuke Special, Fatu grabs a table as Samael puts the boots to Park, Fatu sets a table in the corner, Samael sends Park back in, Fatu with a Catatonic, up top, but Park avoids the Moonsault, Samael is in the ring & throws a fireball in the ref’s face, Salina slaps Samael, Park charges for a Spear, but Samael ducks & Park Spears Salina through the table, Fatu with a Thrust Kick then a Pop-Up Samoan Drop and finishes Park with a Moonsault to retain the belt


Park checks on Salina who hasn’t moved since being Speared through the table, Park picks up Salina as Fatu celebrates with Samael as the show ends