Impact Wrestling Slammiversary XVII Results – 7/7/19




Impact Wrestling Slammiversary XVII Results – 7/7/19
Dallas, Texas
Gilley’s Dallas
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Don Callis

We start with a new David Sahadi opening looking back at the past, the emerging of the present & a look towards the future


Mack with a Samoan Drop then a Standing Moonsault on TJ for a near fall, TJ with an Indian Deathlock on Jake, TJ DDTs Mack while Trey hits an Inverted Neckbreaker on TJ, Double Abdominal Stretch, but Mack breaks it up, TJ with a Wreckingball Dropkick on Mack, Mack with a Tope Suicida, Jake with a Suicidal DDT on Mack then Trey with Somersault Senton wipes everyone out, Mack up top, but Trey meets him, TJ with a Romero Special on Trey, Jake into a cover on TJ, but Mack breaks everything with a Double Stomp, Jake with a Powerslam into the turnbuckle on Trey for a near fall, Jake with a DVB on Mack, but TJ breaks the pin, Jake blocks the Detonation Kick, TJ sweeps the leg and locks in The TJP Clutch, Trey’s up top & hits a Diving Meteora to break it, back up, Jake crotches him, Avalanche Ace Crusher, but before he can get a cover Mack hits The Six-Star Frog Splash on Jake for the win

Impact World Tag Team Championship

North with an Assisted Blue Thunder Driver on Wentz for a 2 count, then Josh floats right into an Ankle Lock as Page taunts Wentz, Santana goes for a Slingshot, but Page knocks him to the floor, Rascalz with stereo kicks, Wentz with a Double Stomp to the head, Dez into a cover for a near fall, LAX with a Double Team Electric Chair Sit-Out Facebuster on Alexander, Santana into a cover, but Page breaks up by launching Wentz onto Santana from the top rope, Josh with an Avalanche Fallaway Moonsault Slam on Dez, Page up top, Senton Atomico, but only gets a near fall, LAX with an Elevated Cannonball, Elevator Slam on Josh, they look to finish Page with The Street Sweeper, but Josh takes out Santana to the floor, Ortiz with a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a 2 count, something might be wrong with Santana, kid ref is out on the floor with him & Konnan, Konnan says they need medical staff out for Santana, Josh with a rollup on Ortiz with his feet on the rope for a near fall, another ref comes down to help out Santana, Dr Ariel is out to check on Santana, back in the ring The North finish Ortiz with the Double Team Gotch-Style Neutralizer, but Wentz makes the save, Wentz fights off The Champs, Dez wipes out The North, Rascalz hit The Shooting Star on Ortiz, but Page breaks it up by hurling Wentz into Dez, North covers Ortiz to retain the titles


Santana doesn’t want a stretcher as Ortiz, The Rascalz & Don Callis all go over to check on him, Dez & Ortiz help him to the back (I haven’t seen anything more on this so I’m not sure if this was a legit injury or just done to give LAX an out for the loss, I’m sure we’ll know in the next few days)


Kross has donned facepaint for this match, all white paint with black around the eyes and mouth & an X on his forehead

They trade Forearms, Eddie with a Tope Suicida, he lights Kross up with Chops, Eddie pulls out a steel chair, Kross with a Tree Slam on the apron, Kross pulls out a chair of his own, back in the ring, Eddie looks for a Tope Suicida, but Kross with a flying chair to the head, Eddie did have his arm up so it wasn’t completely unprotected, Kross with a Gutwrench Suplex off the apron to the floor onto some steel chairs, Eddie avoids a pair of chair shots, Eddie with a flying chair shot to the face, Kross gets his hands up, Eddie grabs another chair, Kross ducks a chair shot, Eddie with a Sit-Out Sambo Suplex, Kross with a straight kick then Forearms to the face before bieling Eddie into the turnbuckle, Kross asks Eddie where his stick is then teases him by presenting it to Eddie then tossing it out of the ring, he sets Eddie up top, Eddie fights him off, Kross is crotched, Eddie with an Avalanche Boston Knee Party, he grabs the kendo stick, Eddie swings, but Kross has the Kross Jacket on, Eddie with shots from the cane, Kross keeps it on as they roll to the floor, Eddie fights out & hits a Tiger Driver on the floor, Boston Knee Party to the back of the head, & a traditional Boston Knee Party, he grabs the cane, he tells the cane he loves it then snaps it on his knee & stabs the splintered shards into Kross’ mouth and blood pours out giving Eddie the win



RVD wipes out Moose with a Somersault Senton to the floor, Moose with a Pump Kick on the floor, RVD blocks the Powerbomb & hits a Hurricanrana, Somersault Senton off the apron to the floor, he sends Moose back in, Moose charges, but RVD Backdrops Moose over the top rope to the ramp, RVD showboats a little too long & Moose pokes him in the eye, RVD with a Spinning Wheel Kick then a Split-Legged Moonsault for a near fall, up to the second, but Moose with a Dropkick then hits The Go to Hell for a near fall, Moose with a DDT then nips up, he goes up top, Frog Splash, but RVD avoids it & hits a DDT of his own, but only gets a near fall, Moose uses the ref as a shield then hits an uppercut to the nuts behind the ref’s back, Moose grabs a chair, but the ref takes it away, Moose shoves the ref & RVD hits The Van Daminator, but Moose gets his foot on the rope, RVD grabs the chair, he drops it & hits a Drop Toehold on the chair, up top, Five-Star Frog Splash, but Moose evades & RVD hits the chair then breaks RVD in half with The Hit-Stick for the win


Impact Knockouts Championship

Rosemary with The Upside Down on Su then Taya with a Meteora, they all go for plunder, Su & Rosemary with dueling chairs, Havok blocks a staple gun, Rosemary with a flying trash can to the face of Havok, Taya puts a trifecta of staples into Su’s back, then staples an 8 x 10 of herself to Su’s forehead then rips it out and shoves it down Su’s throat, Knee Strike, wera loca dance, Havok ties Taya to the Tree of Woe & slams Taya’s head into it, a pair of Face Washes, Rosemary with a Missile Dropkick floors Havok then bends a cookie sheet around Havok’s body, Su fastens a dog collar around Rosemary’s neck then attaches the other end to herself, Su with a Headscissors sends Rosemary into a chair in the corner, she has the glove, but Taya runs them both down with a ladder, Taya counters Death from Above into a Wheelbarrow Slam on the ladder, Taya grabs a pair of cookie sheets and places them on the ladder & puts Havok on top of it all, up top, but Su ties Taya to the Tree of Woe, Rosemary meets her, Taya grabs Rosemary’s legs as Su Superlplexes Rosemary onto the ladder, Taya avoids a charge by Havok, she loads up the boot, Rosemary breaks Taya in half with a Spear & grabs a black bag & dumps out thumbtacks as a ‘you sick fuck’ chant breaks out, Taya blocks The Red Wedding, Rosemary blocks The Road to Valhalla, Taya with a Release German Suplex then Curb Stomps Rosemary into the tacks, but Havok makes the save, Su goes to Mist Havok, but she ducks & Su mists Mitchell, The Purge is on Havok, but Havok breaks the claw, Taya with a Side Effect off the apron through the table to the floor, Su with The Purge on the top rope on Havok, but Havok grabs her & hits an Avalanche Tombstone into the tacks, Taya breaks the pin with a flying chair shot & steals the pin on Su to retain


Impact X Division Championship

Bravo collected the thumbtacks, Johnny paintbrushes Swann with his bandana, he crotches Swann and drags his nuts against the rope, Flying Chuck then mocks Swann’s dancing, Spinning Heel Kick for a 2 count, Johnny grabs the belt and distract the ref while Bravo puts the boots to Swann, Johnny with a Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Swann blocks the Spanish Fly and rips Johnny off the rope, Superkick, Spinning Heel Kick, Cartwheel Frog Splash for a near fall, Swann wipes out Johnny with a Twisting Plancha, back in with a Diving Elbow Drop for a near fall, Johnny sweeps the leg, Flash Point, Johnny’s Edge, but only gets a near fall, Swann blocks the Moonlight Drive, Johnny with a Springboard Spear, but Swann catches him with a European Uppercut in mid-air, both men up top, fist fight up top & they both fall to the floor, Bravo fans Johnny to try and get him back into it, Bravo pushes Johnny back in at 8, Swann slides in at 9, Johnny sets him up top, Spanish Fly and picks him up & hits a standing Spanish Fly, but only gets a near fall, Bravo trips up Swann, Swann wipes out Bravo with a Tope con Hilo, Johnny goes for a Corkscrew Plancha, but Swann evades, back in, Johnny baits Swann into trying the Handspring & hits Flying Chuck then Starship Pain, but only gets a near fall, Flash Point, Swann with a barrage of strikes, Swann Song, a pair of Handspring Ace Crushers then finishes Johnny with a Phoenix Splash to retain


Impact World Championship

The former tag partners go right at each other, Cage bumrushes Elgin into the corner, Never-Ending Story, Release German Suplex, Elgin rolls to the floor, Cage with a Tope con Hilo and lands on his feet, Elgin blocks Metalingus, he ducks The Tornado Claw & drops Cage with a Release Dragon Suplex, he sets Cage up top & hits a Superplex for a 2 count, Elgin rushes Cage into the corner & whips him hard into the turnbuckle targeting the back, he drags Cage to the floor & drives him into the barricade, Back Suplex on the apron, back in the ring, up top, Cage avoids a Twisting Senton, Elgin with a Cradle Backbreaker, Cage blocks a Basement Superkick & hits a Sueperkick of his own, Springboard Tornado DDT, 559, GMSI, but only gets a near fall, Elgin blocks the Drill Claw, Cage with a Cheeky Nandos Kick then an Electric Chair Facebuster for a near fall, Elgin blocks a Powerbomb and rolls through, Deadlift Powerbomb, Cage blocks a Lariat, Elgin blocks the Tornado Claw & takes his elbow pad off, Lariat, Splash Mountain, but only gets a near fall, Bucklebomb, but Cage absorbs it and comes back with the Tornado Claw on the rebound, they trade Superkicks, Cage with a Jumping Knee, Elgin with a Knee then a Superkick, Cage counters a Buckle Bomb into one of his own, Metalingus, but Elgin counters into a Canadian Destroyer, but only a near fall, Cage blocks the Burning Hammer, Knee Lift, Powerbomb, folds him over & hits Metalingus for a near fall, Cage calls for the kill, Drill Claw attempt, but Cage’s back gives out, Elgin with a Superkick to the back of the head, Rolling Elbow to the back of the head, he picks Cage up for a pair of Rolling Elbows, Buckle Bomb, Elgin Bomb countered, Cage Backdrops Elgin & sets down hooking both legs to retain, shades of Bulldog/Bret from SummerSlam ’92


Elgin grabs the title & blasts Cage in the face with it, he gets in Don Callis face, Elgin tosses Callis in the ring, he looks for the Elgin Bomb when a very large man in a black ski mask runs in the ring & breaks Elgin in half with a Spear, he throws his arms up in the air then quickly exits the ring

(ok let’s address the elephant in the room here, there’s only 2 guys that do a ‘Spear’ that brutal & only one of them is still that large & it’s not Goldberg and when you consider the guy saved Callis it makes a lot of sense considering 20 years ago Callis was his manager, or perhaps I should say Cyrus the Virus, yeah it’s Rhino. Why the mask you may ask, well his WWE contract supposedly doesn’t expire until 7/17, more likely they’ve already made a deal where he’s already signed, but can’t actually show his face until after 7/17, there’s no way he’d risk appearing here if everything wasn’t already worked out, both Callis & Rhino are too smart for that)

The official Bound for Glory announcement, they’re going to Chicago


They both come out with their own baseball bats, Tess goes right after Sami with a barrage of Forearms, Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors sends Sami to the floor, Tope Suicida, a second, a third, but Sami catches her, Giant Swing into the barricade then a DVB on the floor, Sami rolls into the ring, Tess back in, but Sami sends her back out & hits a Powerbomb on the ring apron, Sami back in, Tess back in at 8, Sami with a Lariat then stomps the ankle, he sends Tess to the entrance ramp, Tess blocks a Powerbomb & hits an Ace Crusher on the entrance ramp, both back in at 9, Tess lights him up with a barrage of Forearms, Samoan Drop, up top, she flies over Sami’s head & hits a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT for a near fall, Buzzsaw blocked, Sami with the Get Out of Here, Knee Strike, Powerbomb into a folding pin then switches to a STF, but Tess makes it to the rope, he goes up top, he tries an Avalanche Cactus Special, but Tess blocks & hits an Elevated DDT for a near fall, Tess with a barrage of strikes, kid ref tries to pull her off, but she knocks him out with a back elbow, Sami with a baseball bat to the side of the head, new ref runs out, but Sami only gets a near fall, Sami decks the 2nd ref, then picks up the bat, he tells Tess to just quit, she spits in his face then an uppercut to his nuts, she calls him a motherfucker then grabs her own bat & drives it into his ribs, up top, Magnum connects, but only a near fall, Tess floats over into the Cobra Stretch, Sami powers out, Cradle Killer, but only gets a near fall, Tess looks at Sami and gives him his own thumbs up, thumbs down, Sami hits The Cactus Special & gets the win


Sami grabs both bats & clings them together, he stalks Tess then hands her the gold bat she came out with having earned his respect in the match, he leaves the ring to Tess as the show ends